Be fair to Iran and Iranians

Countering anti-Iranian propaganda


Be fair to Iran and Iranians
by Tooraj

In 1970's, when I had just come to the US during Shah's time, American people were much friendlier towards Iranians. They sometimes confused us with Arabs and I had a hard time explaining to them that I had only seen camels in a zoo, but generally they liked Iranians. We reciprocated this feeling and assured everyone that Iranians actually LOVE Americans. They still do and even today if you travel to Iran, as a stranger, you will find them to be the most curious people who will greet you with a wide smile and open their doors and invite you to their homes. But in the US nowadays things are a little different due to so much propaganda against Iran. So I thought I should get these short facts out there at least to counter some of the negative propaganda, generally propagated by Israeli-influenced media:

Fist I should mention that once I was a revolutionary and fought to get rid of the Shah's dictatorship. I'm also against the current religious regime which meddles in the civil society and restricts the people's rights and freedoms, especially that of the women and youth. But unlike the widely held view I do not think that today's Iran, at least on the government level, is a totalitarian dictatorship. They have elections every four years and a candidate can only be elected for two terms, just like in the US. The parliament or "Majles" is independent and has different parties and factions. The Judiciary is also independent of the government but under heavy influence of the clergy.

US and western regimes are opposed to Iran because Iran wants to be a power challenging their monopoly and not because it is a dictatorship. If they were against dictatorships they would not support the Shah for 30 years, whom the CIA and British intelligence service reinstalled to power in a coup in 1953. Even today US government supports all the dictatorships in the region such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, etc. And is allied with those countries where Al Qaida came from such as Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Although there is a lot of questions about the latest Iranian election in June of last year and the violence that followed, it also showed the bravery and non-conformist attitude of Iranians and gave birth to a strong and vibrant opposition, the green movement, that is still going strong and all it's leaders are still free and continue to criticize the regime. The aim of this movement is to reform the system especially as it relates to the authority of the religious clerics and the Supreme leader. Even Ahmadinejad himself is somewhat opposed to the meddling by the clerics in his government and the judiciary and supports, although sheepishly, certain freedoms.

Iran, having been an emperor in the past several thousand years with the first and the largest civilization in the history, wants to be a power and not a puppet like many other countries in the region. Iranians are not against Jews. Indeed it was Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, who freed the Jews in Babylon more than 2,500 years ago. Despite the repatriation attempts by Israel, there are still many Jews who are proud to call themselves Iranians.

Iran is not a warmonger either as it has had no wars in the past 400 years with the exception of the war with Iraq in the 80s in which Saddam Hossein was encouraged and later supported by the US to invade Iran. During this war which took 8 years and inflicted many thousands of casualties and destruction on both sides, all the western powers, all Arabs, except Syria and even the old Soviet Union were supporting Iraq and gave money, arms and intelligence to Saddam Hossein in the hopes of defeating the newly-formed Iranian republic (in fact the only country that supported Iran in that war was Israel which gave some fighter jet tires and other spare parts to Iran under the Iran-Contra scandal which was a secret deal in which Reagan sold those parts for ten times their worth in order to divert the difference to support the counter revolutionaries against the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua).

But even all of them together could not defeat Iran. And a truce was forced in 1988 after Iran was on the march to conquer Baghdad and overthrow Saddam. It was then that Donald Rumsfeld traveled to Iraq and gave Saddam chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction (WMD) which he used both against the advancing Iranian troops and his own Kurdish population. That is why the Bush administration was so sure that Iraq had WMD that it would not believe even its own intelligence to the contrary, because Rumsfeld and Cheney knew that they GAVE Saddam those WMDs.

Having experienced the devastation of that war and being in the corner of a dangerous and volatile Middle East, with Israel, Pakistan and India armed with atom bombs, Iran now is determined to have nuclear technology. I think, as an absolute majority of Iranians do, that she has the right and should have that technology, including the nuclear weapons, as a defensive measure only. I know and believe that Iran would never use atomic bomb against anyone as a first strike.

Iranian regime is much less corrupt than its counterparts in the area. It has provided a lot of economic and educational services and developments to the countryside and the poor. In fact I was shocked when I learned that the government provides for four years of benefits to the unemployed, covering 80% of their salary including all their benefits. It also pays an average of $1000 per month to the retired and provides basic health care and even higher education support to all citizens, including in the villages.

Iran is a modern society and has the latest technologies, fashion and other western products. Its economy has been growing an average of more than 5% in recent years despite the economic and military sanctions against Iran by the US and its allies. Iranians, especially women are among the most educated people in the world today and even in that religious county there are 9 women deputies (down from previous 13) in the Majlis. It also has one of the youngest populations in the world.

I know that you will bring up the stoning. This is a horrific thing which should be and is universally condemned by everyone. It is instigated by extreme religious mullahs in the judiciary, but unlike in Afghanistan under Taliban is rarely used in Iran.

How about hostage crisis of 1979? That was also a huge mistake by some students who were angered by the US giving refuge to the Shah. They  invaded the American embassy holding 52 hostages for 444 days. This crisis was later used and manipulated by certain religious hierarchy to stop the Iranian revolution from advancing and instead diverted it against the "great satan", America. Meanwhile they used this occasion and its aftermath to establish and solidify the dictatorship of the "supreme leader" and enshrine that in the new Iranian constitution despite much opposition to it. Of course Americans have had and still do have a difficult time forgetting and forgiving that inhuman act, even though all hostages were released unharmed on the day that Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as president in January 1981.

Although much has been said about Iran's links to terrorism and even Al Qaida, in truth Iran itself is a target of Al-Qaida-like terrorists and there is no evidence that Iran or Iranians are at all involved in terrorism. When was the last time that you heard an Iranian suicide bomber anywhere? Iranians love life and only sacrifice it if they see their country being attacked as they did during Iran-Iraq war when hundreds of youth volunteered to walk over mine fields to defend Iran.

Iran now has a strong military with many locally made advanced weapons systems. An Israeli or even a US attack will not be taken lying down and will have major consequences throughout the world. Iran is much larger than Iraq or Afghanistan with a population of almost 75 million. Besides, Iran has had a long history of being a power and its people are very proud of their nationality and its contribution to world history, culture and civilization. Iran also has a very good relationship with its neighbors, Turkey, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, even Iraq and Afghanistan. By the way all the countries ending in "stan", which means state, in Farsi were once parts of Iran. So, attacking Iran using those countries is very difficult, if not impossible.

Now, I think Americans, including myself, are getting tired of wars and invading other countries. They are thinking that our government should pay more attention to the domestic problems such as the economy and jobs. But unfortunately the media is so much under the influence of the supporters of Israel, itself one of the worst violent and anti human regimes in the world (as seen in its treatment of the Palestinians and its own Arab population, not to mention the atrocities it committed in two recent wars in Gaza and in Lebanon), that it has managed to change the mentality of the American people so much against Iran and Islam (although Iran is mostly Shiite which is a less radical sect of Islam that grew out of opposition to Caliphate of Sunnis).

However, the problem is not Islam. The problem is religion itself when it assumes political power. Can you imagine western governments being run by the Pope from the Vatican or the Christian right in the US? It would be even worse than in Iran. The good thing is that in 18th and 19th centuries the churches were reformed and were prevented from meddling in the state, thus separation of church and state. If same thing happened in Islam, which may take many decades, you will have the similar results.

Well, this "short" note is getting to be too long already. But I just wanted to say a few things that would counter-balance so much anti-Iranian propaganda in the hopes that the readers get a little fairness in their mind and do not rush to judge the Iranian people, even the government, as if they were less human or deserve less. They don't!


Dariush A

Terry McBride

by Dariush A on

I am not going to copy and paste the Quran for you as you did with your Book. But here is some information on your history and how the two brothers fought each other until one killed the other to become the only leader of Baha'I faith. Man, if your leader does that to his brother, what can we expect from him in doing to others? But for now you are toothless wolves, just as the Jews used to be. Frankly, I have talked to Baha'is and they are just as fanatic to their beliefs as a fanatic Muslim, christian or Jew.  Sorry if I broke it to you this way, but Reality bites. However, I must say, I am against any harm to anyone with any faith, religious or not.

I am a Muslim and once a friend of mine was joking and he said, If Imam Medi show up, He must be given a "F" for being absent for so long. All of a sudden one of our friends started yelling and screaming. Then we realized he is a Baha'I and as you know Baha'is claim that Bahaollah was Imam Mehdi.  Then you speak of Muslims being fanatic?


Terry McBride

@ Darish A

by Terry McBride on

In these days there are some who, far from being just and fair-minded, have assaulted Me with the sword of hatred and the spear of enmity, forgetting that it behooveth every fair-minded person to succor Him Whom the world hath cast away and the nations abandoned, and to lay hold on piety and righteousness. Most men have until now failed to discover the purpose of this Wronged One, nor have they known the reason for which He hath been willing to endure countless afflictions. Meanwhile, the voice of Mine heart crieth out these words: "O that My people knew!" This Wronged One, rid of attachment unto all things, uttereth these exalted words: "Waves have encompassed the Ark of God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting. Fear not the tempestuous gales, O Mariner! He Who causeth the dawn to appear is, verily, with Thee in this darkness that hath struck terror into the hearts of all men, except such as God, the Almighty, the Unconstrained, hath been pleased to spare." O Shaykh! I swear by the Sun of Truth Which hath risen and shineth above the horizon of this Prison! The betterment of the world hath been the sole aim of this Wronged One. Unto this beareth witness every man of judgment, of discernment, of insight and understanding. Whilst afflicted with  37  trials, He held fast unto the cord of patience and fortitude, and was satisfied with the things which have befallen Him at the hands of His enemies, and was crying out: "I have renounced My desire for Thy desire, O my God, and My will for the revelation of Thy Will. By Thy glory! I desire neither Myself nor My life except for the purpose of serving Thy Cause, and I love not My being save that I may sacrifice it in Thy path. Thou seest and knowest, O my Lord, that those whom We asked to be fair and just, have, unjustly and cruelly, risen up against Us. Openly they were with Me, yet secretly they assisted My foes, who have arisen to dishonor Me. O God, my God! I testify that Thou hast created Thy servants to aid Thy Cause and exalt Thy Word, and yet they have helped Thine enemies. I beseech Thee, by Thy Cause that hath encompassed the world of being, and by Thy Name wherewith Thou hast subjected the seen and unseen, to adorn the peoples of the earth with the light of Thy justice, and to illuminate their hearts with the brightness of Thy knowledge. I am, O my Lord, Thy servant and the son of Thy servant. I bear witness unto Thy unity, and Thy oneness, and to the sanctity of Thy self and the purity of Thine Essence. Thou beholdest, O my Lord, Thy trusted ones at the mercy of the treacherous among Thy creatures, and the calumniators amidst Thy people. Thou knowest what hath befallen Us at the hands of them whom Thou knowest  38  better than we know them. They have committed what hath torn the veil from such of Thy creatures as are nigh unto Thee. I beseech Thee to assist them to obtain that which hath escaped them in the days of the Dawning-Place of Thy Revelation and the Dayspring of Thine Inspiration. Potent art Thou to do what pleaseth Thee, and in Thy grasp are the reins of all that is in heaven and all that is on earth." The voice and the lamentation of the true Faith have been raised. It calleth aloud and saith: "O people! By the righteousness of God! I have attained unto Him Who hath manifested me and sent me down. This is the Day whereon Sinai hath smiled at Him Who conversed upon it, and Carmel at its Revealer, and the Sadrah at Him Who taught it. Fear ye God, and be not of them that have denied Him. Withhold not yourselves from that which hath been revealed through His grace. Seize ye the living waters of immortality in the name of your Lord, the Lord of all names, and drink ye in the remembrance of Him, Who is the Mighty, the Peerless." (Baha'u'llah, Epistle to the Son of the Wolf, p. 35)


Blatant insincerity

by Fred on

I had the American public and the politicians, not iranians, in mind."

Are saying there are two truths, one for Iranians and one for others?

And in opposition to “war” you “had the American public and politicians” in mind when you wrote about all the goodness of the Islamist Rapists?

This kind of blatant insincerity only helps those who advocate military solution.  It reinforces their argument that the regime is not going to fall without foreign military intervention. 


You're Right

by Tooraj on

I should have been much more critical of the IRI regime (although I have said that I'm against it and for the Green Movement).  I wrote this article while there was a lot of drum beats for war against Iran and I had the American public and the politicians, not iranians, in mind. I will soon send an explanation in Farsi.  Tooraj


well said

by Ilya on

well said

Dariush A

Terry McBride

by Dariush A on

IRI hasn't executed Christians. That is being done in Pakistan, Israel and most of all in good old USA and other western countries. Face it Terry! How many Christians are executed and killed in USA every day?

As for IRI, for every minority they have executed, they have executed thousands of Muslims, but every time a Baha'i or a Jew complains, they say ,IRI is killing Baha'is and Jews (not them and Muslims). Of Course, IRI haven't even executed any Jew, but they always whine because that is their nature and when they are in majority then you get to know their humane side as you see in Israel toward Palestinians and Lebanese and even Israelis who oppose their government's genocide.

Then You wrote,   sorry if you want fairness you must be an advocate for justice...

This was a classic one.  US has killed millions with all kinds of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons already and continues to kill innocent civilians everyday and you speak of advocating justice.

Then You say, I don't want war, but......

Who gave you the right to dictate what others should do? You yourself are an obedient of Israeli government. They kill your civilians and military personnel and you cannot do anything about it. Ahmadinejad is doing Americans a favor by educating you about the Zionists agenda. One day you will open your eyes and find an Oxygen meter connected to your nose. You are halfway there already.





Sargord Pirouz

Agree with Abarmard. It

by Sargord Pirouz on

Agree with Abarmard.

It seems some in our group are susceptible to this shortcoming, in relatively larger representation than other peoples.

Unfortunately, it provides a very poor reflection upon the rest of us.

I'm especially reminded of this every time I see a middle-aged exile waving an oversized lion-puss flag at a demonstration. 

Dariush A

Fred Wrote,   "There is

by Dariush A on

Fred Wrote,   "There is no “anti-Iranian” propaganda as you wrongly and clumsily claim. There are loads and loads of anti-Islamist Rapist opposition which their minions try to portray as “anti-Iranian“.

So Fred, if Islam was the problem not Iran, then why help kashani to bring down Mosaddegh?

If western countries problems are Islam? Why they bend over and kiss King Fahd, Faisal, Mubarak and other Arab?

Aren't your comments Zionist/neocon propaganda?  

How many times should people repeat this to get it into your head? It is all about US interest. If Hitler had guaranteed US interest, US would have never gotten involved with the war to save your people. 



Here we go again

by on

The uber-nationalist act of Islamist Rapists and their civilized world
based lefty supporters might lull their sense of isolation, but trying
to push it this overtly is just well, too Islamist.


I wonder what some do here talking about things they do not know much about. It is the US that has won the reputation to be the biggest rapist in the world. From raping korean, Philipino, Japanese women to Abu Gharibin Iraq and bagram Airport in Afghanestan. 

As our onboard Zio-fascist, Fred is pretty ignorant when it gets to global facts! 




Here we go again

by Iraniandudee3 on

In the islamic repub we have elections, blah blah blah...... Last time I checked Rigged elections didn't count, and even if they were not rigged, then why do we only have islamists to chose out of rather than actual normal Iranians?  so save us your excuses, stop comparing Iran with this pathetic excuse for a government, stop trying to lighten the image of this islamist shameless regime with lies, once you can do that then go ahead and write a blog.

 Iran as a mid-eastern country is alot better than it's neighbors I admit, and that's only cause of the hard working Iranian people, not the islamist leach, but it's potentials are being crushed by these filthy ayatollah roaches, if we continue like this then every single one of our neighbors will be ahead of us in 20 years, and if that day becomes a reality then You'll regret this just like you regret the 1979 revolution (talking to the author and the people who took part in the rev)


Be Fair to whom (IRR)???

by karoon1 on

It is very obvious that you are defending one of the worse totalitarian dictatorship regimes in history, and feeding off of same crap that is coming out of its so called leaders. Iran is not a modern country and in fact is going backward for the last 30 years, it does not have elections, they have SELECTIONS, and it has been a prison for majority of its citizens, The only reason that IRR is in power, is the tremendous wealth from OIL and GAS that is used to pay off for guarding this huge prison.  I bet you if tomorrow most of the countries that have Embassies in Iran declare that they will offer free VISAS for any Iranians that wants to leave the country, 80% of population under 35 will leave. Majority of Iranians that live outside Iran since 1980 kept a very low profile and were ashamed to be known as Iranians until last year, when Millions of Iranians marched the streets of every city through out the country in support of Democracy and Freedom, which the whole World saw what happened, and realized that there is a distinguish between the IRR and Iranian people. Unity of true Iranians will eliminate the Arab roots from this land once and for all.


The Two Sides of the Coin


America’s aspiration to be the Roman Empire of today, have them  snagged in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and drained their resources close to economic collapse, and now they’re beating their chest to get in Iran.  These people are blind folded by feeling of grandeur and World domination under the banner of “New World Order”.  As for Islamic Republic, they have given the World every reason to be disdained for their obscene treatment of Iranian citizens, beyond description in few words.  As for us Iranian-Americans, we each are responsible for our own respect.  Someone once said “If you don’t respect yourself, don’t expect it from others”.


To fanatics

by Abarmard on

The world is black and white. To fanatics you are either on one camp or another. You have to always say the exact things and see everything from one lens. Good from the other side means bad regardless. 

We have many fanatic contributors on this site.


Be Nice to Iranian People

by Faramarz on

Be Nice to Iranian People

I like that title better.

Let’s not use the electric button on the middle-age women. Let’s not use the clubs on peaceful protesters. Let’s not detain and torture people. Let’s not hold their wives and kids until they come out of hiding. Let’s not hold their homes as collateral. Let’s respect the election results. Should I say more?

Yes, I know. They just need time to reform themselves. As soon as they find better reformists, they will get with the program.

And there is no corruption. Sure, the whole economy is run by mafia style Pasdars. They have divided the territory among the Corleone, Tattaglia, and Barzini and a few other Dons.

I am not going to put a label on anyone here, but you folks somehow decided that it is better that your team wins, sitting thousands of miles away, in the comfort of the West, no matter what the cost is to the hopes and aspirations of young Iranian people. They came on the streets and asked for a little breathing room, a little respect for their opinions, maybe a little shorter scarf. And you know what happened.

This whole argument that the “Barbarians are at the Gate” so every body please shut up and support the tyranny is the oldest trick in the book!

Dr. X

I have to agree with most

by Dr. X on

I have to agree with most people here. You cannot compare elections in Iran to those in Europe or the US. A candidate in the US or Europe is not disqualified because he does not have revolutionary Islamic credentials. Sure, that candidate may not get many votes if he is not with the mainstream Christian way of thought. What real power does an elected official in Iran have anyway, when there is Khamenei who has absolute power? How is that different from the Shah's dictatorship? Its even worse because now it is religious fascism. The author also says the IRI is less corrupt than its neighbors. I disagree, its simply more organized corruption which is well hidden. Besides, it doesnt make it better if you are a little corrupt, versus very corrupt. With that argument, the Shah was less corrupt than Khamenei and his bunch, but that does not mean he was good.

Jahanshah Javid

Grand delusions

by Jahanshah Javid on

To the critics of this piece: You're wrong. Just because you don't like what the author says, it does not make him an IRI mercenary. Just as those who oppose the IRI cannot and should not be called CIA or MOSSAD agents. Also, questioning the authenticity and sincerity of this piece means you are denying that millions and millions of Iranians think this way. You are denying that an opposing view other than yours could even exist! And that's another sign that we're ALL little dictators, with the same mind set and attitudes of our rulers today and throughout history.

To the supporters: What is there to cheer? What is being defended here? What are the author's priorities?

First of all he's surprised that Americans have a lesser opinion of Iranians compared to 1979? Why is that surprising? Is it really, honestly, because of Israeli propaganda? Yes. I'd say one percent of the negative perception of the IRI is due to Israeli and other foreign propaganda. Okay 10%. But what about the other 90%? What about the Islamic Republic's own atrocious behavior since 1979?

Who are we kidding here? We are Iranians. We KNOW what has happened in Iran by the hands of its own rulers. Why do we get defensive and pretend that what has happened in front of our own eyes, to our own people, to our families and to ourselves is nothing as bad as what IRI's enemies say? How can you think that way?

Secondly, it's obvious that the author doesn't see a difference between elections in Iran and the U.S. He thinks just because people in both countries go the polls every four years then their even. I guess Communist China and the old Soviet Union were also democracies because they too have/had regular elections. I didn't realize that!

And he doesn't even see Iran as a totalitarian regime. Ok. Let's say Iran is not a totalitarian regime. Then what should we call a state ruled by a cleric with absolute power? What do you call a Supreme Leader who interferes in state affairs on a daily basis, with no regard to people's true wishes? HE decides what the people want. HE knows what's good for the nation and Islam. HE chooses the head of the Judiciary. HE picks the head state broadcasting. HE's the Commander in Chief and appoints the heads of all branches of the armed forces, notably the IRGC. HE selects the clerics on the Council of Guardians which get to veto bills passed by the Majles.

Just on the basis of Khamenei's absolute rule and actions, without going back to the Khomeini era or mentioning case after case of atrocities and abuse of ordinary citizens and extraordinary backward policies, the Islamic Republic is what is: An utter failure. A disgrace to Islam and all religions. An historic catastrophe. An embarrassment to humanity.

And if we can't admit that to ourselves, our country will never change. If we think we should be more concerned with defending our nation against foreign propaganda, rather than demanding change inside Iran, then we'll be forever lost. We'll be defending a cruel regime that puts on an anti-imperialist mask.

No one can deny the imperialist and aggressive policies and intentions of the U.S. and Israel. But to say that the IRI is protecting our national interests and aspirations is the biggest delusion of all.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

What a load of crap ... from the IRI mozdoors

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

"... due to propaganda the Iran's image has suffered ..."

Yep, forget about the US embassy hostages of 1979/80

... look over attacks and kidnapping of US citizens in Lebanon

... forget about the Khobar bombing, Argentine bombing, Europe assassinations ...

... close your ears when every minute of every day, IRI's troopers are religiously chanting "Death to America" ...

It's all propaganda ... which should be countered ;-)



by MRX1 on

I wonder if there is a centeral web site for all these omati and IRR supporters to rehash same rubbish time after time and post it inhere as if every one is moron!

The usuall crap always starts with  :" I fought the shah" (probably from the local disco in Baltimore) "how Isreal is influencing media"
(Yup I knew it was comming! sooner or later, jews have to be included)
" how IRR is not a dictatorship" (No, it's a beautifull system that makes swedes jelous, it;s that good!) 

"all the killings and tortures never happend, or if it did happen it was done by few people,
"the regime is good becuase it built a lot of roads"  (i was shocked during time of shah we didn't have any roads),
I didn't see water before at time of shah till I came to U.S, but the new regime made water available.
Iranian regime is much less corrupt than its counterparts in the area.( But I' ll be damn if I invest two dollars in there!)

THis last one takes the cake. The regime is not corrupt even though no one can account how much revenue was
generated in the last four years when the averge price of oil was around 70 to 140 dollars per barrel! and why 50% of population
is below and right on poverty line (This one is a falut of jews, neocons, and the death shah)
you can write the rest......

Terry McBride

We do not live in a perfect world

by Terry McBride on

But with the Iranian government PERSECUTING religious minorities such as Christians and Bahais I see that Iran has earned it's BLOODY REPUTATION...


sorry if you want fairness you must be an advocate for justice...


BTW I do not want war either but Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ali Khamenei are on a head strong push for WW III


A verb, a noun and 9/11

by Bavafa on

Wasn't a republican moron that all his presidential campaign was based on the above BS. Well, we all witnessed how he became the laughing stock and before the primaries had started he had to put his tail between his leg and run for the cover. Well, we have another moron with similar strategies and slogan, this time on IC and with slogans such as "Islamist XYZ, anti Semite ABC, and Nazi 123"

And then they import them from Cybress !!!!



Simple and to the point

by Abarmard on

That's a good read. Thanks


Islamist Palestinian crop-dusters

by Fred on


Instead of moaning and acting like a Naziabadi puppy all the time, the rabid Islamist Palestinian crop-dusters living off Iranian people’s wealth should blog too.

Of course they can simultaneously continue to bite me.


I didn't know Fred has a sense of humor as well?

by Bavafa on

"There is no “anti-Iranian” propaganda as you wrongly and clumsily claim"

There is a two-blog-a-day “anti-Iranian” propaganda [garbage] on this very same site.

Now I may not agree with ALL that Tooraj has said here, particularly about the freedom and open opposition to the current regime, but there are some very valid points specially about the propaganda campaign against Iran instigated and paid by AIPAC.



So much for your article.

by cyclicforward on

I read up to this point

" But unlike the widely held view I do not think that today's Iran, at
least on the government level, is a totalitarian dictatorship."

and figured out it is not worth reading the rest of the article. For the record, after the anti-government riots in Iran last year, everyone knows that Iranians are hostages held against their will in their homes by a fascist government.


I am smiling

by Raoul1955 on

I do visit various blog sites when I have some free time, and have found this site uniquely interesting and informative based on the following observations:
1) No profanity is allowed;
2) Blogs that are very well articulated and presented are under pseudonyms. I have difficulty understanding why many well written articles* are posted under pseudonyms. 
*I am referring to the composition and the logical discourse and not the content of some articles.


Are we watching the same news closet-war activist Fred?


Of course to Fred, the closet-war-activist whose umbilical cord is attached to the Likud lobby he wont see it as anti-Iranian propaganda. To those of us who have an ounce of iranian-ness left in us, we are concerned about our family members back home, and of course alarmed by people like you and their desire for another war in the middle-east that will put back the democracy for generations.

You can sugar coat it however you like. war and sanctions will involve the majority of iranians.

As the Iraq war has shown, propaganda works. you are doing a good job Fred, keep it up! see where it gets you.

---This is a response to Fred and not the article.----


Clumsy Islamist propaganda

by Fred on

There is no “anti-Iranian” propaganda as you wrongly and clumsily claim. There are loads and loads of anti-Islamist Rapist opposition which their minions try to portray as “anti-Iranian “.

The uber-nationalist act of Islamist Rapists and their civilized world based lefty supporters might lull their sense of isolation, but trying to push it this overtly is just well, too Islamist.

BTW, with the rosy picture you paint of IRR and all its social services and benefits, are you sure you have not mistaken it for lets say Switzerland?

Niloufar Parsi

well put tooraj

by Niloufar Parsi on

i particularly like the slogan 'be fair to iran'. it's very apt.

if i may make a suggestion (disguised as a question!): why should we really care what the americans think of us? it's more important to discuss what we think of them.

i am not ignoring realities of power relations. quite the opposite. the reality is changing. it is time to tell them what we think of them and how they should change.