Tehran prostitute

Prostitute and her mother talk about poverty stricken life


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very intresting

by Benyamin on

WOMEN that are usualy(most of the time) are against both CHADOR and PROSTITUTION now are claiming that it is ok?

Very intresting, as it comes to some people by some funny names trying to cover up their real name like JOHN and defend IRI  in every aspect ,and call themselkves INTELLECTUALS.....All I am saying is that obviously she is not happy what she is doing because she is so poor she has been ENSLAVED to this OLDEST profession.

In many developed/developing countries around the world this problem exist that is true. But who are you people and where have you come from or what culture have you been raised in to? since I remember it is one of the worst things that could happen to a woman in Iran(before or after) the revolution!!!

And who are you to say since it does exist in EVERYWHERE then it is ok we can have it too!!!

WOW, what a logic? I have never heard that one before. those women who say it is ok we can have it too, should try that kind of lifestyle and see how funny it gets.


Marge, how right you are ...

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

I agree with your witty judgement. How hypocritical, as if prostitution is specific to the IR and they have not seen it elsewhere and have not sought it in many shapes and forms .. It is the chador which is the problem!!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Kaveh is that all? "in the form we are seeing it"

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

It is a bad form everywhere. Even when it involves silicone and lipstick. Just because its veils and chadors, it is so terrible? 

It's funny to see a bunch of guys in USA and Europe be upset for these women, then log on to priceline.com and buy tickets to go to Las Vegas and visit prostitutes and strippers. What a joke. 


Iranyvaliazad ;-)

by capt_ayhab on

Are you bad mouthing my beloved AAA and my beamer[actually its a S55], and it is an annual membership and not monthly. I have to wait till it is up. ;-)

Joke aside, read the two comments that are posted before my first one , and then judge. Lately every Tom, Dick and Harry, have been  blaming EVERY and ALL the ill's world on IR.

No wonder most of these so called FREEDOM fighters have lost any credibility. Exaggerations have become their demise to say the least.

For someone to claim that Islam is the cause of prostitution in Iran, they first have to SHOW that non Muslim countries have no prostitution.


capt_ayhab [-YT]


Nanng bar IRI

by Anonymous-jahany (not verified) on

لعنت به محمد کثیف و کودک ازار که با این ایین از خودش کثیفتر مردم ایران را اینطور بیچاره و بدبخت کرده است. ننگ بر هر ایرانی که شاهد اینگونه بدبختی و فلاکت هموطن خود باشد و هنوز هم خود را مسلمان باورمند بداند. لعنت به خامنه ای الاغ شیره ای ضد ایرانی غیر ایرانی.

Kaveh Nouraee

I do not say that the

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I do not say that the IRI has caused prostitution in Iran. It has existed since the beginning of time and will always be a part of human existence. 

What I will say is that the IRI's mismanagement of the country has helped to create an environment where it exists in the form that we are seeing today.



by capt_ayhab on

listen BRO.

you have shown your ignorance, stop trying to prove it now

have a wonderful day BRO.

capt_ayhab [-YT]


I have a crush: what do you

by purplegonemad (not verified) on

I have a crush: what do you accomplish by justifying the corrupt, inept IRI 24/7? Do you think you're serving your anti-war cause?

Do you have young "poor" relatives in Iran who can't get a job and support their families even with great education? When was the last time you were in south Tehran? Or you only associate with rich people??

You must be high on something. I can't believe someone as smart and witty as you can be succumb to such sychphantic depth. Are you that lonely that you seek the approval of your reformer buddies in IC??



by capt_ayhab on

By definition, prostitution is a social problem to say the least. For thousands of years, societies have tried, to deal with it. 

Some have tried legalization[Scandinavian countries, and some US states] so they could give at least some level protection to these poor souls.

Some have tried to combat it vigorously by enacting laws that punishes both parties[The prostitute and the JOHN].

There are many reasons for prostitution, most common of all is economic conditions. Therefore if you notice, after every war there is a spike in number of prostitutes.

Other reason for prostitution[male and female alike] is addition to sex.

No matter what the reason and underlying motive, so far in the history of mankind no society been able to rid itself from this dilemma. There was this Islamic Scholar named, Ayatollah Taleghani[who was killed by IR]. 

He argued in one of his books that societies can not rid prostitution by trying to eliminate prostitutes and punishing them. The only way one can solve this problem is to ELIMINATE the NEEDS for prostitutes.

My comment was very simple, prostitution is NOT unique to Iran, nor it was invented by Mohammad. What part of this statement tells you prostitution is acceptable to me.

You show me ONE country who has eliminated prostitution, and I shall stand corrected.

capt_ayhab [-YT]

P/S If you want to engage in causes of Prostitution, its socio-economic roots, legalization and etc. I am all for it, just don't tell me IR caused prostitution in Iran.

PP/S Shah was known in the west as[Pimp of the ME] ;-)

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

A question for the freedom fighting Internet Dons

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

So you feel sorry for these Iranian prostitutes. It makes you hate IRI.

I wonder - do you hate the men who pay these women? What do you think of Iranian men who visit prostitutes? They aren't Richard Gere and George Clooney so let's be honest. Do you think these women would be Marie Curie if there was no IRI? Prostitution is very sad but come on - it exists in EVERY society. In america, there is a promise of happiness and the pursuit of it. Look at the women and men who prostitute themselves here. What are they? Victims of IRI? The Catholic Church?

ANOTHER question: If these women are victims of IRI and IRI is "removed", do you think these men are not dangerous? Where will they go to get their sex needs catered to? 

The problem is NOT IRI or prostitution. iranian men need to change. If they were so AGHA and SHIR and Pahlvi standard and golden, why do they pay prostitutes? Why can't they BOYCOTT Prostitutes and show IRI who is really boss? Yekh.


It's matter of choice ... Perhaps not

by Iranyvaliazad on

There are those who choose to become prostitutes for various reasons such as easy money, more sex, and boredom.

However, in our country and neighboring countries that is not the case.  For example, the Islamic gender biased laws does force women into prostitution.  A case study in Afghanistan showed when Islamic leaders forced women with careers such as teachers, doctors, nurses to stop working without caring that many of these women were the sole breadwinner of the household (i.e. a lot of them had lost their fathers, husbands to war).   Many of these women and their kids were forced into prostitution simply because the cult of islam is backward and inhumane.  Islam solution to everything is simply beheading and not thinking of root cause of the issue.

We witness the very same in Iran, women lose their husbands or husbands who lose work because of mismanagement of Islamic leaders and can’t afford a decent life for their families … Poverty forces people into prostitution and life of crime.

To Capt_Ayrab … donate the monthly AAA premiums to a good cause in name of islam perhaps someone finally would say, yes I saw a moslem changed flat tire on his BMer and donated the saved money to help a poor fellow … knowing islam and true moslems … I know that will never happen.


To Capt-Ayhab

by Benyamin on

Either you are confused beyond any help or you are simly lost and living in your own world. the person who needs to read is you and the pattern of your responses are VULGAR and at best JIVE, I think you should read your own comments and see how arrogant YOU really are.Name calling wont get you any where. don`t call me BRO.

You don`t know anything of brotherhood.

I stand behind my comment(s).


No ones is suggesting that

by nanana (not verified) on

No ones is suggesting that there are no prostitution or poverty in other countries.

However, IRI claims that its most benevolent, just, most Islamic, and pious government on earth and they criticize the US for their immorality...I think the hypocrisy is breathtaking, especially coming from such "nab-e-mohmadi society"



by capt_ayhab on

I am glad you are able to demonstrate your ignorance and racism.

how ignorant are you?????

1. I never said anything about type of the car I drive. You aSSumed  it could be expensive[I guess you will never find out].

2.  You know jack sh!t about me, again you aSSumed I might have made my money[if there is such a thing] in Iran and then migrated to US.

3. You ignorantly demonstrated your racism toward certain people, and again you aSSumed subject matter was Prostitution in UAE, and not in Tehran.

4. You made fool of yourself by aSSuming that I have said anything bad about the clip. can you not read dude?

Listen bro, before you open up your filthy mouth and accuse people of [pimping] or being of IR agent you learn some manors and read carefully what people are saying. And before you show your ignorance by accusing people find out who you are speaking about first.

Dude you are a pathetic excuse for a freedom fighter.

capt_ayhab [-YT]

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Excuse me for sounding like a dirty man but Iranian women.....

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Why do they ruin sex-related for men so well? Sex in Iran seems so depressing and low quality. It isn't! Men in the United States have a lot of fun talking about prostitutes and even worshipping them OR MARRYING THEM!!! Have you seen PRETTY WOMAN?

It's a fairy tale about a prostitute. How awesome is that? Julia Roberts the American sweetie pie turned prostitution into something funny and interesting.Nevermind the Roxette song that went qudro-platinum.

These women, manage to make it into abuse. Maybe it is. But this type of videography does NOTHING to change things in Iran. I think self esteem is needed, even for prostitutes - maybe then the men would learn a thing or two. Prostitutes in America are generally very shrewd. Please forward this to the women of the Bunny Ranch. I'd love to hear what they say.


To Capt-Ayhab and Daryush

by Benyamin on

To each is own.

To Daryush

If this was about bunch of people that enjoyed what they were doing or believed in what they were doing I would say you are RIGHT and they should be protected under certain laws so they wont get sick or robbed and all the power to them. But this is a clear exploitation case, no one knows what she does in her neighborhood and she could be anybodies sister. Clearly she is NOT happy about what she is doing and I don`t think it was staged. Therefore it should not be looked at as an industry but failing the citizens of Iran.

To Capt-Ayhab

I think you should have every RIGHT to be angry at the IRI for youyr flat tire! since you perhaps have sold a few Iranian girls to some FILTHY ARABS in odred to buy such a car and now you have to live in the USA to hide because you are afraid those kids relatives will find you one day and you know the rest..lol....or else what is/are your reason(s) to be so ademant that there is nothing wrong with that clip? why are you living in USA if you are so fit MENTALY and obviously if Iran is such a HEAVEN why not live there???

People like you feed the existance of Mullahs, you may deny the IRI and you may not be with or against them, but the way you think and your mentality is a direct reason that Mullahs are treating people with disrespect you and people like you ENBOLDEN the IRI in their actions and people like that CRYING single mother are paying for your arrogant attitude and numbness cultureless mentality of yours. I guess you wouldn`t mind it if it was your own SISTER.


I want justice

by capt_ayhab on

This morning when I wanted to pull my car out of garage, I noticed that my tire was flat.

To top it all, AAA got there 3 minutes late,

DAMN YOU IRI DAMN you......... Its all their fault. I am going to write a blog about it, and expose all the tires these IR regime has flattened. I know Khomeini had me in his cross hair, but this bad!!!!


capt_ayhab [-YT]



by Daryush on

When I get drunk in Tehran I get one (sorry), and when I get drunk in Moscow, I get two :)

The only problem that many people in Iran have about this is that prostetution in UAE has become more expensive. 

I believe Shia is the most forward religion that accepts prostitution (Temp Wife), they should legalize it based on the Shia Islam law and tax it. that's good for everyone. It should become legalized. Then the women will get health care and the money goes to their pockets. Legalize it. I am for it.

Sorry didn't watch the video, slow connection. But there are sad cases, there are other cases. Some girls here don't do it from poverty, believe you me.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

No, Mohammad did not invent prostitution, but doesn't this move you?

This is our country, these are our people. Doesn't it bother you to see that this woman is resorting to selling her body to survive?

These f**king animals in the IRI came in 30 years ago demanding that the Shah return all of these billions and billions of dollars that he supposedly stole, stating that it belongs to the Iranian people.

Now after 30 years of this, the billions and billions more generated from oil revenue goes to fund terrorists before anything goes to the Iranian people, some of whom resort to these measures as a way to survive. Is that acceptable to you?


Women in Hell

by Mihanyari (not verified) on

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Ever seen prostitution documentaries in America?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

HBO did one. It was narrated by a black man who was meant to sound like a pimp, and the music was happy and electronic. I wish people had this much sentiment for prostitutes in America? The lonely violins only play in Iran?

I think we should blame prostitution on IRI. Capt Ayhab is WRONG. Everything should be blamed on IRI. We'll get rid of them sooner. 



by Benyamin on


These documenteires prove not only the IRI failed iranian mass in material life but also in spirituality. THEY WILL PAY FOR THIS.  



by capt_ayhab on

You guys rant and rave just like prostitution is unique to Iran.

FYI Prostitution is OLDEST profession in the world, Mohammad did not invent it.


capt_ayhab [-YT]


Thank you party girl. It's

by sad (not verified) on

Thank you party girl. It's gut wrenching to watch.

There were three Iran related documentaries on BBC last night. The third one, "Prostitution Behind the Veil", I couldn't watch the documentary to the end. I died a thousand times over when I was watching it. What has happened to our Iran?


This is the "honorable Islamic Republic" for you!


لعنت به محمد و


لعنت به محمد و پیروانش، مخصوصا خمینی کثیف که ایران عزیزم و زنانش و خاهرانم را به روسپگری و اعتیاد کشانده.