Runna 2009

New "national car" produced by Iran Khodro

TEHRAN (ISNA)-Iran's biggest carmaker, Iran Khodro unveiled its second home-made brand named Runna. The car made under euro 5 standards will be exported, said Runna project manager Mohammadi adding the new brand meets EEC and ECE standards. The car also observes safety requirements for pedestrian and incase of an accident the pedestrian would be least hit. 1600 cc engine for national and international markets as well as diesel engine are among other options for the new car.



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Get rid of this backward

by Elyar (not verified) on

Get rid of this backward regime, and you will see that we will be able to make better cars with better materials and with more artistic freedom.


This car is a exact copy of

by Zarrbatti (not verified) on

This car is a exact copy of French Peugeot the smal version. Still ok . What I am surprise is they did not give it and ARABIC name like Fatemeh Zahra , or Zeynab ?????


Runna Website

by Bahman Javidi (not verified) on

Check out the website IKCO introduced for Runna.




by LiVe From TeHran (not verified) on

If you Pay attention to the second clip one of the two boys is wearing American Flag design on his shirt!!! WE ALL LOVE AMERICA


It's just the 206 sedan also refferd to as J-LO

by پیام on

as in Jeniffer Lopes's ass ( because of the trunc of this sedan version which is only produced in Iran and some south American countries). To bad the front lights look like disco lights, should suit the ghorbati's in Iran :)  




A pitty Iran's technology is only about copy cating products of others. When are they going to design anything ( magas kosh for that matter) from scratch without steeling/copiing other's ideas?  


Missing from infomercial

by Iranyvaliazad on

They made a long infomercial ... nice speeches, etc. etc.  however, the director failed to stick a few female figures here and there to enhance this propaganda! 

Anyhow, I like to see a day when the "instruments", the "technology", the "software", the "tooling", the etc. etc. that were used to build this car are all made in Iran and not just a car.


I would agree with MrX1.... and Xerxes

by choghok on

Iranians especially the ones in Iran tend to love everything from outside Iran. So when given freedom of choice they would not hesitate buying a MB or BMW.

But that said I think it is still an acheivement, you must think that in a closed off country they could still have made peykans and nobody could care less, so something has happened to force them  make new cars. Now the manager was saying at the end of the movie that this car is really made for foreign market, but still one step forward is better than nothing.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Wow, I'm equally impressed by the commercials

by Q on

didn't think Iran's product marketing industry could do things like this. It's done perfectly.

MRX1: Don't be rediculous. This is an unmitigated point of pride. Frankly, I don't care what the Iranian consumer would do in some hypothetical situation. I hope they tarriff the hell out of all imported cars, so to give this industry even more power.

These "free market" sentiments are all opportunistic bullshit. At this point in the life of the United States, all foreign goods were heavily taxed. Even now US "strategically" decides what industries foreigners can compete in and which they are barred from (example: domestic route airlines, energy and retail banking). Iran should be able to do the same with its industries.



by MRX1 on

you didn't read my post carefully, I said the question is:

If Iranian consumer inside  IRAN had a choice and price of imported cars were not artifically inflated, would they still buy this kind of things or will they go for V.W, benz, totyota,etc,etc...  

 furthermore I suppose you can measure success of a company specialy Car company by amount of cars it exports aka sells in the market, not by how big the factory is. Frankly size of a car company is meaningless just as have seen with GM and chrysler and many others. 



by OmidKarimi on

Their first self made car was Samand Soren using an engine made and designed in Iran, running on natural gas and gasoline. There are around 10-12 countries in the world that make their own national engine designs and use them in their own cars for mass production.


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by XerXes (not verified) on

Why would other countries buy the Iranian make then?
Check to see the size of the Irankhodro in the world stand then you get your answer.

Beautiful commercial


About time!

by farrad02 on

Iran Khodro (Iran National) has been making cars for over 40 years. It was way past due fr them to start building cars from scratch! So, no big deal from where I stand!


Better question is

by MRX1 on

If Iranian consumer had a choice and price of cars were not artifically inflated, would they still buy this kind of things or will they go for V.W, benz, totyota,etc,etc...


(No subject)

by zebel20 on


what is "crystal lamp"?

by choghok on

About 6.30 in the firest clip the guy talks about "lamphaye crystali", does that mean LED lights? If that is the case then great work. The only other company I have seen using that is Volkswagen group in their high end cars like Audi.

I have been in their Samand and it is a really nice car for being Iran made I would say. It feels like a Peugeot 406. It is maybe exactly the same car :-).

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim