Tehran prostitute

Prostitute and her mother talk about poverty stricken life


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prostitution everywhere in

by ... (not verified) on

prostitution everywhere in the world is because of poverty. Who is responsible for poverty??


This was very difficult for

by Very sad (not verified) on

This was very difficult for me to watch although I've known and seen this myself back in Iran, but its just too sad to listen to these voices who's cries is a projection of millions of other cries. This is the reality an everyday reality in Iran for the majority, not the minority. I don't mean that everyone is has to prostitute herself. I'm talking about the magnitude of poverty that the majority faces in Iran. Its truly troubling and gut-wrenching. What else can I say. We can blame this or that till we're all dry in the mouth but we can't change the present hell that some folks are living in back there. Makes you really appreciate what you have and thank God for one's blessings.


IRI's share

by Ajam (not verified) on

Reflection of prevailing social defects such as drug problem and prostitution is a good way to hold IRI accountable to its slogans and preaching of morality and ethical conducts and its failure in that regard. However, those monarchists who try to portray this as an IRI-only problem and pretend that it did not exist under the Shah, can only expose their level of desperation!

Indeed prostitution and drug use were promoted under the rule of Shah as heroin was for the first time introduced to Iran by the Pahlavi family (Ashraf and Mahmoudreza) and every Iranian city had at least one or two brothels (e.g. Tehran's Shahre-no, Ahvaz's Bascool, Bandar Abbas' Babagholam's...). Thanks goodness for the film Farsies -- still in existence -- that are a testimony to those facts!


Dee M

by capt_ayhab on

Dear Dee M

I would not go that far by saying some girls are simply [whores], because that is rather disgusting terminology, however you do have a point.

One of the major reasons for prostitution[male and female] is ADDICTION to sex, which is classified as a mental disorder.

capt_ayhab [-YT]


Prostitution study in Georgia St. Uni.

by capt_ayhab on

Republicans in the Georgia Statehouse say they are tired of spending
state dollars on close studies of oral sex and male prostitution.


“Our job is to educate our people in sciences, business, math,” state
Rep. Calvin Hill was quoted as saying by the news service. Professors
aren’t going to meet those needs “by teaching a class in queer theory,”
he added. The lawmakers took aim at some of the faculty members after
reading about them in an annual guide to faculty experts issued by one
of the universities for publicity purposes.

Damn you IR they have even brought prostitution to GSU.

capt_ayhab [-YT]


Everyone is to blame except

by roadrunner (not verified) on

Everyone is to blame except the IRI! What a profound revelation!


Different kind of problem

by Hairy (not verified) on

There are problems and then there are problems! This poor woman can't make a living because she has breast implants:


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

What's complex about it honey is this

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

The sanctions have failed. Iranian women such as this could benefit from having an economic stake in Iran besides horny pathetic men.

But left isolated and desperate and without economic opportunities, what do you expect? Nothing will happen and that is exactly what "freedom fighters" like Reza Pahlavi love. That is why he doesn't talk about lifting sanctions. 

I'm not saying this woman would be the CEO of ebay without sanctions, but increasing work opportunities and wealth expansion for a population would probably help them see the importance in working toward democracy.

Or we can just hire the CIA and Mossad and Marines to do it for us. Regime change is sooooooooo Good for prostitution.

In Iraq, after the war, the number of prostitutes, ESPECIALLY CHILD prostitutes has increased by horrifying numbers. Because you know, there is so much work and safety and security so people are working at factories and stores like they do in Amrika. Hooray for regime change!

All I'm saying is, if economic relations opened up, there would be more work opportunities and those are directly related to people wanting freedom. It happened during shah and it can happen again.  


when there is no more room in hell the deads will walk the earth

by del shekaste (not verified) on

we are a damned folk.I have been to many places the last time i was in iran i kept thinking of those bibical or qoran stories.about a city so drained and drowned in sin that the god sends his angels and wrath to destroy it.
I have a very bad feeling about Iran because the way it goes,the people how they treat each other or better say how they mistreat each other its just a matter of time before some real disaster comes and destroy the entire city and most of the people in it.and when it happens dont feel sad about it,

Dee M

some girls are just Whores! it’s in their blood

by Dee M on

Annoymous...I can CERTAINLY see why you have had to pay for it! Oh and  ...Surely your not foolish enough to think that they actually enjoy (?)  (their time with you) ... SUCKER!!!!  :O)



by Anonymous67867 (not verified) on

It has nothing to do with the government the regime or politics! There are prostitutes everywhere. In Sydney Australia where there is a labor shortage and plenty of jobs to go around there are young 18-19 -20 year old prostitutes selling themselves for money Girls of all background. middle eastern, Muslim/ Christian Jews whatever! Many of them educated and from good families. I should know i been with many :) Stop bashing IRA some girls are just Whores! it’s in their blood
And there is nothing you and me can do about it . I learnt that the hard way long time a go .


Marge you say it's a little more complex

by Anonymousx (not verified) on

There is nothing complex about Iran. Iran wants to spread islamic revolution, Iran can't stay away from Palistinian and Israeli issue, Iran has Ahmadinejad who can't get khafeh khooneh marg. Sanctions and more santions bacause of all of the above. Now what's complex about that?


Man agar khodam raa

by Anonymous/ (not verified) on

Man agar khodam raa dorost konam ...
tou agar khodat raa dorost koni...
dar "AYANDEH" kheyli cheezha dorost-tar
khahad shod...
Agar Nah..... Baaz ham vaay bar maa!


to capt_ayhab

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

We all know that prostitution has been there since Islam and its prophet but you also should know that this government has created nothing but inflation, unemployment and etc... The prostitution and drug addiction has increased enormously since this government and I don't mean Ahmadinejad, but the Shia Islamic Republic came to power. It's beyond speech. Not mentioning other cruel action it has done to its citizens.


Where do you get your info from??? Wonderland????
"Iranian government has done a great deal of work to enhance the development projects"... With our country resources we shouldn't have so many unemployment, inflation or under developed cities anyway. Have you visited Iran, and I mean as whole. The projects in Bam is still in progress after so many years. Have you been to cities in Kurdistan region..Our money which belong to our country is being spend on bunch of terrorist org Such Hamas while our people are getting poor each day...Wake up...


to XerXes

by Benyamin on

I appriciate your comment and that you read mine thoroughly. And I agree with you 100% that curroption has no bounderies and that you can indeed find it in any country or culture and perhaps not just concentrated in or around powerful people or orgenizations.

Having said that, by the regime`s own addmittance the curroption and crime  have risen after the revolution factoring the ratio to population.

But there is a hypocracy in their sloagans, first of all, you cannot deny that they came under islamic Banner they ruind and killed most of the oppositions because they wanted to rule the country ISLAMIC.(just read the part about KHAVARAN graveyard) now all we have is ISLAMIC and ISLAMIC laws. then why it is not heaven. something doesn`t add up.

Yes you are right curroption is every where. But Iran with 98% Muslim population and ISLAMIC laws yet so much curroptions? why? isn`t it an ISLAMIC country? isn`t it govern by ISLAMIC laws? then why so much curroption? why so much crimes? or even UN-ISLAMIC behaviour? because the ruling elite(and not all of them) do not believe in what they say in practice. It is all for the people to follow. But not for them.

Please if you ever have some time to kill go on UTUBE and search for JANATI he is one the most RESPECTED ayatollahs in Iran you will get embarresed to call him or yourself Iranian after watching/listening to that guy!(but please if you have time to kill since your time is far more precious than his"arajeef")

see what I am getting at is that Iran has claimed a totaly a different standard and therefore has opened up herself to alot of criticism of different class. I amnot saying whomever is working there or is in governmnet is curropt and I am positive there are lots of good hard working people even within the governmant. But they are just people.

BTW, let`s not compare ouselves with india or Italy or Barazil since we can be a better country, we don`t have to be like them let`s dream bigger since at leaset it is free to dream.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

yes there is a way to donate

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Next time you go to Iran, make a hooker happy. Tell her good luck, give her money and tell her you don't expect anything in return. We have to help each other if we want to change Iran, right? Or we can just keep blaming Engelees and Amrika and Esrael and Eslam. 



by stranger 24 (not verified) on

Is there anywhay we can donate money to the girl and her mother please thanks. I Is heartbreaking to see that.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Ok you got your satisfaction? I love love IRI. Make it about me

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Brave Anonymous commentator, you might have to use a few brain calories to understand that I'm saying. You're stuck in IRI blame land and that's GREAT! Hopefully it will catch fire and soon IRI will be GONE!!!

Are you a man?  Why aren't you disgusted with Iranian men who don't respect women enough to NOT buy their bodies? For you, these women are just "victims of IRI". Boro baba. If you guys were so sad for these women, you would think of a better way to help them or understand their problem than saying "THIS IS IRI'S FAULT". 

I am very happy there are sanctions so that these women can't have access to more jobs and opportunities. I'm also very glad these women cannot easily get work or education visas to go abroad to the land of milk and honey USA or UK where the prostitutes are really just CEOs who have craving for random sexual encounters.

Open your head. Even without IRI, these morons who visit these prostitutes would exist and that's worse than IRI because those monsters will exist with or without IRI. Why aren't Iranian men trying to change that? They are so obsessed with a change in "figure heads" that they don't see our homeland for what it is: a place full of problems BEYOND who is ruling it. The people who live in it are the problem and need to work on themselves. 

I would also love to see Iranian men here call for shame on the men who take these prostitutes and use them like this. 

Hey Iranian men who are so sad for hookers: why don't you petition your fellow penis havers to stop screwing prostitutes in Iran? To respect their Iranian countrywomen? I know it's not chic like saying "DEATH TO IRI" or "STUPID MULLAHS DESTROYING IRAN" but the sting is temporary. 


So Benyamin

by XerXes (not verified) on

Please read all before jumping in to the conclusion.
Do you honesty think that many rich people became rich in the world because they are hard workers alone? Or did they have something you and I don't?
If you are talking about a normal life and poverty you must know that Iran is sanctioned. This is what the US decided is best for the Iranian people.
Iranian government has done a great deal of work to enhance the development projects, but you can only do so much. Iran is capitalism, you have an idea, want to start a company? go a head and do it. Probably easier to set up a company in Iran than in Turkey. But Turkey get help, Iran doesn't

I am not making excuses, but you can't blame everything on the government. And yes. the officials of every regime and system are rich, powerful and have protection, is that surprising to you? Name a place that their officials are not wealthy or powerful? I don't get your argument.
Or maybe you are just mad that the "class" that is rich now is not in your "old class" terminology. Maybe if they had hats and crowns instead of turban, then poverty and prostitution would be more acceptable.
Maybe if the US said Iran is a good country, and Googoosh performed in Iran and we had all this, we would say, well we tried, it didn't work!
Countries around the region who have a home grown economy are suffering, and Iran with sanctions included is not any different. I don't say there are no corruption, but that's not the regime alone, it is the regime, but not the regime alone. It's not. Italy that is considered a developed nation is corrupt. Iran at its best would be something similar to Italy. Unfortunately there are some cultures that are set up that way, like Italy and Greece, Iran and India, and so on.
I gave you an example about the US not to excuse this horrible situation for these people, but to make a point, that the wealth is not distributed equally anywhere in the world, and in US is not either. Google the growing poverty in the US and see if I am right. All I said that in rich countries with big economy, Brazil as the 8th largest in the world, poverty and corruption is screaming. There are no Mullas there, then what's up with that?
Just can't blame everything and all things on one thing alone, can't be right.
That's all.


She dreams of going to school!

by Rajab. (not verified) on

Going to school was not only free during shah's time but the regime was paying 700 tomans per month for student's expenses. And islamists were calling it "bribe" at the time. Now mullas bribe anyone but iranians.

It is true that there is prostitution everywhere in the world, but in a healthy just society, specially one as rich as iran, no one should take prostitution because she is in need or she has no other choice. These same islamists were blaming shah for even allowing prostitution to exist then, but now anything that IRI does is okay with islamists.

Islamists, leftists, and intellectuals "sold" iran cheap to their ideology, ego, and personal ambitions. Those nation-less immoral IRI supporters have destroyed iran in 30 years and brought her to her knees. Now they defend any sort of corruption in IRI as long as it has an islamic cover.

We need a reza shah to get rid of all these mullas and mulla supporters and free iran from these wolves in sheep's skins.


Merge will be there evry time

by Anonymous come on (not verified) on

give all shahollahi bichareh a break and how about you not parachuting on any article anti iri to wash away akhound filth . you + your other friends are vry efficint for for being lawyers for iri . you arent fooling nutral people . labelayeh harfat maaloome hast tarafdareh kii iih. hamash esrar dari begi iri normaleh va beh ghole shoma boroo baba .


Millionaire Mullahs A

by nanana (not verified) on

Millionaire Mullahs

A looming nuclear threat to the rest of the world, Iran is robbing its own people of prosperity. But the men at the top are getting extremely rich.


Note: the author of this article was mysteriously gunned down




by Fatollah (not verified) on

Which certain monarchist are you talking about?


ps! for you Marge I would change my name to Gashtasb or Anoushiravan! whichever makes it easy!?

persoanlly, I like Lotfali khan better. ;-)



by Benyamin on

I am surprised at you XerXes!

I the USA the economy is open to competition(even that is still questionable since rasism  still exist) But in a country like Iran, The competition has been curbed to a point that ONLY a few people are ALLOWED to become filthy rich and others must NOT surpass those Families.

If you don`t believe me GOOGLE the name( ASGAROLADI) and that will lead you to other stuff. A russian journalists investigated alot about IRI specially the structure and who makes decisions there and how. and he wrote a book about it(I think) next year he was shot to death. The point is if you are willing to work and have a goal you are able to get where no one else has been before you. and we have a few examples of iranians who are multi Billionairs where as in iran after the revolution only a handful are rich in that stature and those are all the usual suspects.

In Iran there is capitalist but your wealth is capped. When I was teenager my father told me (like most Iranians in his generation) that everything is under control of the YAHOUDIHA, and  he named ASGAROLADI as the most important figure in the IRI this was about 25 years ago and he actually belived he is the NUMBER ONE in iran without knowing the truth about him!. I never took that seriously because everyone thinks it is RAFSANJANI( although rafsanjani is a key player) that is besides the point. Anyhow just 2 months ago I remembered my fathers comment in this regard and GOOGLED asgaroladi what I found was SHOCKING. Because turned out he is a JEW by RACE and his family only became Musilm in Reza shah`s time!

But he is one of the wealthiest people in Iran and the world. and It is shoking because he is almost never on TV or news and you never hear anything about him. But he is the one who create alot of structural things about/of IRI.

Amazing truth! You may ask what that has anything to do with your comment. OPEN economy and competition does not exist in iran

Just do the math, there are 3 million Iranians living in USA and out of them we have a few billionairs, whereas in Iran, we have 70 millions and no one other than usual suspects have become one. and if there were some they lost it to be on a lesser status.

So, please do not compare apples and Oranges.


I do not know

by knowNothing (not verified) on

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Who here ever called himself intellectual Ben? huh?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

It's usually a certain monarchist who if you say his name he explodes. He uses it against people when they don't agree with him and he puts it in quotation marks. 

No one said "i'm an intellectual". Instead, we're all human beings, adults and we're mostly Iranian and we have opinions. You don't need to judge us personally to debate those opinions. 

No one here likes IRI either. Why would we defend it? What I hear is people who are looking DEEPER than "it's IRI. Yip. Those a-holes.". It's a little more complex.  


Stop apologizing for IRI

by Anonymousx (not verified) on

This is so interesting anytime there is something going on immediately my darling apologists compare Iran with the West.
Two sisters are going to get executed by stoning, please show me where it's done in US or Russia? And thank you very much for helping Khomeini, the revolution couldn't be done without you intellectuals.
Thank you for the viewers like you, nanana


Sad Reality

by Arash_1970 on

I wish we could sit in a circle and debate , this way it's hard to see who said what and when. I love the passion that goes into our discussions. I suggest we create a "Persian Socratic Cafe" at some place where people can meet and discuss issues openly.Not just throw in an anonymous comment or curse word and then move on...

This video is a sad reminder of Povrety in Iran , where most of the commentators on this site are not welcomed anymore.It's easy to sit back and analyze it line by line but what captures my attention the most is the sad reality behind it.These people really exist and their issues are real. This is just an observation , not a comment.


Benyamin You got it wrong

by XerXes (not verified) on

The fact is that this kind of issues are all over the world. HOW can any intelligent person blame a system? Really, just think about it clearly. Doesn't matter what country you go, even Saudi Arabia, there is a prostitution, slums and things of that nature.
Seems like you guys are little desperate and want to blame (as Capt mentioned) blame your bad taste of tooth paste on IRI.
US is the Number ONE economy in the world, 25% of the entire wealth of the world sits in the US, poor, druggies, slums, homeless , prostitution... doesn't mean the US system is not working. Does it?
Seem like teaching the first graders. This is just ridiculous.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh no benyamin

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Let me make this easy for you. I'm going to write a blog. You are such a

humanitarian. I hope you go to bed happy tonight :)