Mehdi Karroubi

Bows to Khamenei, acknowledges Ahmadinejad as president

BBC: Prominent Iran opposition leader Mehdi Karoubi has said he recognises Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president, despite saying last year's poll was rigged. Mr Karoubi had refused to accept the president's controversial re-election. Mr Karoubi's son says his father still has doubts about the vote, but accepts the results following Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's endorsement. Opposition activists are preparing for a new round of anti-Ahmadinejad protests on Revolution Day next month. According to Iran's Fars news agency, Hossein Karoubi quoted his father as saying: "I am still of the same belief that the election was unhealthy and massively rigged. "But since the [supreme] leader [Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] endorsed [Mr Ahmadinejad's victory], I believe that he is the head of the government, meaning he is the president.",

BBC interview with Karroubi's son:


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marhoum Kharmagas

Hakha and Hovakh (to Jaleh)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Jaleh, somehow I didn't take this guy's departure seriously, maybe because of similarity between Hovakh and Hakha,  do you remember the departure of Hakha?

BTW, I voted for Karroubi, and I think it is good if indeed he has put the past behind. I don't care for Ahmadinejad, but I think at this juncture there are too many opportunists with no plan and bad intentions for the country. 




by rtayebi1 on

Jahel to faker mikoni Democracy yani majority rules over minority? voting= democracy ? nah Democracy yani hameh hag daren not  just the majoity. It means   bahai = moselman  juhood= moselman. va to America moselman = christian  So yes as Iranian we got a long way to go but don't be confuse  NO WRONG SPELLING ON UR NAME zanboor_ghavi_mannyslawyer. I couldn't agree with U more. Its easy to be here in America and say AH IN HAM TERSID


Cruel & insensitive... That's a really cute form of apologism

by Hovakhshatare on

This is not a competition for candy. Leadership takes guts and commitment. I and many others have called them as they are. Akhoonds and warned those who support them to expect this day. Even if this did not happen and IRR was overthrown and they got a chance it would have been a a Khatami style dictatorship. Recall, how he shut down the students that voted for him by the millions.

There is no middle ground and IRR must go. This nation has not given blood several times over a hundred years for these crooks.

And Jeleho, be roobah migan shahedet kie, mige domam. Your witness is SP? that's just too precious.


Hovakh, you said,

by Jaleho on

 "the 'huge presence' were your chomagh wielding buddies from the boondocks of nowhere abad."

Not really, please watch the second video here to understand who the actuall Iranian majority are ( from minue 4.30 on). You will be more grounded in reality that way: 


 Glad that you didn't take your own word seriously and as I anticipated you are still here commenting.


You guys are : cruel & insensitive

by zanboor_ghavi_mannyslawyer on

0. Wow, so many turncoats - turning and cursing Mr Karrobi.  So shameful.

Maybe you folks should wonder: 

1.  Have any of you really fought and endured big odds and under great constraints? 

2. Have any of you really sacrificed and put all on the line for what you believe in?  Have you endured the pain and suffering that goes along with it??

If you have, then go ahead and blast Karroubi!

If you haven't maybe you should get honest with yourself a bit!

GO now and live your easy lives- criticize and insult as much as you want from the sidelines, while soldiers in the field suffer so much they already feel like Dead Men Walking!



Joon to joonesh konand akhonde!

by statira on

Actually, it's better that he's out. He was a nang for the Iranian democratic movement. Just remember that it was Karrubi that used to marry temporarily ( Sigheh) to the martyrs'wives from the Iran -Iraq war.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Iranians are learning DEMOCRACY

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Do you think Iranians are in the 12th century and just hearing about democracy? You think Iranians no understanding of rule by the people? We need to learn about open debate? What do you think we are doing right now?

Now come to think of it some are still in the 12th century. They are the IRR gang. These people are deep in the hell hole of ignorance and superstition. With Imam Mehdi why do you need elections? What is the point of open debate when VF speaks word of god. Nah, don't bother. Just stay deep in your Islamic delusion. You will be happier. You don't need democracy. Just learn the sharia and the 12 Imams. Meanwhile the IRR will be overthrown and Iran will get out of the dark ages.


Sure Jaleho, the rest of the world is just starting to

by Hovakhshatare on

understand islamic democracy and trying to revise theirs with the enlightened IRR version. You make this stuff up on your own or you have help?

the 'huge presence' were your chomagh wielding buddies from the boondocks of nowhere abad. 'non sense' is the delusional stuff you list here. And IRANIANS the government criminals or IRR are not. Mousavi, Kahroubi and their exile versions A.Ganji, Kadivar et al are just less of a beast than their AN and Khamenei version.

Phantom, Mousavi never stood with people and will be next to bow. David summarized well.

Lets focus on Bahman 22, Esfand 29, Charshanbesouri, Sizda bedar... This fight has begun and anyone hoping for a short easy victory will be sorely disappointed. 



I need the address for welfare office in MA

by Faramarz_Fateh on

I wish someone who is on welfare in Massachusetts would help me, sort of show me the ins and outs of the system to so I can get monthly welfare checks and have enough time to write pro IRI blogs.

Long live the IRI...May my life be sacrificed for the velaayateh fagheeh....President Ahmadinejad is the Imam Mahdi....Power to Islam..celebrate democracy Islamic style.  

The Phantom Of The Opera


by The Phantom Of The Opera on

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.


Iranians are learning DEMOCRACY

by Jaleho on

both the large masses who come in the streets to show their relative power, and the leadership who learns from the message given to them by the masses.

The HUGE presence of pro-government protest after Ashura by the silent majority who was having enough of the "election fraud" nonsense, gave the right message.... first to Mousavi who was quicker to get it, then to Karrobi, who is older and less used to the modern forms of democracy. Rezaei of course was wiser to accept his personal loss more gracefully and move on for the benefit of his country.

Hopefully as time goes on, Iranian leaders and Ieranian people will get more used to the idea of open presidential debates no matter how hot it gets. They will accept the fact that some lose, some win, and the loser must accept the will of majority gracefully. In particular when it is such a huge majority where 24 million beats the 13 million easily, hands down ;-)


Cry Uncle!

by Khar on

Main Entry: cry uncle Part of Speech: verb Definition: to surrender Synonyms: break, cave in, give up, give way, put one's tail between one's legs, say uncle, surrender


Karroubi down, Mousavi to go

by Faramarz_Fateh on

You can't ever trust what you read on the net 100% but the source seems credible.

This son of a bitch low life scum of the earth koon nashosteh mullah caved in just to save his own sorry ass.  

These Shia' bastard sub human mullahs have no integrity, no courage, no decency no nothing.  If you have bowed down to Ali Geda, I spit on you Mehdi Karroubi  


The true test

by bachenavvab on

The position of anyone about the regime of "Velayate Faghih" is their test of how far they will go.  Neither Karroubi nor Moosavi are against this system.  They just did not like to be left out of the eating frenzy.  Since Moosavi has referred to the IRI as the holly regime (Hokoomate moghadasse Jomhooriye Eslami), I am guessing his expiration date is near as well.  The health of the movement after these opportunists shed their skin will speak to its survival.  Our heroic people have shown amazing strength and initiative.  I think all theories of mass uprising are about to be rewritten by our people.  

David ET

If accurate: Good news in fact

by David ET on

The movement is being cleaned from inside.

With The People or not and there is no middle ground.


gitdoun, better late than never. Perhaps now you appreciate the

by Hovakhshatare on

ferocity of the anti cleric/islamist sentiment. The concept of freedom, civil right and religion, specially islam can't co-mingle in the modern world. Shi't is just the 'go large' version of the same garbage. Everything bad you ever heard about akhoonds including this on Kahroubi falls short of exposing the darkness of what Quom & Najaf & Alahzar do to the mind and spirit to create the beasts we observe. Keep your chin up and fight these bastards by any means you can.

areyo barzan

Another obstacle removed, Good sign

by areyo barzan on

It was about time that the phoney and double faced broke rank from the real revolutionaries and put some clear water between them. Not a moment to soon.

Karoobi simply realized that the revolution have surpassed him and his ability. He can not control it and certainly does NOT have the ability to lead it or provide any answer to people’s demands and just like every fake wanabees went back to kiss the bom of his true masters.

This certainly made the job of people like me easier. I hate to remind you but I told you so!  

At the end of the day people like karobi, Ganji, Movasi, Kadivar and Soroosh are the products and beneficiaries of this system and want to preserve it. When they see the system and hence their interests in jeopardy it is natural that they will break rank from real revolutionaries.

As I told you before we need to be careful who we are following and make sure we know where they stand. May be it is time for you to go back and read my article again and reflect on it


Karoobi was the last hope of the clergy and may be except for Mosavi, the last hope of IRI to control the situation and thankfully  it went to wall.

Now you can bet your bottom dollar thet Mosavi will soon follow suit. 

But hopefully after Mosavi had the same fait, the situation will change totally to our favour.

 From then on people are their own leaders and  will set their own demands and goals, without likes of these phonies trying to set boundaries and limits 


I personally hope that our friend  PArviz is right and Mosavi, Ganji, Kadivar and soroosh also find the courage to show their true face and follow him to the dustbin of history.

Then we can look for a real leader some and continue with our movement and mission of bringing down the IRI and putting all the murderers with Ali dozdeh on the head of them to trial.



by Guilan on




22nd of Bahman will show the true shade of Green

by ramintork on

You will now see that people are not willing to settle with silly compromises. We shall see this on 22nd of Bahman.

gitdoun ver.2.0

disappointed and very suprised

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

ok so im naive and ignorant. but then again i dont have that wisdom that comes with age.  but wow-- im very disappointed and suprised to see a "man of the robe" betray all those men/women who were murdered and raped by this regime. like how could he turn his back on us, kiss khamenei's hand, and say "Hail Caesar"!!??  i thought he was one of those good clerics who would go all the way, tear down this brutal totalitarian regime and not look back---but i was wrong. all these sons of bitches akhunds hate democracy and desire some form or shade of wilayat faqhi. it's clear to me now karroubi, being another cleric, has everything to lose in a secular democracy and has nothing to gain from it. Clerics like himself would be irrelevant in a secular democracy. wow, why didn't i see this coming ??? All these phuckers are the same !!!! Karroubi is just like Ayatullah Kashani who turned his back on Mossadeq in 1953 once he saw democracy rising !!! god , 2010 and 1953 !!!! i thought maybe today akhunds would be different!!!  but i was wrong all these akhunds , no matter what era , think the same !!!! all of them are Hungry for Power and Hungry for Money!!!  ~~~live and learn !!! 

Worcester Mo

First of all please listen

by Worcester Mo on

First of all please listen to the interview:  He is saying that the guy is the head of the government because the system that ratified him- the Supreme Weaker- accepted his sorry ass.  He also acknowledges that there has been "massive farud" in the election.

Second, "Sargord" jan, what are you smoking? and where can I get some of it?

Third, this guy, Karroubi is a clergy and apple is not going to fall too far from the tree.

Fourth, Moussavi, like say Prof. Souurosh, is responsible for a lot of this mess.  Two years after revolution, whe the "cultural revolution", purged the universities in Iran, Moussavi was the PM and Souroush was the one responsible for the conduct of the cultural revolution.  You had to "study" Souroush's books and then maybe you had a chance in the interview.  (Unfortunately, I sucked at it and left.) Everyone's hands are dirty.  But what the heck is the alternative?  Who is the "kaveh" in this land of Zahak.



by Yaasi on

Trusted Akhund with or without a turbin.  Karoubi and Mousavi just happened to get caught up in the current of events.  They dont have enough guts to stand up for people.  So whatever happens to the blood of the innocents that were shed????? all in vein???? this moron should have never particiapted in the movements and that Mousavi is the same crap....they all are...I hope this movement doesn't die..


Not exactly

by sobh on

Apparently Karrobi is mis-quoted, now he says:

حرف من همان حرف ملت است که رای ما کجاست؟

دولت احمدی نژاد 4 سال نخواهد ماند




I agree with TheMrs...

by B-Naam on

...the regime is afraid of massive anti-government turnout of 22 Bahman.  They are desperately trying to portray the defacto leaders of the movement recanting.  What Karroubi allegedly said is not very important to me.   A movement has started and no one could stop it even if they tried. 

Sargord Pirouz

well, well, well, well...

by Sargord Pirouz on

Not surprising.

A large majority of Iranians inside Iran consider Dr. Ahmadinejad the legitimate president of Iran, so Karroubi is only stating the obvious. Even Mousavi implied such in his last statement.

I wouldn't necessarily characterize this as a surrender. It's merely acknowledging reality.

And who wants to see more people and police officers hurt for the sake of foreign interests (including foreign based exiles)? Certainly no one with the country's interests in mind.

This is good news. 


This person is not the

by alimostofi on

This person is not the opposition.  How can he be?  He is a mullah first then an Iranian.  The non-violent opposition force of Iran is not Islamic, it is Iranian first. And it is no surprise that he supports the regime.


Ali Mostofi




marg bar IRI

by Pasargad on

basee ranj bordeem dar in sal see

ajab redand beh in parsi

bemeeran kaz in pas keh zendeh and

keh tokhmeh flelstine ra malande and

har on kas ke darad hosh o ray o deen

bar in hokoomat konad NEFREEN

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

It is panic

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The IRR "leaders" see the writing on the wall. They are trying to hold on to power. Using their best foreign asset the BBC the seek to preempt demonstrations. My guess is that the British are going to use BBC to provide whatever they can to prop up the Mullahs.

I find it very interesting that all this nonsense is being pushed by the BBC. The worst enemy of the Iranian people in West. The one thing we need to be aware of is to not allow BBC room to maneuver; define the dialog and to pull the same ***** as in 1979.Thanks to IC and others we have our own voice and do not need the British media.


More predictions; this and that will happen.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Massive Panic Attack - Pre emptive crowd control

by TheMrs on

They are afraid of 22 Bahman. This won't be the last surprise.