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Spirited protest against Ahmadinejad


Big Green Apple
by Ghormeh Sabzi

Washington Post: Turaj Zaim woke up Wednesday in a Days Inn in Queens and took a cab to the United Nations, determined to meet Iran's leader. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was scheduled to address the General Assembly in the afternoon, and Zaim, a lanky, blue-eyed hip-hop artist, wanted to talk to him face to face. "I want to ask him why they held my father for 90 days," said the 33-year-old, who had flown in the night before from San Francisco. His father, a democracy activist in Iran, was arrested in June as Iranians took to the streets to protest a disputed presidential election. The streets of Midtown Manhattan were filled with other Iranians who had traveled to New York to protest Ahmadinejad's presence. Some had demonstrated there against the shah three decades ago. Some said they, too, hoped to get the president's attention. They staged a sound-and-light show Tuesday night in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, projecting images of Iranian unrest on the white T-shirts of volunteers and declaring, "Ahmadinejad is not my president." They sang songs Wednesday outside Iran's U.N. mission and marched with green banners -- the Iranian opposition's signature color -- as close as they could get to where he would be speaking.

"Hey hey, ho ho, Ahmadinejad has to go"

"Mahmoud bia biroon"

A protester and a cleric member of the Iranian delegation exchange a few words about Mousavi:

Names of martyrs of June uprising are read. The crowd shouts "Haazer" (Here) after each name is read:

Protesters walk on streets around United Nations:

Rabbis and Iranians alike protest against Ahmadinejad during U.N. sessions in NYC. A report:

BoomGen TV's report of the protests. Protesters are interviewed:


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Boomgen TV

by sorooshz on

hi where is this TV and how can I watch it. I liked their coverage?

I Believe that freedom is a human right & pluralism the most important tenet of Democracy

American Dream

Protests inside Iran

by American Dream on

Let us look at protests in Iran:


I don't know where they get these people.


It was Great

by masoudA on

There were several venues and rallies were held for hours - I'd say all together, there must have been over 25,000 supporters out there.   I distributed over 4000 of these flyers - focusing mainly on media reporters (there must have been 100 of them) and non-Iranians. 




A Small Dose Of Reality

by Minoo66 on

I was there, and I am proud of my participation. However I should concede it was not much of a thing.

I wanted to see a melting pot of Iranian opposition; instead I found a mosaic gathering. Divisive lines were too obvious.

I wouldn't call it a total disappointment and with the same token I don't expect Mullahs get really nervous over it.


Is that it?

by ghalam-doon on

I'm sorry, but is that it? From more than ONE MILLION Iranians who live in the US? Even if one in a hunderd had shown up, we would have had a huge crowd.


Let's see them set something on fire like in Tehran

by alirezag on

New York police will beat them down worse than Iranian police did.

Truth Seeker

Loser Sarkozy and Zionists lovers

by Truth Seeker on

Shame on you all Eyranians supporting A** Holes Like Sarkozy



Tabarouette! A Quebeqi in the crowd!

by Quebeqi on

i see a Quebeqi standing in the middle of the crowd of the first video. Follow the Quebec Flag!

No, it is not me. :)


تکذیب خبر- هنگام سخنرانی احمدی نژاد همه صندلیها پر بود!



تکذیب خبر- هنگام سخنرانی احمدی نژاد همه صندلیها پر بود!



تکذیب خبر- هنگام سخنرانی احمدی نژاد همه صندلیها پر بود!



American Dream

This was that NiAc protest

by American Dream on

There were 4 other protests going on against ahmadinejad.  This was the Pro-Mousavi, let us give the theocracy one more life line protest.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

VIVE SARKOZY: The French President reiterated Today his admiration for the Iranian People and said that if the Iranian Regime thinks he would exchange the  Assassin of Chapour Bakhtiar for an Innocent women whose Only crime was to love Iranian culture and the great Persian civilization, then they are Truly Out of their Minds. VIVE LA FRANCE !

Clotilde Reiss : Sarkozy refuse le «chantage» de l'Iran