Happy New Year Fesgheli

Little girl's delightful dance

Happy New Year Fesgheli
by Ghormeh Sabzi

Amazing dance by a child who can't be older than 3 or 4 years of age:


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by Jake on

I wonder where her parents are and who are these men surrounding her?


Nothing wrong with this dance!!

by shahabshahab on

To John and Javan: Obviously you guys have not lived in Iran for a long time or ever. Otherwise, you would appreciate the funny innconet humor in this dancing. Just chill and laugh! That;s what you should do,

If you think this is "disturbing", then obviously you have sick thoughts and you really should see a doctor very soon.


This is disturbing!

by Javan on

This is a disturbing video, in America the types that are into having little girls dance sexy are pedophiles and beauty pageants for little girls, which result in murder etc.  

I think many Iranians who are anti-religion forget that THE USA IS A RELIGIOUS COUNTRY that has people of the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and other faiths that are all very religious.  

You can not show the TV shows of Europe in the USA.  So all this 7000+ years of Iranian civilization has been turned into a cheap pedophilia video?  I hate this kind of exploitation of young kids by non-religious adults that should know better but don't have any morality or ethics.

I love the USA and my faith (both the strongest in the world) because both have order and structure, something lacking with the people who let their desires rule them. 



by statira on

nabeen che reeze beshkan bebeen che tize.

Raghs toyeh zate iraniast.


To: John on

by HHH on

When you look at this child in Iran you shouldn't think of American or European sexual exploitation of women because she's not in America. There are and never been any of such establishments in Iran. The act of giving money is just a sign of giving value or appreciation. In Iran they throw money at brides too, would that make the bride an exotic dancer?! It's just the difference in customs and culture. It reminds me of showing thumb as OK in America while in Iran it's equal to the middle-finger!


I find it slightly disturbing

by John on

I would prefer it if she were an adult midget, because if she's a small child then her parents, or whoever is putting her out to dance for money, are exploiting her.  And when I see men in the crowd coming forward to hand her money it reminds me exactly of the transactions that take place between strippers and their clientele.


She is a midget, not a little girl!

by siminkhanum on

She is a midgit, not a little girl!


Yolanda jan,

by Monda on

I'm glad you noticed that too. I find her coordination (and expressive style), too advanced for her age as well. When my younger niece was about 7, she was as petite as the little girl in this clip. And may have danced as well. Back then, in the 80's, performing in front of cameras was common. But this global enthusiasm with publicizing any and all talents, rubs me the wrong way, soe of the times. 

Happiest New Year to you and yours, my Dear! 



by Alma_az on

so talented and cute. 



by yolanda on

Amazing coordination at such a young age!


nice but

by ali_aaa on

A little creepy for this age. I think she is 20-21 but have not matured hight-wise.


I am a true believer

by onlyinamrica on

In intelligent design and natural selection.


Khomeinis Nightmare!!

by masoudA on

It is amazing how it is handed from one generation to another...inspite of all

Anahid Hojjati

She is such a great dancer and song is nice too

by Anahid Hojjati on

If she dances like this at such a young age, in few years, she will put to shame any dancer, she actually already does that :). I like the song too. Thanks for sharing.