Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani

Harassed by hezbollahis


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by Fatollah on

don't put words in my mouth, who said visiting Iran had to do with being a spy? Now I think your imagination went wild again!

Khob, let me rephrase, Bahamas khosh gozasht, really??

p/s and don't respond with taking Bahamas as being cayman Islands and bank accounts, the Pahlavi's  and your rants as usual ...  

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Hi Fatollah: Actually we spies/agents don't meet in Iran anymore

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

We're so rich we only meet in Paris and Stockholm. Much chicer. No sight of those big nosed Iranians. Just slender and handsome Europeans. Also we meet in Amsterdam sometimes because the prostitutes! Oh the prostitutes. You green movement fools......bahahahahahahaha



by Fatollah on

welcome back, Iran khosh gozasht?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Are people actually feeling sorry for this woman/ Lady Macbeth?!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Have you all gone mad?

This is awesome. I'm actually happy that the authorities have done this to her. She never dreamed she would be in this position. Her husband is an incredible monster and he has probably lost every hair on his head since he got involved in this stupid election business. It's like Tony Soprano complaining about the Florida election in 2000!


many seem suprised?

by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد" Shomaha ahkarin bar key Iran budin eingadar ein sahne vasatun ajibe?.. we saw these animals every day in our school and once every few weeks they would bark..this time it is a more popular figure.. imagine being a student and laughing with some of your girlfriends over nothing important ein heyvuna ye karayi mikardan ke ta fardash tane adahm milarzid.. they are the unspoken law and they made our life hell.. che chizaye ke ma keshidim as daste ein heyvuna. Imagine your in school and you have a question to ask that may not be agree with religion and one of these heyvuns is your classmate.. they make problem for you for your professor etc.. aslan basij faghat ahn neest ke taze shomaha tuye youtube CNN dedin,, eina am ye jooresh ke bibaton pedaramuno dar ovordan..

Ahmed from Bahrain

A bunch of thugs.

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

This is nothing but harassment, at the end of which "salavat befertoonid".

What brave men, harassing a woman who is alone in the car park and then calling for salavat.

Misguided fools.

Ahmed from Bahrain


عمته No Fear, retard


Lol, short for words?


Wow, what is really going

by Rahaii on

Wow, what is really going on over there?? I think I have been exposed to the Western culture for so long, that I can not even imagine such a insult would ever take a place here.

Shame on them, they call themselves student!!!


It Is Not The Regime! (it is the mentality)

by Anvar on

Even before this regime came to power, I remember similar packs of hyenas that would suddenly show up to our places of business, gatherings, or homes in Iran to ask “questions.”  

The tactics have always been the same; start off by pretending to be nice, ask seemingly innocent questions, and pretend to show us the Straight Path with good intentions. 

In less than five minutes of being ignored, the seemingly civil group of men would inevitably turn into a pack of werewolves and display their fangs & claws (read knives & clubs).

These people were never interested in our answers to their questions; they just wanted to give us answers to questions that we never asked!

Of course, back then, there were no camcorders to document the savagery, vandalism to cars and homes, or the verbal and physical assaults that took place in the dark alleys on regular basis.  All in the name of God and for the purpose of saving our souls!

Our self-invited unkind friends were members of “Hojjatieh” and “Fadayan-e_Islam” back then:

They may or may not have new names in their latest incarnation now, but these new packs are essentially the same as their predecessors.  They share the same mentality, ideology, and tactics.  The only difference is that they now apparently assault Muslims too.

Change The Mentality And You Will Change The Regime.



مایُم سوال داریم


خانوم هاشمی‌ ما از شما فقط یه سوال دارم، پسته صادراتی کیلویی چنده؟ 

آقای بیترس، کی‌ پشتته که قیافت همچین شده؟

No Fear

Retards ...

by No Fear on

If 5 years ago some one harrassed or challenged Rafsanjani or a member of his family, you retards would have called him an Iranian Hero. So what has change since then?

Rafsanjani himself represent the corrupt core of IR. Every execution, bribery, behind doors deals, filling up bank accounts, holding on to power unchallenged, bad economic decisions , bad wartime decisions, and so on has Rafsanjani on it one way or another.

Rafsanjani ran Iran , politically and economically for a good 20-25 years of IR existance. Compare to him, Ahmadinejad is a new comer and Ahmadinejad and his supporters have every god damn right to ask him and his clan what the hell were you doing ??

Whether you are against corruption or you wish gradual changes in Iran, you have to support us to make these people accountable for their past decision making.

Yes , you retards. Ahmadinejad term is over in 3 years and he will be gone from Iran's politics since he has pissed on too many corrupt politicians who can't wait to get back to filling up their pockets. Just wait and witness how Rafsanjani becomes an " Ayatollah" again, when Ahmadinejad is gone.

You fools think Rafsanjani , Khatami , Mousavi and Karoubi are the answer to Iran's future? Think again. These dinosaurs have been discredited by ahmadinejad and our people won't be fooled again.

The real fools are abroad.


khoob too jooneh ham oftadan

by TheMrs on

khoob too jooneh ham oftadan


Power to Faeze

by divaneh on

I have always had respect for Faeze. Regardless of her surname and family, she has done more than her fair share for women causes in Iran. She seems to be very conservative in her choice of dress, but she is surely a free spirit. This is a pure case of harassment.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

thexmaster Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

However, it doesn't explain how some people who have been raised and live in the West where law and order takes precedence can defend and cheerlead these acts.  

It is because they buy into some ideology and have "faith" in it. This is by no means restricted to Iran or to Islam. Think of McVeigh or the guy who flew into the Texas IRS. These people get something in their heads like: The VF speaks for god; or the government is evil or some other nonsense. Then they let it sink until there is room for nothing else. Once they get there they are brainwashed. It may be done by a charismatic leader or may be self inflicted.

History is full of them and almost always to the detriment of the world. Unfortunately many people glorify them as martyrs or devoted or dedicated or faithful. In reality they are just people who checked out their brains.


نوش جان


نوش جان همگی‌شان!

Anonymous Observer

thexmaster -It's their "oghdeh"

by Anonymous Observer on

"Isn't it interesting that these people who live in the west while despising it always use it as a standard for comparison.  It's as if they strive for Iran be like the west in everyway."

It's because they have this fantasy about the IRI being comparable to the West technologically, etc., when they know for a fact that it's not.  So, they have all developed this HUGE "oghdeh".  That's why you see their brand of belligerence.   



by thexmaster on

Isn't it interesting that these people who live in the west while despising it always use it as a standard for comparison.  It's as if they strive for Iran be like the west in everyway.  Yet all this blatant hypocrisy doesn't seem to phase them at all.  They continue on with the same tired comparisons on numerous different blogs.


Veil Preeophet jan

by KouroshS on



Shame on AMGW4, Pirouz, Jahelo and all delusional IRI groupies

by thexmaster on

who defend every single disgusting action of this regime.  You people have absolutely no decency.  Imagine something like this happens to your sister, your wife or your mother.  A bunch of hooligans threatening her with "questions" and asking for ID.  This is the lawlessness of the IRI which breeds ignorance and leads to such disrespectful acts.  

However, it doesn't explain how some people who have been raised and live in the West where law and order takes precedence can defend and cheerlead these acts.  That is a whole different pathology.   

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

KouroshS Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You ask of amgw4

Why do you have the tendency to see things in a twisted way? LOL

Because he is a full fledged supporter of IRR. They drink the cool aid and buy into it. After that the brain stops working. They like any other "followers" will repeat the talking points. There are many like them in all countries. There were the followers of Jim Jones in the US. There are followers of OBL and there are followers of IRR. They share one thing: an unquestioning devotion to a doctrine.

Talking to them is a waste of time because they do not listen or think for themselves. In fact they consider thinking to be a lack of faith and questioning to be a sin. They are not interested in anything except their own delusion. So my friend do not waste your time.



Shame on you mr Rafsanjani - bigheirat

by alexqt on

I just want to say: SHAME ON YOU Mr Rafsanjanie "bigheirat". Your daughter is harassed by Khamenei´s basiji....



by KouroshS on



Debating with a Murderous Regime Apologist is useless

by mehdi2009 on

Dear True Iranians,

Why are wasting your breath debating with a Mullah's Murderous Regime's Stooge/Apologist. It is truly a futile exercise.

When it is night, these apologists say it is day time, and you want these individuals to comprehend the US Civil Laws. I have read numerous posts that you gentlemen tried to explain the US Legal procedure to one of these individuals, and as it can be plainly observed he does not have the intellectual capacity to understand your fine analysis.

If one watches the video carefully, only a Complete Fool will say that these Mullah's Murderous Regime's Thugs are not Intimidating and harassing this Woman (Mullah Rafsanjani's daughter) in broad daylight.

Therefore, let the Mullah's Murderous Regime's Apologist/Stooge to keep on his/her own TWISTED fantasies, as the rest of us live in the real world.

Salutations to All the TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran.



At least admit that incitement of riots is a far far more severe

by amgw4 on


You can't on the one hand advocate for a hyper strict society where citizens have no right to even question public figures, and then on the other hand claim it's perfectly OK to incite riots, arson and looting. If they're in jail for a night for harassment, then she should be in jail for years for incitement.

Again, if those men were "reformers," they would have ordered her out of the car and set it on fire.


What's ironic

by Onlyiran on

is that the head hooligan in charge opens the rear door of the car without her permission, grabs her purse and throws it on the ground and then says "we have no intention to insult you.  We just want to talk."  :-))))

And MM, you're right.  Under any civilized legal system these thugs would be behind bars.   



I wonder, if this could have been manufactured by her dad.

by kazem0574 on

Just a thought!!!! after all as Iranians we are well ahead in conspiracy theories.


You are clueless about the US law

by MM on

Hey buddy,

In the US, the video these oubaash released with impunity, would be an evidence in the court for Faezeh to sue the hooligans pants off for:

* Opening her car doors w/o permission,

* Preventing her to leave: The head-hooligan is in the way for faezeh to close the door, especially since there are 6 of them and they are using threatening voice.  And most of all ,

* For taking her purse out of her car without her permission, after opening the back door. 

Also, no group of US reporters would send out a loud group salavaat at the end their semi-lynching activity.


" So on the one hand you

by KouroshS on



"Provoke her to say something they could use later against her"

by amgw4 on

Those evil bastards, trying to get her talk about her political viewpoints.

The rest of your list is just as ridiculous. Their tone was sarcastic and mocking, and not in any way threatening. Yes they were condescending as you wrote, but there is nothing illegal about that. US reporters will regularly temporarily do things like stick a foot in the door to get a few moments of interview time. it's standard procedure. They clearly did not steal her purse as anyone can see on the tape. And to make sure you get this important point, THE PRESS IS FULLY WITHIN THEIR RIGHTS TO "PROVOKE" A PUBLIC FIGURE INTO TALKING BY ASKING THEM QUESTIONS. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS VERY SIMPLE THING THEN YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE ROLE OF THE PRESS.




khube khub shod

by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد" Midunin delletun ziad bar eina nasuze.. doroste Faeghe khodesh pedaresh neest. ama bezarin ye khorde azorde beshe  ke bebine ma chi keshidim... begoleh kheylia einja  kasi dige bud  keshide budan birun az mashin che balayi be saresh nayovorde budan doroste ke Faeghe khodesh az eina neest vali agar mikhad dar tarafe esla bashe bezar bishtar eintor sahnaharo bekheshe na faghat bahzjuye zendun  Har rooz ke ma tuye daneshga larzidim bezar belarze ke behtar bedune ma chi keshidim ke farda pass farda yadesh nareh