Has this woman gone mad?

Aligning with IRI that is as brutal as Israel at its worst


Has this woman gone mad?
by Peyvand Khorsandi

Freedom of speech is a funny old thing. In the Islamic Republic it’s pretty much outlawed – yet in a leafy suburb of west London, Press TV, the broadcaster it controls, is allowed to operate freely.

This week, however, the UK's broadcast regulator Ofcom rapped pro-Palestine campaigner Lauren Booth (pictured) – Tony Blair’s sister-in-law – for not showing 'due impartiality' in an edition of the Remember Palestine programme she fronts devoted to the Gaza flotilla incident. "Can you believe this," the mullahs will say, "they want us to show Jew impartiality".

If you ask me it's time to shut Press TV down – not for breach of impartiality rules (it’s a propaganda channel for goodness' sake) – but because its Khomeini-ist ethos forces poor Booth to wear a headscarf in order to do her job, lest her blonde locks and bare arms inspire undue partiality among certain viewers.

Booth is an outspoken critic of Israel who, like many on the British Left, misguidedly stands with the Islamic Republic, a keen backer of Hamas, in defending the rights of Gazans.

In donning the hejab, she is kowtowing to the very fundamentalism that holds the fate of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani in its hands -- Ashtiani is the 43-year-old mother, accused of adultery, who would have been stoned to death in recent weeks were it not for the international outcry (her death sentence remains – Brazil's President Lula appealed to his friend Ahmadinejad: "If she is causing problems there, we will welcome her here." "Sure, we'll just run it by rapist-in-chief Mr Khamenei and buy her a one-way ticket to Rio.")

To use the language that Booth might to describe Israel’s excesses, it is shameful and disgusting that she a) works for Press TV and b) agrees to wear Islamic headgear on screen.

From her Press TV colleague Yvonne Ridley, you would expect such behaviour – the former Express journalist is a card-carrying Islamist (a sideways move).

You would expect it even from the bearded former Respect party MP George Galloway. At his Iranian paymasters’ behest the shameless showman would surely don a head-to-toe chador in the name of solidarity with his Muslim sisters in Iran, wearing a skimpy red leotard underneath, as he did on Big Brother in 2006 (to be fair, he wore a suit when he spoke at an expat’s business conference in Tehran this week -- in the exalted company of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad).

“I am a Palestinian,” says Booth. No Lauren, you’re not. You’re an employee of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country that uses rape as a weapon to crush dissent, kills and tortures bloggers, writers, demonstrators and, of course, any women who dare to defy its strict hejab laws. In struggling for Palestinians you fail to see that aligning yourself with a government that is as brutal as Israel at its worst is morally bankrupt.

Booth, of course, is not alone. Stop The War Coalition, arguably the UK’s most influential leftwing organisation, remains firmly in bed with Islamists -- it is very vocal about defending the rights of Muslims but curiously perfunctory when it comes to hitting out at the Islamic Republic. It’s left to the Murdoch press to defend the rights of a woman sentenced to a medieval punishment for a crime she denies committing, as The Times commendably did last month.

In 2008 Channel 4 aired a Christmas Day speech by Ahmadinejad as the Queen addressed her subjects on the other side. Iran’s clerics watch Question Time and BBC Breakfast -- they know fascists are welcome on TV in Britain. This is why the Ofcom ruling should trigger the closure of Press TV. We’ll be a step closer to keeping fascists off our screens and, in the process, can help emancipate Lauren Booth from the pay cheques she's bound to.


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by Rosie. on

you deprived us of the juicy parts.The parts from the annals of psychiatric literature.

Lauren Booth seems to have had a terrible loveless childhood life, where she suffered terrible emotional traumas at the hands of her unloving mother...Booth revealed why she hates her mother so much and never wants to see her again....a constant victim of her mother's non-stop abusive and humiliating remarks. "Well you wanted her, now you've got her. Good f*****g luck!" was her mother's remarks to her husband on her wedding day...When I read Lauren Booth's justification of working for the Supreme Leader, I wondered how much of the abuse she suffered in her childhood contributed towards her twisted warped logic today.

But seriously, it would've made the framing (title) and perspective on her much more comprehensible.

Peyvand Khorsandi

@ Rosie

by Peyvand Khorsandi on

In this instance, I wouldn't fixate on the word -- it's not the best headline and should read Is xxx xxxx bonkers? or Time to shut down press TV.  



One or two people have mentioned Galloway's beard -- not my strongest point but 'gorgeous' George surely doesn't wear it to look prettier any more than he does the 'hizbullahi' collarless shirt in this clip.  



Dear Mr. Khorsandi,

by Rosie. on

Thank you for the article. However, I have to say it left me a bit puzzled.

Clearly you indict this woman for being morally bankrupt. And this is true. At the same time you are fair-minded enough, through all the irony, to call her 'misguided', to note that she is part of a larger movement of misguided people in UK, and also, despite the acerbic irony, to concede that it is unfair to demand that an employee don hijab at Press TV London. Thus we have a complete picture of an indicvidual who is rather complex, as each person is. She is hypocrite and sell-out to a rotten cause, making her something of an exploiter, but at the same time she is manipulated, misled, and also to a certain extent even oppressed by her emplyer.

What I don't understand is how her being all these things, but overall quite offensive, is tantamount to madness. Your title does not seem to have anything  to do with the portrait of the woman in this article. And this I find confusing. What perspective do you wish me to have of her after all? If ultimately she is mad, should I not pity her?

Or was the title simply intended to be ironic?

Ahmed from Bahrain

Hamsade ghadimi

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

I said shouting allahu NO-akbar from LA rooftops, referring to those who run down their so-called "islamists" adversaries. I am fully aware of the Iranian rooftop shouts of allhu-akbar which i must admit was very rousing and apt.

I fully agree with you.  Most of us are writing from the comfort of our homes yet whatever we say here is because every individual has a sincere love for that country and truly wants to see it become free from radicalsim of whatever sort.

I personally believe that we can not rid Iran of diverse Iranians and install my or your form of ideal government. Life is indeed a work in progress, an evolution and not revolution, however, the latter can only be effective when its happens internally/spiritually.


Ahmed from Bahrain

hamsade ghadimi

ahmed from bahrain,

by hamsade ghadimi on

ahmed from bahrain, that’s exactly the point.  nobody forced her.  i have problem with people who are not forced and yet legitimize the government of iri whether by outright lies or diversionary tactics.  ahmadi, the president, has just challenged obama to a face-to-face debate on “solutions to world problems.”  don’t you see that press tv and the iri president have no interest in tackling issues that are most important to the iranians living in iran?  they rather solve all the world’s problem before they address the brutal political repression in iran, missing protesters, judicial verdicts for stoning/executions, freedom of press, freedom of religion, corruption, ... rejecting people such as booth does not mean that one is apathetic toward the Palestinian cause.  to me, it’s an attempt by iri to legitimize itself in the eyes of the world and has found a willing partner in booth to do just that.  i believe that was the intent of this article and was not about being anti-palestinian, anti-hejab, or anti-islam.

by the way, the allah-o-akbars that you’ve heard about were not from los angeles.  it was from the oppressed people inside iran.  here’s a reminder for you: //iranian.com/main/2009/jun/inja-kojast

Ahmed from Bahrain

No one has forced her

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

to wear whatever. It is her choice and guys why shoot the messenger. It was the million Jews of Europe who landed and stole the land by force and even today Israel remains the only country with no defined boundaries.

Not to mention refugees not allowed to return to their homes, bulldozing homes, uprooting ancient olive trees and old Palestinian villages to install "Jewish neighbourhoods", read stolen lands, etc. etc. 

Go figure!

Anyone with half a heart would side with the victim and not the perpetrator. As for IRI, it is upto Iranians who live inside Iran to handle that. No amount of shouting Allhu No-Akbar from Los Angles rooftops would change anything inside Iran. Perhaps it might soothe your own taste buds. Fair enough but Allhu Akbar also soothes someone else's heart that you chose to separate yourself from on account of your own findings.

All is well in the landscape of my heart.For that matter am happy to have her as my third wife, eat your heart out you infidels who are happy to have a dozen illicit relationships but refuse to take 6 wives, or was it 5?

Ahmed from Bahrain


Lauren Booth

by Simorgh555 on

Good article. For people like Lauren Booth any action by Israel deserves the strongest condemnation possible but when it comes to Iran the focus is on trying to "understand" but instead they end up being apologists for terrorists. Booth would be happier to take up residence in Iran and see how long she can live with wearing a hijab and being stopped in the street by the Islamic fashion police for exposing too much hair and having manicured fingernails. If any one of her left leaning pro-Hamas ilk werre to live in Iran for 6 months they would gladly escape to Israel at the first opportunity. Let us see Booth vent her opposition against domestic violence towards women publicly in Iran and hope she does not suffer the same fate as Sakineh Ashtani.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

also verified that the son of BBC persian president converted to islam and choose YAHYA as his first name BUT no document about his KHATTANEH anywhere.       Maziar

hamsade ghadimi

landan neshin

by hamsade ghadimi on

it is one thing for the female presenters to wear hejab because of their faith or their jobs in countries that require hejab (whether on tv or in public).  it’s another thing when someone who normally lives without hejab wears this form of clothing, which has been used as a mean to suppress the iranian women, to score political points for her non-iranian cause.  not only does it show an apathy to the plight of Iranians (lauren booth), but it shows the hypocrisy of the iri regime (press tv) to use opinion of a woman(which by itself is not considered as a valid testimony in iranian courts due to the partiality and emotionalism of women!), but that of a non-muslim woman (equivalent to half of a man who is kafar) to draw attention to an issue which is meant as a distraction from the atrocities that are committed by iri against the people of iran.

be honest landan neshin, you very well know the intent of this article and instead you (despite your usual well-articulated comments) decided to criticize the author with pretentious questions on whether khorsandi is critical of hejab in general or if he’s suspicious of men who grow facial hair.

Immortal Guard

Very beautifull Woman!

by Immortal Guard on

I find her very beautiful!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


It is not my cheshm which is hurting. It is my stomach which turns :-) When I see hijab I get sick at the self destructive folly of those promoting it.The rules indeed. How about we put rules in the West to ban Minarets? Oh but that is discrimination.

Muslims are all for rules when it is *their* rules. But whine about discrimination when it is other people's rules. It is known as hypocrisy. Aka: Islamism.


Ta Cheshma hasood koor beshed

by i_support_khamenie on

No one has forced her to work for Press TV.  She was told the rules and regulations before signing any contract, so you have No Point.

Before you try to get ahead of yourself, maybe you should try and see if Fox News or CNN would hire a woman with hijab.  

You have absolutely positively NO Case.  You are just a hater who is jealous and bitter. 

 YOu have yet to understand what freedom and liberty means.   You have a long way to go..........

I'm guessing you're a union member

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

To Boycott..

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Oh thank you! I was just waiting for your orders since like other Islamists I am unable to think for myself. 

Thanks for telling me about AIPAC! You better get behind other IRI mouth peiaces to speak for Iranians. Because there are a whole lot of you.

Now be a good Islamist and take your own advise. Move on to islamicbs.com where you are appreciated.


I encourage hamvatans to boycott this AIPAC dominated website

by BoycottIraniandotcom on

s you can see from the articles this purportedly Iranian site's content is anti Iranian and
comes from an Israeli/AIPAC perspective, which is offensive to the vast
majority of Iranians. Please do not engage with this site except to warn other Iranians.


Mr Galloway's beard is least of his issues.

by fooladi on

This man, once upon a time was a popular and principaled Member of British parliament, representing his working class scottish constituents from a socialist stance. But his mid life crisis co incided with massive unemployment in his scottish seat and loss of votes. Then his more greedy instincts for money overtook his alleged Socialiast principals. There followed high profile cases of him getting caught accepting " financial gifts" from Saddam Hussein in return for supporting him in British houses of parliamaent. After saddam's untimely departure from this world, he latched on to the next generous kid on the block, the islamist regime of Iran. He actually gained some votes from muslim immigrants in London, but even they discarded him and he lost his seat in the last UK election. Currently he is a figure of laughter and ridicule in british media and public

Basiucally an old had been, discredited British big mouth. Just the type for khalifa khamenei,  


Landan-Neshin, looks like Khorsandi hit a nerve

by AMIR1973 on

It's only natural that his article against the Islamist goons of Press TV would hit the nerve of a West-residing IRI Groupie such as yourself. Cheers  :-)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: despicable

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are right. But I am not surprised at a British scum bag supporting Mullahs. They did create this garbage. They shoved them down our throats. Now they are becoming them. I am glad that the real nature of the British is becoming more obvious to all.

No people have more rotten apples than Brithish. From BBC to BP to Blair to Khomeini ro Balfour to Churchill. All the frigging bastards.  Truly sickening and getting more vile.


Calm Down Mr. Khorsandi!

by Landan-Neshin on

Coming from a family of satirists, as you do, it isn't very clear if you meant to amuse us or indeed trying to be serious! For example,

Do you have any problem with the universal (barring USA, of course)condemnation of Israel for how they intercepted the Turkish flotilla?

Do you have a problem with Mr. Galloway's beard? I believe you have a very close bearded relative!

Do you strongly object to all female TV presenters wearing a head scarf or just Press TV's?

Or you just simply can't stand anything that has something to do with IRI?

If the answer to all above is affirmative, then it just takes one sentence to say so and no need to ramble on. 





not surprised

by afshinazad on

Why surprised, British been manufacturing mullahs for centuries and they do know how to use it against Muslims and quite honest with you they are very good at it.for them is not important what you and I think, for them is the mulla is important and they will play it as doctor ordered. S.P. Elegent as you wanted and even gets better.


pirooz.....as far as hejab is concerned,

by Cost-of-Progress on

do tell how many female members of your family wear the despicable veil, hejab?

Do tell why you reside in the comfort and freedom of the west while wishing the status quo on the people of iran.

Do tell, won't you?





Anyone notice that agent pirouz is mostly concerned

by thexmaster on

about superficial appearances.  "She looks quite elegant in her hejab....This was a well produced video"  It's all about appearance and fascades, no substance.  Frankly, he represents the very nature of the IRI.

Maryam Hojjat

She is despicable!

by Maryam Hojjat on

To cover her head and paid by IRI & sympethizes with Palesthinians.  How Shroud!  A Prostitute has more honor in her job than Ms. Booth.


Follow the money

by MRX1 on

and you will get your answer.

Sargord Pirouz

She looks quite elegant in

by Sargord Pirouz on

She looks quite elegant in her hejab. She wears it well.


Well said

by cyclicforward on

Some people do anything to make a buck and it is sickening.