We are ashamed!

Century and a half of silence towards oppression against Bahais is enough


We are ashamed!
by Open Letter

An Open Letter from a group of academics, writers, artists, journalists and Iranian activists throughout the world to the Baha’i community

In the name of goodness and beauty, and in the name of humanity and liberty!

As Iranian human beings, we are ashamed for what has been perpetrated upon the Baha’is in the last century and a half in Iran.

We firmly believe that every Iranian, “without distinction of any kind, such as, race, color, sex, language, religion, politics or other opinions,” and also without regard to ethnic background, “social origin, property, birth or other status,” is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, from the very inception of the Baha’i Faith, the followers of this religion in Iran have been deprived of many provisions of human rights solely on account of their religious convictions.

According to historical documents and evidence, from the commencement of the Babi Movement followed by the appearance of the Baha’i Faith, thousands of our countrymen have been slain by the sword of bigotry and superstition only for their religious beliefs. Just in the first decades of its establishment, some twenty thousand of those who stood identified with this faith community were savagely killed throughout various regions of Iran.

We are ashamed that during that period, no voice of protest against these barbaric murders was registered;

We are ashamed that until today the voice of protest against this heinous crime has been infrequent and muted;

We are ashamed that in addition to the intense suppression of Baha’is during its formative decades, the last century also witnessed periodic episodes of persecution of this group of our countrymen, in which their homes and businesses were set on fire, and their lives, property and families were subjected to brutal persecution – but all the while, the intellectual community of Iran remained silent;

We are ashamed that during the last thirty years, the killing of Baha’is solely on the basis of their religious beliefs has gained legal status and over two-hundred Baha’is have been slain on this account;

We are ashamed that a group of intellectuals have justified coercion against the Baha’i community of Iran;

We are ashamed of our silence that after many decades of service to Iran, Baha’i retired persons have been deprived of their right to a pension;

We are ashamed of our silence that on the account of their fidelity to their religion and truthfulness in stating this conviction, thousands of Baha’i youth have been barred from education in universities and other institutions of higher learning in Iran;

We are ashamed that because of their parents’ religious beliefs, Baha’i children are subjected to denigration in schools and in public.

We are ashamed of our silence over this painful reality that in our nation, Baha’is are systematically oppressed and maligned, a number of them are incarcerated because of their religious convictions, their homes and places of business are attacked and destroyed, and periodically their burial places are desecrated;

We are ashamed of our silence when confronted with the long, dark and atrocious record that our laws and legal system have marginalized and deprived Baha’is of their rights, and the injustice and harassment of both official and unofficial organs of the government towards this group of our countrymen;

We are ashamed for all these transgressions and injustices, and we are ashamed for our silence over these deeds.

We, the undersigned, asked you, the Baha’is, to forgive us for the wrongs committed against the Baha’i community of Iran.

We will no longer be silent when injustice is visited upon you.

We stand by you in achieving all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights.

Let us join hands in replacing hatred and ignorance with love and tolerance.

February 3, 2009

1. Aban, Vahid, Human Rights Activist – Sweden
2. Abdolalian, Morteza, Journalist, CJFE Board of Directors - Canada, Oakville
3. Abdi, Asghar, Physiologist/ Human Righst Activitst
4. Abghari, Shahla, Professor, Life University – USA, Atlanta
5. Abghari, Siavash, Professor, University of Georgia – USA, Atlanta
6. Aeine, Abtin, Poet - Sweden
7. Afshar, Mahasti, Reasercher – USA, Los Angeles
8. Afshari, Maryam, Activist – Sweden, Gutenberg
9. Afshin-Jam, Nazanin, Human Rights Activist/ Singer Canada, Vancouver
10. Aghnam, Reza, Writer/Literature Critic – England, London
11. Ahmadi, Fereidoon, Political Analyst – Germani Colonia
12. Ahmadi, Ramin, Professor, Yale University – USA, Yale
13. Akbari, Mansour, Human Rights Activist – Sweden, Stockholm
14. Akhavan, Asal, Human Rights Supporter - Australia
15. Alavi, Reza, Writer/Political Analyst - USA
16. Almasi, Nasrin, Managing editor of Shahrvand- Canada, Toronto
17. Amini, Bahman, Publisher – France, Paris
18. Amini, Mehdi, Political Activist – USA, Washington DC
19. Amirgholi, Amir, Human Rights Activist – Iran, Tehran
20. Amirhosseini, Bahman, journalist – USA, Virginia
21. Amirsedghi, Nasrin, Writer/Ditrector of Kult DA – Germany, Mainz
22. Amoozgar, Mojgan, Medical Doctor – France, Paris
23. Ansari, Siamak, Human Rights Activist - Sweden, Gutenberg
24. Arian, Nima, Student/Human Roghts Activist - Germany
25. Asadi, Houshang, Writer/ Journalist – France, Paris
26. Assadi Savadkouhi, Hooshang, IT specialist – Sweden, Stockholm
27. Assman Mohammad, Javad, Poet/ Translator – Iran, Esfahan
28. Attar, Mahmood, Pharmacist/ Human Rights Supporter - Italy
29. Avaei, Gil, Writer/Bloger – Holand
30. Ayoubzadeh, Hassan, Writer/ Lawyer – Netherlands, Arnhem
31. Azad, Azadeh, Sociologist - Canada
32. Azadian, Abbas, Psychotrapist – Toronto Canada
33. Azarian, Mina, Actress – Sweden, Stockholm
34. Azarkolah, Houman, Actor – France, Paris
35. Azarli, Katayoun, Writer/Poet - Germany
36. Bagheri Goldschmied, Nahid, Freelance Journalist – Austria, Vienna
37. Bagherpour, Danesh, Political Analyst - Germany
38. Bagherpour, Khosro, Poet /Journalist – Germany
39. Bakhshizadeh, Marziye, Human Rights Activist – Germany
40. Bakhtiyari, Sheyda, Human Rights Activist - Denmark
41. Balouch, Abdolghader, Writer, Canada Vancouver
42. Baradaran, Monireh, Writer/Human rights activist - Germany
43. Barati, Mehran, Researcher, Germany, Berlin
44. Batebi, Ahmad, Human Rights Activist - USA, Washington
45. Behboodi, Reza, Human Rights Activist – Canada
46. Behnia, Kamran, Physicist – France, Paris
47. Beyzaie, Niloofar, Play writer/Theatre Director – Germany, Frankfurt
48. Bigdeli, Bahram, Human Rights Activist - Germany , Cologne
49. Bishetab, Reza, Writer, France, Paris
50. Borghei, Mohammad, Professor Strayer University - USA
51. Boroumand, Ladan, Researcher, Boroumand Foundation - USA, Washington
52. Boroumand, Roya, Executive Director, Boroumand Foundation – USA, Washington
53. Chehabi, Houchang-Esfandiar, Professor – USA, Boston
54. Choubine, Bahram, Researcher/Writer – Germany, Köln
55. Corrazo, Gabriela, Journalist - Spain
56. Daneshvar, Hamid, Actor/Theatre Director – France, Paris
57. Darvishpour, Mehrdad, Professor, Stockholm University - Sweden, Stockholm
58. Daryani, Hossein, Stage Actor – Germany, Berlin
59. Dashi, Ali, Political Activist Danemark
60. Dastmalchi, Parviz, Writer/Political Analyst – Germany, Berlin
61. Davani, Hossein, Art Critic/Human Rights Activist – Germany Colonia
62. Dehzangi, Arash, PHD Candidate- Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
63. Delneshin, Shahin, Political Analyst/Blogger -Denmark, Copenhagen
64. Djalali Chimeh, Mohammad (M. Sahar), Poet - France, Paris
65. Djanati Atai, Behi, Actor/ Writer/Theatre Director – France, Paris
66. Doai, Babak, Musician/ Music Teacher - Belgium
67. Duschouki, Abdolsatar, Political Analyst - England
68. Ebadi, Abdolatif, Poet/Translator/Journalist - England
69. Ebrahimi, Hadi, Editor-in-chief of Shahrgon, Canada, Vancouver
70. Emami, Bahram, Human Rights Activist - Sweden, Stockholm
71. Esfandarmaz, Sherin, Human Rights Activist, Belgium Bruxelles
72. Eskandari, Mohammad Reza, Sociologist / Activist - Holand
73. Fadai, Behroz, Political Activist – Holand
74. Fahimi, Nima, Chief of Efsha Website - England
75. Fani Yazdi, Reza, Political analyst - USA
76. Farahani, Fereshteh, Human Rights Activist – Holand
77. Faraji, Hossein, TV Moderator – USA ,Los Angeles
78. Farhoudi, Vida, Poet/Translator- France, Paris
79. Farid, Siamak, Human Rights Activist, Belgium Bruxelles
80. Farrahi, Farahnaz, Chief of Iran bbb Website – Germany, Berlin
81. Farshy, Ebrahim, Writer/Teacher/Theater Actor – Germany Colonia
82. Fattah, Abasali, Political Activist – Australia
83. Fazel, Navid, Chief Physician - Germany
84. Ferdosian, Payam, writer/ Researche/ Human Rights Activist – USA, Virginia
85. Forouhar, Parastou, Artist/Human Rights Activist – Germany, Frankfurt
86. Fouladi, Firuzeh Faye, USA, Silver Spring, Maryland
87. Ghadiri, Khosro, Professor/ Journalist/Analyst – USA, California
88. Ghaemi, Hadi Coordinator Int. Campaign for HR in Iran - USA
89. Ghahari, Keivandokht, Deutsche Welle, Section Iran- Germany, Bonn
90. Ghahraman, Saghi, Poet /Journalist – Canada, Toronto
91. Ghahraman, Sasan, Publisher/Writer/Journalist – Canada, Toronto
92. Ghasemi Impertro, Akhtar, Free lance Journalist/ Photographer – Germany, Colonia
93. Ghassemi, Reza, Writer – France, Paris
94. Ghiaee, Abbas, Bookstore Manager – Germany
95. Ghorashi, Reza, Professor, USA New Jersey
96. Giahi, Fatemeh, Human Rights Activist, USA, Massachusett
97. Goharzad, Reza, Journalist, USA
98. Golab Dej, Hooshang, Writer/Poet – Sweden Stockholm
99. Golchin, Ali, Lawyer – USA, Massachusett
100. Habibinia, Omid, Journalist - Sweden
101. Hajzadeh, Fallah Masoud, Design Engineer - Västerås, Sweden
102. Hakim, Mohammad Hossein, Professor – USA, Amherst
103. Halford, Zhara, Painter/Photograph/Sculptor - France
104. Hamidi, Nasrin, Human Rights Activist - Holand
105. Hamidi, Hamid, Human Rights Activist - Holand
106. Hamzeloee, Mahmoud, Actor/Theatre & Cinema Director – Norway
107. Harandi, Farideh, Lawyer, USA
108. Hashemizadeh, Iradj, Architekt/Journalist- Austria, Graz
109. Hassibi, Mohammad, Political activist, USA
110. Hatami, Parviz, Human Rights Activist - USA
111. Hekmat, Bijan, Political Activist – France, Paris
112. Heyrani, Aref , general contractor, USA, Beaverton OR
113. Homayounpour, Kourosh, , USA, Washington, DC.
114. Homayounpour, Shohreh, Teacher- USA, Washington DC
115. Honarmand, Manouchehr, Journalist - Holand
116. Hosseini, Mirali, Actor/Journalist, France, Paris
117. Hosseinzadeh, Jafar, Political Activist – Belgium
118. Houshmand, Zara, Writer – USA, Houston
119. Irani, Nikki, Human Rights Activist- USA
120. Irani, Sholeh, Editor-in-Chief AvayeZan.org –
121. Irvani, Arash, (M. Saghi) Poet, Germany Dusseldorf
122. Jabbari, Reza, Reasercher - Sweden, Gutenberg
123. Jaddeh, Mohsen, Journalist/Translator - Germany
124. Jafari, Reza, Theatre Director - Germany
125. Jafari, Sedighe, Human Rights Activist - Germany, Hanover
126. Javadi, Akram, Director of Ida Bookstore - Germany
127. Javdan, Hamidreza, Actor/ Theatre Director - France, Paris
128. Javid, Jahanshah, Publisher, Iranian.com – Mexico, Chihuahua
129. Jazani, Mihan, Writer/Activist – France, Paris
130. Kakhsaz, Naser, Political analyst – Germany, Bochum
131. Kalbasi, Sheema, Poet – USA, Washington
132. Kamali, Shaghayegh, Singer/ Music Lecturer – Germany, Münster
133. Kamrani, Ali, Stage Actor/ Song Writer – Germany, Frankfurt
134. Karami, Nasser, Political Analyst - Germany
135. Karimi, Behzad, Political Activist, Netherland
136. Kassraei, Farhang, Writer/Actor – Germany, Wiesbaden
137. Kaviany, Massoud, Professor University Michigan– USA Michigan
138. Kavir, Mahmood, Poet/Writer - England
139. Kazemi, Monireh, Women Rights Activist - Germany
140. Keshavarz, Mehran, Human Rights Activist - Norway
141. Khabazian, Reza, Human Rights Supporter - USA
142. Khayam, Zohreh, Women Right Activist - USA
143. Khoi, Esmail, Writer/Poet – England, London
144. Khojinian, Hadi, Poet/ Writer – England
145. Khorami, Tahere, Human Rights Activist – Holand
146. Khorrami, Hossein, Political Activist – Germany, Essen
147. Khorsandi, Hadi, Satirist – Great Britain, London
148. Khosroparviz, Keikhosro, Political Activist, Sweden
149. Khosrozadeh, Behrooz, Journalist/ Political science Reasercher – Germany
150. Kiarostami, Kia, Film Producer, Germany, Berlin
151. Koohgilani, Parvin, Editor Shahrvand - USA, Texas
152. Kowsari, Hamid, Director of New Technology Training Institute, USA Los Angeles
153. Laghaeian, Shahriar, Medical Doctor – USA, Seattle
154. Lalejini, Ali, Translator - Sweden
155. Lavaei, Mehrdad, Human Rights Activist – Holand
156. Madadi, Shabnam, Physician/ Human Rights Supporter - Germany
157. Madjlessi, Darius, Political Activist – Holand
158. Maghssudnia, Manochehr, Political Activist – Germany, Berlin
159. Mahbaz, Efat, Women rights activist /Journalist– England, London
160. Mahdjoubi, Ali, Member of Parliamet - Germany, Berlin
161. Mahjoubi, Ebrahim, Human Rights Activist – Germany, Cologne
162. Malakooty, Sirus, Classical Guitar Player/ Composer/ Lecturer - England, London
163. Malekzadeh, Ali, Human Rights Activist
164. Manoo, Missaghi, Social Analyst, Canada, Toronto
165. Masoudi, Banafsheh, Reasercher – France, Paris
166. Massoumi, Bahram, Writer/Activist - Germany
167. Masumian, Nima, Teacher – Spain
168. Mazhar, Varya, Writer/ Poet – Finnlands, Helsinki
169. Mehr, Bijan, Political Activist – USA, Boston
170. Mirfakhrai, Mehran, Architect/ Human Rights Supporter – Italy
171. Miremadi, Bijan, Professor University Vancouver – Canada Vancouver
172. Mir Mobini, Hossein, Journalist – USA, California
173. Mir Sattari, Anwar, President of EuroPers Human Rights – Belgium, Brussel
174. Moghaddas, Mehran, Play writer/Theatre Director – Denmark, Copenhagen
175. Mohamadi, Majid, Professor/Writer/Reasercher – USA, NY
176. Moheb, Robab, Writer/ Poet - Sweden
177. Mohtasham, Yashar, Activist – France, Paris
178. Mokhtari, Sohrab, Writer, Germany, Berlin
179. Morad, Daryoush, Human Rights Activist - Germany, Cologne
180. Moshkin Ghalam, Shahrokh, Actor/Dancer – France, Paris
181. Mossaed, Jila, Poet/Writer - Sweden, Göteborg.
182. Mossallanejad, Ezat, Writer/Human right Activist, CCVT – Canada, Toronto
183. Naghibzadeh, Fathiyeh, Germany, Berlin
184. Nakhai, Shahbaz, Journalist – Canada
185. Nazarian, Arsen, Translator - Holand
186. Nejad, Mohsen, Political Activist – USA, California
187. Nejati, Ahmad, Human Rights Supporter - Belgium
188. Niroumand, Bahman, Writer/Journalist – Germany, Berlin
189. Noghrekar, Masoud, Writer – USA Florida
190. Nourmanesh, Shirindokht, Writer/ Activist – USA, California
191. Nowzari, Hamid, Political Activist - Germany, Berlin
192. Omidmehr, Ali Akbar, Researcher/ Professor - Denmark
193. Omidmehr, Ashraf Sadat, Teacher/ Human Rights Activist – Denmark
194. Omidnehr, Mahraz, professor - Denmark
195. Omid, Mahzad, Reasercher/Professor - Denmark
196. Ostovar, Yavar, Poet - Sweden
197. Pak Anna, Asyeh, Women right activist – France
198. Paki, Morteza, Human Right Activist, Canada
199. Parham, Babak, Poet - USA
200. Parsa, Kourosh, Human Rights Activist - USA
201. Parsa, Soheil, Theatre Director - Canada Toronto
202. Parsi, Touradj, Researcher/Ex-Professor - Sweden
203. Payandeh, Mehrdad, DGB Director, Germany, Hanover
204. Pegahi, Mahshid, Women Rights Activist - Germany
205. Pourmandi, Ahmad, Political Activist – Germany, Munich
206. Pour-Naghavi, Ali, Political Activist, Holand
207. Rafiee, Keyvan, Human Rights Activist – Iran
208. Rahbari, Alexander, Composer/ Music Professor – Austria Vienna
209. Rahimi, Khosro, Radio Producer - Sweden, Gutenberg
210. Rahnamaee, M.J., Music Reasercher/ Poet - Holand
211. Ramezani, Rahim, Political Activist – Turkey Van
212. Ranjbar, Darvish, Former Diplomat of IR of Iran.
213. Ranjbar, Kazem, Political Sociology Scientist – France, Paris
214. Rashedan, Nima, Political Reasercher/Analyst – Swiss
215. Rashidi, Asad, writer/Poet - Germany
216. Rastgar, Iraj, Human Rights Activist – USA, Texas
217. Rasti, Mahshid, Women/Human Rights Activist- Sweden, Stockholm
218. Razavi, Rasoul, Human Rights Activist – Germany Bonn
219. Roshan, Mitra, Journalist – Canada, Montreal
220. Saadati, Mansoor, Chemist – Canada, Edmonton
221. Sabety, Setareh, Writer/Teacher – France, Nice
222. Sadr, Hamid, Writer – Germany
223. Sadreddin, Zahed, Actor/Teather Director – France, Paris
224. Safaei, E., Poet/Political Activist – Germany, Colonia
225. Sahimi, Muhammad Professor, University of Southern California – USA, California
226. Sakhaee, Manoucher, Singer/Jurnalist – Germany
227. Salary, Babak, Photograph - Canada
228. Samadpouri, Ali, Political Activist – Belgium
229. Samadany, Faramarz, Chemist - USA
230. Samienejad, Mojtaba, Journalist, Iran
231. Sarhaddi, Arash, Actor/Teather Director - Germany, Berlin
232. Sarshar, Homa, Writer/Journalist – USA, Los Angeles
233. Sedghi, Majid, Journalist – Franc, Paris
234. Sehati, Parisa, Women Rights Activist - Sweden
235. Seihoun, Farideh, Professor, Framingham State College- USA
236. Servati, Mojgan, Sosiologist/Writer/Reasercher - Germany
237. Setoodeh, Behrouz, Political Analyst - USA
238. Shabafrooz, Masood, Human Rights Activist – USA California
239. Shafaei, Javad, Italia, Roma
240. Shafaei, Manuchehr, Artist/Activist, Germany
241. Shafie, Minoo, Human Rights Activist - Denmark
242. Shafigh, Shahla,( Chahla Chafiq) Writer/Researcher – France, Paris
243. Shamshiri, Fariborz, Human Rights Activist - Canada
244. Shemiranie, Khosro, Journalist - Canada, Montreal
245. Sheyda. Behrooz, Literary Critic/Theorist- Sweden, Stockholm
246. Shirazi, Jahangir, Journalist/Activist – Holand
247. Simai, Behrouz, Poet/Writer - USA
248. Sina, Bijan, Medical Doctor - Germany
249. Sobhani, Sohrab, International Affairs Consultant - USA, Washington, DC
250. Sohi, Siamak , human Rights Activist - Denmark
251. Soltani, Anwar, Reasercher - England
252. Taghipoor, Masoomeh, Actor/Theatre Director - Sweden, Göteborg.
253. Tahavori, Mohammad, Journalist, USA, MA Cambridge
254. Tavackoli, Shahin, Medical Doctor – USA, Huston
255. Torabi, Mohammad, Telcom Research Scientist - USA, Dana Point
256. Vahdat, Kamran, Professor – USA, Amherst
257. Vahdati, Soheila, Human Rights Activist – USA, California
258. Yadegari, Shahrokh, Composer/Professor University Of California - USA, California
259. Yousefi, Nasser, Teather Director/Radio Producer – Sweden, Stockholm
260. Youssefi, Hadi, Human Rights Activist – Denmark
261. Zahed, Sadreddin, Stage Actor/ theatre Director – France, Paris
262. Zahedi, Mitra, Theatre Director – Germany, Berlin
263. Zandian, Mandana, Medical Doctor/Writer/Poet – USA
264. Zarasvand, Hossein, Poet – Toronto Canada
265. Zarei, Faramarz, Actor – China
266. Zeinali, Lohrasb, Political Activist – Germany
267. Zerehi, Hassan, Editor-in-chief of Shahrvand, Canada, Toronto

If you want to join us, go to www.we-are-ashamed.com



The road for Bahai`'s is still a long one!!!

by Smackdaddy585 (not verified) on

This put's me at awe but it's a breif and fleeting emotion! With the new president in the states, some one from Iran had to make a statement on behalf of their homeland! This befits a pleasent buzz for Iran!!! US troops are just next door and the Iranian Leader is so very infant like with his constant tantrums! So how long till he cries about nukes again and playing that game all over again!?! There is a soul sickness through out this world... how to get organized religion on the spiritualism band wagon!!! Iran is a complete mess!!! They desperatly want to be arabic americana in the middle east but fear demoralization as they conseive has infected america! There are also too many in Iran that wish it to one day to be like the vatican for the islam religion! Now it can't be a islamic vatican if there are non islamic peoples resideing there!!! If they could Iran would raid Iraq and Jeruselm for it's islamic roots and used "nuke" powered machines to move the temple mount and other holy places to Iran so that it could be proclaimed a Holy state!!! Okay seriously though thats how stupid Iran is being about nukes!!! They will find a way to justify it but honestly noone trusts and all or nothing state of mind country!

Iran needs to let go and let God run the course of destiny! Killing is easy... debaseing women is easy... throwing a tantrum and staying bent with pointing the finger at everyone else is easy! The hard part in life is letting go of ego and pride and getting along with people! The Bahai`'s wish for Unity! World Peace! Yet Iran wants to be the bully at a private school!

Let actions not words be your adornment... talk is cheap! This doesn't come from the Iranian Goverment... it's from Iranian Islams spitting on a rag to wipe a stain from the face of Iran! It's like a note from an abused wife who's spirit has been broken just as the family dog's has through beatings and debasement from a drunken husband who at night lays next to her after rapeing her unclean from his mistress's spunk...telling her he loves her and she just needs to beleive him and keep trusting him!!! Why should Bahai`'s revenge against such a sickness that is inturn killing itself slowly!?!

The Bahai`'s have a long road ahead and know God serves tests to us all individually and collectively! Bahai`'s are honored by Gods tests! The Bahai`'s trust in God's will and are fully aware of the capacity of man's will! So gee thanks for the I'm sorry but it means little to nothing since nothing has stopped! Also the Bahai`'s arn't the only ones being Killed... Iran like's to kill children! This is their population control, their form of contraception after birth! There is also other corruption there!!!

China killed opium families a long time ago to curb a preceived epidemic... the world has a soul sickness!!!



by smaneck (not verified) on

Dear Questions,

The concept of infallibility in the Baha'i Faith is more nuanced than you imagine. Those possessing it have infallibility in the moral sense, not so much that they can't make any propositional errors.
If believing in infallibility makes a religion cultish then Shi'ism is cultish as well since they believe in the infallibility of the Imams and the Prophets. But unlike the Imams or the Prophets, the members of the Universal House of Justice are not infallible as individuals. However, we believe that when they prayerfully consult together, the decisions made by that body are divinely guided. As far as who we do and do not respond to, if someone is deliberately trying to create disunity then entering into disputations with them is naturally going to further their ends. Surely the Baha'i approach to this is much more preferable to how Muslims sometimes respond to what they conceive of as fitna.

warmest, Susan


To Covenant

by smaneck (not verified) on


So at what point should we start complaining? Three thousand? Three million?

No Baha'i ever attempted to kill Nasrid-Din Shah. A couple of Babis tried to do this because they held him responsible for the Bab's execution. Second, the ITC does not write histories. As for Baha'u'llah's works being published, most of His works were in the form of letters sent to various individuals and some of these are still being collected. But here a bunch of his writings in Persian:


Here are the ones available in English:

When you are finished with all these feel free to complain that we don't have more.


Dolgorukov's memoirs

by smaneck (not verified) on

I might add that these forged memoirs have Dolgorukov meeting Baha'u'llah and Mirza Yahya Azali to supposedly hash out this plot to destroy the unity of Islam. The only problem was Baha'u'llah was only 17 at the time while Mirza Yahya was about 4!
The author of this work can't even get the names of the Russian Czars right, which suggest the work was composed by someone other than a Russian. All of Dolgorukov's dispatches to the Russian government can found in the archives of the Soviet foreign ministry. It is clear
from these that he only became interested in the Babi religion in 1848. At that time he asked the government to remove the Bab from Mahku because it was too close to the Russian border and he was afraid the Bab's message might agitate Muslims there.
This idea about the Baha'i Faith being a British/Russian/Zionist/American plot to destroy the unity of Islam is just part and parcel of the standard repertoire of what what Muslim heresiographers presume a heresy should look like. I address this issue on my blog: //bahai-islam.blogspot.com/


Baha'i or not Baha'i, This Letter Brings Tears

by scb (not verified) on

Baha'i or not Baha'i, this letter brings tears to the eyes of all who love freedom and equality.

The US has yet to apologize for the slavery of African Americans, it belatedly apologized for "interning" the Japanese-Americans. The Vatican VERY belately apologized for its historical anti-semitism.

Yet, these highly-educated individuals have recognized a wrong that is being perpetrated as we speak, upon a defenceless minority. I think the signers of this letter have just made the world a better place for our children and set a sterling example for all.

Bravo to Iranian.com and its editor; Bravo to each of the signers!

"Let not a man glory in this, that he loves his country; let him rather glory in this, that he loves his kind.... "


Some intro on the Baha'i Faith ? (From a book printed in 1922)

by Indian (not verified) on

What is Baha'i Faith ?

In 1844 a Persian, Mirza 'Ali Mohammed, proclaimed himself in Tabriz as the ' Bab,' or Gate, whereby communication was to be re-established with the ' hidden ' or Twelfth Imam, or Mahdi, whose return to earth is awaited by a large number of Shiah Moslems. Later he stated that he himself was the expected Imam, but his ministry was cut short by martyrdom in Tabriz in 1850. Before his death he appointed as his successor a lad named Mirza Yahya, called Subh-i-Ezel (' the Dawn of Eternity '), who, with his half-brother Mirza Husein 'Ali, afterwards better known as Baha'u'llah, and other Babi leaders, took refuge in Baghdad in consequence of the persecution to which the sect was subjected by the Shah. After they had spent twelve years in Baghdad the Persian Government persuaded the Porte to have them removed, and they were taken to Adrianople, where they remained from 1864 to 1868. In A.h. 1283 (a.d. 1866-67) occurred an event which rent the sect in twain. Baha'u'llah, who was of more assertive character than the retiring Subh-i-Ezel, suddenly announced that he himself was the expected Imam, and that the ' Bab ' had been no more than his fore-ruflner ; and he called upon all Babis, including Subh-i-Ezel, to acknowledge him. This the latter refused to do, and Babis were now divided between Ezelis, who acknowledged the original Bab and his successor Subh-i-Ezel, and Baha'is, or followers of Baha'u'llah. Meanwhile both sections were again deported by the Turks, Subh-i-Ezel and his family to Famagusta in Cyprus, Baha- 'u'llah and his followers to Acre. From Acre the Baha'i faith has spread over Asia and America and into Europe, and counts two millions of adherents ; the Ezelis have dwindled to a handful.

Baha'u'llah died on the 16th May, 1892, leaving, among other children, two sons, 'Abbas Effendi and Mirza Mohammed 'Ali, who for a while disputed the succession. Ultimately there prevailed the claims of the elder, 'Abbas Effendi, who took the spiritual title of 'Abdu'l Baha, meaning ' The Servant of the Glorious.' 'Abdu'l Baha was born in Teheran on the 23rd May, 1844, the day of the Declaration of the Bab, and died at Acre on the 27th November, 1921. His successor is his grandson, Shawki Effendi, who is Life- President of the Council of Nine, which regulates the affairs of the community. The number of Baha'is in Palestine is 158. Sir 'Abbas Effendi 'Abdu'l Baha had travelled extensively in Europe and America to expound his doctrines, and on the 4th December, 1919, was created by King George V. a K.B.E. for valuable services rendered to the British Government in the early days of the Occupation. For farther information on Babism and Baha'ism the reader is referred to the works of Professor E. G. Browne, published by the Cambridge University Press.

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A Bounty for the Ages

by David-1 (not verified) on

The Baha'i Faith is the greatest gift ever given to the human race,
for it is the most recent chapter in a lineage of each of the former
revealed religions. Through each of those religions, in its time,
humans were given the capacity to experience the most-up-to-date
portion of God's love for His creatures. Each of those religions had
its own uniqueness, its own personality and pattern to follow.

At the top of the list of the bounties of the Baha'i Faith is the
opportunity for humans to accept God's promise that never again will
humans face a spiritual nighttime of darkness, as had been the case
during the previous cycles. Among the bounties contained within the
flow of the Spirit through the beginning stages of the Faith that we
have witnessed thus far is the life of `Abdu'l-Bahá. His life is a
beacon for us all, and will remain so throughout this Glorious Baha'i
Cycle. His greatest gift to us may be considered to be His efforts in
providing an avenue for the believers to cling to His legacy through
the Institutions named in His Will and Testament, among which is the
Institution of the Guardianship.

The First Guardian emphasized how we must conduct our daily activities
to align them within an administrative order that would promote an
avenue of spiritual bounty for all. Although he admonished us to never
celebrate his birthday nor supplicate God in prayer through his
persona, as that would elevate him beyond his intended station, he did
request of the believers the power of their supplications to God on
his behalf. He provided the Prayer for the Guardian for them to recite
in the privacy of their chambers. This prayer was no doubt recited by
the believers hundreds of times a day, and provided special bounties
for themselves and for the Faith itself.

Fortunately that bounty remains a gift for the followers of the Third
Guardian. What could be a grander bounty for humans than the
opportunity for them to be a small part of the power-force connected
to the Universe of God? The Prayer for the guardian remains alive
today, and will remain so for the entire 1,000 year Bahá'í Cycle,
through its daily use by the believers for each of the successive
guardians to come.

Here is that Prayer defined by the First Guardian, in its present

"Oh my Lord, my beloved! I cherish the hope that from now on, Thou
mayest bestow upon the Guardian of the Cause, Joel B. Marangella, all
the strength and vigor that will enable him to pursue over a long and
unbroken period of strenuous labor the supreme task of achieving, in
collaboration with the faithful supporters of the Covenant in every
land, the speedy triumph of the Cause of Bahá'u'lláh and his Might
Thou verily art the God of Power, the Help in peril, the All-
Glorious, the Almighty."


مادرم در خاوران است، نامه یک هموطن بهایی

007 (not verified)

هم‌وطنان عدل‌پرور عزیز، ملّت شریف و منصف ایران،

با قلبی آکنده از افسوس و غم روی به شما می‌آورم و دادخواهی می‌کنم. به شما روی می‌آورم که از سرزمین نیاکانی برخواسته‌اید که در ادوار گذشته عدالتِ حکومتش شهرۀ آفاق بود.

به شما روی می‌آورم که فرزندان کورش و انوشیروان عادل هستید و از شما می‌خواهم که عادلانه به قضاوت بنشینید.

چند روز پیش بر حسب تصادف به بیانیه‌ای راجع به تخریب قبرستان خاوران در طهران برخوردم. در وحلۀ اوّل، این مقاله برایم تکراری بود از این جهت که تخریب قبرستان‌های بهائی در تاریخ اخیر ایران بارها تکرار شده ‌است، ولی با خواندن دوبارۀ آن تمام خاطرات دردآور و جان‌سوز ۲۷ سال گذشته برایم زنده شد، چه که متوجّه شدم این همان قبرستانی است که مادرم در آن مدفون بودند.

۲۷ سال پیش، در روز ۴ ژانویۀ ۱۹۸۲، شیدرخ امیرکیا–بقا به علّت ایمانش به دیانت بهائی و به دلیل اینکه از کتمان عقیدۀ خود در زندان اوین با شجاعت پرهیز کرده بود، با چند نفر بهائی دیگر کشته شد. جسد او و بهائیان دیگر را بدون خبر بستگان و در خفیٰ، جمعاً در این قبرستان، که به قبرستان کفار مشهور بود، دفن کردند. گناه او و دیگر بهائیان، اعتقاد به دیانت بهائی و ایمان به تحقّق صلح جهانی بود. مادرم زنی شجاع و بی‌باک بود. او مدافع عدالت و راستی بود. تنها سعی و کوشش در زندگی را خدمت به هم‌نوع و عالم انسانی می‌دانست.

نامه‌ای نبود که برای فرزندانش بفرستد و به آنها گوشزد نکند که محبّت و خدمت به نوع بشر را فراموش نکنند. تنها خوشی او در زندگی داشتن جلسات دعا و مناجات و پذیرائی از دوستان و آشنایانی بود که به دلیلی مورد ستم قرار گرفته بودند. غم‌خوار همگان بود و مهربان با همه. همیشه سعی می‌کرد به مصداق این بیان زندگی کند: «... به هر نفسی میرسید خیری بنمائید و نفعی برسانید ...»

وظیفۀ روزانۀ خود می‌دانست که خدمتی به آشنا و بیگانه بنماید، چون این خدمت را تاج ابدی و افتخار سرمدی برای خود می‌دانست. وا اسفا که با شقاوت و بی‌رحمی این مادر مهربان را از من گرفتند و غم دیدارش را در این جهان بر قلبم مُهر و موم نمودند. محبّت بی‌دریغش را از فرزندانم دریغ کردند و تا ابد داغ‌دارم کردند. تنها امیدم این بود که روزی سر بر مزارش گذارم و به یادش بگریم و از روزهائی که محروم از دیدنش بودم با او سخن گویم. امّا افسوس که قبرش را نابود کردند و دیگر اثری از او در این دنیای فانی به جای نگذاشتند.

دورم ز تو ای خستۀ خوبان چه نویسم

مرغ اسیرم به عزیزم چه نویسم

ترسم که قلم شعله کشد صفحه بسوزد

با آن دل گریان به عزیزم چه نویسم

کاملاً واقفم که عزیزان بی‌شماری در این گورستان مدفون بودند. بدین وسیله تسلیت قلبی خودم را به همگی بازماندگان ابراز می‌کنم.

دعا می‌کنم که به زودی صلح و محبّت و صفا در میان تمامی اهالی این مملکتِ مُشگبیز رخنه کند و این کشور مهرپرور رَشگ عالمیان گردد.

منوشید بقا



infallible means incapable of making error

by questions (not verified) on

"Universal House of Justice, the infallible body"

by: terri
INFALLIBLE = incapable of error

Universal house of justice is made up of people(all men) chosen by people... where does the "Infallibility" of these men come from?

Human beings like you and the man sitting next to me infallible??
This seems a little strange.


"we received letters from our beloved National not to engage in dialogue with them. They are not to be encouraged in any way shape or form"
by: ms

Can you not decide "on your own" whether to respond to such people or not?
Do you always need to get letters from your National to tell you what you may or may not do?

Sorry to say, but these sound cult-like talk to me.

Having freedom in Iran(religion and all forms) for you should be a given, but I feel a great sense of a holier than thou attitude in the Bahai's that I know.


اقليت ها

رييس جمهوري (not verified)

به گزارش روز دوشنبه ايرنا، "محمد حسين صفار هرندي" که به دليل حضور در جلسه هيات دولت اندکي با تاخير در مراسم شرکت کرده بود، گفت: "رييس جمهوري هنگامي که اطلاع يافتند براي حضور در جمع نمايندگان اقليت ديني عازم اين مراسم هستم، تاکيد کردند از جانب بنده هم سلام بلند بالايي به محضر عزيزان هموطن اقليت هاي ديني برسانيد و بگوييد که پيوند ميان همه کساني که دل در گرو خداوند متعال دارند پيوندي آسماني است."


I am sure this letter has

by Ed Dufort (not verified) on

I am sure this letter has made many people cry in gratitude - and I also believe that with the appearance this letter or not, the Baha'is are so strong, they will survive anything through their amazing faith. Very very beautiful people have written this letter.


to AdibM

by foggy road (not verified) on

I think I just saw your pic, you look cute too! Gotta say.... you're smart, mature, articulate, and very engaging, and only 18! Good luck to you. And it's great to see you take pride in Persian culture.



by earth, water, air, fire, spirit (not verified) on

The meek will inherit the planet, know thy limits brave one, for it's not what rewards you gain in this life that matters, but the next.




by Soroush (not verified) on

My friend I've been reading your posts for the last few days, and as a Baha'i youth, the intelligence, knowledge and kindness in your posts is enchanting and makes me proud to be a Bahai.

Is it possible for you to send me your book?
My e-mail is soroushrouhani@gmail.com.

Thank you and Allah'u'Abha



To all on this page

by Hater Shuner (not verified) on

Our sincere appreciation for acknowledgement to those writing the letter.

Friends, shun anyone saying anything negative on this page because there is nothing negative to be said about this courageous call for justice or the Bahá’í Faith. They are fueled by your negative responses to them. Do not even read anything they have to say. No replies, no responses...just Shun them!!! Shun them all !!!! visit: www.bahai.org . Do not click on or read and Shun anyone else saying anything different. "Unity is a light that hatred cannot stand"! Let me say it again and think about it...regarding people who wrote this courageous letter and what the Bahá’í Faith and Bahá’í's stand for : "Unity is a light that hatred cannot stand"!


Thanks again

by Ali Najafi (not verified) on

JJ and the others that signed the letter,

In addition to CNN, your courageous act of writing the letter is circulating throughout the web, blogosphere, and other communications tools. The Open Letter has won the gratitude and support from so many people and groups, representing different belief systems and backgrounds, around the world. This shows the power of speaking out against injustice.

I just came across this commentary from The Institute on Religion and Public Policy.

Thanks again! Your acts was a heroic one!


Don't be sooooo astounded.....

by ms (not verified) on

Dearest Terri,
Thanks for the lecture but I did not talk out of line when I said that 2 people on this thread are Covenant Breakers because I personally know one of them and FYI, we received letters from our beloved National not to engage in dialogue with them. They are not to be encouraged in any way shape or form.

I did not say who they were. I am only trying to say, please reframe from trying to convince people who are clearly misguided that what they are saying is not true. It's like talking to a brick wall.

I take great Pleasure in reading your laud "ONLYS". Thank goodness for people like you who can show us the clear path. I am sure if these people were living in your community, you would not forget who they are as we have not.

God Bless All


To Covenant

by Soroush (not verified) on

First of all, the name is Baha'u'llah, not BAHA. Alright? If you want to seem even a little bit credible, then you have to know these small things. I'd like to know: did Baha'is come to you or your friends EVER and teach? Probably not, or else you wouldn't make your outrageous comments that Bahai's are "converting the poor people there - with lovely talks - Persian Tea - Beautiful Girls and some concepts stolen from Islam / Christianity are presented to them". How do you know how the Baha'is teach if you were never taught by one? Where did you get your facts? Some IRI news network special or some Anti-Bahai website? Check your sources, find some credible ones.

As for your remark on "concepts STOLEN from islam/christianity". Have you ever opened a Bahai book by a Bahai person and READ? If you did (which everyone here can safely assume you have not), you would know of the Bahai regard towards Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. Bahai.org, a credible Bahai website, writes "they[Bahai's] believe God has revealed Himself through a succession of Divine Messengers, Whose purpose is to guide and educate mankind." Those messengers, of course, are Buddha, Abraham, Krishna, Jesus, Moses, Zoroaster, Mohammed the Bab and Baha'u'llah and any other I failed to mention. Bahai's didn't STEAL from any faith! We believe in one god, one faith. All faiths are from the same God.
No one stole from anybody. Just incorporated and updated to fit the day's needs and demands.

I'd also like to know who all these "small groups" are, that you mentioned. Last I checked there were the Orthodox Bahai's who literally had like 40 adherents. The other chunk is the actual Bahai faith who counts 5 million.

You ask what Bahaism did for Afghans and Iraqi's. NO RELIGION IS PERFECT, DOOST. Did Islam make every Arab peaceful and make their lives perfect? Did Christianity bring a perfect world? Did Judaism do likewise? No. They all strive to. And Bahai's do likewise. But we know we cannot just do this instantly. It takes time, unity, peace and love from the world's different people. As Bono says "We're one, but not the same". Let us come together and try to aid Afghans and Iraqis and any other terror-struck innocent person in the world.

Covenant Jan, I hope that in time, you might chose to learn from credible sources. Remove the hate from your heart, detatch yourself from this earth;be face to face with God, and go research with no bias, so that you may learn the true beliefs of Bahai's.

Peace be Upon You, friend.



Let this be a Voice of all Iranians

by Farid Ghalili (not verified) on

As a Bahá’í I am certainly proud and grateful to all those who initiated, wrote and signed and circulated this great letter. As it starts by saying “we are ashamed for what has been perpetrated upon the Baha’is in the last century and a half in Iran.” So they do not just speak for themselves but their forefathers. Hence, their voice represents the voice of all Iranians who lived since the birth of the Bahá’í Faith with its Forerunner, The Bab and His persecution and eventual martyrdom and the persecutions of over 20,000 of His followers to the time of its Funder Baha’u’llah and His persecution and exile until today. Therefore, let this great letter be a start to a voice not only the voices of a group of academics, writers, artists, journalists and Iranian activists throughout the world but the voice of every Iranian and Iranian decent no matter where they reside throughout the world.

I do not see this as a letter of shame but a start of a Voice that needs to be heard. Let every Iranian who truly believes in the essence and words of this letter from any religion not just Muslims, background, village, city and position, from a simple farmer to those who signed this letter be given the opportunity to sign this letter. I in no way undermine the position of those who have already signed this document but it is time that as a great nation all Iranians and Iranian decent residing in every corner of the world voice what is truly in their heart by signing this letter.

Let this letter reach Tehran with millions and millions of signatures from every person who ever considers himself or herself a lover of humanity and wish to say “In the name of goodness and beauty, and in the name of humanity and liberty” I sign this letter.

Let God bless all.



by Badi (not verified) on

Please watch and listen to this beautiful Video song.



I am astounded

by Terri (not verified) on

Dearest Friends, Allah'u'Abha! As I read the apology and saw all the names of all those who signed it, my heart felt full and eyes cried.

Then I read some of the comments. There are always going to be people who hate. Leave them to themselves. Is that not what we are taught??? We are certainly NOT taught to state that anyone is a Covenant Breaker, for ALL Baha'is should know that ONLY the Universal House of Justice, the infallible body, can make that determination and statement.

For anyone wanting to know the real scoop on the Baha'i Faith, please go to www.bahai.org and learn about Baha'u'llah, the Manifestation of God for this Day.

In His Loving Service, Terri


the workshop of the criminally minded.* THE VIRTUAL EVIN *

by jazid (not verified) on

Not at all surprising how the criminally minded have set up workshops, virtual Evin intimidation chambers, to further us the Iranians into the abyss of fear & confusion thereby and whereby this company of the custodians of religion may be enabled to continue their decreed and custodial charity work of putting the leash of fear over the heart and the minds of a nation. Their enabler, fear itself, darkness over darkness, yes that is what these schizoids are experiencing and they want it upon all of us, misery seeks company.
The ill treatment of anything they can get their dark hands on, children, women, thinkers, non conformers,... and show casing their methods on line in www.EvinErshadEslamiTramau.hel is not for our amuzement. It is to TRAMATIZE, to leave a lasting morbid impression and to induce panic and anxiety. Thus engendering this taught behavior, and making a feeling of a constant morbid helplessness as INSTINCTUAL as possible.
Evidently the extent of desperation they feel to see it necessary to score a point against the TRUTH anyway they can, be it the bloody sword of fear or the chilling betrayal of deceit and distrust with its peculiar creepy sensation over the spine, is the driving force behind their bloody deeds.
Ironically every one day that God grants them is to them another day of self condemnation.
They teach us UGLYNESS.

Hamid Y. Javanbakht

99 is a good number

by Hamid Y. Javanbakht on

A little self-configurative freedom does a lot of good ;). 




Wasting your precious time!!!

by ms (not verified) on

I am sorry AdibM to replay to you but I am not sure how to post something on here.

Just wanted to inform my fellow Baha'is that there are two individuals on this thread that are what we call in the Baha'i Faith as Covenant breakers. One I know personally, and the other I am almost 99% sure. The hated that is spewed out by them is empty! It has no effect in the grand scheme of things. Please don't waist your precious times on answering non-sensical comments made by them or picture posted by them.

Remember that when you have a dead flower, no matter how much you try to water it, it's still dead!

Let us on the other hand try to focus on what is at hand. This wonderful letter that was written and signed by our fellow Iranians who are willing to standing hand in hand in support of the Iranian Baha'i Community.

We thank you for your support and pray that all injustice around the world will soon end!

Adib Masumian

Foggy road

by Adib Masumian on

Your concern is deeply appreciated; I am thankful that awareness of the plight has spread so far in such a short amount of time.

Thank you for the reality check foggy jan, but I am indeed aware that Baha'is can do bad things too. We're not all perfect angels; indeed, no community is to my knowledge, secular or religious. Indeed, minorities everywhere commit crimes, but I would still like to see one that hit the major headlines where the people were actually proven to be Baha'is. The reason you hardly ever see Baha'is cast in a pejorative light outside of the realm of conspiracy theory and insipid charand-parand is because we have no reason to be "bad." We have an example to follow, a man named `Abdu'l-Baha - I urge you to read accounts of his life, as it is absolutely fascinating. Incarcerated for 55 years because his father was a prophet, but he was still the embodiment of absolute love and kindness. One of my favorite quotes by him is, "Let your heart burn with loving kindness for all who may cross your path."

To us, he is the "perfect exemplar"; basically about as spiritual as someone could hope to be while also realistic ("Tread the mystical path with practical feet"). Many Baha'is consciously try to imagine what he would do in a tough situation, and it really helps us out. We don't get as frustrated or angry as we would otherwise.

>It is the same old story with bahais and being politicians

I really hope you aren't referring to the Pahlavi era, foggy jan, because those allegations have all been refuted. No Baha'is have ever been politicans because they *can't* participate in partisan politics - it is literally part of Baha'i law.

Sure, there are bad Baha'is too. I'm not denying that. But you just don't see *authentic* reports of them doing anything bad or appallingly heinous, and if you can find some then I would be more than happy to stand corrected. But just because the number of "nefarious" Baha'is in the world is so few shouldn't have cultic undertones in any way - on the contrary, it should epitomize the high standards of the Baha'is at large. If you feel otherwise, then of course that is your opinion and you are entitled to it, just as I am entitled to mine.

And personally, I will continue to believe that this report is false, because Fars News Agency was the first to state it and they are instrument of the IRI, and the fact that they made the grave error regarding marriage according to Baha'i law only makes the report look fake. And for the record, taqiyya is forbidden in the Baha'i Faith (although some people recant anyway, I'm not denying that), so if this person really were a practicing, believing Baha'i then I doubt he would have recanted. There are many people that grow up in Baha'i families, nuclear or extended, that eventually drift away one way or another - it happens. Susan Roshan is one example of that.

And I'm a male. :) 


deny, deny and deny some more

by foggy road (not verified) on

To Mr or Ms AdibM,

As someone who respects and values human beings, I want to express my sadness of how unfairly the bahais in Iran are treated.

I know the link that you are referreing to. It still exists under Covenant's profile. I googled it independently, just to make sure, it wasn't a hoax. The story may or may not be true, and let's for the sake of argument, we say the entire report is just false.

Javoon, you need to understand that some people, regardless of religious affiliations, or no affiliations at all, committ heinous acts and break laws. By far, most crimes in Iran are committed by moslems.. hint hint... because the majority of the population are moslems. However, there are minorities committing them too!

If the guy that committed adultry, was a bahai, and he gets caught, he may very well deny being a bahai, to cut himself some slack. So him denying being a bahai, does not merit value, as if he could have expressed his religion under conditions that were without fear.

We NEVER EVER hear stories about bad bahais, you see? There are there, and you bahais denial and hiding of them, just makes your ideology seem unreal, cultish and down right spooky. Just be truthful. It is the same old story with bahais and being politicians... deny, denyy, deny. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Chrisitians have bad people, moslems have bad people, jews have bad people, zoroastrians have bad people, agnostics have bad people, atheists have bad people,etc.... and Bahais don't???? Get real.

For some reason, writing this, reminded me of the movie Stepford wives.

"perfect world of the bahais"......not


Just a thought...

by Omid95 (not verified) on

Hi friends,

I have been commenting here and there on this thread under the same handle, omid95. I just would like to say from the bottom of my heart and not from the suspicious, conspiratorial depths of my imagination that we as humans, not just as a Baha'i, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Jew, Christian or whatever, should use our own eyes and our own minds to judge the comments or rumors that some on this thread love to repeat.

It is unfortunate indeed what is going on to my fellow Baha'is in Iran and it is indeed a testament to humanity that a letter like this has appeared. Those of you who are secular, Shia, Sunni, agnostic, whatever, indeed have courage and decency to sign and be a part of a letter like this.

Those of you who detract and widdle down its significance, writing it off as a stunt or someone kind of wishy washy letter of understanding should take a hard look in the mirror. What if it was your mother or father? What if it was your son, sister or best friend being constantly harassed and intimidated? I don't know if any of you have ever been accused of something that you know nothing about or have never had a part in, but it is a place that few of us would react with such resignation--something that is a daily occurrence with the Baha'is in Iran.

For those of you say, "well what about the Palestinians, or the blacks, or the Muslims in other parts of the World, what about the women, etc"

Indeed the Baha'i story is just one of many in the injustice and tyranny of the World, of David and Goliath, of prejudice and hatred. Baha'is make no claim to own their persecution as the most important or the most significant. To me though, its not really the persecution that is particularly bothersome---the Baha'is will tell you that suffering and persecution is a blessing in disguise and provides ample opportunity for ones own spiritual growth---anybody who has been on the receiving end of this type of hatred knows it.

What is really interesting is the fact that the solution to these types of problems is not necessarily in the hands of the governments or even the religious clergy, but in the hearts of each one of us. We must be the change we wish to see in the World, and we must cast aside all premonition of blame or causal origin. Look inside yourself to find the reality that indeed we are one planet and we are truly one human family. Albeit, severely dysfunctional at the moment.

We must be truly detached from the bombardment of information and political diet we all seem to take so seriously. Reality is only that which you perceive, therefor our perception is of our own making. Let's make something to leave to our children that will perhaps be worth something.

God bless friend and foe alike.

Adib Masumian

To the individual who deleted their comment...

by Adib Masumian on

About the man who was charged with incest last month and is said to be a Baha'i.

First of all, Fars News Agency was the first one to come out with this report, and they are certainly not a very credible source; I can't fathom why Reuters later copied the same story when such a gross error like this was made:

"Baha'ism allows adultery with family members and relatives, except one's stepmother."

Absolutely ridiculous.

And by the way, the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States has already refuted the allegations of this individual being a Baha'i:

"We have learned that the person who was executed was born into a Bahá'í family but had not been a practicing Bahá'í for years. He had no formal ties to the Bahá'í community, from which he had distanced himself. He clearly did not regard himself as a Bahá'í. Some reports indicate that while he was in prison he was pressured to identify himself as a Bahá'í, but he refused to do so. The Bahá'í teachings strongly repudiate all immoral actions of this type and call its members to the highest standards of chastity. Baha'is believe any individual of any religious background who commits such action should be subject to just punishment according to the law. However, in the current climate in Iran, in which a widespread campaign of lies and defamation against the Bahá'ís is being undertaken by a group within the government that is inimical to the Baha'i Faith, it is impossible to determine the truth of this case. That the story makes a point of trying to single out the man's religion in this instance raises serious concern that the Iranian authorities are using this deplorable case in yet another effort to defame the Bahá'ís. On the same day that this man was hanged, two drug traffickers were similarly executed in the Iranian city of Zahedan. The news reports about their execution made no mention of their religious beliefs, which is the usual practice. The fact that in the former case a government spokesperson added the demonstrably false statement, 'Baha'ism allows adultery with family members and relatives, except one's stepmother', is another indication of the intent of factions within the government.” 

Mona 19

Just how many times do I have to repeat this?

by Mona 19 on

re: anonymous/outsider

Baha'i faith is an independent world religion, and it's founding has nothing to do with the work of British/America/....moreover, as noted many times, the teachings of the Faith clearly prohibit Bahais from involvement in partisan politics....despite the overwhelming proof that the Baha'i community in Iran is being persecuted solely because of its religious beliefs, the unjust Iranian government continues to justify its behavior with unproven accusations.

A closer look and an examination of the charges that have been made against the Bahais shows the depth of animosity and prejudice directed towards us as well as the degree of ignorance regarding the basic principles and history of our beautiful faith.


May my fairest land,Iran, be gloriest today and always.



Thank you

by Ramin Zadeh (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Javid,

I would like to congratulate you and other signatories to this open letter.
as many have mentioned in this link, our priority must the preservation of the rights of every human being, regardless of race, religion or country of origin.

By your brave stance on this particular subject, you have demonstrated how far our nation has moved forward and how our intellectuals have broken the shackles of religious prejudice.

I sincerely thank you for your defense of my Baha'i sisters and brothers in Iran.