Shohreh Aghdashloo

"The Stoning of Soraya M." official trailer

A drama set in 1986 Iran and centered on a man, Sahebjam (Caviezel), whose car breaks down in a remote village and enters into a conversation with Zahra (Aghdashloo), who relays to him the story about her niece, Soraya (Marnò), whose arranged marriage to an abusive tyrant had a tragic ending>>>


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Even 1 person Should NOT be Stoned

by Martikeh Khar (not verified) on

what if one of those 11 people where your mother. Then who cares because the rest of the 70 Million are not? Thats plain stupid. This is the ugly truth of the Regime and the shit Iran has become, because of lazy laid back Iranians who wont come together to change it, even after 30 years. Iran should be bombed and that is the only way to get rid of the thugs. That or lazy Iranians abroad start helping the persians within their country. Thats all i have to say!



by capt_ayhab on

Any and every step must be taken to expose these barbaric act around the world. This is nothing but crime against humanity.


Shahreh Aghadashloo makes a person feel proud to be her countryman. Amazingly talented actress, and a strong subject matter. 



kaveh, torture and killing foreigners is less of a crime?!!!!

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Firstly, did I say I supported or condoned stoning? I supported Ostaad's post for saying Stoning must be banned, and I supported his exposure of hypocrisy. Your reply to me offers a very good example of that hypocrisy! Thank you very much!!

The comparison you make between Iran's torturing of its own citizens and the US torturing of foreigners, draws the conclusion that the former proves Iranian government is an Arabic-Turkish-Mongolic regime!!! How can one react to this STRONG LOGIC is beyond me!!! However I can tell you something else:

- Torture is vile, no matter where it takes place and under what pretext.
- The torture and murder perpetrated and the suffering inflicted by the US and Israel against foreigners (please read contemporary history) is on an incomparably larger scale than anything in Iran. (and read: that does not justify any wrongdoings in Iran).
- Killing of foreigners is no more justifiable and less of a crime than torturing and killing one's country men and women.
- This argument of yours was used against Saddam Hussein (that he has killed his own countrymen) so he is REALLY evil!
_ And finally, this is the age old colonial argument that domestic failings and wrongdoings of natives rulers directed against their own population are worse than atrocities committed by foreign powers and justify intervention! We have also heard Israel being hailed as "the only democracy in the region", and it surely is a democratic society for its own citizens, but does that excuse the 60 years of torture and slaughter against the native palestinians under occupation? Or does US domestic democracy make its innumerable international crimes and support for criminal regimes, less noteworthy, in your scheme of things?

So, Sir, I REPEAT AS I DID IN MY PREVIOUS POST THAT I AM AGAINST STONING AND KILLING, and for me I do not consider killing of foreigners to be less of a crime than the torture and killing of one's country women and men. What about you? It has a name, TRIBALISM, and there is absolutely no pride attached to that.

David ET

highest % of executions on EARTH

by David ET on

Iran EXECUTES more percentage of its population that ANY OTHER NATION ON PLANET EARTH including China.

Iran has more juveniles on death row than any other country on Earth. 

You can verify these data with Amnesty International too. 

Is that also Hollywood and Aghdashloo's fault?

Who else officially stones people on Earth? 

Aren't you T H I R T Y years too late to apologize for this shameful regime? 



What else is new? Another

by AA (not verified) on

What else is new? Another ragbag of Hollywood made propaganda.


Ms. Shohreh Aghdashloo

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

Ms. Shohreh Aghdashloo is a very talented actor.

Her choice in roles in movies are just plain wrong.

24, House and Sand an Fog and now this "stoning" movie are just the tip of the iceberg films created by Hollywood to bash people who are Iranians.

"300" proved Iranian history prior to Islam sucked big time.  Xerxes was a filthy homosexual dictator.

"The Axis of Evil Speech" showed the world that Bush and the rest of the West know Iran sucks.

Now, many years after movies like "Not without my daughter" Hollywood has decided to bash Iranians once more.

How many billions of Iranians have been stoned in 3000 years of history?

Wait a second...

Iran in 2009 just has roughly a 70 million population.

And the population in 1979 was 30 million.

So how many people have been stoned since 1979?

Look at the following site:


11 people are waiting to be stoned....


11 people out of 70 million people?

Do the Ayat'Allahs know about this?

Does Imam Mahdi, the Shia Muslim Messiah know about this?

Why are the number so low?

Is this an Uncle Napolean Conspiracy?

Maybe, Amnesty International is not reporting accurately?

Maybe, 70 million people are being stoned daily in Iran.

And by the way, the setting in the movie preview is a village (Dahaat).

Thank almighy God my father's ancestors are from Niavaran.  I have nothing to be ashamed of.

David ET

Face the reality

by David ET on

cover your head in shame for your government that ordered it and your people who performed it and then do something about it, instead of blaming others to show you the ugly truth that has been happening in your country for the past  T H I R T Y  years.

I am glad to see responsible Iranian artists such as Adhdashloo.  

Yes az maast ke bar maast. Deal with it : //


A few points:

by Peykan on

1-     You may want to believe that “civilized” Iranians would never commit such inhuman and cruel acts like stoning, if they were not forced by the barbaric tyranny of the Islamic Republic. However, when such cases have been judged by the judicial system, they have been carried out by certain participant locals, often in remote villages and small towns. You may have also observed a sizable crowd in public hanging photos who seem to be there by their own will and the tragedy is that they often look amused or approving. The bottom-line is that these unspeakable acts are inflicted by Iranians and we have to deal with them from within.

2-     The question to be asked is, what has happened to us as nation that anyone ( it a Basiji stoning squad member... and not Mash Hassan) would pick up a stone and throw it at a half-buried defenseless human being who happened to be caught for having illegal sex? It would be naive to think that the village mullah or the Islamic regime is that persuasive.

3-     Can this movie which is targeted for an ill-informed tabloid-reading Western audience address such dilemma or persuade the I.R. to put an end on such cruel behaviors? Or it would just serve to dehumanize a whole nation, à la “Not Without My Daughter” for years to come? Do you think Sarkozy or Merkel would discuss human right issues with their Iranian counterparts based on a DVD they watched the night before?

4-     Last but not least, based on the announcement, the movie seems to be poorly researched and horribly acted.  


who to blame

by shayda (not verified) on

im sorry everyone but i see you are all trying to politicize this movie . the truth is that the stoning was done by the people and their ignorant views ,i mean just go to iran and see how they treat a groomed woman taking a walk , every person allows himself to taunt and harass her in the worst possible fashion and this is all done in the name of GHIARAT !!! huh



by Anonymous-Kaveh (not verified) on

First of all, what Americans do in regard of their national security like waterboarding is something that is used against foreigners or so called terrorists and not against their own people. I'm not defending their method used to get confession from their Arab/Afgan/ pakistani... prisoners but you might noticed that in Iran IRI uses all savage methods of torturing like flogging, stoning .... against her own people which shows that IRI is not an Iranian goverment and in the eyes of all Iranians is an Arabic-Turkish-Mongolic regime.
PS: someone left a message for you in the next blog with the title "incredible progress 1908-2008".

Darius Kadivar

Sahebjam Also Wrote A Book about Child Soldiers Iran-Iraq War

by Darius Kadivar on

Another powerful book was written by Sahabjam entitled:

Je n'Ai Plus de L'armes pour pleurer

aka I have no more Tears to Cry

It was about the Child Soldiers who fought against Iraq during the Iran IRaq War and who were given a plastic Key to Heaven to clean up the mine fields.

Sahebjam was one of the First Journalist to denounce the use of children in the Iran Iraq Conflict.

Darius Kadivar

THIS IS A TRUE STORY ! By Fereidoun Sahebjam

by Darius Kadivar on

It is based on a book written in French in the 80's by a Very respected Iranian journalist Fereidoun Sahebjam:



Ali P.

Is this based on a true story or not?

by Ali P. on

Cheney, Aghdashloo, Sayyad, right wing, left wing, Islam,MKO,...

Who cares?

My advise: 

If it is true, watch it! This is Iran , under IRI.

If it is not, expose the lies.


excellent comment

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Ostaad, Totally agree.


Anonymous-Lolo- you got it

by XerXes (not verified) on

Keep dreaming that the world gives a damn to separate the two. Turkey is a Muslim nation regardless of their system, and so is the entire neighborhood.
Dream on that the world is sitting there and gives a damn that at some point 2500 years ago you were Zoroastrian!!
So your answer is, no, they won't and you will be looked at the same as any other eyeranian, whether you agree, disagree with the government, are Muslim or Christian.

Now go jump up and smile at the world that the "regime" is being "known" to the world as "bad" but that's not the civilized eyeranians.

The world must know...and ACT!!

by on

I like to thank the makers of this movie.

Indeed the world must know and must act. I am surprised that western governments do not issue international arrest warrants for any person involved in such barbaric acts. I guess that would be 90% of the mollah government.

Can't believe some iranians can be so barbaric and can't believe the remaining one's dont act upon it.

The rest of us have to put up with the horrendous reputation that these islamic barbarians have created for ALL iranians. Even the innocent ones.


Iranians have to obligation to speak out, because these innocent people have no real or fair trials and therefore no voice. You have to be their voice.






Stoning, not getting stoned, should be banned, period.

by Ostaad on

I'm wondering whether the tinsel town would ever make a flick about waterboading anytime soon (with Aghdashloo playing the role of the rag put on the victim's face)? Or a documentary about shooting up pregnant women will ever be shown in a theater near you? I doubt it.


Tell the truth, please!

by Anonymous-Lolo (not verified) on

I was wondering if the movie shows that all these savage behaviours are Islamic and not Iranian? I hope in the movie they emphasize that Islam is backward, savage and criminal(with words and not with showing face and cloth of the Mullahs).


Thank you Ramin!

by Fatollah (not verified) on

I am afraid, I was gone resort to faulty language until I saw your comments! Words of wisdom.




Down with islam

by Iran Sarbaz (not verified) on

Time is coming to dell whit molas and there dirty barbaric islam - well si aye to aye Soon.


I hope....

by hamid54 (not verified) on

this gets released soon....I think the akhoonds' propaganda machine desperately is trying to block this great movie....just like they tried and failed with hatebi's interview on 60 minutes

I love it, looks like justice is around the corner for these vultures.....they can't hide their crimes for much longer

javid iran and her wonderful heritage


Man Voice

by Anonymous-USA (not verified) on

Shohreh Aghdashloo has a ugly voice. Is she smoker?


Portray Iranians as what!

by ramintork on

This is a harsh reality of something that happened in Iran.

We have to live with the shame that within our time these barbaric acts were carried out by our fellow country men.

And when we don't raise the voice of dicontent then we might as well be in the crowd and be throwing those stones.

I'm glad Shohreh Aghdashloo has played this part, she is a wonderful actress and conveys the emotion that many who care for human rights share i.e. these stories should be told, people who carry them out should be held accountable and one day stand in a court and answer for their crimes against humanity.

I believe this should be the case be it for crimes against humanity  in Iran, Darfur, Gaza or anywhere else.

We should be less concerned about defaming of our national image and more about victims of ignorance and barbarism in our home. It is the only way to evolve.

So here is a red line are you standing with the Mullahs or their victims?



And the man from the West comes to save us and the rest of the

by Morning Joe (not verified) on

story, oh gosh! Just by looking at the preview you know it's another one of those movies that wants to "expose" injustice by preaching and pretending. I lost all the respect that I had for Aghdashlo for being an instrument in the hands of right wing propaganda machine. The money must have been good. Plus she is getting old and ugly.


Never liked her

by XerXes (not verified) on

Never will


امیدوارم که


امیدوارم که این فیلم هر چه سریعتر به معرض تماشا گذاشته شه تا صورت واقعیی‌ این نظام و حکومت با قوانین قرون وسطایی ش به جهانیان معرفی‌ شه. 



Come on Saman. Stoning is

by Kablammad (not verified) on

Come on Saman. Stoning is something that needs to be banned in Iran and many people in Iran want it baned too. Both inside and outside Govt. Why not bring this to light so maybe the movement to ban stoning gets stronger in Iran?

Since Not without my daughter, many of the things in that movie have actually changed. How else are we going to try and ban stoning?

You show me a way, any way.


Another "Not Without My Daughter"...

by Saman on

Super right-wing former Senator Richard John Santorum backed this project up using Shohre to beg Iranians raise money. They're shooting for the Oscars which is probably going to happen sometime around NEVER.

This film isn't about "arts" ... it's about politics and old Dick Cheney policies.

It was also made in JORDAN ... but it's supposed to be secret ... so don't tell anyone.  


I wonder how they translated

by Parham on

I wonder how they translated "hazrate Abbas bezane be kamaret".


no no no no no na na na na na

by fozoooooooool (not verified) on

this shitty movie wont get big teather release.
and how in the .... they get Jesus to act in this movie?
I love and respect Vosughi for backing out of this movie.
Not again, Why do these ppl make these movies.
they just want some crappy award thats all it is.
to make our image far worse than it is.

Aghdeshlo just want award or something, so betraying to iranians everywhere.

Samad agha why?

they want another "not without my daughter" but they wont get it, good luck aghdeshloo for an Stright to dvd release. or some limited teathers.