For tortured souls in our midst

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For tortured souls in our midst
by bahmani

With the switchover to a more bloggy style format, and the ease by which readers can comment on articles, I figure enough experimentation has gone by, to spend this piece defining a code of conduct that I think we can all agree on and hopefully abide by. It's probably not perfect, but it'll do, for me anyways.

As I am sure you have by now seen, there are several problems. First, the sniper comments exploded. These are those pointless, harm intending, vicious, often personal attacks on the site, by those tortured souls in our midst, who feel the inexorable urge to express what is obviously their own deep demonic torment. Except that they do it with comfortable glee.

Requiring them to register, when they can do so easily, using fake names and fake email addresses, will do nothing to stop the behavior. Threatening banishment will only encourage them to merely open another account using a different fake name.

Additionally, some writers seem to misunderstand the format of the internet with it's short attention-span functionality, and forget the (funny enough unwritten) 750 - 1500 word per article rule. Concise, well crafted, spell and grammar checked articles and blogs have been overshadowed by long boring manifestos and overly wordy theses, which I can promise, no one reads.

So for the betterment of this esteemed pub, I offer the following suggested Users Guide. I will follow it from now on, I hope you do to.

Editorial Policy
Before posting it, do what I do and read it out loud once. Keep it to 750 or 1500 words max. Pick topics you can defend with 3rd party data and facts. Mention the sources of your data in the article or at the end. Do not slander ANYONE. If you do not know the definition of slander, it means to make a false statement that damages someone's reputation. Basically though, remember that slander is actually a crime. If you can however, prove someone's idiocy, by all means feel free to call them an idiot. Add an adjective to it as well, if you wish. The idiots in our midst need to know how much we care about them. Also Please, Please, Please do not copy and post articles from other publications. Reference them, link to them if you must, but stop the rampant republishing.

I tend to swear a bit too much myself, but I usually try to do it as humor, and not to make it personal or to make it hurtful. However, if you can't think of a better word to use, go for it, if you must. You can also apologize to the readers for the profanity if you think you may have gone too far.

Don't attack the writers or readers personally. Keep your comments related to the topic. Always remember that if you really feel strongly about the piece, or if you think that you have a better way of saying something, or if the piece gives you an idea, keep in mind that your comment might actually be better received as an article. Remember that anyone can become a writer here. It's not an elite club by any means. That's what makes it special. Argue if you must, but only if it is absolutely crucial. Sparring for fun at the expense of someone else, is cruel, cowardly, and takes little effort or intelligence. We'd all rather read your brilliant wit as a full article.

Comment deletion
If a comment is obviously a personal attack, or obscene, or pointless, or off topic, or malicious, it should be removed whenever it is discovered. I will take the wild stance and suggest that the people who should have the authority to remove comments should be the writers, who need to test the comment for the ingredients listed above, and exercise good judgment and be brave enough to take their lumps when fair. The point is not to be right, the point is for the article to be made better by a valid comment. If a reader points out a flaw or detail that you missed, take the criticism. Even if it stings. Pain makes you a better writer. "Life is Pain, anyone who says otherwise is selling something." - The Princess Bride.

Finally, please check your blessed hot blooded Persian egos whenever you come to this site. Remember that this is an up to the minute sampling of our collective cultural psyche. This is not the National Iranian Arm Wrestling Championships.

And always remember, I Love You Man. No, seriously, You.


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Mr. Bahmani

by Anonymousgurly (not verified) on

I concur. Your article was well said...I hope others mature enough will heed your advice.


Off topic but I've always

by n.zanincanadai on

Off topic but I've always been CURIOUS to know if the average JOE could get bored with himself. Tanx god I don't have that problem.

Curious Joe

Bunch of Fat-Ass Ugly Old People Behind the Computer

by Curious Joe on

The old days of the Internet are gone.  There used to be lots of enthusiastic young people joining in.  Now the baby-boomers at 69 are sitting on their big fat ugly old asses behind an out-of-date computer and criticizing everything except their Kabob. 

First of all, I do not believe n.zanecanadai is 69.  If it is a “she” and has a name “Narges”, then she is probably in her 20s or 30s trying to attract some sugar-daddy in his 70s to pay her bills and leave his inheritance to her.  Of course, she is soliciting “powerful men” in her “profession”  -- no matter whether she is in her 20’s or late 60’s.  She needs the MONEY.


Hey dear, try Spitzer (the Governor of New York).  At your ripe age of 69, I’d try Idi Amin, the President of Uganda (who BTW died from syphilis while in exile in Saudi Arabia). But, 69 is a good sexy number to promote !!


So, you love “powerful men”.  First of all, most “powerful men” on this planet are a bunch of crooks/criminals.  Second, do you really think that an honest “Powerful Man” in this world, if any, is looking for a 69-year old woman from Iran?  Even Princess Soraya did not think that.

Why do you think anyone gives a damn if and when you smoked, or drank coffee?  Is this the kind of conversation you use to attract those “Powerful Men”?

What is your contribution to the subject of this post?

Are you going to continue “participating” in  posts of this forum without saying anything particularly relevant, interesting, or stimulating?    Wow.  Good luck with finding a “Powerful Man”.



Ok hameh saket.

by n.zanincanadai on

Ok hameh saket. SAAAAAAAAKET. JUST ...JUST ..ZIP IT. Ah! Asabam khurd shod. Baba zahre anaar. baseh. //

-I am 69 years old and I feel sexier than ever.

-I am a woman. My name is Narges. I don't want to give you my last name but it starts with Y.

-I am Iranian.

-I love Kabob.

-I love powerful men. Oh so much. I love them. I see Muqtada and dasto paam milarze. Honest to god. With that cape he reminds me of Zorro.

-The first time I smoked a cigarette was at the tender age of 10! Yes, I was quite sheytoon. I hated it.

-Later in college I started smoking and drinking coffee so I could make it through Mr. Gupta's Hardware II class. -

 I don't smoke anymore.

- Shahram, I'm sorry. I always stood you up on purpose. N and I would watch from the coffee shop. I'm so sorry. I don't know why that was funny back then. We even used to follow you in the library.

 -I got dentention once in high school for chewing gum!

and and and God help me sometimes my fingers go places they shouldn't. Bahmani, am I courageous enough?


"And My! My! My! Boy do you

by A nonymous (not verified) on

"And My! My! My! Boy do you faceless, nameless liars, bushwhackers, and snipers stick together don't you! It is simply amazing how whenever anyone busts you on your mis-statements, that you immediately rally around one another, and make it worse by denying it was wrong to make them".

Bruce, You are one angry and bitter person, and for your sake I hope it's just a temporary phase you're going through. Why do you look at it as it's you against all anonymous writers? did all anonymous writers ever insult or attack you? Anonymous writers have varying opinions as it is very clear per past posts. (grow up #1).

"If you were not anonymous, I could make you famous when you beat me!"

Many aren't in a childish race here, nor interested for such kashki fame. Opinions are expressed and some may be correct and some incorrect, some may have popular acceptance and some not, no points, no winners, no losers.
(grow up #2)

Curious Joe

A Challenge to Bruce Bahmani

by Curious Joe on

You are wrong.  Please read the following carefully, and then,  please either offer a logical and well articulated counter-argument, or please retrieve your statement with an apology to me, if not to other members of this audience.


The following is an excerpt from your comment in this post dated Tue Apr 01, 2008   12:11 AM CDT


 “To me using a fake name to post a comment on another person's article is simply obvious cowardice. It shows fear. If I use my real name, I expect you to do the same. That becomes a truth between us, and we can move forward. Stay fake and everything can be a lie.   Fake names or pointless anonymity is merely invisible voyeurism, which indicates the need for help. Probably therapy. Because something must be deeply disturbed in a person who cannot stand their own name. Funny that most anonymous people or those with fake names, never seem to say anything dangerous or worthy of saying while hid.” 

Here is why you are wrong and insulting:


1-     For many older Iranians, “Bruce” is not an Iranian man’s real name.  In fact, some begot & homophobic people associate the name “Bruce” with some gay hairdresser in Beverly Hills.  Granted, being relatively young, you may have been born in the west, and your Iranian parents may have chosen the name “Bruce” for you when you were born. Thus you may have had no choice in the matter. But let’s face it --  that is not an Iranian name.  Could it be fake, and consequently whatever you said in the above quote can equally apply to yourself? – meaning that you need some “help” yourself for using a fake name?


2-     Many Iranians who immigrated to the west had to legally change their Iranian names to some kind of “John Doe” or “Bob Smith” to facilitate their life (like getting an employment or simply make a reservation in a restaurant.  I am one of them.  Did you expect me to easily compete in Redneck-town, US’ job market with a name like Abdolhossein Khomeinizadeh?  Come on.  Get real.  Therefore, if I legally changed my name to John Doe 25 years ago in the west, and I posted a comment today under “John Doe” to (using Farsi words in my comment), would you say my name was real or fake?  Would you have preferred me to use Abdolhossein Khomeinizadeh?  Would that have been less fake to you?  Should I go and seek “help” even though my passport, my driver’s license and all my friends have been referring to me as “John Doe” for the past 25 years?


3-     Suppose I use my western name (for the past 25 years) to post an article to  Did you know that if anyone runs a Google Search, using my name, will get a hit to that article – including my employer.  Now, Bruce, I do not know what kind of work you do, but in some high level professions in the west (such as banking, finance, defense & aerospace) you wouldn’t want your employer to run a Google on you and finds out that Bruce was late to work on Wed 02 April 2008, because he was philosophizing against the Republicans at 12:10 midnight on some Iranian blog – or do you?   That is why I use an alias like “Curious Joe”, rather than a current western name like “John Doe” or the old Persian name like “Abdolhossein Khomeinizadeh”.


Your quote above accuses someone like me as a coward with fear, a fake, a liar with invisible voyeurism, needing psychiatric “help” and therapy “because something must be deeply disturbed in a person who cannot stand their own name”.


Based on the above three numbered paragraphs, I take your accusations as a direct insult to me and, I am sure, few other participants in this forum.  Consequently, I respectfully demand an apology and a retraction of your comments.



Sir Bahmani, is this your own photo? Then, why only NIMROKH?

by gol-dust on

As you said we shouldn't be afraid of anything and reveal our family history for the world to know before you read our emails! With that high spirit, then if this is indeed your own latest photo, then you may want to publish your tamamrokh photo so we all enjoy talking to you more while IRI agents, Mossad, FBI and etc get to know you better as well. I wish we were all as brave, smart and elequent as you are! waiting to see your gorgeous Esfahani face!


How about this?

by Monda on

What do we think about going one step further towards more responsible sharing and maintaining of this wonderful site by contributing say $30 per year per person? People could be registered under whatever name they fancy; if need more than one name then another $30? Let's see is that equivalent to like 8 lattes in a month? And for those of us who don't do caffeine, $30-40 a year would be equal to peanuts that goes with your beer, per month, perhaps?

The amount that I suggest is totally arbitrary; I have no clue how much it actually takes to make life a bit easier for JJ to run this site more efficiently and to attract better quality of material, i.e. have more responsible people join and contribute in their original names (or preferred names), those who truly want to contribute to the forum that this site provides for all Iranians and those interested in connecting with all things Iranian.

What I do know however is the reality that some Iranians don't/can't use free privileges very responsibly. Without money in the picture (even as little as 30 bucks per year), some of us tend to not take ourselves seriously, tend to use this site to kill time or vent at those who do good work at improving and sharing their craft and often baring their souls here for us.  

Can't wait to hear Bruce Bahmani honor JJ and the musical goodies on the 19th!

Oh btw the Norooz audiomagazine sent to me by BeyondPersia is very cool! If you guys ever come up with entire CD compilations of Iranian bands from all over the world, I'd order a whole bunch! Especially if Bruce Bahnmani is used as commentator.




My...My....My...Mr. Bahmani!!!!

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

WOA!!! Speaking about GOD....chill, man!!! It's just not worth being so angry over an assumption that someone may not have read your entire article!!! You may want to see a professional about this. It's just doesn't seem healthy! That being said, a quick glance at the comments on this piece reveals you to be the nastiest, most prolific name-caller and the most insulting of the bunch. In fact, while everyone is making a good faith attempt to raise the level of discourse on this issue, you remain persistent in lowering it by your accusations, name callings and vicious personal attacks. If I wasn't for free speech, I would even dare to suggest that the privilege of posting articles be either suspended or taken away for (or from) writers who abuse it by being disrespectful to commenters.

Actions speak louder than words my friend. While your article talks a good game, your actions have shown you to be no better (in fact much worse) than the ones your criticize. In my book being a hypocrite is much worse than being an anonymous commenter!!!!

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Dear Bruce:

I don’t have much to add to the concept and dialogue of this post, with most of which I agree. I only write to take responsibility for something I said which may have caused some of the escalating ill winds here. People who refer to the “roast” are not lying, they are quoting me from a reply I wrote to a comment in my recent blog post. I apologize for misunderstanding and mis-stating your plans for the night. Of course you must know that roasting someone does not mean that they haven't done good work or that the roasters are trying to hurt or demean them, and quite to the contrary, highly respected and esteemed individuals are frequently subjects of roasts by friends and colleagues. Just the same, it was presumptuous of me to use that verb when I had no idea what your plans for honoring JJ were. I’m very sorry.

persian westender

To Bahmani

by persian westender on

I have no doubt that what you've said about the process of acquisition of journaling skills which you have experienced; was only for sharing of a personal story. I thank you for that, despite it conveyed some paternalistic theme to me. It also implies that there is only ONE good method of writing and it is to be very grammatically correct, otherwise to be silenced. Setting this (obssessively concerned about spell checks and grammer) as ony qualification to write here, has some consequences: First it understimate a large number of people who lack such skills, but HAVE something to say. As I've had this reminder here and there, let's not forget a large group of Iranians living abroad are not familiar with english language in a professional level. Losing such an important group of users for, would be a huge loss. Secondly this obsession, implies a sense of formality only is needed for highly academic atmosphers.

..and for the fake names, I believe being fake has a lots of negative implications, as for crimes of fake identities, fake declarations and so on. But here people are simply given a chance to pick a different name. Its just a name. what matters is the idea. and if the idea is nonsense it define the name by itself no matter what it is. As I said before, instantly created names and registrations are understandably not defendable, as they mostly are used for 'whimsical' reasons. But including all old comrade users of this site who has chosen to be bearers of different identity is over-generalization and insensitive.      



some just not getting it...

by bahmani on

First off, I think this discussion is great, however I am a bit dismayed at those who seem to take the freedom of speech as a right that doesn't have any civic code of responsibility to go with it. And then they think they have a right to to choose to mix this incorrect assumption with some sort of self defined "Culture of the internet" and excuse the lack of respect, poor attention to detail, and rampant lying as a norm, that they intend to continue to foster.

Being busted when you lie about my intentions as an MC for JJ's event and casually add in the invention of roasting, isn't funny my friends. It's irresponsible and immature.

If I so much as slightly flick the ear of yet another anonymous coward (I mean what else can I call someone who is ashamed/afraid to use their real name?), who disrespected themselves, me and my piece by not actually reading it, then posted a comment on a detail that I actually acknowledge in my original piece as valid, then tries to make a case against me thereby proving they didn't actually read my piece, somehow my questioning this, is an unforgivable attack?

As long as the writer takes it you're happier than pigs in shit, but if the writer gives it back, you get more pissed off than a de-fanged snake!

And My! My! My! Boy do you faceless, nameless liars, bushwhackers, and snipers stick together don't you! It is simply amazing how whenever anyone busts you on your mis-statements, that you immediately rally around one another, and make it worse by denying it was wrong to make them.

Well, let this be my comment that stays on this piece forever (since I won't delete it) that calls those who cannot stand to be criticized when they falsely and incorrectly and without carefully understanding what they read, post ridiculous irrelevant, incorrect and illogical comments.

You are a problem. I am trying to shake you awake from your stream of unconsciousness.

I am as thick skinned as you will ever see. I am not upset at any of this, I actually enjoy this discussion because I think we are actually getting somewhere. I don't lose sleep when someone writes an opinion against mine, I get it, I understand, I have no problem with that whatsoever. My beef is with the anonymous sniping, that ignores the info in the piece and makes an out of place comment like roasting JJ, or don't get that I too worry that writers deleting comments they don't like is dangerous.

My whole point is not to rehash or stop attacks on me, I can take anything you can dish out, I understand its not even really personal. Hell, as you can see I can dish it out better than you guys can, because don't think that I can't tell when a comment of mine will hurt. And it did Mageh nah? But I would not be posting this if I thought it wasn't worth fixing, and if I thought you anonymous commentators were not capable of tempering your obsessive compulsive, "Oooh! Oooh! I haven't finished reading this yet, but I just thought of what to say that will be fun to post since no one knows who I am and I can get away with it, Nah! Baba! I'll read the rest of this article later, but I simply must say this right now, Oooh! Oooh!"

I am trying to challenge you to for a change, read a piece (no jooneh man completely), think about it, digest it, let it simmer and marinate in your beautifully Persian but angry-at-the-world head for a bit, and then offer a thoughtful (yaani well thought out) response that is actually relevant. I'll take coherent.

Stand up and man up or woman up. Come out of the shadows and let's discuss and debate like real honest souls. And let's determine to improve our lot as a result. Don't be a follower, and agree to the preposterous notion that the internet is some sort of new fronter in communication that gives you some sort of irreverent license to be unaccountable for what you say.

Because that is merely the latest attempt by the weak who feel they've been given a voice for $30 a month and a keyboard, or free internet at work during lunch break, to apply some sort of "counter culture" stink to what is really only a convenient lie.

Wow! I like that one... Hope Al Gore doesn't mind...

My bottom line:

If I write something that you agree with, great. Let me know and I will be gracious and grateful.

If I write something you don't like, tell me why clearly, prove your case, and if you are right, I will be gracious and accept it, and acknowledge you and your point. See! If you were not anonymous, I could make you famous when you beat me!

What I don't think is fair or right though, is to half read something, not understand it, and then post a comment indicating as much, and make it sound as if you've skinned yourself a proverbial Persian cat.

And a code of civilized behavior does not mean we cannot have a good time, or have a laugh, or poke each other sheytoonly, as appropriate.

Thanks again to all who contributed by either proving my point or offering positive input. Whether we agree or not, I think we're moving forward. At least no on has yet questioned my sexuality or insulted my mother, so that's cool... OK... I probably should not have just said that...



Goldost,I was talking to bahmani!!!

by Tahirih (not verified) on

I do not have a blog so I was talking to bahmani,so why are you having a fizzy fit(as my son calls it)?


Bruce, I think I know where

by Sogoli (not verified) on


I think I know where you are coming from with respect to the blog format. I share your passion for good, grammatically-correct writing and well thought-out ideas. This is what I aspire to personally, with limited success. But as much as I flinch when I read a poorly structured sentence, or gasp at the profanities exchanged in the comment section, a part of me feels that these ARE the real readers of and as such, entitled to their comments. You get a full spectrum of Iranian folks visiting this website, from the fresh off the boat to the born and raised in America and everything in between- this is a sample of their writings. Yes, I prefer that they spell check before hitting submit, yet I am not as bothered by the format, as I am by some of the content. Despite this, I don’t support deletion rights for the authors. There is something beautiful and irreverent about Jahanshah’s “nothing is sacred” motto on this website. No suppression of thoughts, no selective screening of ideas, let it all hang out and let’s see what we’re made of. It’s scary and enlightening all at the same time, isn’t it? You are in charge of what you read and you could stop reading the poorly written and insulting comments.

As for anonymity, perhaps some of the readers are concerned about harassment? Years ago, I submitted a letter to this site, politely disagreeing with some one’s view point. Foolishly, I signed the letter in my real name and sent it from my work e-mail account (yes, kick me please). You would not believe the volume of strange and frightening e-mails I received. Some one threatened to show up at my work place and cause “beeaberooyee” only the way a hamvatan could. All over a difference in opinion?? I did not write another letter to The Iranian, not until today.

I admire your desire to improve the quality of what we all read here, I really do. But this is not The Wall Street Journal and while we are all worthy of reading top quality articles, in my opinion, that is not the purpose of this website.

With respect,



Anonymous Observer: You were

by n.zanincanadai on

Anonymous Observer: You were just wholesale attacked! It's a tactic used by good users. Bikhialesh baba.


A Bit of Hypocrisy Perhaps??!!!

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

Just wanted to point another thing out. Mr. Bahmani has written this article complaining of personal attacks. In response, I wrote a very respectful comment disagreeing with him on a few issues (see my first comment below). However, in response to my comment, he couldn't stop himself from personally attacking and ridiculing me. Here is his comment, which is totally irrelevant, gratuitous and personal in nature:

"Also you may want to factor in the dictionary (not me) calls you, "...having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal..." So yeah, there's that..."

So much for civilized discourse, ha,
Mr. Bahmani?!!!! No personal attacks, Ha?!!!!


Let be our Iranian Freedom Cyber Wall

by :-) (not verified) on

Comments are just words. You bleed because you take comments as bullet or a sword.

Value freedom of speech and freedom of expression and let be our Iranian Freedom Cyber Wall.


Mr. bahmani..

by Anonymous (not verified) on

Mr. bahmani,
Your write up and comments in this article are provoking the same kind of environment that "Angry professor" has created in that video in main page of

It’s good to remember visitors of aren't a bunch of high school students that Professor is giving them a lecture on their writing styles and attitudes... Please watch the "Angry Professor" video and how he is approaching people to leave the classroom... this article promotes same condition in a polite manner!!!


Lawsuits Again?!!!!!!!

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

All this talk about lawsuit is causing me severe fatigue!!!! When are we going to grow up as a culture and value free speech (yes, even highly offensive speech)? Perhaps it's our culture. Perhaps we're just not used to a free forum for ideas. Whatever it is, though, all this whining and all these threats are becoming increasingly tiresome.

Aside from the fact that defamation lawsuits in the United States (where this site is based) are extremely difficult to win for various legal reasons (especially for those who place themselves in public light - ask your lawyer if you don't believe me), the threat of a lawsuit because of a comment is childish and oppressive in nature.

So, everyone... pleeeeease, I beg you... grow up...have a thick skin, stop threatening consequences for speech, ignore the silly comments (everyone with half a brain can distinguish between a constructive comment and a personal attack) and have fun reading these articles.


Chooneh Nazan

by n.zanincanadai on


Cleaning House!

by G. Rahmanian (not verified) on

Mr. Bahmani,
You take this whole idea of trying to clean house too seriously.
Could you please tell me when exactly Mr. Javid and his colleagues on the "Moderation Team" realized enough was enough and decided to eliminate certain posts or responses to articles?
If you read the reactions to different posts more carefully, you would figure out which groups or individuals are being protected.
Offensive language is still there, it is only reserved for some individuals.


Get over it!

by FED UP (not verified) on

For crying out loud, GET OVER IT ALREADY!! Please don't get offended Bruce, I am a great fan of your writing, but lately it seems all you do is gripe about the commentators and have stopped writing all the fun, witty and interesting pieces you used to write. Could we get back to business already and pretend the stupid comments don't exist? Personally I never read them, I concentrate on the main blog. Its quite obvious after 100s? millions? countless? hours we've wasted analyzing the new format and debating its pros and cons, the editor is not going to go back to the old format,all this complaining is USELESS, please everyone, deal with it, and move on.


"To me using a fake name to

by A nonymous (not verified) on

"To me using a fake name to post a comment on another person's article is simply obvious cowardice. It shows fear. If I use my real name, I expect you to do the same".

"It seems like a cheap way to pretend to be someone other than oneself, and doubtfully hope to get some thrills online".

"Fake names or pointless anonymity is merely invisible voyeurism, which indicates the need for help. Probably therapy".

"Finally, please check your blessed hot blooded Persian egos whenever you come to this site".

Chashm ghorbaan, whatever you say your highnessness (so many ordering highnessnessess here).

p.s. would you please give me the name of your therapist so I can set up an appointment per your directive?
Bruce, take it easy, you're exagerrating (a lot). Like your comment and insistence that most Americans aren't religious.


LOL This gets funnier each

by n.zanincanadai on

LOL This gets funnier each time it's discussed with more conviction. I think some of us have forgotten that in the old days of when high quality writers such as Bruce Bahmani (I used to actually read him then, before he started whinning about getting less attention)would honor us with their glory, lots of people were anonymous! Ironically enough, back then, I submitted several letters in my own name. There were anonymous writers and letters. The letters section used to publish a lot of harsh criticism. That's how I decided which article I would read. Based on the letters and what readers thought of the materiaal. I urge anyone bored enough to search for strings such as the female genitalia (the one beginning with p), oral sex on a man (beginning with b) and so on. You will see that in the old days, offensive material was every where on this site. Yaadesh Bekheir. Now, if this is about the elite...vay khoda mordam az khandeh. Anonymouse, you and I should stick to the BELOG section. This is about the old school not being happy that less worthy writers are here? Khob az aval migoftin baba. Lale jan, you are mixing criticism and attacks the way a good user should. If attacks are not nice, then they shouldn't be on wholesale either. If criticism is ok, then why not on an individual basis? JJ already moderates. And yes, I do spend some time here, I get some news some jokes some bikaari and some nesfeh kaari.


Bahmani you have no sense of humor.

by Anonymouse on

You don't know where "RUNG" came from? and for being MC for roasting JJ, kheili delet bekhad.  Here's where my question came from, read Nazy Kaviani's comment at 3/26/08 at 3:06 CDT. I am a liar, I must admit but not in this case.  You are not funny enough to do a roast so I hope other organizers take note.  I'll also take back my second idea of dropping JJ in the pool, too much hassle.  Just the sumo wrestling outfits.

I am done with this article. Good luck deleting.

Ari Siletz

Valuable insults

by Ari Siletz on

If the contents of the reponse show that the commenter has read the article carefully, then he/she has extended the greatest courtesy a writer can expect. No insult in reaction to a piece can diminish the natural bond between writer and reader.


Tahirih, how is Bahmani's article related to Bahai?

by gol-dust on

If you want to do your missionary, just write free articles, but don't keep relating everything to your faith! You ask us to read it with clear minds where you have none yourself! You are as obsessed as radical jew, moslem and any other religious person is! we are tired of all religions not only one! so we dont care to convert, so dont waste your time and ours! we are old enough to be your dad; therfore we dont need your advice! we have paid enough price for religions! Enjoy the male angels in heaven!


To Persian Westender...

by bahmani on

I think that anyone can be a good writer if they work at it, and keep getting better. Grammar and spelling is the easiest correction to make, but I can understand it takes time, away from the fun part of posting your thoughts, ad hoc.

I suggest that you carefully craft your piece as well as you can, think about it, for a day or two and continue to work on it, until it is as good as you think you can make it. Then ask an opinion and after that, post it.

You call my writing excellent. 13 years ago when I started and when JJ helped edit my work and gave me advice, I was not good. I became better (I'm not sure about excellent yet) over time. What I could do the easiest was to control my grammar, and my spelling, and I respected the English language and it's rules.

You or anyone for that matter, can do the same. It is the refusal to improve or the traditional Iranian attitude , "baba jan it's good enough digeh..." that I cannot accept any longer. It is not good enough if it is wrong, mis-spelled or grammatically incorrect. It shows disrespect for the language and the readers, and it is rude.

Regarding your seeming support for fake names, I simply can't do that anymore. It seems like a cheap way to pretend to be someone other than oneself, and doubtfully hope to get some thrills online.

To me using a fake name to post a comment on another person's article is simply obvious cowardice. It shows fear. If I use my real name, I expect you to do the same. That becomes a truth between us, and we can move forward. Stay fake and everything can be a lie.

Fake names or pointless anonymity is merely invisible voyeurism, which indicates the need for help. Probably therapy. Because something must be deeply disturbed in a person who cannot stand their own name. Funny that most anonymous people or those with fake names, never seem to say anything dangerous or worthy of saying while hid.

Don't be afraid, start with a small piece and work on it. Ask for an opinion. You'll be surprised to find you're not as bad a writer as you may have thought.

persian westender

Fake names

by persian westender on

There should be a clear definition for fake names. we have fake names (and the registration of the fake names) which are created instantly and for a false reason. and then we have fake names which a persona or character is stablished behind them throughout a gradual process (usually by postings and comments which hold a solid perspective or style of writing to be precise).

To me the best part of this user guide is: "... that anyone can become a writer here. It's not an elite club by any means. That's what makes it special"

for "becoming a writer", there are mistakes and there are corrections. this is not an 'online writing course' for sure. but for example, when I comment Mr Bahmani, my hands  are shaking because I see he writes excellent, professional, and like an elite!

I can't. in this predominantly atmosphere of 'eliteness' the result would be the impression of  "he and other readers going to judge my writing style". but all I am saying is if you think what you're saying worth it, the hell with your editing and grammer problem! (not to the extent that it is not understandable of course). 





Please read carefully...

by bahmani on

I think another peeve of mine is the comment that complains about something that is already addressed in the article. For example,

"I somewhat agree"

I already stated that an article should not slander anyone or be indefensible. So please read my piece again, and then read your comment. I think you'll find I'm already with you, and you're arguing with yourself. Additionally, the writer's job is to make a piece balanced, not take slanderous abuse regardless if this is the internet or a bar. The internet does not give anyone license to be uncivilized. Again, as I said, if a comment is valid it should be kept and the writer should acknowledge the input. So you are not disagreeing with me, because I already agreed with you. Before you posted as much. I have always been amazed at the anonymous or unregistered users. I mean what's the point? Also you may want to factor in the dictionary (not me) calls you, "...having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal..." So yeah, there's that...

"How many times are we to..."

Actually once is enough I hope. In fact the issue of a suggested code of conduct and civilized behavior has never been done. So once is your answer. Again, I will ask you to read carefully before commenting. I think the need to say something and in your case the vitriol is on the high side, has been a common problem. If you had read my piece and understood it, you'd have known that I too am against the kind of bad postings you mentioned. Because I said so. Now maybe my English isn't Canadian English, but I doubt that is the problem. More likely your more than often demonstrated eagerness to scrap, purely for fun. Which I mentioned is also common. So, you're being far too common.

Finally, "Bahmani you are RUNG!"

Again, spellcheck ham khoob chizieh, use it. It's spelled WRONG. Additionally, you too can re-read my piece and make sure you get it before commenting. Proof that you haven't is that I already said that any indefensible articles should not be published. Also, I have laid out the criteria for deleting a comment. You're restating what is already obvious, in your comment. Although I never asked for it, I was given the power to delete comments, but haven't done so. I will begin starting now, using this guideline. Additionally you mention my MCing of JJ's event and you say that I intend to roast him. That is incorrect which could make you seem like a thoughtless liar if I were to push it. I would never roast JJ, I think that is stupid. I intend to honor him, and make sure the attendees know exactly what he has accomplished.

As you can see, we have a long way to go. I am starting with this guideline now. So get ready!