Up in arms

Majlis member condemns election fraud

Up in arms
by David ET

Firey speech by Majles member Hojatoleslam Alikhani in support of Mir Hossein Mousavi and the people's uprising:


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Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Big Boy , me old big mama

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Sure, however the question of motivation and intent still stand. And uniforms!


 -----He's on his side

And purported direct lines to divine thingies in the sky....


-----And on his side.

(THANK YOU, you made me laugh so much!)


Big Boy

Marji, baby...

by Big Boy on

...can I call you baby or is it way too soon? 

Yeah I suppose there is some truth about cloth/man, etc...but at this very moment in time, when there are such incredibly bigger things happening in Iran, attacking the man that is attacking the thugs who are attempting to steal the vote and in the process the country is wrong.  In fact, it would make Ahmadinejad happy.  You don't want to make him happy do you?  Didn't think so.

So, the nation needs to unite to fight the enemy.  That man (in the cloth) who is attacking the savagery that is being perpetrated against the nation is NOT the enemy.  He is on our side!

Big ups to BIG...baby (yeah I said it).

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

"Yo" Big boy

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

'I seriously do understand what you mean (Or I think I do), but in this context " the cloth maketh the man".

Sure, if he had a british judge's flee harbour gear on his head,it would be differently perceived to, however, I very much doubt that the history of his actions would confirm a genuine plea for liberty with his histrionics, in this case.

The motivation of what the person says is of great importance. Somehow, I gather that we are on the same page, but stuck in detail..... ;)

And yes, if somehow I happen to disagree with says something of sense of whatever political/religioius disposition, I will mull over it and try without assumptions annd presumtions, but this chappy has to be taken into context. A very heated context of enormous groups of self-interest.....


you be (,)big boy , I be (,) girl, WE BE BIG


Big Boy

marjan...the argument stands

by Big Boy on

fact of the matter is, you would "ooooh and aaaaah" if someone in a suit and tie had said those very same words as this man did.  You would call him a great defender of democracy, a man who stands up against oppression and fights for the people.  However, those words were spoken by a mullah and naturally, anything out of a mullahs mouth (no matter what it is) must be condemned.  So, sadly, it is the suit and tie that matters.

Sure, I understand the anger people have towards the clerics for what has happened to Iran, but what is right is right.  And what this man said was right...despite not coming out of a suit and tie.  Try this, close your eyes and listen to the words.  better yet, grab a friend who has not seen this clip, ask him/her to close eyes.  Then ask the question, what did you think?  To which he/she will say, amazing! Ta da...argument stands...you don't!  :)

David ET - agreed.




Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Big Boy your "argument" simply doesn't stand

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

you see, he has chosen to wear his gear as a display of his fundaMENTAL ideo(il)logy. So it does matter who is saying what. The motivations are fundamentally different.


Me, I wouldn't trust ANYBODY with purported hotline to a fictitious symbol in the heavens to impose and oppress other people, especially as a last resort to justify his/her authority .




I suggest to those of

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

you who still believe there exits such a thing as a "good" mullah and a "bad" mullah to move to Iran and help the the former if you can fine one.

In the meantime, some of us are going to continue to believe that a "good" mullah is a "dead" mullah six feet under!

David ET

Big Boy

by David ET on

You made an excellent point that I too have noticed for a long time.

I personally do not believe in religion and therefore do not believe in any type of clergy in any religion but I also understand the reality and believe in equal rights.

The reverse discrimination against members of clergy in Iran regardless of their point of view is very obvious among some Iranians.

For example in the past I and others have brought up the fate of Ayatollah Boroujerdi who supports separation of religion and state and has been imprisoned for a long time for his opposition to the regime who also supports of human rights but some people only because he holds a religious title have made very unfair comments or did not care about his fate, some of them those who do not even have the guts to have their name or pictures posted anywhere, questioning a courageous ooutspoken prisoner of conscious.

Extremism and discrimination have its roots among many different viewpoints.


How could you even compare

by Anonymousman (not verified) on

How could you even compare the gun slinging nation to yours? ( if you are Persian) the uneducated that kill with guns and sticks have no clue why they are doing it, you asked them to show you Iran on the map they will not be able to do it. Today’s war is not guns and sticks it’s the intellect you refer to in med grads. if we are allowed to voice our opinions etc. wake up stop watching TV, step back and remember where you came from, you must be tan-parast to know so much about them, people like you are the reason we are here, not GOD. I bet you are a citizen, too. Khak e alam br sret, you don’t deserve to be called a PERSIAN. You are one those who would pair up with the enemy just to be liked, your comments even though I respect, are an insult to the NATION of IRAN., wise up my friend it takes more than an aspire to cure the cruelty we know as POLOTICS.

Big Boy

If only...

by Big Boy on

If only he was wearing a suit and tie and saying the same words, the people who are commenting here against him would have said, "wow, what a great man".  People are so fickle.



It takes balls of steel to say...

by پیام on

...what he is saying where he is saying it. They can easily put a US lobbyist stamp on you when you are defending the will of Iranian people.


Bunch of Idiots running the country

by sara29-1388 (not verified) on

My only wish is that all these Mullah get a disease when they are in Faizieh...then they all go to heaven where 72 virgin is waiting for them .. so we iranain can have piece of mind...


american sitcom

by MRX1 on

put this joker in american sitcom. The first goal after IRI removal is to throw these bums out of the parlimant and send them directly to labor camp and make them work for living.

Kourosh Aryamanesh

خيمه شب بازی

Kourosh Aryamanesh

آقای داود خيلی ممنون از اين تيکه فيلم خيمه شب بازی . اين بزمجه معلوم نيست از کدوم حرام زاده ای پول گرفته که اين مزخرفات را  بگه.

آقا يا خانمی که اسمت  نميدونمه ، به شهادت اسمت واقعأ  نميدونی. سردار رضايی؟  اينم يه جور قاتله که سرور همۀ آدم کشاست. بايد به اين ديوث لقب ته دار داد نه سردار. تو زرد از آب در اومد؟. از اول موجوديتش توی تاپالۀ گاو  بوده. دست اين کثافت مثل بقيۀ تخمۀ عرب پرست به خون مردم پاک ايران آلوده است .

صمد آقا مشتاق ديدار . 



by A PERSIAN TANN-PARAST (not verified) on

I'm persian, first of all.

I know my own kind.

Persians are too educated and too wrapped in their comfort to be patriots.

Once and for all, Persians are Tann-parast, body patriots, rather than vatan-parast, country patriots.

My body, my comfort, my life, my happiness, my joy, is that matters to us.

Why do you ask? because not a single one of us is willing to give up 12 years of med or eng school, higher education to bear arms against enemies, foreign and domestic, take a bullet, kill or be killed in vain, for Iran. None of us.

We don't even want to sell arms to arm the simpletons to defend the land. We are too cheap for that too. Money patriots, that is all that we are.

We are a bunch of rhetoric shouts, with not a grain of substance.

Americans will kill every one in the world if they have to, to keep their county enemy free. They will use guns, sticks and knives to kill any bastard that attacks their land. No questions asked. None.

Irish Republicans will kill their own British white cousins to defend their land. We, couldn't kill an ant for that matter.

Persians, well, we just let some idiot chap to die for us, then we'd come in to take over, and say: well I'm the educated one here so I have to run the country now, and you, the idiot simpleton are only good for taking bullets.

Any Persian that demonstrates in the West, must be willing to give their blood. We are just too wrapped in our education, careers, homes, jobs, and titles, that death for country is meaningless.

None of us are willing to leave the comfort and protection of the western world. It's not in our blood, school is, but not patriotism.

What we are really saying is: You go die for Iran, while I get educated and make something for myself in the west. Why should I die?

There is not a Silver Star medal folks in being a Persian patriot. There is no reward. But there is in being an American, being the best of the best.

We are just a bunch of ungrateful exiles, pretending to be patriots.

None of us have any thing on these Americans. None of us. If you even think of having it, get on a plane, go to Iran and be a suicidal terrorist, terrorizing the clergy, if you dare. You are just a wuss. If you kill ten clerics with a suicidal bomb, these mullas will run like piss, out of their Abas and shorts.

At least Arabs have that on us pathetic Persians. They are willing to be suicidal maniacs. We can't even do that. We are too sophisticated and educated to act like animals, or be killed like animals.


You know who you are, who we are. Don't look too far in the mirror.

No wonder God has blessed this American nation and cursed our own.

We deserve it.

Good luck, every educated Persian in mustering even the thought of defending your nation on the sidelines from the West, with your med school books under your arms, in a beemer driving by and honking like a moron on the streets of the West.

All of us have to get lost, me included. All of us.

David ET

To Nemidanam

by David ET on

It is in such times that the truth comes out about many. Rezaei as expected was just another empty drum looking for his share of power and indeed he just openly showed what he always has been about by , selling out the Iranian nation and openly siding with criminals.

I am glad that there is less room for doubts about who is/was who these days.

Action and Time are the best gauages of truth.



by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

It tok 6-9 months to kick out the shah, the leader of then the worlds most 5 strongest military and 4 best organized police state. Dont worrie, people wont forget what they did this time, they are going to pay!! Marg bar Khameni, Ahmadinejad, Basij vah harchi seyede kesafat!


محسن رضائی : سرداری که توزرد از آب در آمد

Nemidanam (not verified)

محسن رضائی : سرداری که توزرد از آب در آمد
محسن رضائی سردار پاسدار محسن رضائی در میان معترضین به انتخابات از همه پر طمانینه تر بود . او خود را دکتر اقتصاد می خواند و با چهره حق به جانب تلاش می کرد ادای دموکراسی را در بیاورد و با عنوان کردن «دولت ائتلافی» خود را هوادار سیستمهای سیاسی مدرن جا زده و از این نمد کلاهی برای خود بدوزد . دکترای اقتصاد سردار نیز از جنس همان مدارک کوپنی بود که مانند دکتر کردان همپالکی احمدی نژاد به او داده شده بود .سردار چنین وانمود کرد که او هم مدعی تقلب در انتخابات است اما به محض اینکه هوا را پس دید ناگهان جا زد و با لحنی توبه وار از ادامه شکایت خود صرفنظر کرد و طی نامه ای به سید علی خامنه ای نوشت :« ...ملت بزرگوار ایران که جنابعالی را فصل الخطاب خویش در چنین حوادثی می دانند، به تأسی از رهنمودهای حضرتعالی در رابطه با حوادث اخیر، هیچ گاه سرنوشت سیاسی خود را با اراده دشمنان قسم خورده گره نمی زند و صف خود را از آشوبگران جدا کرده و می کند...». ملت ایران این سردار را به خوبی می شناسد و نیازی به معرفی او نیست ولی از میان مطالبی که در باره او نوشته شده است مقاله ای که در یکی از وبلاگها به وسیله یکی از دوستداران سایق او نوشته شده است سردار پاسدار را به روشنی معرفی و تجزیه و تحلیل می کند .این مطلب را با هم بخوانیم:



by Moosavi (not verified) on

This imposter can not even act right. Kissing the back of the leader. That is all about the majlis in IRI.

David ET

two prominenet clergies who opposed the election results

by David ET on



by shirazie (not verified) on

the parliament looks like star war's imperial congress.. lots of napping room.

his speech was very funny ..

its is not over, Iranians are very persistent people..

Do not count your chickens yet


i'll never trust a mullah

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on


"I had to leave Iran last Sunday, when the authorities refused to renew my visa. But before I left, another former senior Revolutionary Guard came to our hotel to see us.

"Remember me," he pleaded. "Remember that I helped the BBC."

I realised that even a person so intimately linked to the Islamic Revolution thinks that something will soon change in Iran. "


اینو ببین


علی‌ ختنه کن هم رفته مجلس عربده کشی‌. این طرف ملت باشه خدا به داد این مردم مظلوم برسه. خلاصه خانم بکی جان برایتان ترجمه می‌کنم. ایشان میگوید بگذارید ما خرمان را برانیم، این اصولگرا دارن نان مارو سنگ می‌کنن. میگوید ما انقلاب مخملی نمیخوایم، ما انقلاب نان سنگکی میخوایم. با ماست کیسه‌ای.

Big Boy


by Big Boy on

In the end he said the people elected can't even run a bakery let alone a country.



by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

I thought it means that their days are over and he's actually pleading for his life, these butchers don't want to get hanged how they hanged everyone they could get hold of.


Translation: he basically said the election was fraud and

by gol-dust on

He said that they (people himself included) voted for Engineer Mousavi! Members of congress are bunch of radicals and closed minded who congratulated ahmadijejad that did not win the election; and they don't allow him to speak 5 minutes. They should be ashame of themseleves! This is not the islamic revolution that iranians fought for!

At the end he quoted Khomeini:" Those (politicians) who are standing in front of you cannot even manage a bakery, let alone a country!" Big finger to all members of congress!

basically he blasted the bastards dictators! He did very good! I guess some mollahs are not as bad.


translation please

by Becky (not verified) on

Would someone please please translate this.




It's over!

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

Dear David ET, your hope and persistence in protesting the election fraud of the Islamic Republic is honorable and noble but unfortunately I am afraid that the Green movement to yank out the mullahs is already as dead as Michale Jackson! This video is nothing but a masquerade demonstrating the kinds of Gavv and Goosfand rulling over the Iranian people. What this place in the video needs is a massive bombardment which is out of the control of the Iranian people.

Rest in peace the Green movement!


ماشاالله به طرفداران آقای موسوی

حال به هم خورده (not verified)

الحمدالله که من نه به این رای دادم نه به اون.
راستی رفسنجانی کی آیت الله شد؟ تا من یادم است حجت الاسلام بود.