Iran: The Next Iraq? (1)

History's Hot Spots

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Don't worry Folks Because...

by Homayun on

Don't worry folks, we've got Shahab1, 2 3 and Inshallah maybe soon we get the next generations...

Amrika Hich ghalati nemitoone bokone...

 But I guess they talked about the glorious history of Iran, Cyrus and all that in order not to to upset us that much...It was very kind of them to mentions that... 

My Moto: Be Positive, Optimistic and don't fall in routines


to Mahmoudg

by Anonymous fish (not verified) on

you are absolutely correct. the debate will never end on whether iran has the right to have nukes. THIS iran should NOT be allowed to. a free and democratic iran would be entitled to pursue nuclear capabilities just like any other nation who abides by the rules. THIS IRAN does not. Conclusion: stop iran's nuclear advancement IMMEDIATELY.

don't get waylaid people... i'm talking about nuclear WEAPONRY.


Bunch of non-sense and lieszerrrrre ziyadi and Joke.......

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

......but the most satanic joke the "IRANIAN" could ever bring.
PEOPLE! THIS IS A dirty play just to hide and conceal the makabre game which the occupeires of palestine have newly played. All this story is a fake. The occupeiers haver used phosphor and active uranium in GAZZA. ai, international red cross, norwegian government have evidence. The international atom-administration is asked to get active and controll the cases. With these non-senses wants, the not any more so great satan, with its minimi, to deviate the thoughts and minds from their crimes in GAZZA. I can only recommend and say: be aware, dont waste your time and do not click on the videos. Greeting


Iranian Regime is a threat

by mahmoudg on

Whether we like it or not the regime is a threat to the global security and must not be allowed to possess nuclear technology.  Persia, once free and under a democratic form of government has every right to pursue and own a nuclear power technology.  But until such time that the Islamic terrorists are in power all indications of force must and should be used to remove its grip on the Persian society.


not precise enough

by Iraj-Khaneh bacheh tehran (not verified) on

I found lots of blunders in this clip; first the location of LAVIZAn is not where they mark on map! Second some of the scenes at the beginning are not from Iran while the narrator is speaking about Iran. There is alos nothing speical in these clips; bunch of reports everybody knows.


Very biased indeed.

by پیام on

Real stupid.



by Anonymous3123213 (not verified) on

For all those iranians who were brought up in the west and thier farsi is not good.
I am going to give you a farsi lesson this video is a true deffinition of the phrase "kuseh shear"


Not even 45 seconds into

by Bravura on

Not even 45 seconds into this and; "in possession of a nuclear weapon".
What nuclear weapon!? Hell, Iran hasn’t even built a nuclear plant yet. The “History” channel pumps its crap once again.



by Anoyed (not verified) on

Even though not a fan of Islamic Republic, I think they should SPEED UP and MAKE THE BOMB. There is nothing to be apologetic about...

As a sovereign country that has singed into non-proliferation, Iran has all the rights to research, development and execution of nuclear technology...


Bunch of non-sense and lies

by Anonymous4Who (not verified) on

Bunch of non-sense and lies.

Yes, Iraq had WMDs, but Isareli army used them in Gaza.

Who is lying?


zerrrrre ziyadi

by shayda (not verified) on

is this for real? or is someone putting us on?
sounds like john mccain's wish list on acid



by Anonymous... (not verified) on

This is nonesense.