Protests on 22 Bahman

Opposition demonstrations on revolution anniversary


Protests on 22 Bahman
by Ghormeh Sabzi

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Clashes, tear gas fired:

Clash with riot police:

Pepper spray on people shouting "Mar bar Khamenei" in metro station:

... followed by tear gas:

Peaceful protests, some with green balloons:

Photographer confronted, rampage:

Large protest at Sadeghyeh:

"Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein"

Tear gas thrown as crowds gather around Mehdi Karroubi:

Trash bins on fire in Sadeghiyeh:

Silent protest in Aryashahr:

"Ya Hossein Mir Hossein":

Protesters being chased:

Isfahan, protesters at Sioseh Pol:

Heavy riot police presence, Tehran:

Loudspeakers blare "Marg bar Israel, Amrika, Engelis", protesters shout "Marg bar Roosiyeh"

Tehran protesters singing "Yare Dabestani":

Karroubi joins protests in Ariyashahr:

A young man is beaten and arrested, Tehran:

More than a 100 riot police moving towards Sadeghiyeh Sq.:

Heavy security presence, Tehran:

"Tajavoz, jenayat, marg bar een velayat":

1: Protesters tear down Khamenei poster:

2: ... stump on Khamenei poster, set it on fire:

"Koshteh nadaadeem, rahbaro setaayesh koneem":

Protesters burn basiji motorcycle, Tehran:

Tear gas thrown at crowd, Tehran:

Crowd running away from basijis, Tehran:

Injured protester, bleeing head:

Large crowd of protesters shouting slogans:

Protesters chasing riot police:

Building barricades with trash cans:

"Een hameh lashkar amadeh, alyheh rahbar amadeh", Tehran:

Slogans in Tehran metro:

Tehran, tension between protesters and basijis:

Tehran, basijis attack:

Tehran, government booth handing out snacks and gifts:

Tehran, "Zendaniye siaasi azad baayad gardad":

Tehran, heavy security presence:

Tehran, "Zendani siyaasi azad baayad gardad":

Isfahan, making fun of small pro-government rally:

Isfahan, "Yare Dabestani":

"...Risheye zolmo bekan"

"Toop, tank, Basiji digar asar nadaard":

"Refrendum, Refrendum, een ast shoa'ar e mardom". Sadeghieh, near Metro station:

Sadeghieh (1), "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein":

Sadeghieh (2), "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein":

More Sadeghieh (3), "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein":

Protesters at Metro, "Marg bar dictator":

"Marg bar Roosiyeh", Vali Asr:


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David ET

Iran Videos resource

by David ET on


Call True Iranians to leave Tehran

by Arthimis on

to other parts of Iran (Shomaal for example) for their safety first and later when Iranian population leaves the city, use precision Bombing to destroy Satanic Republic's forces and their stratigic strong holds in few strikes. You will see how true Iranians will pour in the streets and overthrow this evil regime occupying Iran! I.R. will collapse in few hours. Bomb Hezbolah head quarter, Bomb Sepah and Basij centers and you will see...

Islamic Rapists must be killed period. There is no other way to negotiate with satan worshipers.


Thank you for the clips

by bachenavvab on

Wish I was there! 

Iran zamin

22 bahman

by Iran zamin on

I just got off the phone with Tehran and was told that there are millions of anti goverment demostrators all over Tehran. The Govermenet has virtually shut down the internet to ordinary people , thus there might be a little while before we can get all the videos out. There are already some videos out , but as said there internet in Iran is down. HOKOOMAT ... TOOSHALVARESH!!!

Darius Kadivar

FYI/ Man Shot in the Head

by Darius Kadivar on


Pasdarcheye Namard

by statira on

Ageh rast migeh, soratesho neshoon bedeh va mardomo bezaneh!

I wish I didn't vote for Obama. Ahmagi and his thugs needed sb like McCain.Een Khar ye khare digeh mesel khodesh mikhad. Obama has proved that he has no leadership and compassion.