Mehdi Karroubi

Bows to Khamenei, acknowledges Ahmadinejad as president

BBC: Prominent Iran opposition leader Mehdi Karoubi has said he recognises Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president, despite saying last year's poll was rigged. Mr Karoubi had refused to accept the president's controversial re-election. Mr Karoubi's son says his father still has doubts about the vote, but accepts the results following Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's endorsement. Opposition activists are preparing for a new round of anti-Ahmadinejad protests on Revolution Day next month. According to Iran's Fars news agency, Hossein Karoubi quoted his father as saying: "I am still of the same belief that the election was unhealthy and massively rigged. "But since the [supreme] leader [Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] endorsed [Mr Ahmadinejad's victory], I believe that he is the head of the government, meaning he is the president.",

BBC interview with Karroubi's son:


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Lets hope it's a trick by Fars

by divaneh on

I however think that if not a surrender, it is a prelude to surrender and that Mousavi will follow too. We saw all the signs that a deal was being brokered behind the scene. Ahmadinejad with the green scarf, Basijis with Mousavi pictures, Mortazavi accused of Kahrizak murders, Janati calling the opposition "our brothers", and ambiguity about AN presidency in the Mousavi's last statement. I feel that a deal has been closed between Rafsanjani and Khamenei camps. They realised that the green movement would spell the end for both of them. Now, we have to find ways to reduce the impact of such likely betrayals.

Setareh Sabety

Fearing the People's Wrath

by Setareh Sabety on

I think the is shows that opposition leaders are afraid of a revolution that may sweep them. So they are going with probably a Rafsanjani deal with Khamenei to come into the fold in return for some concessions. What those are we have yet to see.

The only hope is that the movement was always ahead of its leaders and has a resilience and life of its own. The people on the streets are much more anti-regime than the opposition leadership ever was, they voted for Mousavi as the better of a miserly choice of candidates in an election whose candidates where heavily vetted.

Even at the campaign stage this Mousavi's candidacy was hijacked by the people who where frustrated and fed up with the Islamic regime. There is an anti-clericalism in Iran that is underestimated in the west.


Mousavi is next!

by PArviz on

As the struggle gets harder it cleanses itself of all impure, opportunist, criminal and reactionary elements. This gives the current movement depth and lessens the chance of being misused by criminals like Karrubi, Rafsanjani, Mousavi and the likes.

They have served their usefulness (or unusefulness) as far as the people are concerned and now it is time to use other means in the struggle against the barbaric regime.

This indeed is good news, this was anticipated and inevitable. Accomplices in the crimes committed against the Iranian people can not be involved in its deliberation.  These thugs made Islamic Republic what it is today. They should be made accountable for their crimes.

Down with the ENTIRE islamic republic in all shapes and forms! 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Karroubi another Akhoond

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


No one should think these freaks can be worked with. The only answer to IRR is regime change. As for Karroubi is even has the same Paloon as Khamenei. 

The Greens are not being led by Karroubi or Mousavi. They are leading and the so called leaders are being dragged anlong unwillingly. Once in a while a Khar like Karroubi jumps ship. 

The IRR murderers know they are in trouble and want to hold on. The only think they will get is a cell. That is if they are lucky if not remember Mussolini.



Never believed in those

by Bavafa on

Never believed in those who were part of the system or want the same system only with different "paloon".



Marg Bar IRI

by Pasargad on

basee ranj bordeem dar in sal see

ajab redand beh in parsi

bemeeran kaz in pas keh zendeh and

keh tokhmeh flelstine ra malande and

har on kas ke darad hosh o ray o deen

bar in hokoomat konad NEFREEN



by ahvazi on


is an akhoond but to be fair with the guy, he has shown bravery and has supported the people, so i doubt that what farsnews is quoting can be true( Since Farsnews has yet to report the truth). Here is a short report that contradicts what farsnews reported.



JJ, lets be realistic here.


JJ, lets be realistic here. secular democracy is not on the mind of the average Iranian. perhaps only the ones who live in exile and some of the more educated Iranians inside. The average Iranian wants a better standard of living.

Siamack Baniameri

My I have another one...

by Siamack Baniameri on

According to reformist aplologists, "This is a strategic move." Which translates to, "Iranians got fucked by another mullah... again!!!"

Thank you, sir. May we have another one...


To expand on JJ's point that

by Cost-of-Progress on

" Secular democracy is the last thing on their mind."

They view secualrism AND democracy as a direct threat to their authority. I have said many times and believe that the so called "reformists" are nothing but another bunch of mullah and bache mullah who belive it is their turn to rule Iran and her people. It has nothign to do with what's good for Iran and Irani. 





Watch Out !! 22 Bahman is near

by masoudA on

IR is doing all it can to weaken the Green.  Please - don't make leaders out of those who are inside Iran - at the end of the day IR can make them do or say anything. Dame Karoubi garm for his past courage - highly unexpected. What was expected is statements such as this one.


MSM at work کلک مرغابی


What he apparently said is not what apparently semiofficial Pars news agency first reported and then carried by Reuters.

Here is another take on the news:


Speaking with AFP,
Hossein Karroubi quoted his father as saying: “I am still of the same
belief that the election was unhealthy and massively rigged. But since
the (supreme) leader (Ayatollah Ali Khamenei) endorsed (Ahmadinejad's
victory), I believe that he is the head of the government, meaning he
is the president.”


@ JJ

by spatima on

You have a valid point JJ.

it will be interesting to see how this will play out with the crowd. I dont know Iranians are full of suprises. I think Karoubi has forgot that he follows this movement and does not lead it. If you ask me, he just did a political suicide


In hope of a Free, Independent and Secular Iran


This is why the akhoond & islamist crowd must be wiped

by Hovakhshatare on

from the face of Iran. This was the 'good one' and just stabbed the country in the back. As expected I might add.

Need I say more to those who still support A.Ganji, Kadivar, Mohajerani & the rest?


divaneh, I double checked thinking this was a joke at first but that's it. This SOB has made a deal and it seems Khamenei has backed down or doled out enough money and influence to gather the scums back. I suspect some ceremonial heads will role as a sign of 'justice' too.

Jahanshah Javid

Weakest link

by Jahanshah Javid on

Not surprising. His only options were to reject velayate faghih completely or to get back into the fold. He is too loyal to the clerical establishment and the Islamic Republic to remain an outsider. And he was never a favorite among he protesters anyway.

This also another indication that the opposition "leadership" (Mousavi included) don't share many of the aspirations of the protest movement, especially an end to velayate faghih. Secular democracy is the last thing on their mind.