Madonna Fans in Israel: No War With Iran

At least not before Madonna's spring concert Israeli Madonna fans are asking their country to give peace a chance — at least until after the Material Girl's late-spring concert there. They're rallying around, what else, a Facebook page, called "Bibi don't start a war with Iran until after Madonna's show on May 29." Translated, that message suggests that Israel will eventually attack Iran if Iran doesn't back off on its nuclear development program. But it asks that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delay any such action until after the Madonna show, because of the likelihood that foreign artists would not want to play in a country with a war in progress.

Israel, like other countries with a history of military tension, has been a nervous gig for some artists over the years, going back to the 2001 cancellation of a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. Compounding the issue now are calls from advocacy groups outside Israel, asking that musicians boycott Israeli shows to protest Israeli policy toward Palestinians. That was apparently the reason Cat Power has canceled her planned weekend show in Tel Aviv >>>


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Israel and New World Order's show case!

by Behrouz on

it always delightful to see some 1% elites are drumming for war, no one of them will participate. it does not mater who is 99%, because they have the right to be killed for no reason at all!

"1984" is not exactly a fiction!


They Just want to help Iran by keeping the oil prices UP

by Sialashgar on

All this talk of war and evevn if Isreal grow some balls over night and atack Iran's Nuc. facilities is to help Iran. With out it the oil will be at 60 $

Instate of 120. So kik back and relax Iran will (not the people)will

Win eather way.


Israel wouldn't dare! They have their agenda w/this propaGANDA

by Ferdowsi on

KHAYEH NADAAREH! Israel cannot even fight the little hamas!

Dirty Angel

did they buy her kabbalah bottled water

by Dirty Angel on



SAVAK used to torture and murder people. They used to flog, gauge eyes out, nails out and that was on 14 year olds. But hey, that's OK on IC. Because if I call the chief of SAVAK "kesafat", I get my account deleted , by some horror of a personage flagging. Hey, all OK. Don't worry, all will be fine in bigotryland.

iraj khan

The sign saying:

by iraj khan on

'No War With Iran'

does not belong to the original picture 

which depicts Madonna performing her song during Bush era.

Indeed it has been added to Madonna's photo at a later time, maybe during the last few days due to the rising tension between Iran, Israel and U.S.

Superimposing this anti war sign over the original photo is not a good idea because it misrepresents what Ms. Madonna stands for as a pro Israel entertainer.


old story

by Favela on

Well the sign explicity says No War, not 'please delay war'. This conflict of interests is an old, old story, I found an Iranian stamp today from the 80s, saying 'Let's liberate Jerusalem'.  


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Darius Kadivar

You Never salute with a 'Left 'Arm Darling ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Just an Observation as a side note ...




she probably couldnt

by fidelio5 on

place Iran on a map


Israel slaughtered over 1000 Palestinians recently USA Cheering

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

on as usual, and they have never disagreed with the USA Policy of supporting and helping only Extremists in Islam to take over the governments of their countries respectively.  As soon as Obama became president, just weeks after the massacres he made it clear the lives of Palestinians do not legally speaking matter at all for him or those on his side, not that republicans are any different to liberals on this matter.  Israles Military and Air force outdo both UK and France separately in terms of size and fire power.  And why wouldn't an artist want to play in Israel, for such a people. Its not like she is the real Madonna written about in the bible, the protector of children, she's in it to pay the rent.

Her song was "like" a Virgin, not actually a Virgin, so why expect such a person to be a spokes person & true symbol for anything.

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

according to Ms Madonna's fans

it's OK to bomb Iran after she is gone.

These are supposed to be 'Peaceful Israelis'.

With 'Peace Loving' people like these Israelis who needs warmongers?

The arrogance of the Material Girl (for planning to go to Israel) and Israeli settlers is in full view for everyone to see.