We are ashamed!

Century and a half of silence towards oppression against Bahais is enough


We are ashamed!
by Open Letter

An Open Letter from a group of academics, writers, artists, journalists and Iranian activists throughout the world to the Baha’i community

In the name of goodness and beauty, and in the name of humanity and liberty!

As Iranian human beings, we are ashamed for what has been perpetrated upon the Baha’is in the last century and a half in Iran.

We firmly believe that every Iranian, “without distinction of any kind, such as, race, color, sex, language, religion, politics or other opinions,” and also without regard to ethnic background, “social origin, property, birth or other status,” is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, from the very inception of the Baha’i Faith, the followers of this religion in Iran have been deprived of many provisions of human rights solely on account of their religious convictions.

According to historical documents and evidence, from the commencement of the Babi Movement followed by the appearance of the Baha’i Faith, thousands of our countrymen have been slain by the sword of bigotry and superstition only for their religious beliefs. Just in the first decades of its establishment, some twenty thousand of those who stood identified with this faith community were savagely killed throughout various regions of Iran.

We are ashamed that during that period, no voice of protest against these barbaric murders was registered;

We are ashamed that until today the voice of protest against this heinous crime has been infrequent and muted;

We are ashamed that in addition to the intense suppression of Baha’is during its formative decades, the last century also witnessed periodic episodes of persecution of this group of our countrymen, in which their homes and businesses were set on fire, and their lives, property and families were subjected to brutal persecution – but all the while, the intellectual community of Iran remained silent;

We are ashamed that during the last thirty years, the killing of Baha’is solely on the basis of their religious beliefs has gained legal status and over two-hundred Baha’is have been slain on this account;

We are ashamed that a group of intellectuals have justified coercion against the Baha’i community of Iran;

We are ashamed of our silence that after many decades of service to Iran, Baha’i retired persons have been deprived of their right to a pension;

We are ashamed of our silence that on the account of their fidelity to their religion and truthfulness in stating this conviction, thousands of Baha’i youth have been barred from education in universities and other institutions of higher learning in Iran;

We are ashamed that because of their parents’ religious beliefs, Baha’i children are subjected to denigration in schools and in public.

We are ashamed of our silence over this painful reality that in our nation, Baha’is are systematically oppressed and maligned, a number of them are incarcerated because of their religious convictions, their homes and places of business are attacked and destroyed, and periodically their burial places are desecrated;

We are ashamed of our silence when confronted with the long, dark and atrocious record that our laws and legal system have marginalized and deprived Baha’is of their rights, and the injustice and harassment of both official and unofficial organs of the government towards this group of our countrymen;

We are ashamed for all these transgressions and injustices, and we are ashamed for our silence over these deeds.

We, the undersigned, asked you, the Baha’is, to forgive us for the wrongs committed against the Baha’i community of Iran.

We will no longer be silent when injustice is visited upon you.

We stand by you in achieving all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights.

Let us join hands in replacing hatred and ignorance with love and tolerance.

February 3, 2009

1. Aban, Vahid, Human Rights Activist – Sweden
2. Abdolalian, Morteza, Journalist, CJFE Board of Directors - Canada, Oakville
3. Abdi, Asghar, Physiologist/ Human Righst Activitst
4. Abghari, Shahla, Professor, Life University – USA, Atlanta
5. Abghari, Siavash, Professor, University of Georgia – USA, Atlanta
6. Aeine, Abtin, Poet - Sweden
7. Afshar, Mahasti, Reasercher – USA, Los Angeles
8. Afshari, Maryam, Activist – Sweden, Gutenberg
9. Afshin-Jam, Nazanin, Human Rights Activist/ Singer Canada, Vancouver
10. Aghnam, Reza, Writer/Literature Critic – England, London
11. Ahmadi, Fereidoon, Political Analyst – Germani Colonia
12. Ahmadi, Ramin, Professor, Yale University – USA, Yale
13. Akbari, Mansour, Human Rights Activist – Sweden, Stockholm
14. Akhavan, Asal, Human Rights Supporter - Australia
15. Alavi, Reza, Writer/Political Analyst - USA
16. Almasi, Nasrin, Managing editor of Shahrvand- Canada, Toronto
17. Amini, Bahman, Publisher – France, Paris
18. Amini, Mehdi, Political Activist – USA, Washington DC
19. Amirgholi, Amir, Human Rights Activist – Iran, Tehran
20. Amirhosseini, Bahman, journalist – USA, Virginia
21. Amirsedghi, Nasrin, Writer/Ditrector of Kult DA – Germany, Mainz
22. Amoozgar, Mojgan, Medical Doctor – France, Paris
23. Ansari, Siamak, Human Rights Activist - Sweden, Gutenberg
24. Arian, Nima, Student/Human Roghts Activist - Germany
25. Asadi, Houshang, Writer/ Journalist – France, Paris
26. Assadi Savadkouhi, Hooshang, IT specialist – Sweden, Stockholm
27. Assman Mohammad, Javad, Poet/ Translator – Iran, Esfahan
28. Attar, Mahmood, Pharmacist/ Human Rights Supporter - Italy
29. Avaei, Gil, Writer/Bloger – Holand
30. Ayoubzadeh, Hassan, Writer/ Lawyer – Netherlands, Arnhem
31. Azad, Azadeh, Sociologist - Canada
32. Azadian, Abbas, Psychotrapist – Toronto Canada
33. Azarian, Mina, Actress – Sweden, Stockholm
34. Azarkolah, Houman, Actor – France, Paris
35. Azarli, Katayoun, Writer/Poet - Germany
36. Bagheri Goldschmied, Nahid, Freelance Journalist – Austria, Vienna
37. Bagherpour, Danesh, Political Analyst - Germany
38. Bagherpour, Khosro, Poet /Journalist – Germany
39. Bakhshizadeh, Marziye, Human Rights Activist – Germany
40. Bakhtiyari, Sheyda, Human Rights Activist - Denmark
41. Balouch, Abdolghader, Writer, Canada Vancouver
42. Baradaran, Monireh, Writer/Human rights activist - Germany
43. Barati, Mehran, Researcher, Germany, Berlin
44. Batebi, Ahmad, Human Rights Activist - USA, Washington
45. Behboodi, Reza, Human Rights Activist – Canada
46. Behnia, Kamran, Physicist – France, Paris
47. Beyzaie, Niloofar, Play writer/Theatre Director – Germany, Frankfurt
48. Bigdeli, Bahram, Human Rights Activist - Germany , Cologne
49. Bishetab, Reza, Writer, France, Paris
50. Borghei, Mohammad, Professor Strayer University - USA
51. Boroumand, Ladan, Researcher, Boroumand Foundation - USA, Washington
52. Boroumand, Roya, Executive Director, Boroumand Foundation – USA, Washington
53. Chehabi, Houchang-Esfandiar, Professor – USA, Boston
54. Choubine, Bahram, Researcher/Writer – Germany, Köln
55. Corrazo, Gabriela, Journalist - Spain
56. Daneshvar, Hamid, Actor/Theatre Director – France, Paris
57. Darvishpour, Mehrdad, Professor, Stockholm University - Sweden, Stockholm
58. Daryani, Hossein, Stage Actor – Germany, Berlin
59. Dashi, Ali, Political Activist Danemark
60. Dastmalchi, Parviz, Writer/Political Analyst – Germany, Berlin
61. Davani, Hossein, Art Critic/Human Rights Activist – Germany Colonia
62. Dehzangi, Arash, PHD Candidate- Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
63. Delneshin, Shahin, Political Analyst/Blogger -Denmark, Copenhagen
64. Djalali Chimeh, Mohammad (M. Sahar), Poet - France, Paris
65. Djanati Atai, Behi, Actor/ Writer/Theatre Director – France, Paris
66. Doai, Babak, Musician/ Music Teacher - Belgium
67. Duschouki, Abdolsatar, Political Analyst - England
68. Ebadi, Abdolatif, Poet/Translator/Journalist - England
69. Ebrahimi, Hadi, Editor-in-chief of Shahrgon, Canada, Vancouver
70. Emami, Bahram, Human Rights Activist - Sweden, Stockholm
71. Esfandarmaz, Sherin, Human Rights Activist, Belgium Bruxelles
72. Eskandari, Mohammad Reza, Sociologist / Activist - Holand
73. Fadai, Behroz, Political Activist – Holand
74. Fahimi, Nima, Chief of Efsha Website - England
75. Fani Yazdi, Reza, Political analyst - USA
76. Farahani, Fereshteh, Human Rights Activist – Holand
77. Faraji, Hossein, TV Moderator – USA ,Los Angeles
78. Farhoudi, Vida, Poet/Translator- France, Paris
79. Farid, Siamak, Human Rights Activist, Belgium Bruxelles
80. Farrahi, Farahnaz, Chief of Iran bbb Website – Germany, Berlin
81. Farshy, Ebrahim, Writer/Teacher/Theater Actor – Germany Colonia
82. Fattah, Abasali, Political Activist – Australia
83. Fazel, Navid, Chief Physician - Germany
84. Ferdosian, Payam, writer/ Researche/ Human Rights Activist – USA, Virginia
85. Forouhar, Parastou, Artist/Human Rights Activist – Germany, Frankfurt
86. Fouladi, Firuzeh Faye, USA, Silver Spring, Maryland
87. Ghadiri, Khosro, Professor/ Journalist/Analyst – USA, California
88. Ghaemi, Hadi Coordinator Int. Campaign for HR in Iran - USA
89. Ghahari, Keivandokht, Deutsche Welle, Section Iran- Germany, Bonn
90. Ghahraman, Saghi, Poet /Journalist – Canada, Toronto
91. Ghahraman, Sasan, Publisher/Writer/Journalist – Canada, Toronto
92. Ghasemi Impertro, Akhtar, Free lance Journalist/ Photographer – Germany, Colonia
93. Ghassemi, Reza, Writer – France, Paris
94. Ghiaee, Abbas, Bookstore Manager – Germany
95. Ghorashi, Reza, Professor, USA New Jersey
96. Giahi, Fatemeh, Human Rights Activist, USA, Massachusett
97. Goharzad, Reza, Journalist, USA
98. Golab Dej, Hooshang, Writer/Poet – Sweden Stockholm
99. Golchin, Ali, Lawyer – USA, Massachusett
100. Habibinia, Omid, Journalist - Sweden
101. Hajzadeh, Fallah Masoud, Design Engineer - Västerås, Sweden
102. Hakim, Mohammad Hossein, Professor – USA, Amherst
103. Halford, Zhara, Painter/Photograph/Sculptor - France
104. Hamidi, Nasrin, Human Rights Activist - Holand
105. Hamidi, Hamid, Human Rights Activist - Holand
106. Hamzeloee, Mahmoud, Actor/Theatre & Cinema Director – Norway
107. Harandi, Farideh, Lawyer, USA
108. Hashemizadeh, Iradj, Architekt/Journalist- Austria, Graz
109. Hassibi, Mohammad, Political activist, USA
110. Hatami, Parviz, Human Rights Activist - USA
111. Hekmat, Bijan, Political Activist – France, Paris
112. Heyrani, Aref , general contractor, USA, Beaverton OR
113. Homayounpour, Kourosh, , USA, Washington, DC.
114. Homayounpour, Shohreh, Teacher- USA, Washington DC
115. Honarmand, Manouchehr, Journalist - Holand
116. Hosseini, Mirali, Actor/Journalist, France, Paris
117. Hosseinzadeh, Jafar, Political Activist – Belgium
118. Houshmand, Zara, Writer – USA, Houston
119. Irani, Nikki, Human Rights Activist- USA
120. Irani, Sholeh, Editor-in-Chief AvayeZan.org –
121. Irvani, Arash, (M. Saghi) Poet, Germany Dusseldorf
122. Jabbari, Reza, Reasercher - Sweden, Gutenberg
123. Jaddeh, Mohsen, Journalist/Translator - Germany
124. Jafari, Reza, Theatre Director - Germany
125. Jafari, Sedighe, Human Rights Activist - Germany, Hanover
126. Javadi, Akram, Director of Ida Bookstore - Germany
127. Javdan, Hamidreza, Actor/ Theatre Director - France, Paris
128. Javid, Jahanshah, Publisher, Iranian.com – Mexico, Chihuahua
129. Jazani, Mihan, Writer/Activist – France, Paris
130. Kakhsaz, Naser, Political analyst – Germany, Bochum
131. Kalbasi, Sheema, Poet – USA, Washington
132. Kamali, Shaghayegh, Singer/ Music Lecturer – Germany, Münster
133. Kamrani, Ali, Stage Actor/ Song Writer – Germany, Frankfurt
134. Karami, Nasser, Political Analyst - Germany
135. Karimi, Behzad, Political Activist, Netherland
136. Kassraei, Farhang, Writer/Actor – Germany, Wiesbaden
137. Kaviany, Massoud, Professor University Michigan– USA Michigan
138. Kavir, Mahmood, Poet/Writer - England
139. Kazemi, Monireh, Women Rights Activist - Germany
140. Keshavarz, Mehran, Human Rights Activist - Norway
141. Khabazian, Reza, Human Rights Supporter - USA
142. Khayam, Zohreh, Women Right Activist - USA
143. Khoi, Esmail, Writer/Poet – England, London
144. Khojinian, Hadi, Poet/ Writer – England
145. Khorami, Tahere, Human Rights Activist – Holand
146. Khorrami, Hossein, Political Activist – Germany, Essen
147. Khorsandi, Hadi, Satirist – Great Britain, London
148. Khosroparviz, Keikhosro, Political Activist, Sweden
149. Khosrozadeh, Behrooz, Journalist/ Political science Reasercher – Germany
150. Kiarostami, Kia, Film Producer, Germany, Berlin
151. Koohgilani, Parvin, Editor Shahrvand - USA, Texas
152. Kowsari, Hamid, Director of New Technology Training Institute, USA Los Angeles
153. Laghaeian, Shahriar, Medical Doctor – USA, Seattle
154. Lalejini, Ali, Translator - Sweden
155. Lavaei, Mehrdad, Human Rights Activist – Holand
156. Madadi, Shabnam, Physician/ Human Rights Supporter - Germany
157. Madjlessi, Darius, Political Activist – Holand
158. Maghssudnia, Manochehr, Political Activist – Germany, Berlin
159. Mahbaz, Efat, Women rights activist /Journalist– England, London
160. Mahdjoubi, Ali, Member of Parliamet - Germany, Berlin
161. Mahjoubi, Ebrahim, Human Rights Activist – Germany, Cologne
162. Malakooty, Sirus, Classical Guitar Player/ Composer/ Lecturer - England, London
163. Malekzadeh, Ali, Human Rights Activist
164. Manoo, Missaghi, Social Analyst, Canada, Toronto
165. Masoudi, Banafsheh, Reasercher – France, Paris
166. Massoumi, Bahram, Writer/Activist - Germany
167. Masumian, Nima, Teacher – Spain
168. Mazhar, Varya, Writer/ Poet – Finnlands, Helsinki
169. Mehr, Bijan, Political Activist – USA, Boston
170. Mirfakhrai, Mehran, Architect/ Human Rights Supporter – Italy
171. Miremadi, Bijan, Professor University Vancouver – Canada Vancouver
172. Mir Mobini, Hossein, Journalist – USA, California
173. Mir Sattari, Anwar, President of EuroPers Human Rights – Belgium, Brussel
174. Moghaddas, Mehran, Play writer/Theatre Director – Denmark, Copenhagen
175. Mohamadi, Majid, Professor/Writer/Reasercher – USA, NY
176. Moheb, Robab, Writer/ Poet - Sweden
177. Mohtasham, Yashar, Activist – France, Paris
178. Mokhtari, Sohrab, Writer, Germany, Berlin
179. Morad, Daryoush, Human Rights Activist - Germany, Cologne
180. Moshkin Ghalam, Shahrokh, Actor/Dancer – France, Paris
181. Mossaed, Jila, Poet/Writer - Sweden, Göteborg.
182. Mossallanejad, Ezat, Writer/Human right Activist, CCVT – Canada, Toronto
183. Naghibzadeh, Fathiyeh, Germany, Berlin
184. Nakhai, Shahbaz, Journalist – Canada
185. Nazarian, Arsen, Translator - Holand
186. Nejad, Mohsen, Political Activist – USA, California
187. Nejati, Ahmad, Human Rights Supporter - Belgium
188. Niroumand, Bahman, Writer/Journalist – Germany, Berlin
189. Noghrekar, Masoud, Writer – USA Florida
190. Nourmanesh, Shirindokht, Writer/ Activist – USA, California
191. Nowzari, Hamid, Political Activist - Germany, Berlin
192. Omidmehr, Ali Akbar, Researcher/ Professor - Denmark
193. Omidmehr, Ashraf Sadat, Teacher/ Human Rights Activist – Denmark
194. Omidnehr, Mahraz, professor - Denmark
195. Omid, Mahzad, Reasercher/Professor - Denmark
196. Ostovar, Yavar, Poet - Sweden
197. Pak Anna, Asyeh, Women right activist – France
198. Paki, Morteza, Human Right Activist, Canada
199. Parham, Babak, Poet - USA
200. Parsa, Kourosh, Human Rights Activist - USA
201. Parsa, Soheil, Theatre Director - Canada Toronto
202. Parsi, Touradj, Researcher/Ex-Professor - Sweden
203. Payandeh, Mehrdad, DGB Director, Germany, Hanover
204. Pegahi, Mahshid, Women Rights Activist - Germany
205. Pourmandi, Ahmad, Political Activist – Germany, Munich
206. Pour-Naghavi, Ali, Political Activist, Holand
207. Rafiee, Keyvan, Human Rights Activist – Iran
208. Rahbari, Alexander, Composer/ Music Professor – Austria Vienna
209. Rahimi, Khosro, Radio Producer - Sweden, Gutenberg
210. Rahnamaee, M.J., Music Reasercher/ Poet - Holand
211. Ramezani, Rahim, Political Activist – Turkey Van
212. Ranjbar, Darvish, Former Diplomat of IR of Iran.
213. Ranjbar, Kazem, Political Sociology Scientist – France, Paris
214. Rashedan, Nima, Political Reasercher/Analyst – Swiss
215. Rashidi, Asad, writer/Poet - Germany
216. Rastgar, Iraj, Human Rights Activist – USA, Texas
217. Rasti, Mahshid, Women/Human Rights Activist- Sweden, Stockholm
218. Razavi, Rasoul, Human Rights Activist – Germany Bonn
219. Roshan, Mitra, Journalist – Canada, Montreal
220. Saadati, Mansoor, Chemist – Canada, Edmonton
221. Sabety, Setareh, Writer/Teacher – France, Nice
222. Sadr, Hamid, Writer – Germany
223. Sadreddin, Zahed, Actor/Teather Director – France, Paris
224. Safaei, E., Poet/Political Activist – Germany, Colonia
225. Sahimi, Muhammad Professor, University of Southern California – USA, California
226. Sakhaee, Manoucher, Singer/Jurnalist – Germany
227. Salary, Babak, Photograph - Canada
228. Samadpouri, Ali, Political Activist – Belgium
229. Samadany, Faramarz, Chemist - USA
230. Samienejad, Mojtaba, Journalist, Iran
231. Sarhaddi, Arash, Actor/Teather Director - Germany, Berlin
232. Sarshar, Homa, Writer/Journalist – USA, Los Angeles
233. Sedghi, Majid, Journalist – Franc, Paris
234. Sehati, Parisa, Women Rights Activist - Sweden
235. Seihoun, Farideh, Professor, Framingham State College- USA
236. Servati, Mojgan, Sosiologist/Writer/Reasercher - Germany
237. Setoodeh, Behrouz, Political Analyst - USA
238. Shabafrooz, Masood, Human Rights Activist – USA California
239. Shafaei, Javad, Italia, Roma
240. Shafaei, Manuchehr, Artist/Activist, Germany
241. Shafie, Minoo, Human Rights Activist - Denmark
242. Shafigh, Shahla,( Chahla Chafiq) Writer/Researcher – France, Paris
243. Shamshiri, Fariborz, Human Rights Activist - Canada
244. Shemiranie, Khosro, Journalist - Canada, Montreal
245. Sheyda. Behrooz, Literary Critic/Theorist- Sweden, Stockholm
246. Shirazi, Jahangir, Journalist/Activist – Holand
247. Simai, Behrouz, Poet/Writer - USA
248. Sina, Bijan, Medical Doctor - Germany
249. Sobhani, Sohrab, International Affairs Consultant - USA, Washington, DC
250. Sohi, Siamak , human Rights Activist - Denmark
251. Soltani, Anwar, Reasercher - England
252. Taghipoor, Masoomeh, Actor/Theatre Director - Sweden, Göteborg.
253. Tahavori, Mohammad, Journalist, USA, MA Cambridge
254. Tavackoli, Shahin, Medical Doctor – USA, Huston
255. Torabi, Mohammad, Telcom Research Scientist - USA, Dana Point
256. Vahdat, Kamran, Professor – USA, Amherst
257. Vahdati, Soheila, Human Rights Activist – USA, California
258. Yadegari, Shahrokh, Composer/Professor University Of California - USA, California
259. Yousefi, Nasser, Teather Director/Radio Producer – Sweden, Stockholm
260. Youssefi, Hadi, Human Rights Activist – Denmark
261. Zahed, Sadreddin, Stage Actor/ theatre Director – France, Paris
262. Zahedi, Mitra, Theatre Director – Germany, Berlin
263. Zandian, Mandana, Medical Doctor/Writer/Poet – USA
264. Zarasvand, Hossein, Poet – Toronto Canada
265. Zarei, Faramarz, Actor – China
266. Zeinali, Lohrasb, Political Activist – Germany
267. Zerehi, Hassan, Editor-in-chief of Shahrvand, Canada, Toronto

If you want to join us, go to www.we-are-ashamed.com



Superficial Assessment By Outsider

by Anonymous. (not verified) on

Khomeini was a creation of the British MI6, Bahaism had connections to special interests as well to create a one world government, if the Iranians didn't have oil they would be more stable, same goes for any mineral rich country, your broad statements about Iranians is offensive, of course, what do you know, outsiders don't care who Mossadegh was, and why the country has been strategically manipulated.


Iranians are Not Stable Minded

by Outsider (not verified) on

You Iranian are unstable. First you all created Islamic Republic and Now r against it. You people created Bahai Religion and now so many people are against it. I don't understand what is going on with Iran.


Baha'i faith

by bj (not verified) on

Well I am a Bahah'i and this is my opinion and i am not making any statement on behalf of Baha'i faith.The problem we have in iran is that we do not have freedom of religion or freedom of choice.we did not have it before the 1979 revolution or after.I would like to remind you that even when his majesty the shah and his family were in charge we still did not have a constitution base on equal right or base on what CYRUS THE GREAT established 3000 years ago.during Pahlavi era Baha'i schools were closed and the baha'i faith was not recognized as a religion eventhough they claimed to be educated and westernized. I think the issue here is to teach every iranian freedom of choice and basic human rights. we must creat an environment that people choose their spirirtual life even if someone do not wish to believe in GOD must be free to do so.I hope someday we have a iran free of hate and prejudise.

Hamid Y. Javanbakht

I believe in empowering individuals

by Hamid Y. Javanbakht on

You're missing my point if that's what you think, as I mentioned earlier, the mistreatment of Bahais (a pre-existing religious affiliation of Iranians) will only add fuel to the demise of the current Islamic facism currently in power.

All I was hoping to do is offer a fresh perspective which takes into account both sides of the arguement, perhaps finding some kind of middle ground in which the concerns of both sides could be reconciled.

I also mentioned the youth for human rights campaign below:


The destruction of graves for whatever purpose (immanent domain, intolerance, selfishness...) is not something I support or believe in. I also mentioned how I support the right to educational opportunities for everyone, so I don't know what else you want, to become a polarizing figure so everyone misunderstands eachother?

Please don't attack me before understanding what I stand for, I mentioned how I believe in the principle of equivalence as well.

If you want to defuse a bomb, or neutralize an enemy, or resolve a conflict...do you try to only see things from "one" side, or do you strive to consider why some opposing group doesn't embrace the philsophy of another? All I stand for is equivalence, that includes being able to see a problem from both sides, as objectively as possible, without letting emotions dominate and perpetuate a dialectic which has no goal but creating new friction.


I support the human right of Bahais, period, get it?

Now that isn't the end of the discussion, next one has to figure a way out of this problem, rather than point figers, play sides off eachother and declare propoganda war, at the end of the day, we all want a better, more peaceful world to live in, if you're interested in being part of the solution, then lets talk, if you want to cling to the past and hold a grudge, then we'll never move forward. 


To Hamid javanbakht:

by Tahirih on

you can dress up a hateful soul, and look like you are protecting Iranians from disaster, but you can not hid it !! it is so transparent that it is funny:)))

We are asking to be treated equal, and having the same basic rights as others, i.e. going to university, or being able to bury our dead in peace.

your reply is , stop setting up shops and worrying about Iranians being manipulated? sir look inside our country , and tell me who is the corruptest of all??

I am sorry but it is a little too late for this hateful propaganda, as they say here, the Jack is out of the box.



A thank you from the other Baha'is!

by madison.reed on

Blessings and thank you dear Iranian friends throughout the world who have expressed outrage and embarrassment for the treatment of the followers of the Bab and Baha'u'llah in their native land.

Thank you for the healing justice of your words, and for expressing the spiritual beauty of our humanity! 

As you watch the progress of the community of Baha'u'llah throughout the world, please be aware that there are Baha'is like myself who have a very different vision for the future of our Faith.  We do not believe, as the Baha'is loyal to the Universal House of Justice in Haifa, Israel, that Shoghi Effendi was the last Guardian of the Baha'i Faith.  Indeed, it is impossible for Baha'u'llah's emerging world order to be balanced or to be just without the institution of the living Guardians.  Although the leadership of the majority group of Baha'is (loyal to the Universal House of Justice) is perceived by the world to be the legitimate heirs to Baha'u'llah, they are not.

I am a friend and supporter of Jacques Agop Soghomonian, the IV Guardian of the Baha'i Faith, who lives in Marseille, France.  He is one of the original members of the National Spiritual Assembly of France, the only national administrative body in the world at that time that affirmed that Charles Mason Remey, an American, and Hand of the Cause of God, was our first Guardian Shoghi Effendi Rabbani's true successor, after the death of Shoghi Effendi.

The leadership group that represents the majority of the Baha'is in the world, are the heirs to a group of Shoghi Effendi's ministers (Hands of the Cause) who erroneously declared that the Guardianship had come to an end.  They rejected Shoghi Effendi's successor, Charles Mason Remey, and declared Remey a usurper and a violator of the Covenant of Baha'u'llah.  Later, a believer named Joel Bray Marangella, one of the supporters of the second Guardian, created his own story and split away from our second Guardian while our Guardian was still living, declaring himself a Guardian! He, Marangella, is now the leader of the Orthodox Baha'is.

Since 1960, the Faith of Baha'u'llah has suffered from schism.  One group doesn't communicate with the other, and still other individuals who are bizarre claimants to the Guardianship confuse people who wish to understand what is going on with our Faith, since it teaches the importance of "independent investigation of truth," and "the unity of mankind?!"

I solemnly affirm that Jacques Agop Soghomonian is the living and fourth Guardian of the Faith of Baha'u'llah.

~Madison Reed


Fred, on what basis do you deem Iran's nuclear program illegal?

by Ostaad on

You may parrot Iran's enemies all you want, but an international law scholar you ain't.You specailize in jive so stick to what you're good at and let grownups deal with Iran's legal and open nuclear program.


Biographies of the Imprisoned Bahá’ís in Iran

by faryarm on

Biographies of the Imprisoned Bahá’í Leaders in Iran

Courtesy: iranpresswatch.com 

The following are short biographies of the seven Baha’i leaders in Iran, all of whom are currently imprisoned and await trial.

1. Mrs. Fariba Kamalabadi

Fariba Kamalabadi, 45 years old, received her postgraduate degree in Education, specializing in Developmental Psychology. She is married with three children - two daughters (one a 13-year-old high school student, and one, married, 20 years old) and one son who was recently married and lives in China.

2. Mr. Jamaloddin Khanjani

Jamaloddin Khanjani, a 76-year-old businessman, was the sales manager for Zamzam Company (a soft drink production company) and more recently he managed a brick factory. He is married with three children.

3. Mr. Afif Naemi

Afif Naemi, a 47-year-old industrialist, was expelled from medical school because of his membership in the Bahá’í Faith. He is married with two sons.

4. Mr. Saeid Rezaie

Saeid Rezaie, 50 years old, is a Farming Equipment Engineer. He had a successful business maintaining farming equipment in Shiraz and later he moved to Tehran. In addition to his regular profession, he is a scholar and author. He is married and has three children. Two of his daughters were among 54 Baha’i youth who were arrested in Shiraz in May 2006, while they were engaged in a humanitarian project aimed at helping underprivileged young people. Later they were released and tried.

5. Mrs. Mahvash Sabet

Mahvash Sabet, is a 56-year-old former teacher with a degree in educational planning. While she was working as a teacher she attended a training course for special education Corps, which sent recent graduates to remote areas in Iran to teach in schools. She was expelled from both her job and the training, because of being a Bahá’í. She is married and has two children.

6. Mr. Behrouz Tavakkoli

Behrouz Tavakkoli, a 57-year- old lecturer, received a bachelor’s degree in social work and worked as a civil servant until he was expelled because of his belief in the Bahá’í Faith. He is married with two children.

7. Mr. Vahid Tizfahm

Vahid Tizfahm is a 37-year-old optometrist and owner of an optical shop. He received his degree in sociology and later trained as an optometrist. He was born in Tabriz (northwest of Iran) and lived there until mid-2007 when he moved to Tehran with his wife and 8-year-old son.

Adib Masumian


by Adib Masumian on

I will not dignify your post with a proper response because I have traced your ownership of the following slanderous, hateful blog through your Gmail profile (and subsequently your Blogger account) located on that Google group:


Warning to other Baha'is: the website above contains pictures which grotesquely defame the personages of Baha'u'llah, `Abdu'l-Baha, and Shoghi Effendi as well as other prominent Baha'is such as Abu'l-Qasim Faizi and Ali Muhammad Varqa.

Posts made by someone who possesses such relentless and unconstrained hatred for a religious community should clearly not be taken seriously in his attempts to further defame it.


The day IRI respect Bahá’í’s Human Right, they will also respe

by Hans on

This is not about religion or if Bahá’ís are right or wrong,  we should respect there’s Human Rights no matter what.  The Bahá’í’s  are not the only one that Human Rights are violated by IRI but the day IRI respect  Bahá’í’s  Human Right, they will also respect all others Iranians Human Right  and not one day before, that why it is so important not only for Bahá’ís but for all Iranians.


Thank you Mr Javid, well said

by Tahirih on

I have tears in my eyes after reading your post to "Covenant". He is consumed by hate , when we read his posts, and this one, if we hold our breath and dig more in his response, his only motive is apparent!!!

 This is one of the reasons that he is indicating for his hate against bahais, just read it and see who is behind " covenant"!!!

They must not envolve in Politics, then why they are working for Regime change in Iran ??

So all that boils down for him is the fear of regime change ???

Very interesting!

Most regards to you sir,


Adib Masumian

The Court Case

by Adib Masumian on

Allow me to shed some light on this.

The National Spiritual Assembly (NSA) of the United States was attempting to enforce an existing court order which came as a result of Mason Remey's lawsuit against *us* back in the 1960s. He was demanding not only the trademark over the name Baha'i and over our symbols but over the Baha'i temples and other properties as well. The NSA then filed a countersuit. When Remey lost his own suit, the judge ruled in favor of the NSA's counter suit and insisted that the Remeyites (followers of Remey) stop using the term "Baha'i." Mason Remey ordered his followers to abide by the court's decree and that the administrative institutions he had established be disbanded. That's just about the time that Joel Marangella, one of Remey's most eminent followers, broke away from him, claiming that in appointing him president of their International Baha'i Council, Remey had essentially abdicated the Guardianship. Joel M. continued to use Baha'i trademarks thereafter and for whatever reason the NSA chose not to pursue the matter. I strongly suspect, though I can't prove it, that the reason Joel M. broke with Remey was because he was dismantling the organization pursuant to this court order.

I think what made the NSA seek a court order enforcing the previous decision was the establishment of the uhj.net website by Neal Chase, a follower of Leland Jensen who was now claiming to be the Guardian. That website showed pictures of the seat of the House of Justice on Mt. Carmel and the institutions found that *very* deceptive. The NSA tried to resolve this problem through mediation of an organization which protects intellectual property rights on the Internet. When the NSA lost that mediation I think they felt they had no alternative but to seek enforcement of the previous court order. In order to do that, they had to file suit against *all* of the Remeyite organizations at once insisting they were all parties to the original court decision. As it turned out they lost that case because the court felt these splinter groups were sufficiently separate from the original organization so as to not be covered by the court's original decision. That ruling is now being appealed.


Orthodox Baha'is

by Martin Lavallee (not verified) on

On the Orthodox Baha'is and other minority Baha'i groups being sued by the larger Baha'i organization, please read:


The Orthodox Baha'is and the Baha'is under the provisions of the Covenant won the case in 2008. It is now under appeal. The Orthodox Baha'i Faith is the second largest Baha'i group (after the Bahá'í Faith presently headquartered in Haifa, Israel).


Martin Lavallee


A distinct feature of anti-Bahais in Iran (to Fred)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Mr. Fred, anti Bahais in Iran had a distinct feature, they would always (or almost always) attack Bahais without being provoked by Bahais ... even when Bahais tried to get out of their way they would ruthlessly chase them. From that perspective you remind me of those hateful people who chased Bahais.
Here you are chasing a person who is respected by many people from many sides, a person whom is the most respected .... yet you are chasing him because he is a Muslim, and you are chasing him without PROVOCATION.


Turnip truck

by Fred on

 I did see your name on the list and gave you couple of days to come forward and pat your “world renowned scientist” self on the back. With your Islamist language and the level of megalomania if anything you are predictable.

What is my problem you ask? It is the stupefying height of hypocrisy that Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies are capable of soaring to.   

While condemning one despicable Islamists’ atrocity, simultaneously facilitating the main aggressor of the same atrocity to be even more empowered with nuke and claiming it is all in defense of “Iran’s national interests”.  

Haji not all have just fall off the turnip truck.


A Tree's Severed Branch Dies, and Has No Life of its Own..

by faryarm on

Several attempts at creating Schism and disunity amongst believers in the Babi-Bahai era, have been made, at the time of Baha'u'llah, Abdul Baha His son, and Shoghi Effendi, beginning with Azal, Mirza Muhammad Ali, and Mason Remey.

All have failed miserably as promised and as their legacy shows, their only preoccupation is to attack the Bahai Faith and its blossoming institutions . 

Divine institutions that are based on the writings of Baha'u'llah, without the traditional power, ego, influence and ambitions  of any one all powerful leader pr clergy.

These local, national and international administrative institutions were finally established after the passing and maturing of a nascent  Bahai world community. 

Today there are millions of Bahais in thousands of local and national communities.  

There are those who believe otherwise, and have spent the last fifty years, preoccupied in trying to unsuccessfully create offshoots of the Bahai Faith, and place one person as its leader; however :

A Tree's Severed Branch Dies, and Has No Life of its Own.

please see below for a more detailed explanation:



To Fog,

by faryarm on

Sources and references to these sources are not reliable , because they are written by sworn enemies of Bahais , using foul language ,who have neither the essential objectivity, knowledge, or intellectual integrity.

Would you trust such sources? 

As Adib pointed out, so much of what is written has been the laughing stock of impartial non Bahai scholars for decades; dusted and on display in colorful IRI sponsored websites.

Adib has obviously read  other sources, that is why he can with reason and clarity and without the sometime nonsensical statements of some twice or three times his eighteen years of age and experience, respond with knowledge , maturity and eloquence , not to mention kindness and sincerity.

An example for all of us?

Bravo for the new generation of Iranian Youth. 




What is your problem?

by Mammad on

1. "Great to hear that"? I thought you spy on me, know every move I make, and brag about it in this site. Even in this post you brag that you know what I do!  In any case, I am relieved that you approve of me!!!!!

2. Once again the resident intellectual of this site, the smart a.., the know-it-all informant and informer, ..., moans about something that has nothing to do with the subject of the article. The man has no shame. The man knows no limit in opening his mouth and emptying his venom and expressing his personal vendetta.

3. I'll be damned if I do not criticize any aspect of Iran's ruling elite if it should be criticized, and equally damned if I do not defend what I believe is in Iran's national interests. You moan and bemoan as much as you want. Spy. Report to whoever. Scream. Shout. Accuse. It is simply barking in the dark. The only thing it shows is that, you have no shame.



Some of the Crimes Committed by Baha'is

by Anonymous22 (not verified) on

Can you come on the Discussion Group... please


Adib Masumian


by Adib Masumian on

Dear Fog,

Actually I do use a variety of sources in my entire book. With regard to the Dolgorukov section, I also incorporate quotes by non-Baha'i university professors such as Abbas Iqbal Ashtiani and Mujtaba Minuvi, both of whom denounced the memoirs as complete forgery. My bibliography consists of over 50 different books and websites - some by Baha'is, some not. I also suggest that you look at those "believers’" books dispassionately and see for yourself if they are being biased or are using impartial references. For instance, the 570-page Moojan Momen's "The Bábí and Baha'i Religions, 1844-1944: Some Contemporary Western Accounts" book can be checked out at any public library or a major university library. The book includes hundreds of first-hand diplomatic records from the archives of Russian, British, and French ambassadors, counsels, and other diplomats who were regularly reporting historical events to their respective governments. These are available to the WORLD. Muslim scholars could also go investigate them for themselves and report back to the entire world what they find out!

FYI, Dr. Momen is the same author whose 400-page "An Introduction to Shi'ah Islam" was recognized by N.Y. Times as one of the best sources on Shi'ism. Imagine that: They brand and kill us as anti-Muslim in Iran but the books we publish on Islám win accolades from impartial sources!

The difference between those who forged the Dolgorukov memoirs or most raddiyih nevisan (anti-Baha'i writers) and Baha'i scholars like Momen is that the latter has both the skills to do dispassionate research and the integrity to write and publish the truth AS IS, not try to make things up.

Those who faked the Dolgorukov's memoirs were so inept that they didn't even take the time to think things through. Like for instance, why would a Russian diplomat who turns out to be a "spy" decides to write such damning memoirs, reveal all of his "evil deeds" to the public, send a copy to Muslim clerics in Persian, and in the process disgrace himself, his people, and his government, ruin any chances of future friendly relationships between his government and Muslim people and nations, and still live a comfortable life and die in peace without that government ever touching him!

These memoirs are by far the most quoted anti-Baha'i literature. So, I ask you a question: if a high-school Baha'i kid could expose this forgery and similar accusations (with 150 citations and 50 references, many from non-Baha'i sources), do you think seasoned Baha'i scholars would have any problem tearing other polemical (anti-Bahá’í) works to pieces?

Why do you think one of the first things the anti-Bahá’í groups in Iran did after the revolution was to kidnap and kill Professor ‘Alimurad Davudi (chair of the Philosophy Department at Tehrán University)? Because they knew he had man-handled the best anti-Bahá’í polemics in Iran. So, they thought by killing him, they would not only kill his memory but deprive the Bahá’ís of one of their most erudite weapons! Unfortunately for them, his memory is well alive. Thanks to the advent of the web, many of his works and speeches are now online at:


He also has his own fan club with hundreds having joined thus far:


I have also dedicated my first book to Dr. Davudi. Since his murder, many other Dr. Davudis have arisen (like Dr. Momen) and many more will no doubt arise.

Best wishes to you,



Non Bahai Scholars Discredited sources and references.

by faryarm on



IRI's $$$$$$$$ Anti Bahai Campaign.

by faryarm on

Adib Jaan,

What you say about the study of the SOURCE is true. 

Thank you for this very important reminder to these who might not be aware of the multi million dollar anti Bahai campaign in TV, Print, Radio and the WEb by the IRI to try challenge and hold back the surge of interest in Babii/Bahai teachings and history, by publishing old and discredited conspiracy theories.

The Truth is that "the cat is already out of the Bag", and their desperate attempts to hide reality is backfiring on them, which is why this historic open letter is a beginning and a reason to be proud of what is left of that Persian sense of justice and human rights.



to AdibM... use different sources and references

by fog (not verified) on

Since you're only a youth of 18, you'll probably learn that in order to get closer to the truth, you need a variety of referances, not just what believer's have.

Adib Masumian

To: For ADIB

by Adib Masumian on

Dear "For ADIB," 

You are asking me to investigate the "true" nature and history of my religion by going to an anti-Baha'i site and reading polemical anti-Baha'i literature. This is like me asking you to go to sites like "Islam Exposed" (put together by anti-Muslim Christians) to investigate the true nature of Islám. My friend, if I wanted to investigate Islám, I would go to the Qur’an, read it, and try to understand Islám through its own book. If you are sincerely after "learning", then go to the SOURCE (Baha'i books), not things ABOUT the source.

When you go to that anti-Bahá’í site, what do you see as the first titles? Prince Dolgorukov’s memoirs!!! O’ Brother. My friend, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m an 18-year Bahá’í still in high school. In about a month, I’m publishing my first book. Guess what the topic is: answering accusations like “the Bábí and Bahá’í religions were created by Russians, specifically, by Prince Dolgorukov.” Unfortunately, the people who put these fictitious memoirs together in Mashad in the 1940s were so illiterate and knew so little about basic rules of scholarship that they created something that has now become a laughing-stock of Iranian intellectuals. I’m just amazed that these guys have the audacity to still keep this embarrassment to scholarship in circulation. And now, by putting this on the web, they have once and for all, allowed history to record their gullibility!

If you want to see examples of errors in this book, go to the first link below and see some of them that I'm including in my book. After reading this, if you want a free copy of my entire book, I will send you an online copy. Just give me an email address:


If you prefer Persian, then this site might prove more helpful to you (read their .pdf files):



It just does not jive

by Fred on

Professor says:

Signing the letter is the minimum I - and indeed us human beings - can do in condemning the barbaric treatment of my - our - Bahai compatriots.”

Great to hear it, special kudos to the maverick Ayatollah who seems to have grasped the tremendous damage the Islamist republic rule has done to the religion. But at the same time the same professor is actively defending the empowering illegal full cycle nuke program of the ruling Islamist brutes. It just does not jive.   

Mona 19

کتاب رسالت ما محبت است و زيبايی...

Mona 19

هیچ کدوم از سختیها و مشکلاتی که همسرم و خانواده‌اش تحمل کردند را من در زندگی در ایران تجربه نکردم...نه کسی‌ توی مدرسه اذیت و آزارم داد ...نه از مدرسه اخراج شدم ...نه از دانشگاه رفتن منع شدم...نه مادرم کار دولتیش را از دست داد و پاکسازی شد ...نه حقوق پدرم بعد از سالها زحمت و خدمت قطع شد...نه آرامگاه عزیزان در خاک ارمیدیم‌ام زیر و رو شد...نه جوانان فامیل به زندان افتادند...نه خانه‌ام آتش زده شد.....

چرا باید یک عده بی‌ گناه را اینطور مورد آزار و اذیت قرار داد...چونکه مسلمان شیعه نیستند!!!!...وای بر کسی‌  که به اسم حضرت محمد (ص) ....به اسم ایمان به آن بزرگوار اینطور هموطن خودش را برنجاند ...... ایمان به " لا اکره فی‌ الدین" داشته باشه و اینطوری ظلم و ستم کنه !!!!اخلاق و رفتار محمدی ما چه شد .!!!

"هرگز گمان مدار که ظلمی وفا کند...گیتی‌ فرو گذارد و گردون رها کند...فرضیست نزد طبیعت به مدتی‌...هر موقعی که وقت بداند ادا کند."

جانتان خوش با د،



Orthodox Baha'is

by Jeffrey (not verified) on

In the world there are much more than 40 Orthodox Baha'is. The 40 was the number for the believers living in the USA. There are others in Africa, in India, in Europe and in Canada. I would guess 8000, though
an «official» statistic would always be better.

The fact is though that numbers do not matter. The only thing that matters is that there is anyone at all keeping the Faith alive.

Only the heterodox Baha'is are hung up on the numbers. They are into declarations, marketing, appeals for money, copyrights, trademarks, building big buildings, appeals for contributions, and filing lawsuits against their "competitors", oh and appeals for funds! The Orthodox Baha'is are into instant, exact, and complete obedience to the Covenant of Baha'u'llah.



What is Baha'ism?

by For ADIB (not verified) on

This is for Dear ADIB M
He wanted the reference for the claims made by Covenant.
Here are so many Baha'i Books in Persian. Adib, you and other like you can download this Books and if you are really 'Open Minded' read this books and decide yourself.
These books are available at :


I am not with Covenant where he is in support of the killings of the Baha'is.

Thank you


Mammad... Thank you

by Ali Najafi (not verified) on

Thank you for your post and for your courage to participate in the Open Letter. I like the way you approach this (i.e it is an issue of human rights and not whether a person agrees with the Baha'i religion, or for that matter any other persecuted minority group in the world).

Sincere thanks from another Iranian compatriot.



We are all human beings

by Mammad on

As a practicing muslim, and one of the people who has signed the letter, I condemn all the injustice done to my innocent Bahai compatriots. As a practicing muslim, my opinion of the Bahai faith is my private matter, and has no significance whatsoever when it comes to the injustice done to my Bahai compatriots. What matters are, (1) no injustice should be done to anyone because of his/her faith; (2) my Bahai compatriots are entitled to exactly the same citizens' rights as any other Iranian citizen (which Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri recently reaffirmed), and (3) without meaning to tell other people what they should do, we must, as human beings, condemn such injustices.

Just as I condemn what Israel does to the Palestinians; just as I condemn true terrorism against innocent Jews; just as I condemn murder of innocent Iraqis and Afghanis in unjust and illegal wars perpetrated by the U.S. and its allies, so must I also condemn the injustice done to my Bahai compatriots, because HUMAN RIGHTS ARE UNIVERSAL VALUES, as I have said tens of times in this page. Signing the letter is the minimum I - and indeed us human beings - can do in condemning the barbaric treatment of my - our - Bahai compatriots.