Where it hurts

Oil embargo can render the IRI more vulnerable


Where it hurts
by Jahanshah Rashidian

Since 1979, the US has maintained a trade restriction on the IRI. Since the revelation of IRI's nuclear ambition in 2002, at the initiation of the group of six, the United Nations Security Council imposed three rounds of economic sanctions on Iran. None of these measures convinced the regime to turn its back to its nuclear ambitions.

The relatively harsher third set of sanctions started by the EU's recent freezing of the assets of Iran's Bank Melli and imposing travel prohibitions on some IRI's seniors, scientists and military officials.

Bank Melli Iran, which is fully owned by the state, is the country's largest commercial bank, with about 45,000 employees and 3,000 branches worldwide, and total assets of €38 billion ($59 billion). Its branches in Russia and in the United Arab Emirates continue to process transactions, including, as is rumoured, those originating in Europe.

The pressure exerted by the US had a little effect in recent years. In 2007, German exports to Iran declined to only $5.0 billion--from €3.35 billion to $3.23 billion. The IRI has already turned to trading partners in Russia and China and other Asian countries, which have no qualms about taking over IRI's nuclear ambitions. According to data supplied by Germany's Federal Office for Foreign Trade, China has almost doubled its trade volume with Iran since 2005, from $10 billion (€6.5 billion) to $18.5 billion (€11.9 billion).

Pakistan and India have also expanded their economic relations with the regime, and trade with the Arab nations across the Persian Gulf has much increased. Furthermore, many countries in Asia and Europe, but also the United States, have managed to get around the sanctions by working with middlemen and companies close to the IRI, mostly in the Persian Gulf region. It seems that such sanctions do not put an end to business dealings with the IRI and the new sanctions do not seem to convince the IRI to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

On the other hand, the EU may look for compromises with the IRI to maintain their bilateral economic relations. We know that despite constant IRI's catastrophic records of Human Rights since the Iranian revolution, the EU's share of Iran's total imports is over 40%. EU trade with Iran has even expanded since Iran's secret nuclear programme was exposed. IRI's sponsored terrorism and nuclear programme have been ignored a long time by the EU while partly helped by Russia.

The fact is that Mullahs continue to ignore sanctions with little consequence for the regime even though Iran's economy is stagnating. Consumer prices are raising rapidly, unemployment approaches 30 percent and Ahmadinejad has not redistributed oil profits to the poor as promised, but the regime continues to invest in terrorism, nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

Following the first US war against Iraq in 1991, the United Nations imposed sanctions on the country for 13 years, and yet Saddam refused to yield. The sanctions did not significantly weaken Saddam, but brought about more poverty, medical deficiency and infantile deaths in the population. Such sanctions can have the same impacts on Iranian civil population. Sanctions on the basic needs like foods or medicines very likely favour an oasis for the State Mafia to grow, as it was the case during the Iran-Iraq War.

Recently, 100 Israeli planes flew 1,400 kilometres out over the Mediterranean as part of a military manoeuvre. In the flight, they covered exactly the same distance they would have to cover in an attack on the Iranian uranium enrichment plant in Natanz. In response, the IRI test-fired missiles whose range puts Israel within reach. An eventual air strike on Iran will considerably damage the Iranian national infrastructures and will slaughter many innocents, while the regime very likely manages to survive.

The IRI has dispersed its nuclear plants and facilities all over the country and among the civil population to use civil people as human shields against any air strike. Therefore, any so-called surgical air strike launched by Israel or the US will certainly kill thousands of innocent people. Both military intervention and blind economic sanctions will damage people and the national infrastructures rather than the regime's interests. The IRI does not care to pay a high price for its refusal to stop enriching uranium and negotiate and will continue to claim its "reactors are purely for civilian purposes."

But what is the alternative? Will international sanctions produce the desired effect? Is there any chance to solve the dilemma with the IRI? Can the group of six results in a breakthrough? Is a military intervention a right solution? The answer to all of them remains negative. As long as the UN does not directly punish the plague of IRI, not people who already suffer from this totalitarian regime, a real solution is not available.

The UN can consider various sanctions on the IRI:

--to ensure the end of unacceptable apathy for the crimes committed by the IRI, those UN resolutions can be issued that clearly highlight IRI's human right violations in the last 29 years.

--the UN's highest court, which has once cleared a number of Serbian authorities of direct responsibility for genocide in the 1990s Bosnian war, is now expected to clear many IRI's crimes, especially the genocide of political prisoners in the summer of 1988 with the same principles that the Nuremburg Court applied to Nazi genocide criminals.

--the UN can demand the UN members to freeze all assets of IRI's seniors and their related institutions, foundations, Islamic centres, economic organisations, media, and lobby groups in the world.

--the UN should rule out any military or economic sanctions on Iran. Blind economic sanctions or an eventual military attack on Iran serve mainly the agenda of IRI's hardliners. In this perspective, apart from military goods and industry and eventually oil, trade of other goods with Iran must not be suspended.

In fact, all of these above regimes sanctions produce significant psychological effect to encourage and justify fair struggles of the oppressed people of Iran against the totalitarian IRI.

The UN may also regard oil embargo on the IRI:

--oil embargo, instead of military or economic sanctions, can be an effective alternative. It prevents the regime to reinforce all its repressive forces and organs to further repress Iranian people and jeopardise the international peace.

--IRI's export of crude oil or import of refined oil from India pass through the Strait of Hurmoz, where a UN mandated marine force can stop the transport.

According to Iran's Oil Ministry, the country needs to import up to 15 million litres of gasoline a day for domestic consume. Before rationing was imposed, the domestic consume was estimated 75 million litres a day of gasoline, of which about 36 million was imported. In the case of only gasoline embargo, Iran's consummation can be hardly affected.

IRI's revenue of oil is 70%. A great proportion of this national revenue is not invested to improve the cause of people. Oil in the hands of Mullahs fuels corruption and repression rather than boosts development for people. In short, oil income does not play an important role to people's daily life; in fact, both rate of inflation and unemployment increases while line of poverty permanently sinks. By contrast, Islamic foundations and institutions mushrooms quickly with oil income, oil is mainly a high resource of financing the repressive hundreds of thousands of pasdars, Basijis, masked hooligans, bearded or veiled militias, thugs of "Morality Police … Plus IRI's financing measures for international Islamist terrorism.

Although, Iran is the world's fourth-largest crude oil exporter, it lacks refining capacity to meet all domestic demand for gasoline. Backward Mullahs are not to refine oil therefore rationing was introduced in an effort to curb consumption and cut the rising cost of importing fuel. India imports Iranian crude oil and after refining it exports it to Iran.

The idea of oil embargo, as a weapon of struggle against the tyranny, can be regarded effective. Without oil income, the regime can collapse. The strike of Iranian National Oil Company was a main factor of Shah's collapse; it can also topple the IRI.

Sales of oil for arms in the hands of Basijis, Pasdars, or Hezbollahs in Lebanon to safeguard the savage IRI only serve the agenda of Mullahs. Mullahs do not care about the extraction and abuse of Iranian national wealth. They raise the production of oil to fulfil their agenda. Through oil embargo, unexploited oil will remain an intact source for a free Iran after the fall of the totalitarian IRI. It will help the country to repair the damage done by this regime and will guarantee prosperity and development of the national economy after the Mullahs' regime.

We know that interconnected global economies vitally depend on oil. The industrialised world is the main consumers of fuel. Despite the deep economical interconnections, they are not always in harmony. The EU because of its intensive trade with Iran is rather opposed to such an oil embargo on the IRI. The EU remained cooperative with Iran after the Iranian revolution. IRI's sponsored terrorism, and nuclear programme, did not seem to play an important role for the EU. EU's share of Iran's total imports has now increased to 45%. EU trade with Iran has even expanded since Iran's secret nuclear programme was exposed. The EU imports 40% Iran's oil-the rest goes to Japan, China and other Asian countries.

The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), to which Iran belongs, can raise output by 3,000,000 barrels per day; oil embargo on the IRI can not be a factor that the whole world economy goes into recession.

Mullahs know the risk of an oil embargo; they try to abuse the relatively expensive oil price, to export as much as they can, even below the market price. They have ordered last year oil tankers from South Korea to increase their transport fleet and consequently oil transportation capacity to 11 million tons by 2010.

Roughly 20% of oil revenues go directly to the pocket of the people in the form of payment for subsidies or employees of the governmental organisations (about 3 million). Oil is the lowest income of these people under the smashing inflation. The mullahs are the real brokers of oil. Oil is a mafia wealth of corrupt Rafsanjani-clan and his likes. They can fuel any propaganda machine to abate the tension felt at home and mask any real cause for which people suffer from. So, oil income goes on the account of repressive organs, propaganda machine, and terrorist organisations in the world.

The IRI is precarious, unpopular mullahs hold onto power by all means of repression. If the oil revenue were suddenly to drop, the repressive regime would lose its steady income and would have serious problems to invest its repressive machine to repress domestic population and finance international terrorism.

If oil sanction, as a new weapon of sanction, is imposed as a result of IRI's nuclear row with the West, and it can render the IRI more vulnerable, it is also at the same time a lack of resource in the hand of the Mullahs to finance their repressive organs and a fair occasion for Iranian people to challenge the plague of the IRI, some Iranian analysts believe.

The IRI cannot be reduced to a simple dictatorial system. It is an extremely brutal totalitarian system, emulated from the archaic models of a clan society of Arab pagans. IRI's criminal records go beyond of any standard of today's imagination, i.e., with one Khomeini's fatwa, several thousands political prisoners, some of them minors, were killed in summer 88.

Since the inception of the regime, hundreds of thousands of Iranians have been jailed, tortured, strained to repent, or summarily executed. Millions of Iranians have been forced to leave the country looking asylum in the West.

The brutal face of Mullahs' regime is camouflaged by the censured of state run media. Furthermore, in the light of any Göbbels-like propaganda system of totalitarian regimes, a crowd of sold intellectuals, paid journalists and Islamic media-networks do the job to create an international apathy towards the depth of Iranian people's plight.

The best reason to impose an oil embargo on the regime is the lack of any other realistic alternative from the UN. Even as the collateral damage from such trade embargo can be immense, including harming those countries that impose it, the other choice is economic sanctions, if not war.


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  Dear Mr. Rashidian;

by varjavand on

  Dear Mr. Rashidian;

You live your life somehow that after your death “Muslims wash your body and Hindus burn it” This is my translation of a famous poem by a great Persian Poet.  If I have been able to lead you, and some of your associates, to believe that I am an IRI agent, I have achieved my purpose which is to influence someone through my writings and/or take someone to the direction I want. It is only due to your naïve judgment to make such an erroneous assumption about me and/or being manipulated by my writings. You are not alone, by the way. When I first came to this site, not too long ago, some of the Bahai visitors thought I was one of them, perhaps because of my last name. That didn’t make me a Bahai neither.  

Keep on dreaming,  Varjavand

Jahanshah Rashidian

Dear Mr. Farhad Kashani:

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Dear Mr. Farhad Kashani: Thanks for your lucid points and instructive facts you always develop. To free our Iran, we need a solid front of all those who have for the priority the front idea of how to get rid of the IRI and then pave the way for a democratically elected new state and constitution.

Dear Hunting: You have righr: sanctions hurt people. How about the sanctions of the regime-financially, diplomatically and judicially in an international scale?

Dear Irandokht and 135: Please see my reply for not mentioning references or footnoted. But a copy or paste of a Spiegel as 135 in another comment claimed is too exaggerated.

Jahanshah Rashidian

To All

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Dear Salar
: Thanks for your long comment and sorry for my short reply. Now I put a glance on all comments and later, after reading all comments, I will put another comment to sum up some conclusion.

Dear Kave
: thank you for the important points.

Dear Sammsam111 and Luciferous
: About the modality, rate and timing of such embargo, we the Real Opposition must demand such an embargo that does not target people but IRI's repressive machine which needs refined oil, mainly shipped from India.

Dear Killyjoy
: You put in a right analyse which remains the reason of , many, historical clashes: the people of Iran, all suffer as "A result of being neglected by the IRI and having lived in abject poverty for decades, millions of poor Iranians have become desensitized to the pains of financial hardships. It is the ruling clique and the upper classes which will hurt most and not the poor". The parasitic elite class is the main responsible for all ills people suffer from.

Mr. Abarmard
: I am glad that you talk about "uprising against the system", even if ironic!

Mr. Varjavand
: As an Islamist teacher, tell us howmany of your brain washed pupils joint the Basiji, Jihadi, Morality Police, tortures of your beloved IRI or now regret their childhood wasted by your like-minded? Then we talk about people's interests.

Dear Maryam Hojja
t : Thank you for your support for my pieces.

Dear Asdf
: Agree with your quotation and thanks for your support.

Dear Jamshid
: Thank you for support. Our priority remains how to get rid of the plague of the IRI despite it continues to sow seeds of dispersion and confusion among us.

Jahanshah Rashidian

To All

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Sorry for the delay, I just came back from a short trip. I am sorry and apologise for the mistake or negligence not to refer to the sources in my article, it has not been intentionally. Spiegel, Google (in German), some of my own previous articles are some references in this article.




Sanctions for Iranians but $$$$$ for ZioNazis

by Mehdi on

The usual ZioNazis argue that Iran should be sanctioned but Israel should receive handouts from the US. Iranians and their culture must be demonized publicly, but Israel should get paid by American taxpayers to bring drunk Russian retards, whose fathers happened to have a one night stand with  Jewish woman, "back to his homelend." What a double standard. And if you expose their criminal netwrok, oh, you are just supporting IRI  - the same regime that they worked so hard to put in place in the first place (and take Shah out) and then demonize it (so that they could destroy Iran and milk its resources with ease).


Dear Mr. Parveezshah Rashidian

by 135 (not verified) on

Moving paragraphs up and down, does not necessarily means; Analyzing.

If so, then I will begin right away with analyzing Shahnameh and Mein Kampf./

Labeling(IRI crowds) is the very same method that IRI has been using against Iranians for 30 years onward.

Please give us a convincing reason to drop all our thoughts; follow your manner in reasoning; no author defamation and write in the direction precisely paralleled to yours.
Who sounds IRI or Adolf now?
No question, no hesitation, no enlightenment, just follow the nose. Z Heil!
Please do upgrade your discussion and arguing skills.

Ethics say; this is deception and a direct insult to this website integrity and its bloggers intellect.


"According to

by morenews (not verified) on

"According to Ibtikarnews.com, this past year (understood to be 2007) Iranians invested $760 million in the Emirates, and 20-30% of Emirati trade is done through Iranian mediation. The piece cites the following statistics from Emirati newspaper Al-Bayan: Iranians dominate the cross-gulf seaborne trade. 7,073 Iranian companies operate in the UAE in 31 trade categories, from banking to real estate and oil; and, until the end of 2006 “more than 400,000″ Iranian traders have transferred “more than $300 billion” to the UAE. The CEO of EPX Middle East, an Iranian firm, was quoted as saying “Iran plays an important role in the region and the Persian Gulf…UAE is a perfect example of how a secure business environment attracts investment.”


money is not your problem(Kashani et all)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani says: "If the U.S is willing to help, we will gladly accept it...."

Kashani, I am not happy that some of my tax money is pocketed by you guys, and I hope U.S stops spending money on extremists such as yourself, MEKs, etc.
However I don't think any amount of money can fix your political bankruptcy. Not only money but also empty slogans, exaggeration, and even application of more pressure on Iranian poor through the sanctions (that you are advocating) can NOT fix your political bankruptcy.
There is a sane opposition to IRI but it is not your rotten politics or Rashidian's.


IRI' s crowd

by Parveez (not verified) on

Once again, IRI!s crowd are, little but aggressive mobilized on this site under fake, vulgar and repeated names and avtars to attack the author, Kashani,Salar and Jamshid for their defence of Iranin people,

Anonoy, 135: the Spiegel link does not present the analyze and all contents of Mr. Rashidian. it has SOME SIMILAR DATES, FACTS AND STATISTICS THAT CAN BE FOUND IN OTHER writings too.
It woulb be greate if IRI' supporters reply to the main propositions made in the article instead of divertion and defamation of the author.

Farhad Kashani

Anonym7, Iranians don’t

by Farhad Kashani on

Anonym7, Iranians don’t care with whom the IRI has relations with, whether its U.S or Bangladesh. We are focused on one thing, and one thing only, the removal of the IRI. We understand that once this regime is removed, we can live in peace with the world and ourselves, we can progress, we can be free and we can be prosperous.


If the U.S is willing to help, we will gladly accept it. As of matter of fact, we will gladly accept any help from any country, government, civil society, NGOs, charity, …. who sees the IRI as a common enemy, whether that country is U.S, or, again, Bangladesh, on the condition that they don’t ask for our sovereignty. The fact is, the existence of the IRI has become not only intolerable for the U.S, but for most of the world. So, expecting International help shouldn’t be that hard.

Farhad Kashani

jamshid, your absolutely

by Farhad Kashani on

jamshid, your absolutely right. We all get attacked by these misguided leftists and IRI supporters, who are in fact, a tiny, but very vocal and active minority of Iranians. Opposing U.S policies is one thing, being an IRI supporter, or an apologizer, or a victimizer is absolutely another. All these people try to do is to mix the two, and we should be aware of that. I’m not making this up, but these people are obsessed with the U.S, a sick obsession that is.

The more they attack us and use profanity, its only a sign of increasing desperation. The more and more Iranians are speaking up and the world is waking up, the more vicious they become and the more absurd they sound. If anything, this has to make us more determined.


Keep up the good work. 


Dear Jamshid

by IRANdokht on

Why do you think that saying we don't want Iranians to get hurt further is an indication of supporting IRI? Why does the world have to be black or white?

Are you saying that since the people are being tortured and sacrificed by IRI, it's ok for others to finish them off? that is sure what it sounds like when you say IRI sanctions hurt the people, so it's a good idea to sanction them all...



Re: Irandokth

by jamshid on

"People who don't want to see Iranians hurt by sanctions are not vatan-foroush"

What about people who don't want to see Iranians hurt by IRI's sanctions against its own people? Domestic sanctions that are just as worst. Note that the IRI's domestic sanction against the citizens of Iran benefits only a few.

You can find them in this site plenty. They ARE vatan foroosh.


The content bites so lets

by Salar (not verified) on

The content bites so lets attack the author and everything else mostly irrelevant to the content.

This is not an academic article so it doesn’t need references you hick. IRI criminals come in all shapes and sizes, from the torture master in the dungeons of evin prison to IRI lobbyist wearing Armani suits and ties. They are so obvious and transparent though and always the only thing they can add is IRI static in every discussion that hits nerves in their illegitimate master mullah regime.


a few comments

by IRANdokht on

Dear 135:

Nicely done!

Dear Jamshid:

People who don't want to see Iranians hurt by sanctions are not vatan-foroush. Please stop the hate campaign.

Dear JR:

why is there no footnotes or reference to the Spiegel article?



RELAX and do not tear yourselves apart please

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

Whatever the U.S. and her European allies want to do to Iran, they will do, regardless of Mr. Rashidian's article and your reaction to it, therefore RELAX and do not tear yourselves apart please.

The bottomline is "as we all know by now" that they will not let mullahs acquire the bomb unless the hell freezes over PERIOD


آقا ی رشید یا ن


Excuse my French

This author is clearly out of touch with reality of the situation both in US and the Middle East.
He is advocating the same agenda as the Zionist criminal network that brought us the Iraq
war and the current US bankruptcy. (THANK YOU)

Any foreign intervention in Iran will be viewed as an attack on Iran’s sovereignty as it should be.

This will be seen as an explicit declaration of war. Now that we understand the consequences of such actions as clearly seen in Iraq,
any one who advocates such an intervention is without a doubt not well-intentioned *(I even go as far as calling him a traitor).

Here is how I see U:


Selling intellectual thru Ctrl C & V

by 135 (not verified) on

Allright then, lets put it this way - as my previous comment wasn't punchy enough.

This article is just a Copy and Paste of the following article;


Reprint Spiegel Rights;

Being an intellectual is far more than just carrying books, newspapers and nowadays, Ctrl C & V.

It seems this is the actual blog for ripping our tonsils and lecturing on disadvantages of being a pretentious and Khaliband nation.

The next comment will be cc'ed to Spiegel as well.


IRI Criminals

by Salar (not verified) on

Until when we have to listen and tolerate the garbage that comes out of IRI thugs and criminals on this site under the pretense of democracy. Democracy is not anarchy, democracy is not freedom of criminals and their malicious rhetoric and attacks on other respectful, freedom loving individuals. Isn’t enough that these criminals have invaded and impose their garbage in our country? Now we have to sit and listen to them here. Do people of Iran enjoy the same freedom these criminals enjoy here? Could Iranians without any restriction and censorship enjoy free media including the Internet and posting their opinions on sites like this one without any precautions. These criminals start their assault and injection of their poison as soon as a topic gets posted and hijack the discussion. Now one even insults one of the most reasonable and logical voices on this site (Jamshid) with his vulgar language and it easily gets through the filtering and is posted. Supporting IRI and apologizing for its actions is not free speech, it is criminal and helps prolonging the oppressing life of the IRI regime. Their comments never add any value to the discussion as they just repeat the same crap that comes out of IRI. If you people are so sure of it, then why don’t your IRI lifts the restriction and censorship on the media and then everyone will find out how popular your beloved regime really is among Iranians.

JR: oil embargo of the regime along with precise force used against their military targets, specifically Sepah will surely bring this regime to its knees within a week but the main question is whether foreign powers especially westerns powers are finally ready to part from their bastard child and sacrifice it after 30 years of giving them all the profit they could not even dream of getting from any other corrupt regime in Iran? That is an entirely different topic of its own. Do you think they are ready to do that? Have they reached that decision point? I am not quite so sure. certain elements maybe but looks like they are still in minority.


Corrupts and sanctions (to Jamshid)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Jamshid says: "I noticed you keep getting attacked by a few rotten vatan foroosh bacheh akhoond."

Jamshid, the description of the corrupt group you just mentioned is about %66 (*) applicable to you and Mr. Kashani as well, otherwise you wouldn't be advocating sanctions against your own country which does not hurt the very well loaded bacheh Akhoonds but the poor Iranians.
BTW, Jamshid are you back here for bear hunting or adding value to discussions? you are welcome either way.
(*) you used three adjectives and I assumed you guys are not bache Akhoond.


speaking of Iranians (to Kashani)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani, from what I have seen so far except for a very few extremists who are a small minority in the government majority of Iranians are happy about potential normalization of U.S Iran relation and removal of sanctions. I know you mentioned before that you don't follow the "corporate news" but at least follow the other news.
I have to bring that news to you so you don't keep talking for "we Iranian people" and misinform.


Re: Farhad Kashani

by jamshid on


I noticed you keep getting attacked by a few rotten vatan foroosh bacheh akhoond. You must have hit their nerves where you should. In this site, the more insults and accusations you get from these vatan foroosh bunch, the more badges of honor you have earned.

Thank you for voicing the people of Iran's concerns against these "faased" aghazadehs who are only concerned with the survival of their IRI ATM machine in order to further exploit (estesmaar) their people.


Farhad Kashani

by mostaghel on

To begin with you are not Iranian, you are a Zio-Nazi. Why are you on this thread talking about Iranian affairs? Just somehow picking up an iranian name does not make  you iranian. Have you been circumsized yet? If not, I know a good jewish Dr. My sone had to be circumsized TWICE by him!. That is how good he is!

Farhad Kashani

Anonym7, you're right, we,

by Farhad Kashani on

Anonym7, you're right, we, the Iranian people, have prmoised ourselves and groomed ourselves, to take back our country from the fascist fundamentalists that hijacked it back in 1979.

And we are looking for our "prize", which is democracy.


the anger of the groomed! (to Kashani et all)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani, I understand that a number of you guys have been groomed to be brought to power and you are getting impatient. However that does not mean that you should get rid of your frustration through revenge and by advocating sanctions that will directly hurt Iranians, specially the poor Iranians who already have a very hard time.
I suggest you guys continue grooming yourselves, who knows maybe one of these days you can win a prize.


Farhad Kashani: When you get a chance

by Mehdi on

come up with some newer and fancier catch phrases that you don't know the meaning of but make you sound like you said something intellectual. I'd really appreciate it.


Wake Up

by Z-Anonymous-1 (not verified) on

You all sound so naive !! Don't you realize they are all in it together? That is, the Arab Royal Family, the Bushes, and Exxon-Mobil Board of Directors. Case in point is when the price of oil dips a little bit, the Khaen Regime of Rozeh Khoons and their Malijak (Ahmadinejad) just fire some Shahab 3's to light a make the Dweebs in the Futures Market to panic and the raise the price again. This is what happens when you give your Afsaar to a Rozeh Khoon who feels "Hichee" for this nation after 15 years. Wake up and semll the Chai!


Dear Mr. Rashidian

by 135 (not verified) on

Please do not misinterpret my intentions on the following;

The article frame includes no explicit citation or source footnote.
The original context, as well as the translation, by no means, could be credited as your own intellectual property.
This could be considered, a violation of;
-Press/Mass Media Laws,
-Copyright/Intellectual Property Laws

"The source of the article is Spiegel and the credit goes to columnists:
-Dieter Bednarz,
-Ralf Beste,
-Hans Hoyng,
-Cordula Meyer,
-Wolfgang Reuter,
-Christoph Schult,
-Christopher Sultan: German Translation"

I believe in what my great idol, Dr. Moj'tahedi(RIP) taught me; Collective Awareness and Discipline. Lack of those, bring a nation to its lowest.



where it hurts or...

by hurting (not verified) on

whom it hurts?

Sanctions will hurt the people the most. The poor people of Iran who live in high rates of inflation, the ones who can't afford their rents, can't afford a car, can't even afford to put food on the table (sofreh mostly). So many children are forced to work instead of getting an education and being a kid. Women are prostituting themselves to survive... That's not enough?

You want to hurt the people?

My parents live in Iran. Meat is 10,000 tomans a kilo now. Chicken is 7000 tomans. Rice prices have sky-rocketed.
You want to put more pressure on my/our parents and the rest of the people? and you call it a great idea?

All the years that Saddam's government was under sanctions and so many children of Iraq died for not having proper nutrition, vaccines and medications, did Saddam really feel the pain or did the people? It still took a military attack to get rid of him, and they ended up killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's and relocating one third of the population too.

I can't believe you or any Iranian would want that for our country. I know we hate the akhounds, but is it right to take it out on the innocent people?


Re: ZioNazis and the MEK coallition - what a marriage!

by mostaghel on

MKO and Zio-Nazis have always been married. After MKO could not make it in iran they went to Iraq and killed Iranians during the 8 years war, but their funding was coming from Zio-Nazis. After the war they have been collaborating with Iranian nation's enemies through AIPAC and other zio-Nazi organizations in Washington, Dc. Why do you think that MKO which is labelled as terrorist organization by the US government has an office in the shaddows of the W.H? No one else could pull this except if they were in bed with the Zio-Nazis.  The interesting part is that how poor and desparate the Zio-Nazis are that they should get help from MKO!  The group most hated by the Iranian nation (even more hated than mollahs)!