Culture of Human Rights

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Culture of Human Rights
by Ghormeh Sabzi

First video as part of 12Petals Culture of Human Rights and Responsibilities Advocacy Production Series. Please participate in this outreach goal by circulating this work to family, friends, and ... Producer: Majid Baradar. Art Direction/Art Production: Ardalan Payvar & Shadi Yousefian. See


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Please participate in this outreach goal by circulating this work to family and friends.

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I will circulate this

by AsteroidX on

Thanks for posting this wonderful piece.



by ziaian on

Dr Shodja Eddin Ziaian

Jahanshah Javid

Brilliant, beautiful

by Jahanshah Javid on

The wonderful message and fantastic presentation made this is a unique experience. Ashkamo darovordeen!

This is a call springing from the heart of the Iranian people. It shows maturity and fundamental understanding of the need for basic freedoms and respect for human rights. This stuff is new in our political history. That's why it's so thrilling. It shows there's great hope and confidence in a democratic future.


People in Iran are not ready for freedom

by lombriga on

Nice video, but people in Iran are not ready for freedom yet, they are still shouting "allahu akbar" in the streets, that is a theocratic slogan to keep the Islamic Republic with reforms.

People who want the end of the Islamic Republic are a minority and, unfortunately, the Islamic Republic will remain.


Dear Majid, Ardalan &

by honar on

Dear Majid, Ardalan & Shadi


It’s a beautiful, peaceful 8- minute production & music. Many thanks to all of you. It captures what our struggle is all about.


The new Iranian constitution in the making (one can hope)

by kazem0574 on

The future Iranian constitution can plagiarise from this hence given a good headstart. Dreams can come true....lets have hope.


Those who still Support IR

by masoudA on

Those of you who still support an ISLAMIC government watch closely - try to understand why no society can favor one religion over another.   Basic Human rights are needed to protect equal and natural rights of the minority against the majority. 


Wonderful production

by Monda on

You covered all the crucial issues in beautiful taste and color.

dastetoon dard nakoneh.


Excellent animation!

by AmirT on

I especially enjoyed the font they had used for writing Persian words. It's a shame though that they couldn't spell the word "moteghalleb"!

I didn't read the English captions, but I don't think that's necessary. To have English caption, that is. In one place I noticed it said something like "My vote is my people's vote", which can have a misleading interpretation.

Good job, overall, if not perfect. Thanks for sharing. Too bad they don't have YouTube in Iran!