Brave student

Attacked by basijis for criticizing supreme leader and ruling class

Ferdowsi University, Mashhad:




by Masoud2 (not verified) on

First you ask for a chance to fight, when I show you the chance, you say, you cannot fight it. So not only you have lost your head, you don't even have the balls to fight it.
Then you say there is time to reform. Well, now you are making some sense. This is 180 degree turn from your previous writings. Good to see you got your head back.
Remember, juicy answers will bring you juicy answers.
Same to you,


Masoud2 I had some juicy answers for U

by HATEIRI (not verified) on

Again I was censored. LOL :)

I will try to write it in a more settled way.

Maoud2 how do you handle antiIRI opponents?

This is not only for you this message is for your Hizbollahi brothers and sisters. 30 years of suffocation, oppression, murder, corruption and abuse by a regime that has done nothing but brought upon the Iranian nation harm, and destruction will not go unpunished.

Like many dictators, brutal killers their fate is confirmed by history and judged by people.

Neither I nor you can fight it.

You still have time to reform and join the masses tat is for FREE Iran and democratic Iran for everyone.




by Masoud2 (not verified) on

You? nightmare? You are a joke.
You are a little fly making too much noise. IRI and millions of his supporters are in Iran, not where you live. There is your chance joojeh. At least they cannot hang you, since you have already lost your head.



by KouroshS on

After reading a few of your postings , i wonder where you live? are you based in US or europe and visit iran frequently? For your information and to bring you back in line with reality, in the past 100 years some of us were actually witness to what was taking place in the society and experienced some hardship. we are not that young and we do care about the situation in iran and unlike what you think we dont juust happen to swing by and saunter and criticize you brave dudes.




by HATEIRI (not verified) on

You meant I am the worst nightmare for IRI and I hvaen't got the chance.

I have to agree with you. I am the worst, the nemy and the treaitor in the eyes of IRI supporters and sympathizers.

Please give me that chance to prove it.


Dear Masoud2 & HateIRI

by indigestible critique (not verified) on

A civilized society gains and loses its qualities and values throughout history. Only evolved ones maintain.
Persians(me included) loose their touch once "enriched" mentaly, socially and economically. That's the gene which makes us vulnerable and a good pray.

Swiss were right in the middle of two world wars(worse ones known) and didn't experience any casulties or destructions!! How come!?
We really need to evolve genetically, politically, socially ...

Constructive nepotism and censor is healthy but never in journalism. That's the "turning point" here.



by Masoud2 (not verified) on

You are worse than IRI. You just haven't got the chance.


indigestible critique -- That was awesome

by HATEIRI (not verified) on

In a country were different ideas are demolished and succumbed by a fascist and totalitarian system one can not expect nothing more from these animals and vultures who have preyed on us for 30 years.

The young man talks his mind in an an environment that leaders and thinkers are cultivated but the regime and their agents destroy those who try to generate new ideas and new thinking. So what happens he gets slapped in the face and now perhaps he is identified and gets killed like Omid and thousand others.

Where are the IRI supporters on this: IranDokht, Abarmard and the rest of cheerleaders.


Those who complain about

by Masoud2 (not verified) on

Those who complain about lack of freedom in Iran, when they get the chance, they do the same. For example, this site has censored, decapitated and many times has not posted my writings. so you see, it is in the blood.


thank you jimmy

by Anonymous1348 (not verified) on

carter for giving our homeland to the akhoonds....
human rights are never abused under the mullahs....
may god give you more peanuts!
yeah right!


I was in many of these meetings

by Shaghayegh (not verified) on

We have them in Universities every month, give and take. I was in Ahvaz and we met by the entrance and spoke against Mr. Ahmadinejad. Suddenly a group of Basijis came and try to bully us around. Most of us including myself that didn't want to get in trouble left peacefully but others remained and fight began. In no time the police came and took the Basijis to jail.

It's not as bad as you guys think. In every 100 incidents like this, one or two students might get arrested. And that depends on your history also. Students continuously talk against the officials and government and nothing happens. That's why we used to get more encouraged. It's not a closed and oppressed, actually very much alive.

So to you my young friends, you don't know Iran. I am not saying that you are wrong or getting even ONE student is a right thing to do, all I am saying is that you don't know Iran, where we were, where we are...Simply you guys have a weird and unreal image about Iran that never was. This is what we are trying in Iran to establish, a simple freedom.
It's like the people of Iran have been struggling for the past 100 years to get freedom, and you guys just walk in and say, dude, this isn't right. lol

ooooh crap


To whom it may concern

by indigestible critique (not verified) on

Wow, the exceptional political mind of our nation goes assortative mating!

Journalistic reaches a turning point when;
The editor becomes the blogger
The blogger becomes the editor

I edit whatever does not suit my stomach and feed others whatever suits my narcissim

Btw, this is for private screening, public viewing makes no sense


And the crowd did nothing...

by eroonman on

As usual, one brave soul stands alone, pissing into the wind. The camera showed how quickly everyone fled the room, leaving him, instead of standing up to the thugs. One time. It will only take one time, and they will pack up their god-forsaken ghoran and leave.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You make a really intriguing observation. As to what you and I may have experienced that has enriched us as opposed to others, I can't put my finger on what that might be.

Which likely means that it's so obvious that I can't see it at this moment despite it probably being right under my nose. Go figure. :-)




by Parham on

I think it's because most of the people you're probably referring to don't stop and think. They're really just after having a gut reaction and making it known for some odd reason.
I also think people don't concentrate on the fact that in this case violence sources itself on fear, but only on the violence itself -- sort of like as a defense mechanism.
Perhaps also you and I's lives have been enriched by an experience that makes us see that as opposed to others.
Why would you say that is?

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I agree with you completely that they are scared to death.

It seems that those of us who are aware of this are in a very distinct minority. I'm interested in your take as to why you think this is the case, because to me, their fear is in plain sight.


To YASIN: I bet you that student is in jail now if lucky

by I bet (not verified) on

Evey individual with the least number of brain cells knows that one has COMPLETE freedom of speech in Iran under mullahs but NO, absolutely NO FREEDOM AFTER SPEECH.

You are free to say whatever you want if you can take the heat for what comes next which is certainly imprisonment and that is if you are LUCKY.


This shows freedom, what you all talking about?

by Yasin (not verified) on

Of Tehran U during Shah, we could not even get to the podium let alone talk like this guy.
The fact that these guys have the room to begin with should give some dim wits a clue as what's happening in the country.

You guys are talking non sense. You have no idea how the rules were, and how they are today and how the entire ME culture is like. Why don't you at least have the guts to visit the country and see it for yourselves? Even those who were politically active are going and visiting so you should not have any problems. (Knowing most of your mentality anyways, they never see clueless people as danger)

This to me shows the change and I could see the same exact thing in France. Good for Iran.



by post new comment (not verified) on

watch this video about Mir Hossein Musavi who talks about Basij at an Iranian university.

sounds hopeful...



Gol-dust & Peace Lover

by Parham on

How do you know he's in Evin? The way I see it the other students get on stage and free him. Plus, that's in Mashhad I think.

Peace Lover
Did you watch the video to the end? Did you see the other students getting on stage and almost beating the bassiji?

That's what I saw... Anyone see anything different?

Darius Kadivar

Nobateshoon Meereseh ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Een Mullaha Nobateshoon Meereseh ...


Halah Sabre Kohn ...




Bravo to the free spirit of the speaker.

by پیام on

Even though he knows that disagreeing with Khamenei can cost him his head, he is still couragous enough to speak out his mind.


The Coward audience

by Peace Lover (not verified) on

The saddest part of videos like this is to see the audience or spectators run away as soon as a brave person gets attacked! And then they all complain about life being hellish and many wish they were dead! But they can't even have the courage to out-power a couple Basijis.
Cowards deserve what they get. They party at night and like old ladies gossip in day time.


mohamad getup and scare the people;jabriel in the book of muslim

by Iran Dell (not verified) on

The original name city is TOOS the student is son of Korush-Ferdusi-Papak Khoram din whit there hands Iran well be free of distractiv barbaric islam-the day is coming.{payandeh Iran}


Poor guy is now in Evin prison being tortured! facist regime!

by gol-dust on

Reminds me when in 82 i tore Khomeini's photos from the table that his supporters had in my campus. I was so mad that as I was walking by i tore up all his photos. All of a sudden these guy jumped me. I beat up 5 of them with one punch each and knocked on the floor (was in boxing).

All of a sudden there were all these guys from all over who ran towrds me. The anti khomeini camp came and pushed me away telling me:"Agha ina chomagh bedastan." and they led me away before the campus police came!

As much as I hate them, but unfortuantely, I have seen the radicals even in the US when they wanted to kill me when I would tell them why we went to Iraq and Bush lied. You can never win. Here is not as bad, but it is not a real democracy either. There is democracy as long as you agree! Boy Txas republicans can testify to that.


Shir Ali, you make up nice stories

by looooool (not verified) on

I dont know what you talking about
but the video doesnt show anything positive
it only proves that iran is a dictatorship, where the ruling class suppresses the civil society and other democratic elements.

so stop spreading non sense


Kaveh Nooraee

by Parham on

And I assure you, they are scared to DEATH of such outbursts and people who speak their minds...


It's amazing

by iroooni (not verified) on

how IRI and China are so similar. In both, advanced firewalls are used to filer the Internet and in both individuals pose as ordinary people and make pro regime statements.


It is time for Khamenei to join Khomeine

by Anonymous-USA (not verified) on

I hope very soon sayad Ali cholag join his boss Rohollah Komeine and seat next to wild, savage criminals like changees khan, Atila the Hun and Hitler.


To Shir Ali

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

Obvioulsy you haven't been to college or to other countries. What you call "passionate' is dictatorship where the ruling class supports the Basijis against free-minded people. If this makes you happy it is because you support suppression of expression. It is so sad that a brave student like this one is advocating freedom for you and the likes of you. You deserve the dicttaorship that makes you so happy. Disgusting!