The cheating card

Obama makes up IAEA rules for Iran


The cheating card
by Ardeshir Ommani

The occasion of Tehran's report to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on September 21, 2009 that it is in the process of building a low-capacity second uranium enrichment plant near the holy city of Qom provided President Barack Obama with a new opportunity to backtrack on one of his outstanding presidential campaign promises of engagement and normalization of diplomatic relations with Iran. Such a report by a nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) signatory to the IAEA board, 18 months prior to the injection of gaseous nuclear material into the centrifuges, which are not installed in the new site yet, should have been welcomed by the IAEA Board and seen as a sign of sincerity and transparency.

On the contrary, at the G20 Economic Summit in Pittsburgh, instead of offering solutions to the world economic crisis, Obama, flanked by two junior lieutenants, French President Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Brown, exploited the old news of Iran's new uranium enrichment site to show off his newly-forged united front, not against the resistant forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, but for putting "Iran on notice."

On the basis of his arbitrary and misleading statements of the facts and the rules and regulations of the NPT and IAEA, as to the length of the period reporting in advance and the completion of a new nuclear enrichment facility, Obama, who is incapable of getting a public option healthcare proposal passed in a Congress with a so-called "democratic" majority, had the arrogance to condemn Iran for "concealing" the construction of the site, when in fact it was Iran which presented its report of the site to the UN watchdog agency on Monday – three days before Obama's announcement of a "secret discovery!"

But what are the rules and regulations of the IAEA in regards to constructing a new facility for enriching uranium for non-military application by NPT-member states? Under the currently valid IAEA safeguard agreement reached with Iran, the latter is obligated to report to the agency 180 days before the first introduction of nuclear materials into the system of centrifuges, rather than being obligated to report, as it is claimed by the U.S. government, any new nuclear installation 180 days before the start of construction work, the condition which was imposed on Iraq by the U.S. and its allies before the invasion.

Accordingly, Iran's new uranium enrichment plant in Qom, which is still under construction, cannot be labeled "secret" and therefore Iran could not be charged with violation of its safeguard agreement with the IAEA or disregard for the fundamentals of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) for beginning to build such a low capacity plant, with a maximum housing capacity of 3000 centrifuges.

It is imperative to underscore that the U.S. and the European "democracies" have never charged Israel with violation of international nuclear norms and never brought to the attention of the United Nation's Security Council that Israel is not a signatory of the NPT and has never made Israel's nuclear stockpiles to be inspected by the IAEA. Is it because the Jewish State of Israel is considered to be above international laws of the world community?

How is it that these leaders of the "free world" purposefully misrepresent the articles governing the relations between the nuclear agency and the NPT-member states, and believe they can misinterpret international laws to suit their aggressive national policy goals? These three gentlemen, headed by President Obama, tried to lead the international community to believe that their intelligence agencies "just discovered a secret underground plant" in Iran, (they had known about its existence for several years), but hoped to diplomatically "pre-empt" Iran, who had already publicly announced Iran's report about the facility to the IAEA. In their assertions, there was nothing farther from the truth.

G20 Theatrics a Flat Out Lie

The scenario outlined by these three "honorable" statesmen was that Iran has had a secret nuclear weapons facility that they as leaders of the mighty and intelligent nations knew all about for years and they even shared their findings with the Zionist leaders of Israel. This scenario played out on all the major western news media can only work with an ignorant and uninformed populace. Their scenario is a flat out lie, and will be proven wrong when the IAEA inspectors verify that there are neither working centrifuges nor radioactive materials on the site. Apparently, American, British and French intelligent political leaders and scientists have been wasting their human and material resources watching an underground tunnel that they now call a "secret nuclear weapons" facility. The ultimate objective of the U.S. government and its partners in deceit is to convince the American working class that Iran cannot be trusted because it has no respect for international covenants and only deserves to be treated savagely and/or subjected to the harshest regimes of sanctions and mistreatment.

In the short-run, there is a calculated effort by Obama to mount multi-national pressure on Iran over its lawful and legitimate plans. For weeks, if not months, Obama borrowing a page or two from George Bush's ghastly playbook, worked hard to create a "coalition of the willing." 1) The post-election unrest and its aftermath involvement of security forces in Iran provided a golden opportunity for Obama's administration to rally a united front of the imperialist nations against Iran's nuclear program and at its center the uranium enrichment industry. 2) In Eastern Europe, Obama scrapped the plans for a ballistic missile defense system with an eye to attract Russia to the coalition and finally, 3) he slapped tariffs on Chinese tires to pressure them to remain a silent opposition.

Whether Obama and company would be able to keep Russia and China immobilized with regard to the Iranian issue, remains to be seen. Put together, all this is one side of the equation. On the other side, stand the determined and revolutionary people and government of the Islamic Republic of Iran with its own logic and actual and potential forces domestically and internationally.

The U.S. vast propaganda juggernaut coupled with George Soros' financial backings and the innumerable funds made available by the National Endowment for Democracy have made the U.S. establishment in the eyes of especially some beneficiaries of these funds as untrustworthy and unreliable, so much so that it has convinced an Iranian professor at Penn State University, Fariborz Ghadar, to express his own words of wisdom by saying that "This is a very clever way of doing it... He played the cheating card. They are making Iran look really bad."

Hopefully, this professor is not teaching literature or logic.


Ardeshir Ommani is an Iranian-born writer and co-founder of the American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC), which advocates dialogue and peace between the U.S. and Iran. His articles of analysis on Iran-U.S. relations, and the U.S. economy can be viewed at: The author may be contacted at:


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Stop selling out Iran

by hass on

Iran's supply of natural gas cannot support Iran, sorry. That's why iran's nuclear program started under the SHAH with the support and ecouragement of the USA -- because Iran needs to export oil and gas to earn a living. Nuclear power is the SOVEREIGN RIGHT of the nation of Iran and not something that any government should give up


What is Wrong, and What is Right

by eroonman on

- What is Wrong is for Iran (or any country) to have a nuclear weapon.

- What is Wrong is for Iran to waste ANY time on nuclear power, while it is sitting on the world's largest known supply of natural gas (500 years?). The most efficient and clean and safe fuel for generating electricity. Iran's supposed claim for enrichment. 

- What is is Right is for Iran to stop parading around as a slimy blood soaked version of robin hood, and focus on it's own domestic issues (significant).

- What is Right is to talk about Iran acting morally today. Regardless of the past wrongs by US or Pahlavis or the usual suspect, Britain.

- What is Wrong is to suggest that Somehow, because others deviate from what is right, it excuses Iran.

Iran or Persia, mind you, the founder of civilization. According to you, Iran can now simply abdicate it's historic role, and just like the others you mention, flaunt disregard for any IAEA or other rules and get a nuke that your thinly veiled argument suggest it deserves to have. Simply because others have them.

According to you, we should not be honorable, because others aren't.

And regardless of whether you or anyone else loves or hates the IRI,  that is wrong.


US regularly violates international law

by hass on

It is funny how the US is complaining that Iran didn't inform them of this site at Qom so that the US can bomb it more easily. The IAEA agreements with Iran, according to which Iran is required to disclose these facilities, assumes that the other parties to the Non-Proliferation Treaty are at least sane and don't claim an ILLEGAL right to go around bombing nuclear facilities in blatant disregard of the most fundamental principles of international law.

Iran is under no obligation to make a bombing target list for the benefit of the US.


The Old Socialists have protected IRI for a long time

by argebam on

The funny thing is that the old socialists (who claim the 79 revolution was stolen like it was an apple) helped bringing in IRI and have been supporting it ever since. As long as IRI (even Ahmadinejad) uses anti-Western slogans, our old socialists will take his side. Good news is that some of them (socialists) recently have been saved and recognized their mistake and participation in bringing Khomeini to power and since then they have done a "Tobeh" and embraced Social Democracy. This gentelman "Ardashi Ommani" still lives in his 1979 "Karbala" and trying to figure out why Socialism failed. All they want is not to see Iran succeed rather see USA fail, they do not care if Iran gets wipped out because they do not even have one drop of a nationalist blood in them. Now he is a Human Rights activist!!!!!!!!!!!! god help us.

ز دست غیر ننالم چرا که همچو حباب        خانه خراب هوای خویشتنم


Ommani, if Obama didn't stick it to these sorry excuses for...

by Ostaad on

leaders, I'm talking about Khamenie and Ahmadinejad, he would be sued for malpractice and dereliction of duty. Obama did a 180 on what you describe as "one of his outstanding presidential campaign promises of engagement and normalization of diplomatic relations with Iran" because of the cheating, beatings, jailing, raping and other atrocities that these so-called Moslem statesmen did to the hapless Iranians, who simply refused to be suckers like yourself, by toeing the line.

Obama had thought quite wrongly, that there was unanimity among the Iranian people in supporting what turned out to be a gang of cheating murderous thugs. With that mistaken notion corrected by the Iranian people's uprising, Obama took full advantage of the schesims and deep fissure between the current ruling thugs and the Iranians who are standing up to them in one of the most grassroots, and most viscously suppressed, uprisings of the Iranian people in the past 30 years.

I'm afraid the real cheaters are the ones you are supporting, not Obama and those poodles standing behind him.


Re: Omani

by jamshid on



With supporters like this

by Fred on

Ardy says:

“On the other side, stand the determined and revolutionary people and government of the Islamic Republic of Iran with its own logic and actual and potential forces domestically and internationally.”

If comrade Ardy and his friends are example of the “revolutionary people” that he is talking about, then his “government of the Islamic republic of Iran” with or without “its own logic and actual and potential forces domestically and internationally” is in a big mess of trouble.