Anti-Zionism for children

Iranian toddlers taught about martyrdom and hatred of Israel

Aired on Channel 1, Iranian TV on December 29, 2008.




by Zion on

One can perhaps find lot of faults with the former system of governance of Iran, but what is beyond doubt is that socially their rule was marked by nothing less than an emancipation of minorities whose lives were devastated under mullahs influence before that time, and for women.
I doubt very much Mr. Max Rosenberg is who he says he is. Most probably he is an impostor, and just trying to make fun of Jews as a sick mode of sarcasm. Just ignore the guy.

Kaveh Nouraee

Culture, history, traditions, values....

by Kaveh Nouraee on

all being defecated upon on Iranian television.

Bravo to all of you IRI loving wastes of carbon who are so pathetic and weak that the only people you can affect are innocent children.


reality check..Who Cares?

by XerXes (not verified) on

If you are against death penalty, would a murderer care about your life? Your standard should not be relative but consistence with Iranian humane culture.
Bad argument, and sad for you to think this way.
Besides, we Iranians can learn a lot from the Zions and their relations to poor Palestinians, and by standing strong we will learn not to allow that to happen to us. No other nation around the region can say that as Iranians can.
Just remember those who are leaving Palestinians behind, will leave you behind when time comes, but those Iranians who stand still against Zions, will stand next to you if you were to be harmed. I know that because we won the Iraq war with that mentality. This is the continuation of that path.


Do iranian ...

by reality check (not verified) on

inside iran ever ask themself, if it was reverse situation, do palestainian even care about them like they do?


These kids won't be fooled

by XerXes (not verified) on

Once they grow older, they would realize that fighting for your right, and be pro oppressed Palestinian. Fight for your country, no matter what. That's a lesson above human, it's godly.
Good job to IRIB

This frightens those who have plans to attack or dominant. And it should. Iranians have found out that once sit calmly, the enemies will take advantage.
So many kids in Palestine have been killed, why not allow these kids to start thinking about injustices of Zions?

Good Job IRIB. Hope MemiriTV broadcast this all over the world so the world would know what we are preparing for and don't dare to touch Iran.

Darius Kadivar

Max Rosenberg The IGNORANT Jew ! ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Hey Kalimi before Opening your Stupid Mouth and speak Crap learn some history ...


You Ain't No Better than this  jaleho:



All this anti-Israeli Rhetoric is the Pahlavis Fault

by Max Rosenberg (not verified) on

Reza Khan was the biggest anti-semite in Iranian history. As a Jew, the Pahlavis were the most racist Iranian dynasty in the span of the 2500 years of the existance of the monarchy in Iran. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was also a big anti-semite. I blame these two fools for anti-semitism in Iran. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi is even buried in the same country where Gamal Abdulnasser was from. Thank God that the Pahlavis were overthrown. I hope that people in Iran wake up and stop being racist against the freedom loving Jewish people. Oh yeah...

مرگ بر شاه


کودوم قسمت این ویدئو ضد یهودی هست؟


من که فقط دیدم مجری میگه باید از خاکو وتنمون دفاع کنیم تا ماها رو نکشنمون مثل حیوون. تا حالا برنامه‌های یهودیهای ارتهدکس رو دیدین که چی‌ به بچهاشون یاد میدن؟ اول اونا رو هم ببینید بعد قضاوت کنید.

اخیرا این سایت بیشتر به مسئل اسرائل و فلسطین بیشتر اهممییت میده تا به مسائل داخلی‌ ایران. این برنامهای مزخرف رو هیچ کی‌ "داخل" ایران نگاه نمی‌کنه. فقط کانالی خارجی‌ اینا رو رو یوتوب میذار تا در مورد ایران جوسازی کنن. چیزی که مسلم اینه که ایرانیها از جنایات اسرائل یا هر کس دیگه متنفرند و برای همین همیشه طرفدار طرف مظلوم خواهند بود، حل چه همون عربی‌ که هر چه میکشیم از اون و یا چه یهودی. هر بشر انساندوستی، چه ایرانی‌ و چه ایسرألی، باید از جنایاتی که اسرائل در چندین دههٔ گذشته به اونها مرتکب شده انتقاد کنه و به اونا اعتراض کنه.


حالا یه چندتا ویدئوی جالب در مورد ایران بذرید یک کم جو مثبت شه.



To concerned Iranian

by susan Sahedi (not verified) on

For your information I am not a Hizbollahi,nor am I defender of the IRI.How easy it is to blindly label everyone just because I am advocating a fair view of the media , especially when most of the American media is Jewish Zionist controlled.
Check your facts before you speak whoever concerned Iranian you are!


Relax Anonyomis1234

by cyclicforward on

We know what kind of crap is IRI system so  don't go there and try to paint a loving government out of IRI. Please also take your propaganda somewhere where people would buy it and that would be Hezbollah tugs and murderers.


That is one Silly Show.

by 1Dariushagha (not verified) on

Are you kidding me? hmm? Ever though this show is to destroy the childhood minds of Iranian kids by taking their hopes and dreams away? By filling them with insecurities? The show is another form of brainwash, I bet they learn this from their Masters (U.K.).

And what surprises me is that you didn't think it thoroughly before you write.


Bezan bezan keh Dary Khob Mezany

by Anonymouspn (not verified) on

dame Isreal Garm, Cheh hal medeh in Hamaseyaro begerano mohakameh konan. Khodeshon shoro kardan hala gerya mekonan. Avazeya bejaya sakhtan Keshvareshoon tou afsaneya az been bordan Israel hastan. Baba jan Israel Jaee nemereh areh aziz yaky nest be Israel begeh Khoda ghovat va khasteh nabasheed


What surprises me!!!!

by Anonymous1234 (not verified) on

What surprises me is that all the comments here are more hateful than the video clip. I don't think any one of you watch and listened this clip carefully. There has not been a word of Israel or the Jewish mentioned even once. All it is saying about the innocent kids being killed and praying for them and how any true nationalist should protect their country against any foreign aggression. But because of our Iranian hearth (regardless of left or right, hard liner or liberal) are full of hate as soon as we see a clip from IRI we express hate which what we are all. And the same is true if there is a clip from Pahlavi's era showing the prosperity, the other Iranians express their hate. No wonder why we all are suffering no matter where we live!!!!!


Teaching your kids

by IRANdokht on

to kill or to be killed

SHAME on all of them!

the ones who are brainwashing our kids and the ones who made their kids sign bombs that killed innocent people.
It's not the kids fault but the stupid fundamentalist adults who not only teach their kids to kill or to be killed, but they try to justify it too!

How pathetic!



Pictures hit a zion nerve....

by AntiZion (not verified) on

Why is that Zion? Is it because a picture is better than a thousand words?

If the Zionists wanted an end to rockets going into Israel, they would:

- Stop blocking supply lines to Gaza
- Stop initiating scruffles that spark into violence
- Stop their racist behavior toward the Palestinians
- Acknowledge and accept Palestinian independance
- Get the F..... out of their land to begin with

Then no more innocnet people on either Israel or Gaza/Lebanon side will ever get hurt or see their homes turned into a pile of dirt.

But the problem is that Zionist want to exploite both innocnet Arabs and innocent jews for their own finanical motivations. So they don't want peace in the region. This is why the zionists are always first to break any peace treaty that's ever been drafted since the history of this occupation.

But the walls will continue to close in on the Zionists and their cronies. It's not anti Israli or Anti Jew, you are just hiding behind their story and using their innocence to fuel conflict in order to push your own agendas. Mullahs are too smart to let you pirates expand further toward the persian gulf, and you can't buy them off as easily as Jordan and Eygpt either.


Trading Iran for Hollywood

by Anonymouszzzzzzzzz (not verified) on

What's also sick and disgusting is seeing little children in Gaza pulled out from under the rebel left behind from Zionist bombs.

If this kind of brain washing is what it takes to defend Iran from being the target of occupiers, then so be it. It's an honorable way to go. (Something that a vatanfooroosh will not be able to comprehend)

And whoever said that this type of national pride is just unique to the middle east. Here is one example of a westerner with somne backbone.



Did they forget what happened 1400 years ago?

by Anonymous! (not verified) on

Mayb they should teach how the Arabs murdered and raped our poeple, and pludered our country 1400 years ago! Any bets on the chances of teaching what happend 1400 years ago in Iran?


Biased media

by susan zahedi (not verified) on

It is sad to see how young minds are brained washed by this regime, but sadly they don't show how Israelis brainwash their kids in hating Palestinians and also all the gentiles. The Israeli regime is a murderous one, with no regard for life nor justice.
Most media is controlled by Zionist Jews, especially in the USA, so it is obvious that we will never hear a fair and balanced side to world events.So why critize the Iranian media, is American TV news fair and balanced?
Wake up people and stop swallowing the fake news spewed by the American and European media.



by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

This lady is a typical Hezbollahi. I bet she has all kinds of Western gadgets in her subsidized house and dances to the beat when she has a chance. They simply want to raise martyrs because their survival is tied to having simple-minded people who believe their garbage. I blame the parents of these kids and consider this child abuse.


I wouldn't blink an eye if

by Anonymous~i~ (not verified) on

Israel bombed this school into oblivion. In fact I would bomb the hezbollahi parents of these kids. I would even bomb the country and the people of it for not taking on the street and protesting this crap. Yes, America should bomb the Islamic Republic of Iran!


Be ghole Napoleon...

by BOrz (not verified) on


This is NOT sick

by Arash1234 (not verified) on

This is not "sick". What's sick is the mass murder of the people in Gaza and the people who are supporting it!


Have some shame "Observer"

by Zion on

The picture of Israeli girls who are writing to Hassan Nassrallah who had been sending rockets nonstop to their villages and homes for more than a month. They had not been out of their shelters for days.
They were showing their defiance to the man who was deliberately targeting to kill their families. Now since when is Nasrallah the same as "arab children"?



by Iva (not verified) on


Had they prepared and showed a program that promoted love and peace then I would have been surprised.

Fascists live by propagating hate ... fascist islamists are no different.


Sick mentality of Islamists

by mahmoudg on

Indeed sick.  although i am not sure this was intended for the children.  More so for an adult audience, perhaps Ali geda was sitting in the audience and cherishing this moment


If u have an dangrous enemy

by Persian (not verified) on

If u have an dangrous enemy like Israel, it s better to know him earlier! It preventing... and u so called Iranian in US, most of u are misforming....

Babak Khorramdin

Children of the Future Jihad ?

by Babak Khorramdin on

Mind numbing program for poor kids. That's just sickening.



Nobody watches this crap

by ghalam-doon on

The same way that nobody watches the rest of the programming on the Iranian TV. That’s why everybody has satellite to watch the crap coming out of Los Angles.

Thanks to “Memri TV” we now know that the problem is not the occupation but rather it’s this kind of programming.

I wonder if they could make another video about what is going on in the Jewish centers. Perhaps it would tell us how the Zionist mentality is installed in Jewish youngsters.


To fariborz Maleknasri

by Anonymous-true iranian (not verified) on

Does M.D stands for medical doctor or for Mullah Devil? It seems to me that your parents brainwashed you when you were a child just like the kids in this video clip, right.


@ Jahanshah Javid Sure kids

by mick (not verified) on

@ Jahanshah Javid

Sure kids love Mickey Mouse more, so Hamas invented a Hamas-Mickey:



sick, indeed...