Obama invites Iran to celebrate 4th of July

Colbert Report


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Niloufar Parsi

another Colbert gem

by Niloufar Parsi on

thanks irandokht jan


it would have been nice if he had done a bit of home work

by Bavafa on

instead of just throwing a few phrases.  Korsi is for Winter time and water melon for summer.  If you eat some what memlon, you will have to pee so much and since hoses with Korsi don't have indoor bathroom, it would be nothing but trouble.  Ask me how I know :)



I just love Colbert's shows

by farrad02 on

Very well written indeed! :)


Thanks Fozoooo......l,

by zee (not verified) on

Thanks Fozoooo......l,
You are doing good!
and he makes great effort to say every thing correctly!



by fozoooooooooooooooool (not verified) on

I am the lead graphic artist on Colbert and Daily show, Say mikonam ta onja ke betoonam beheshoon dar morede iran komak konam.


Hot Dogs

by A B (not verified) on

Will the hot dogs be kosher?


Sitting around the korsi and

by desi on

Sitting around the korsi and eat ajeel.  LOL.  Colbert definitely has Iranian fact checkers on staff.  I think Iran should invite America for Ashura and I think Dick and Newt should RSVP. Those two would enjoy some  self flagellation.

Darius Kadivar

Good Points Colbert except ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Good Points Colbert Except that the IRI is against most of those Iranian celebrations and discourages attempts of emphasizing Pre Islamic or Pagan Celebrations in the name of an ARABIC and ISLAMIC Mentality:


But Hussein Obama can always invite the IRI leaders for their annual Ramadan Feast.

But Thanks for informing our American Friends on the Genuine Iranian celebrations. Hope to invite you when we have achieved REGIME CHANGE in a 200 Years.

Otherwise I guess Our PLO and HAMAS duel citizens in Iran will send you an invitation to celebrate the Bicentennial OF THEIR GLORIOUS ISLAMIC REVOLUTION ! ...

Iran marks Ayatollah Khomeini anniversary (BBC)




He knows his stuff.

by پیام on

I think he has Iranians helping him out. His pronunciation of Parsi words is almost correct.