Truth behind the propaganda

What's behind Iran’s stance towards Israel?


Truth behind the propaganda
by Farhad Kashani

Much has been said about the Israeli-Arab conflict. Sometimes, it seems that the truth has been lost between all the propaganda doses from all sides.  

After the 1979 revolution, Iran became the single biggest opponent of Israel in the region, bigger opponents than the Palestinians themselves. It has been said that Iranians look at the empty half of the glass only, however, in this article, I put down some of the more common reasoning the IRI mentions, to justify its animosity towards Israel.

In the beginning, I have to say, although I believe Israel has accomplished much for its citizens, but I have not been a fan of Israel for a long time. Although Israel has the right to exist like any other nation, but much of its current territory is built on occupied Palestinian land. Israel has also occupied Syrian and Lebanese lands. Israeli actions in the Palestinian territory are unjustified, brutal and inhumane. The world needs to come together to stop Israeli actions in Palestinian territories. All that being said, King Abdullah of S. Arabia introduced a great peace offer to Israel in 2002, where as in return for Israeli withdrawal from occupied Arab lands, all Arab countries will recognize Israel and establish normal relations with it and live in peace with it. I think if Israel doesn’t accept this offer, it has only itself to blame.  

In this article though, I like to examine Iran’s stance towards Israel. Our country and people have sacrificed a lot, and I mean a lot, for IRI’s blind anti Israeli sentiments. Many countries, groups, parties and organizations..oppose Israeli actions, but none of them put a burden on their people as much as we have paid. We have become isolated, hated, we regressed, we paid human and material price,  we have been threatened to be attacked, and we have been looked down upon by most of the world (with the exception of some fascist Islamist and lefty loonies), because of this stance. There is a different between opposing something, and “blindly”, opposing something. Some of the most outspoken Israeli critics are Israel’s friends, such as Turkey. So why is IRI acting like as it is? Below is some of the most common rhetoric used by the regime:

 * IRI is anti Israeli because it has occupied Arab lands: Not true. Iran has not taken a unified stance towards occupied Arab lands. As we speak, there are other Arab territories occupied by non-Arab countries that you hear nothing about from the incredibly powerful IRI propaganda machine. Examples are 2 Moroccan cities occupied by Spain, and and city of Eskanadaroon in Syria (Iran’s closest ally!) occupied by Turkey. These issues have been a major source of tension between Morocco – Spain and Turkey – Syria, but you never hear the IRI talk about them.

 * IRI is anti Israeli because it has occupied an Islamic country’s territory: Also not true. Iran has not taken a unified stance towards that also. There are other non-Arab Islamic lands occupied by non-Muslims as we speak, but you never hear the IRI mention a single word about them. Examples are Chechnya by Russia, Kashmir by India, Somalia by Ethiopia, Sin Kiang province by China. Muslims living in those areas, claim that their lands have been occupied by non-Muslims, but the IRI never spits out a single sentence regarding those cases.

 * IRI is anti Israeli because it is concerned about the human rights violations by Israel: I think we all know the answer to that. How can a government which has the absolute minimum, if any, regard for its own citizens’ life, dignity and rights, care about Palestinian rights? Iran’s record in human rights is pretty much agreed upon by most of the world to be one of the worst, if not the worst. All one needs to do is look at any Human Rights organization report to see where Iran stands on different Human Rights respect categories.

 * IRI is anti Israeli because Israel hates us: Most Iranians know that’s not the case. Before the IRI start its blind anti Israeli campaign, Israel never harmed Iranian interests nor it worked against our country. As a matter of fact, even after the 1979 revolution, Israel attacked the Osirak nuclear power in Iraq, which helped Iran. That doesn’t’ mean as Iranians and as neutral observers, we should overlook Israeli crimes, but, again, how far are we going on being Israel’s critics?

 * IRI is anti Israeli because Israel was illegally established after WWII: Not true. Many countries were established only after WWII which were not historically established as countries, examples are, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Persian Gulf countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh, more than half of African countries, …and the list goes on. So should those countries be as Khomeini said, “eliminated by all Muslims picking up a bucket of water and spilling it on Israel” also? In addition, IRI makes the arguments that Palestinian Muslims were the only inhabitants of that area, which is like everything else they say, untrue. Jews used to live there also, along with Christians and Muslims, for thousands of years. Offourse the Muslims were the majority and that demographic should not change by force. But, if you make that argument, then we, as Iranians, need to leave Iran and give the country back to the Ilamites. After all, we’ve been living in Iran for 2500 years only (at least our Aryan population has,.. Turks, Arabs, Mongols, Indians, and others came later,), and the Ilamites have been living there long before the Aryans came.

Those are most of the claims made by the IRI to justify its blind anti Israeli rethoric. So what is or are the real reasons behind this animosity that the IRI started against Israel? Well, for one, IRI complains about Europe not allowing investigation into the Holocaust, but itself does not allow any discussion over the Israeli conflict that does reflect Khomeini’s fundamentalist vision. As result, we will not get the truth from IRI.  

So what’s the real reason? Iranians have realized that the IRI actions are results of two things:

1. Iran takes this stance towards Israel because it has occupied “religious: Islamic sites, not just any Palestinian, or Syrian, or Lebanese land, and since the IRI has sacrificed our country to portray itself as the only true Islamic government in the world, at minimum just to energize its base and spread its propaganda, it has taken a fury stance against the occupation of Quds. Again, most people oppose Israeli occupation of Quds, but no one acts recklessly, unjustifiably, inhumanely and irresponsibly the way the IRI does.

2. Since Israel is U.S closest ally in the region, for the IRI to, again, at minimum to energize its base in Iran, it has looked upon this issue as a proxy war with the United States. After all, you can’t bash and trash a country 24/7, and not take any action to show the world you are, in reality also, oppose to it. For some less educated and traditional Iranians, Provocation and thugness is a way of life . The IRI made that way of life, a government policy, and it used the blind anti Americanism as its main tool to justify its existence and policies. Some of the reasons go back to the fact that since the IRI consists of disfranchised, neglected, uneducated and traditional-minded segment of our society that were looked down upon by the most sophisticated, westernized, and most importantly, Americanized, Iranians during the Shah regime, they have been attacking that same Americanization that reflected in their oppressors. After all, Khomeini said, the revolution was a “cultural revolution” more than anything, and he was absolutely right. Also, many dictatorships use anti Americanism to gather support among their faithful in order to gain power. Examples are Mugabe, Castro, Kim Jon Ill, and others. Its needless to say, America has become the world’s punching bag.

In conclusion, we need to realize the true intentions of this regime in everything it says and does. Without it, we can never understand it, thus, we can never be able to better confront it. And if we don’t confront it, whatever is left from our country, will be gone. 


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A few notes

by jamshid on

Shiny Head: It is you who is not human for having forgotten the misery of your own people in favor of Palestinians. 

Anonymous8: Spare us with all the chest beating on "we are anti foreign occupation and foreign intervention and anti...." crap. You are anti-nothing. Your country is occupied by people who are exploiting the poor Iranians which you don't seem to care for. Your only main concern is your IRI ATM machine's survival.

Jaleho: You wrote, "IRI is acting with amazingly brave and smart policy to acclaim Iran's natural power status in the region." A powerful nation is one that has empowered people. The IRI has made a bunch of domestic "too sari khor" out of its citizens. boro baba jamesh kon ba in dari variaat.

Anonym7: You wrote, " but it is IRI that has not allowed the destruction of Iran ... that is the biggest legitimacy stamp..." The IRI has indeed destroyed everything that Iran could have been under another democratic and secular regime after 30 years.  The IRI is a parasitic and exploitive (estesmaari) entity that has destroyed Iran.

Farhad Kashani

Mammad, stop the personal

by Farhad Kashani on

Mammad, stop the personal attacks and answer the argument. Based on the conversations we had so far, you are well aware of the fact that none of the things you just said about me are true. But, since you’re outlogiced, you have resorted to personal attack as a last mean to discredit my argument. That’s both immature and pathetic.


Like I said before, 1- I’m absolutely confident and feel great about the fact that its an undeniable reality that our argument represents the Iranian majority views, simply because we speak of facts 2- you guys’ ideological hijack of the Iranian intellectual movement is over. Whether you want to accept that reality or not, is a different subject. I urge to visit other Iranian websites and publications to see the very own leftist figures speak of the fact that the Iranian leftist movement has never been under attack as it is now, by Iranians.


Let me just say this, because I live in the 21st century (unlike the Islamists and leftists), I am well aware that every statement I make can be easily checked by looking at A – Facts 2- History 3 – Logic 4- Widely accepted beliefs. None of us can claim that we don’t make mistakes, and you know that. So, I’ll let the audience decide, and the audience is well aware that A- supporting the IRI is treasonous B- Opinion, is not necessarily a fact 3- Universally accepted ideas are what’s important. I have previously pointed out infinite numbers of untrue statements that you and like minded people have made, but, again, since I’m extremely confident and proud of the fact that we speak of the suffering of Iranian people who have no voice to express them, not only none of these attacks will frustrate me from expressing mine and their views, but it will energize me even more and more.


We, the Iranian majority, have woken up, have spoken up and we’re energized and determined to take back Iran from the fascist, illegal and illegitimate regime of the IRI. I’m sorry that you’re unable to see that there is a deep and increasingly popular Iranian movement to confront the regime. None of your labeling work anymore, nor your personal attacks, nor your “relativity” argument, nor you “leftist definition and interpretation of political science theories and world realities”.


Again, please show some civility.


Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews

by FromCanada (not verified) on

If you really want to know what is going on in the Middle East read what Henry Makow - A JEW - has to say:

"The "British" are really the London-based international banking cartel associated with names like Rothschild and Rockefeller. It doesn't answer to any government. Its goal is to colonize the world and everyone in it. Jews are a means to this end.

As seen in Iraq, Zionists (a.k.a Neocons) play a major role in the colonization of the Middle East. The important thing to remember is that Israel is the creation of this cartel; both Israel and the US are its tools."

FROM: //


Kashani dig in with your extremism!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani_jAn, dig in with your extremism. Call Iran "Ultra Faschist", "Gold Ultra Faschist", 'Platinum Ultra Faschist", "Enriched Uranium Ultra Faschist".
Also keep saying "Iran is the biggest danger to world peace" :-)

BTW Kashani, I have NEVER called those who disagree with me Zionist. I have however identified people such as Mr. Imani an AIPAC/Neocon based on his political stance (and he never objected to that!). As you know not all the Zionists are necessarily with AIPAC.

Farhad Kashani

Anonym7, as for as your

by Farhad Kashani on

Anonym7, as for as your fascist argument, well, OK, lets see, where do we start:

-         The regime has executed and murdered hundreds of thousands (if not more than a million) of its citizens. The IRI commits the same genocide the Nazis did against the Jews, they do it against the Bahais (offcourse Bahais were not 6 million people), but they do it at a much lower pace and with extremely lower noise and publicity.

-         the regime has imprisoned millions of its citizens

-         the regime indirectly killed hundreds of thousands of its citizens in a war that it provoked the other side to start, and later, prolonging it for no reason

-         millions of Iranians left the country because of the regime

-         the regime applies medieval religious laws on its citizens, one of the few in the world

-         The regime has one of the worst records in freedom of speech, in the world.

-         The regime has one of the worst records of freedom of press in the world

-         There are no political parties in Iran

-         The regime is one of biggest censurers of the internet, in the world

-         The regime is one of the last few remaining countries that does not allow satellite dishes

-         Khamenei is considered one of the worst dictators in the world

-         The regime created one of the ,most closest economies of the world

-         According to regimes own estimate, 14 million out of 70 million Iranians live below poverty line

-         The regime has one of the biggest rates of inflation in the world

-         The regime has an incredibly large unemployment rate

-         Iran ahs one of the worst corruption percentages in the world

-         Iranian passport is one of the worst passports in terms of not needing a visa to travel to other countries

-         The regime, was and is, the center for inspiration and support of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, which is considered the biggest threat to world peace, thus, making the IRI the greatest threat to world peace

-         The regime is one of biggest provoker and chaos causer regimes in the world

-         The regime is one of the, if not the most, hated regimes around the world, destroyed our reputation we kept for thousands o f years, destroyed Iran’s image, destroyed Islam’s image and turned Iran into one big isolated prison..


You’re right, it’s unfair to call them “fascists”, I have a better term: Ultra Fascist.




by Mammad on

Baabaa ajab haali daari

(1) Do you not know that FK has appointed himself as the spokesman for practically everybody? He often says, "the vast majority of Iranians." He, on behalf of 1.2 billion Chinese people, declared the Chinese Government as illegitimate. Often (read his last post) he uses "we" to refer to himself (the way Shah used to do!).

(2) He makes statements with such certainty that he often violates Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, the pillar of modern science. I am dead serious. If FK was somebody whose statements would have an impact (he thinks they have impact - read his last two posts), I would spend the time to actually show this.

(3) Whenever one makes statements with which he disagrees - even when such statements are long-established, universally accepted facts - instead of accepting his mistake, or at least allowing the POSSIBILITY that he could be wrong, he starts revising things, giving new and absurd definition of everything without having an iota of expertise in the area. Just look at the way he defined the legitimacy of a political system.

(4) When historical facts get in his way, he either rewrites the history or, if he feels that he cannot really do it (it would look ridiculous even to him!), he declares them as "opinion." This is because he just does not understand that history and writing history are a science, and so we cannot just revise history as we wish, just like we cannot change established scientific facts.

(5) He says things about historical events that even perpetrators of the events do not. For example, the CIA coup in Iran in 1953 was, for a long time, the crown jewel of its operations around the world. The CIA was proud of it. It thought the operation in its schools as an example of an efficient and excellent operation.

Yet, FK believes otherwise. He once made the absurd declaration that, "the Shah had the army with him and a big majority of people" in 1953 BEFORE THE COUP. Why, then, did he have to leave the country? Why, then, did he need a foreign-sponsored coup? Particularly, when his foe was a peaceful man like Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh.  

It is true that FK does not use profanity and insulting words. But, most of the things that he says "politely" are worse than profanity and insult. The worst thing anybody can do to anybody else is insulting his/her intelligence, and FK often does that. I do not know whether he actually realizes it! 


Farhad Kashani

Anonym7, ghorbanat beram

by Farhad Kashani on

Anonym7, ghorbanat beram :), you always, numerous time, called everyone you disagree with, a “Zionist”. I’m really surprised that you are attempting to deny that.

Nonetheless, I think you just showed an important flawed piece of you guys’ argument, which is, claiming that we have called “Iran”, not the “IRI”, a fascist. I’m pretty sure you are well aware that we mean the IRI. That being said, without self criticism, we cannot evolve or progress as a nation. One big issue among some Iranians is that they see nothing wrong our country. That’s destructive.

I love Isfahan, have you ever been to Shahin Shahr? Very nice area. Truth being said, as we always do aziz, Karbaschi who was later bashed, triad and sentenced to prison by the “fascist” regime, did many great things for Isfahan.


Kashanie azeez!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani_jAn, during the course of my life I have had the privilege of working with people with diverse ideologies and political orientation, including Zionists (like my Israeli university adviser, and coworkers in several companies). So far I haven't come across any Zionist who has demonized Iran and Iranians to the extent that extremists such as Mr. Imani and Mr. Kashani do.
Even in this site I have not seen any Zionist call Iran "faschist" as often as you do!!!!!
So Kashni_jAn I have no reason to disrespect the Zionists by calling you a Zionist.
Regarding the Isfahani saying, that I utilized in my discussions; as you may know that is a mild form of the phrase "you don't fool me". I respect your wish and will not use the sweet and milder Isfahani form of that phrase to describe the impact of your war lobby propaganda.

Farhad Kashani

Anonym7, azeez, how nice of

by Farhad Kashani on

Anonym7, azeez, how nice of you to call me a “khar”!!


This is not about lobbying or propaganda. Its very simple, this is a site to exchange views and ideas. Lot of us are political active outside of this site. On here, we each present our views and let the audience decide. I have absolute great confidence that our views represent the majority of Iranians’, specially, specially, the ones inside of Iran. So you can call me “khar”, “liar” “Zionsts”, “making up facts”..and all kinds of names, offcourse, I will defend myself in a civilized manner, but what you’re not realizing is, not just me, but most of the silent Iranian majority had these views since the fascist regime hijacked our country. However, we were silenced and bullied by the leftists and the Islamists to shut up, fearing they call us “Zionists” , or “CIA agent”, or “Imperialists”,(their new label is “war mongerer),  all while they were engaged in destroying our country. Now, that has changed, people have spoken and these labels have lost their affect. The more desperate and isolated they get, the more uncivilized and vicious they become and the more profanity they use. They keep losing credibility among Iranians and the world, day by day. They just won’t admit it, or are unwilling to accept reality.




First off, I'm an American

by jay (not verified) on

First off, I'm an American citizen of Indian descent and have great respect for the people of Iran and hope one day to visit the country and experience first-hand its rich culture and people.

Found the article interesting and I take one 'exception', but not 'offense', to the 'Kashmir by India' reference. The exception I take is that Kashmir is somehow lumped in with other conflict zones where there are Muslim majorities.

First remember that the Indian subcontinent is very diverse both ethnically and religiously. Do remember that Pakistan, itself created in 1947 as a country just for Muslims, was itself persecuting Muslims of 'East Pakistan'. The East Pakistanis (who shared little in common with the rest of Pakistan other than religion) revolted and formed their own country, Bangladesh. Of what remains of Pakistan, its military and intelligence agencies continue to promote conflict against Shia of Pakistan, against Kashmiris (Muslims and non-Muslims alike), and against Afghans through their support of the Taleban (who basically don't like Shia).

Politics and tragedies (to both Muslims and non-Muslims) aside, what most people tend to 'assume' is that just because there is a religious majority in a region (in this case Muslims in Kashmir region of India), they should form their own country or join another (i.e. the notion of Kashmir joining Pakistan).

Since Shia are the majority in southern Iraq, should they join Iran?

My point is that Muslims and non-Muslims alike should be careful when stating that Kashmir is somehow similar to Chechnya or other conflict zones. Far from the truth.

All we tend to hear from the media is that somehow Muslims of Kashmir are persecuted; we never hear about the fact that Kashmir is very diverse and represents a wide variety of ethnicity and represented by Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs. Though India is not blameless, we rarely hear about the grievous mischief caused by Pakistan in Kashmir affairs. We never hear about how the remnants of the Afghan war (funded by America through Pakistani ISI) where then turned on Kashmir to destabilize it and continue to do so today through the various terrorist organizations.

Finally getting to Kashmir, do remember that non-Muslims were forcibly pushed out and murdered in Kashmir by extremists (mostly Sunni mujaheddin left over from the Afghan war); many of those persecuted non-Muslims left and relocated to New Delhi (similar to the Palestinians relocating to other Arab nations).

The Kashmir issue is not like Chechnya and other places mentioned.

Other than that, I can't wait till the hardliners (Bush and his puppet masters) in my govt and the hardliners in Iran become history so people of both the countries can freely experience eachother's culture.


Thank you Shahdooneh and

by asdf (not verified) on

Thank you Shahdooneh and Roshanbeen.


U.S is going to join the

by Roshanbeen (not verified) on

negotiating 5+1 in Geneva. Ice is breaking, I hope direct flight from JFK to IKA and U.S interest section in Tehran are next.


yes Kashani ....

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Yes Kashani, to be concise Mr. Ahmad Chalabi was part of the lobby (AIPAC, oil junkies ...) that dragged the U.S into war. Very similar to the lobby that you are part of.
..... baleh azeez, shoooooomA_khodedon_kharind!

Farhad Kashani

Anonym7, I thought you said

by Farhad Kashani on

Anonym7, I thought you said you don’t wanna bash me, but now you’re calling me a “khar”!!! Cute!

 If you think that Chalabi caused the war and dragged the U.S into it, then, that stands against everything you said so far that U.S invaded Iraq on purpose!


what is behind your politics Mr. K?

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani says: "Anonym7 has made his/her lifetime goal to bash me, which means its time for me to run for office, since I’m hitting so many nerves !"

Bashing your politics yes, bashing you no. Bashing your politics, because it reminds me of politics of Ahmad Chalabi (// the guy who exaggerated and lied and dragged the U.S into war and his country into devastation.
shoooooomA_khodedon_kharind! (sweet Isfahani accent)


asdf, the coup against Bani Sadr established the...

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

present despots' regime in Iran. I'm glad you brought it up. Bani Sadre was the first legitimately elected President of Iran after the Iranian Revolution. His legitimacy cannot be swept under the carpet, whitewashed or explained away in order to legitimize the present of the Velayat-e Safeeh and rotten mollahcracy.



by Rooshanbeen (not verified) on

asdf jaan

Re: prosecuting IR officials for crimesin against humanity.
Gar bekhahand Mast geerrand , har ancheh dar shahr (GLOBE) hast Geerrand. I apologize in advance if I recked that famous Iranian proverb, but hopefully you all get the point. I am not against it, but that would be very congested and overcrowded international court.LOL


Farhad Kashani,

by Jalili (not verified) on

what year did you get out of Iran? I seriously doubt you experienced the real horror which was the Iraqi imposed war. I did.

You are making up a lot of facts and accusing Iran in an unfair way. You completely ignore that Iran is surrounded by American army that has already invaded and killed many Iraqis. That is the greatest threat to humanity.

Iran should be left to Iranians, not you.

Farhad Kashani

Mammad, Anonym7 has made

by Farhad Kashani on

Mammad, Anonym7 has made his/her lifetime goal to bash me, which means its time for me to run for office, since I’m hitting so many nerves ! lol


1-     I’m Farhad Kashani, what’s my degree, where I come from, how tall I am, are all irrelevant. To me, the degree you have, where you from, and how tall you are, are also irrelevant. Lets focus on the argument.

2-     Shariati argument: Young people can easily be brainwashed. When they do, their potential and abilities is not fully invested.

3-     Punching bag: I urge you to read foreign media. Many of them write recently about the fact that the U.S has become the punching bag. Its not just me saying that.

4-     China: Cina has hijacked power from its people. Let me ask you this Mammad, do you believe in a uni party system?

5-     Election monitoring: Offcourse nations do NOT have to allow U.N observers, but, more and more countries do. My question was, why wouldn’t the IRI allow observers when countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine do And spare me the “U.S didn’t allow it either”. That’s a different subject. Don’t use this oldest trick in IRIs book that immediately changes the subject to U.S.

6-     Political science: The number of left wing professors teaching Political science in the U.S far exceeds right wing, or “non left wing” professors. Once, I had a political science teacher who me and my classmates used to sit down and talk with. Nice guy, but staunch anti anything the U.S did or represent. We asked him whether he would consider himself a leftist, he would deny it, then, one day he came and said he was attending the “world social forum” in Venezuela! So, they might not admit it, but, they are. They’re not hard to detect.


Mammad, I never claimed to be a anybody. All I’m saying is focus on the argument.


Let's talk about the coup against Bani Sadr

by asdf (not verified) on

What happened to Bani Sadr? Why the coup against a democratically elected President??

Please don't give me the propaganda you have been fed in Quom Madrassa, Basiji, or Hizballahi. Thanks.

From Wikipedia: "Bani Sadrwas elected to a four year term as President on January 25, 1980, receiving 78.9 percent of the vote in a competitive election against Ahmad Madani, Hassan Habibi, Sadegh Tabatabaee, Dariush Forouhar, Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, Kazem Sami, Mohammad Makri, Hassan Ghafourifard, and Hassan Ayat...

Farhad Kashani

Q, I’m being very honest

by Farhad Kashani on

Q, I’m being very honest here to say that you have absolutely no idea how politics work. You have not witnessed nor experienced any of the horror that many of us went through; therefore, you are unable to grasp reality. You have not seen events happen in front of you that will give you a clear perspective on matters. Like I said before, the whole premise you base your argument on is wrong. The foundation that you build your claims on, is unrealistic, at best.


Q, I already answered your illegitimacy and legality question many times. Not just me, but many others have responded to your question with basic simple facts. To add to what me and others have said so far to somehow help you clear your brain from all the propaganda you’ve been fed, here are some more: IRI does not uphold the Universal Declaration of Human rights, it does not uphold the United nation resolutions, it does and many other more. A government that is holding to power through “illegal” means such as banning opposition, violating the “basic” right of its citizens, not allowing any opposition voice, not holding free elections, not letting other groups participate in the political process, is an “illegal” regime, because it has resort to “illegal” means to hold power. What part of this aren’t you able to understand? You can ask the same question, we will keep giving you the same answer. Q, your attempt to “soften” the image of the regime is just not gonna work.


When a government, not political parties, not non-governmental groups, but a government,  “appoint” a few of its thugs, and then declares an “election” to have them “elected”, Q, it takes a lot of dishonesty, a lot of absolute out of touch with reality, a lot of total lack of any common sense and political knowledge, to declare that “an election”.


Q, you showed very little sign of civility in your postings. I will not use the same words you used against me, because I want the people to see for themselves what is the difference between you guys and us. we need people to see what level of tolerance you people actually have.


I’m not naïve. I am well aware of the fact that there are many injustices in the way politics are done in the world. I am well aware that governments such as the IRI will use all the possible holes they can find in International law to justify their disgusting existence. I am well aware that IRI will start a heavy propaganda against Guantanamo claiming that U.S has broken International law, where as, there are thousands of Guantanamos that exist in Iran that no one heard of. I understand that the IRI will reject any universally accepted human rights law to declare that they are either “imperialism made” or “stands against our culture”. I know that they use the “relativity” argument you make, to deny women rights, for example, saying things such as, “why should the U.N be the source of determining what human rights are? In our culture, women already have rights, they don’t need the right to not to wear hijab. What is the “legal” definition that they shouldn’t? We do things out own way. Western cultural norms regarding women rights should not be opposed on us, because there is no “law” that says we should.”  I’m well aware of all of that. Spare me.


Your “relativity” and “subjectivity” look at things is the root problems for all of your absurd argument, and one of the reasons that IRI has justified and fooled important political actors, to believe that they are legitimate.


Iran is, by far, more undemocratic that China. Yes, we are down the list with Saudi Arabi. Actually, I’m gonna make a point to show how absurd your logic is, by sing your own argument against you. So, let me ask, Why is China undemocratic? Who’s to determine? What is “democratic”? I have my own definition of democracy and I want to use it, why should I go by yours? See my friend, you can always find holes in the laws, even International law, but at the end of the day, even you, who tries to portray himself as “objective”, cannot escape facts and reality.


Any governments that “hijacks” power is “illegal” and “illegitimate” both. The reasons have been mentioned to you a thousand times. Taliban was recognized by 3 countries, so are you saying those 3 have their own definition of “legality”? Should they, or shouldn’t they have their own definition? Whos the source to determine?


Shah’s regime was illegal, and so is the IRI. The people who voted for the “Islamic Republic” did not vote for this type of barbaric style governance.  Revolution is obviously, not the preferred way of changing things. It happens in different countries for different reasons. Whatever were the reasons for the revolution, which is a different subject, the way IRI hijacked power and is holding power, has stripped any legality or legitimacy from it. Iranians know, the whole world know, and I have no doubt, deep inside, you know too.


Q, you should be afraid of us, well, me at least, trust me! (lol), You can “try” to bully all you want, but, we’re not like Iranians in the last 30 years who have put up with all kinds of crap, we have stood up.


I have no doubt that my “relativity” argument hit a nerve. You have totally avoided even touching the subject. I’m sure you are well aware what I’m talking about. So, instead of using insults, why don’t you go ahead and give it a little thought. Maybe you see the truth.


Michael Mahyar Hojjatie

I'll never understand...

by Michael Mahyar Hojjatie on

Why Iran even cares!!! Arabs outnumber us 5 to 1 and there are many, many of them with vast wealth and far-reaching resources. This is THEIR "fight" and THEIR problem, if they can't solve it in 60 years then why should we care? What do we gain? This is just baffling to me and no excuse making will ever justify it in my eyes. We have enough of our own problems, like getting along within our own ethnic group and the great class divide amongst us that tears us apart, to start, (and also how we treat each other on this site with all the name calling and Finglish swearing, how very sad!!!) and then we go and meddle in a feud between two cousins? Incredible!

I admire the fierce, undying loyalty amongst Jews like nothing else. They see a Jewish last name, it's their immediate new best friend (Doubt me? Ask one!). How else could there be only so few of them and they've survived numerous attempts to annihilate them for millenia? And with us? We see an Iranian last name, we're looking over your shoulder  to see what kind of car you drive and are looking at the tags of your clothing to see if they're a high-end designers labels. What is this??? Why do we allow and encourage this?!?


Why IRI is an Illegitimate and Criminal Entity!!

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Any body who has an ounce of brain should and would come to this conclusion that IRI is and from 1982 to present has been an illegitimate and criminal entity. Period. Read the following from some one who all know on this BB:

Mass Executions of 88 in Iran
By Jahanshah Rashidian
Political analyst and campainer
Published Monday, July 14, 2008

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Paris, 14 July (IPS) The arrest of Mrs. Bahareh Hedayat and Mohammad Hashemi, two student activists and the escalation of crackdowns on the civil society by the ruling ayatollahs in Iran is a follow up to the mass executions of 1988, says an Iranian political analyst in Germany.

Political prisoners were simply asked two questions: "Do you believe in God" and "Would you renounce your organisations?"
About 20 years ago, from August to September 1988, collective crimes were committed in Iran. To calm down his frustration of accepting the humiliating peace treaty with his arch foe, Saddam Hossein, Grand ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini not only drank the “chalice of poison”, but also by ordering the executions of Iranian political prisoners who were spending their prison terms and some of them must have already be released.

The exact numbers of executions of 88 and the conditions of executions have never been revealed by the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) or by the media and factions of the regime. Neither have been the cruel dimensions of these crimes mentioned or reported by IRI’s lobby groups in the West which primordially are defending IRI's parasitic survival.

Various figures are speculated by both IRI’s deserters and rescuers, varying from some 4485 to 30.000 people, according to different sources

Political prisoners were simply asked two questions: “Do you believe in Allah (God)?”, “Are you prepared to renounce your political organisation?” The prisoners had no idea about the consequences of their answer. In fact a ‘No’ to any of the above questions would automatically lead to immediate execution. Furthermore, according to some survivors, many repentant got killed because the regime did not take them seriously and didn’t believe in their answers at the first place.

Although many of those prisoners had already finished their prison sentences, they were further kept in captivity. Some of them were even recaptured after being once released. Many of them were jailed, aged 12 to 14.

On orders from Grand Ayatollah Royuhollah Khomeini, thousands of political prisoners, mostly leftists, were executed in Iran. The prisoners were from all segments of society, students, intellectuals, leftists, young boys, girls and women.

During the months of August and September, all prison visits were cancelled; families were told not to bring any medicine or food for their loved ones. During this time the killing inside Iran’s prisons continued. The slaughter was well-organised and ruthless.

All day long, prisoners were loaded on forklift trucks and hanged from cranes and beams in groups of six at half-hourly intervals. Others were killed by firing squads. Those not executed were subjected to horrific torture.

The killing was an act of unprecedented violence in the course of Iranian recent history, unprecedented in form, content and intensity”, wrote the historian Ervand Abrahamian in his book on Iranian prisons Tortured Confessions.

The executed were buried in unmarked mass graves on the outskirts of the towns. In Tehran, one mass burial was accidentally discovered by an Armenian priest who had become curious as to why stray dogs kept digging there for bones. Most victims were young sympathisers of the leftist organisations and Mojahedeen Khalq Organisation, an Islamist-Stalinian group. Many of them were arrested in their teens for reading or distributing an opposition pamphlet or a banned newspaper.

Soon after the 1979 Islamic revolution, the paramilitary thugs of Hezbollah regularly attacked and intimidated opposition groups and ravaged their offices and media. The IRI’s version of Islam justifies both categories of “Enemy of Islam” interpreted as “Molhed” (atheists), term used against communists and “Monafegh" (hypocrite), term used for, the MKO. It not only implicitly justifies Muslims’ jihad against non-believers, but to some extent, also killings within a Muslim community, where different interests and power-thirsty ambitions can lead to killing of any outsider “enemy of Islam.”

These two categories molhed and monafegh were the most unfortunate victims of IRI’s atrocity, including that of the massacre of summer 88. Nevertheless, the massacre had also roots in the early years of the IRI, when the newly established Shi’ite dictatorship began nationwide crackdown on the leftists, democratic and secular opposition groups. Soon after the 1979 Islamic revolution, the paramilitary thugs of Hezbollah regularly attacked and intimidated opposition groups and ravaged their offices and media.

Many newspapers were shut down, women were humiliated, minorities and ethnics were discriminated, and Friday prayer sermons turned into a place to spew venoms and hatred against any voice calling for gender equality, social justice, democracy, Identity of Persian or pre-Islamic civilisation, separation of religion from state and the values of secularism.

In the twentieth year of the massacre, we all freedom-loving Iranians along with the families who lost their loved children in summer 88 demand the UN to officially condemn this massacre. It is in the nature of the IRI and obvious evidence that such massacres can repeatedly be committed in Iran as soon as the IRI exists.

Iranians expects the international judicial authorities to summon the murderers of this genocide before an international tribune to be tried. Such a process will not exceed their rights, as seen from their decision concerning the Sudan dictator. ENDS MASS EXECUTIONS 14708

Editor's note: Mr. Jahanshah Rashidian is a Germany-based Iranian political analyst and campaigner, contributing to many Iranian foreign-based media, including Iran Press Service.
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by H A (not verified) on

I was referring to an internet article which said the force behind the coup was actually islamists. I did not go after this story intentionally and thoroughly and thus If I am wrong then fine I accept my mistake. I will post the article if I find it again.



by H A (not verified) on

Dr. Shariati never said what you claim he did. He said some people try to make one part of history - in this case the pre-Islam part - somehow superior to other parts, whereas they both are part of the history of the past.

Maybe you are referring to a different lecture of his. He expliticily said that the worst people are those who elevate pre-islamic iran (something like) that means putting down islam. I will see if I can find his lecture on internet and pass it on to you.

Is it possible for you to criticize a thinker like Dr. Shariati ...

A thinker? Hah! We have seen likes of that thinker for the past 30 years. The only reason that he still has some good name (such as you defending him), is that he is dead. Why is it all of islamist apologists' heroes are the dead ones? Maybe because the only good islamists' islam is a dead islam? We have had lots of "thinkers" like him in the past 30 years, starting with khomeini and khalkhali, and continuing with a long list of doctors. Maybe someone like the doctor abbasi (alive and well) is your kind of thinker but not mine.


H A: Mammad is right.

by asdf (not verified) on

H A: Mammad is right. However, the judge who indicted this group of secularist is also a well-known opposition to the President Abdullah Gul, AK Party governemnt.

This judge despite disagreein with the AK Party, is sophisticated enough to understand democracy. This indicates that the Turkish society is far ahead of Iran in in matters of governance; and it deeply understand the consequences of not respecting the laws in their Constitution.



by Mammad on

Similar to your comment about Trurkish Islamists, this one is also totally wrong.

Dr. Shariati never said what you claim he did. He said some people try to make one part of history - in this case the pre-Islam part - somehow superior to other parts, whereas they both are part of the history of the past.

He also strongly criticized the Safavid's for use of Shi'ism, which is also what people like you should like. In fact, he was the one who invented the concept of the Alavi Shi'ism vs. the Safavid Shi'ism. In his Alavi Shi'ism Rouhaniyat has no room. Is this not what people like you should also want?

Is it possible for you to criticize a thinker like Dr. Shariati - to which you are entitled - without calling him names?  




by Mammad on

As a matter of fact, you stated the arrests in Turkey completely incorrectly.

The people who got arrested were SECULARISTS who wanted to overthrow the government which has Islamic roots, by inciting violence, forcing the armed forces to intervene. Check your facts before stating them.

The Turkish Islamists came to power through democratic elections, and have remained loyal to the principles of democracy. Same thing in Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, etc.




by H A (not verified) on

That there is NO ROOM for what you call Islamist!

This must be true before we can move one. However there is a big difference between muslims and islamists.

Muslims practice their religion on themselves only. It is benign as far as others are concerned.

Islamists practice their religion on others -- it is an imposition ideology just like Marxism is, that is what we have seen for 30 years and cannot move on before abandoning it and placing islamists on a very tight leash, unfortunately much tighter than shah could do (PM bakhtiar once said something similar after he failed on preventing revolution by the same thugs). Islamists are very dangerous animals and have always been.

BTW, did you hear that they same islamists gang (80 of them) were just arrested in turkey on charges of planning a coup to take over the government by force. This is the exact nature of islamists everywhere.


ABARMARD JAN: I understand

by asdf (not verified) on

ABARMARD JAN: I understand your concern and I don't blame you; however, I'm not an ideologue or political in anyway. I truly don't care how Iranians want to be ruled because I have no intention of ever going back; and precisely because I have no dog in this fight, I can be objective.

All the Islamists who have blood on their hands should be given due process and tried in a semi-international court of justice for their crimes against humanity. Death penalty should be abolished; however, those who have committed unspeakable acts of torture, stoning, murdere, maiming, abuse, rape, embezzlement, etc, cannot and should not go unpunished.

Abarmard, why do you want these people to go unpunished and why do you think internal reform is their ticket to get away with murder??