A Timid G79

Irresponsible to remain passive when the green movement is striving to address democracy and freedom


A Timid G79
by Azada

“Those who would give up essential freedoms for security, deserve neither freedom nor security.” Benjamin Franklin

This is the story of current mindset of my generation – 1979 generation (G79). The generation that, in disproportion, bore the  burden of the revolution and its aftermath (the hegemony of Molatarism, the reign of religion upon our most private lives, the suppression of political parties and groups that were in disparity with fundamentalism political Islam, the Iraq war, the first migration in millions of Iranians in modern era, etc …).

With that huge price, sadly enough, the G79 suspects, thereon, to entrust his ballot upon any new political movement so readily. This skepticism, as natural response seem, is now handicapping G79 to come along comfortably with the Green movement of the new generation.  In support and once again in excitement for freedom and democracy for Iran, we, the G79, need to grow out of this ciaos of thought, attitude, and courage. However, the psychology of it won’t be easy unless we begin reproach history and ultimately ourselves less harshly.

In this article, I am questioning the rational on this generational conservatism  – the 79 Generation collective silence.

We, the 79G, has formed a false state of comfort. We expect Iranian-others, some mysteriously beings, would bear our share price for our freedom. “We seen it first and now we seen it last and nothing in it worthwhile for me to jeopardize my situation. Once and all is good enough for me.” And that is how, though pursue news of Iran to very details, we are finding very timid to do anything constructive. By large, we have chosen to be passive.

Fortunately, there is now some indication that we are coming out of this shell – thanks to our green sons and daughters. They are pulling us and make us feel the guilt. The 79G in this green movement acts like that sleeping lazy donkey that moves few steps and goes back to sleep unless it is kicked and reminded that – “You the guilty one – clean some of the mess you made!”  Yes – by large, we shall accept the guilt.  After all, on a simple Yes/No choice referendum, we cast 98.2% in favor of Islamic Republic. Now, why this generation has to bear the burden to clean our mistakes?

It must be very irresponsible and morally bankrupt to remain passive when the new generation of green movement is striving to address democracy and freedom for our country. Where we had shown every deficiency in 1979 to address what our people began over 100 years ago with Constitution Revolution – now, this generation, the green generation, equipped with modern ideas and tools, is determined, once and all, to sew to ends on the issue of democracy in Iran.  

With an impossible submissive attitude, yet along, we insist to follow the current stories about our country in bits and whole – day in day out. So long as others will have a role and risk their lives. Even in safety of residence in West, by large, many of us has chosen a disturbing silence.  Shameful us, the G79, by far, remains in holes – secure behind the timid walls. In that poor imagination, we find Zarangi to assume others will bear the burden. However, the irrationality of this Zarangi is obvious.

Political awareness pushes responsibility upon conscious minds. And so much, by nature of our generation, we can not simply be bystander for something we actively – to 98% vote - created.

Either one is smart enough to face his conscious bravely or dumb enough to hide in oblivion of hopelessness, of indifference, and in dark depression. Either ways, one has to pay the toll. But my suggestion to my generation, to G79, is that the scale is much more attractive on hope and life – always. Embrace the green sea of democracy and freedom in Iran.

By virtue of history, of world history, and DastAvardha of modernity, this time, we shall be very vigilance to guard freedom to dissent. Hopefully, we are grown enough to yearn freedom of expression for even religious fundamentalists – firmly believing they have nothing to offer in a fair ground of ideas and thoughts.


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Thank you hass

by KouroshS on

for speaking the truth and  what makes sense:)


Islam has sanctified

by alimostofi on

Islam has sanctified aggression like no other ideology - be it a religious or political one. The way the believers are motivated is such that no one can fight them agressively.

Passive resistance is the only way. Non-violent resistance is the only way. Ok we are not dealing with the same force as the Hindus did, but there is a solution.

As I have said some thirty years ago, the only way to overcome this angry dogma, is to recognise it. Like Ghandi said, "we must face their anger". At the root of this dogma is their minds' ability to justify death, and of course anger is at the root of all that.

So we must be united in peace. The Zend-Avesta and the Rig-Veda have taught us how to be at peace with one self. Simple rules like Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds have withstood the test of time. Use it.

So what is wrong with the Green movement? It did not care about death or violence. It did not tell its followers to not engage from the beginning. Ultimately it has blood on its record.

The Peace Movement of Iran has to have no blood on its record. We have to denounce capital punishment and any form of violence; verbal or physical. The mental attitude must show us to be better than all.

Life takes care of Life.

Ali Mostofi






No one is to blame for what happened.  Everyone was deceived to the belief that the Islamic Republic is going to be a tolerant Islam with modernity.  No one knew what Khomaini was saying.  Now after thirty years of theocracy, the Republic is suffering from Insecurity and reacting violently in response to the threat of collaps.


Stop browbeating us.

by hass on

You know I am so tired be being lectured to about who I should or should not support. Some pople distrust your "Green Movement" and all the posing and sloganeering about democracy -- and they have every right. OK? You have nothing except empty slogans. Got it?