Brave student

Attacked by basijis for criticizing supreme leader and ruling class

Ferdowsi University, Mashhad:



Islamo fascist Arab regime...

by Airplane (not verified) on

Does that mean that the Islamo fascist Arab regime in Iran is getting closer to collapse...?


خامنه یی‌ یعنی

mehranom (not verified)

خامنه یی‌ یعنی ارتجاع سیاه که مارا با آن هشدار میدادند.


تا این

mehrano (not verified)

تا این خامنه‌یی‌ کفن نشود

این وطن وطن نشود

Kaveh Nouraee

This proves

by Kaveh Nouraee on

that the regime is actually afraid of the masses.

The only way they have been able to seize and hold on to power is through fear and intimidation. Otherwise, this guy would be pretty much ignored. What happens at the end of the video shows that these people are afraid of losing power.

If this happened more often, the mollahs wouldn't be able to contain it.



I bet everyone in many countries wish

by Shir Ali (not verified) on

That their universities were as lively and politically active as the Iranian one.

When I was in College, once we had a Liberal talking about the Vietnam war and how it was inhumane. Suddenly within the crown four big guys jumped and began to beat the shit out of that poor guy. Later we heard that the police let those four go because the police sympathized with them. I recall that the liberal kid was in the process to sue the police and not sure what came out of it.

If you have something taboo to say, then many would get angry and react crazy. This is part of a expressive society. You don't see this in any neighboring countries because they are not as open, or some other reasons. But this makes me happy. When I see students are so passionate, on either end.
Believe me, this is not a negative, if it was intended that way, but actually a very positive video about Iran and Iranian students.

Tell you what, Iran is an exciting country :)