Time will tell

What about relations with Iran under President Obama?


Time will tell
by Q

Barack Hussein Obama has "proven the impossible," or so the saying goes among people who just two weeks ago were swearing up and down that "America will never elect a black man President."

Within foreign policy circles, the conventional wisdom of all the pundits is that people in the Middle East are so racist, or have such a low perception of the American people, that they will be "shocked and awed" by the selection of a black man to the point of capitulation and cooperation with America.

That is wishful thinking for the most part.

I don't think the race issue is or has ever been nearly as extraordinary a factor with the developing world as it is with the developed one. For decades now the rest of the world has seen many diverse faces representing America. From Michael Jordan and Olympic athletes, to American movie stars, to soldiers serving on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, to congressmen, secretaries of State and supreme court justices, the world knows about African Americans and their issues in America. To a teenage Iranian who has grown seeing these faces of America, Obama's election probably isn't that big a surprise.

It is mostly the Americans who surprised themselves, along with immigrant communities of all sorts who live in America. This is an unforgettable lesson for the established Iranian-American community, many of whom go to extraordinary lengths to present themselves as ordinary "white", "secular" and "modern" Americans having little in common with rural religious villagers back home. For years they thought that if they just adopt the "white" mannerism and white culture, (and implicity "white" friends, "white" attitudes and "white" skin itself) they can get ahead in life (like they did under the shah) partly because this was a white country.

This explains much of the generational clash among the Iranian diaspora, as well as "recent immigrant"/"established citizen" differences in attitudes and outlook in life and foreign policy.

Therefore, it is a mistake, in my opinion, to try to reduce Obama's achievement to a racial milestone that will have far reaching consequences internationally. President Obama will have an extraordinary opportunity to restore America's prestige and work toward peace in the world. But this is due to the rejection of Bush's policies, a party change in the White House and Obama's stated position on the Iraq war.

If America wants to win Iranian hearts and minds, they have to emphasize Obama's humble origins, not just his skin color. Personal achievement, pulling oneself up from modest economic means and championing the dispossessed have always been rewarded by the Iranian people (living in Iran). Those who are tempted to think that such values have died along with the Ayatollah Khomeini need only look at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

I saw first hand that in a competitive field of eight candidates who ran for Iranian presidency in 2005, Ahmadinejad was alone in presenting himself as humble, down to earth champion of the poor, while the rest of the candidates were tripping over themselves with pandering, flashy signs and sex appeal. A humble person knows how to instill pride and respect to people, a necessary ingredient to any cooperation.

These are the aspects of Barak Obama that make him attractive to Iranian populace and these are where he would get any authority to influence them should he choose to take America's policy toward Iran in a different direction.

Obama has already made extraordinary but logical statements. Saying he would sit down with Iranian leaders, for example may have played into the hands of the (now fringe) far-right wing during the elections, but it was probably a winner with the Iranian people. Here we have an admission by a major American candidate that Iranians are worthy of having direct and respectful discussions with.

According to the (now fringe) Iranian-American reactionaries and their like-minded neoconservative allies, it would be a mistake to "validate" the Iranian regime through the act of sitting down with them. But what these groups never realized was that quite apart from Iranian issues with their own government, their national pride demanded that they be treated seriously and equally in the international arena.

Another important clue to the change Obama will bring is his declaration on the night he won the election: "To those who seek peace and security: We support you." A simple logical sentence, that if followed with respect to Iran would simultaneously defend America's interests and validates Iranian need for security. It is in a nutshell a bargain (not necessarily "grand").

While this rhetoric is encouraging, the real decisions lie ahead. These are the decisions to be taken in 2009 which would be translated to change of facts on ground. These are decisions that  will determine if America is truly moving away from Bush's destructive foreign policy, or simply continuing them under a different paradigm.

We shall wait and see.


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Great Picture of President elect Obama

by Siavash Khan (not verified) on

and a great article. Thank You for this refreshing point of view. I think Obama's story would be a good selling point in Iran.

I don't now what Obama will do about Iran but it will be an improvement no matter what! Neoconservatives have lost. There is now great hope for peace. But we can't take anything for granted. Thank You again, Q.


Thanks. You have a good one too.

by Zion on


Kaveh Nouraee

Thanks Z

by Kaveh Nouraee on

After re-reading the thread , I can see where you're coming from, but I think someone's trying to confuse me for Hajiagha.

Have a good weekend.


too obsessed...lol

by ramblin man (not verified) on

I think you are just too much a busy body. What does this have to do with you that it was "too delicious" to comment to? You have fun making fun of people?? Youre right. It's is not nice. Go back to your Zionist friends and make fun of them. OH, maybe you don't have any friends. LOL


Dear Kaveh

by Zion on

Personally I think you could have made a better use of language in that particular instance, but I want to assure you that I was in no way judging you in these series of comments.

I liked your logical arguments and your political stances by the way.

Just to let you know.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

There's a lot of reaching going on around here.




What business is it of mine? Hmmm... maybe the same as is yours?

by Zion on

Anyways, I didn't waste any time on it. I don't know, visiting here is a big exercise on self restraint. There are so much I can have fun with, but it is not nice. This time, it was a bit too delicious to ignore.



by ramblin man (not verified) on

It still took me awhile to figure out all this. Why did you spent this much time on this? What business is it to you?
I am going to suggest to JJ that women like you to be banned. Don't waste your time trying to impress me or anyone else either.

Az khar-e sheytoon bia payeen!

ebi amirhosseini

یکی دیگر از علائم ظهور

ebi amirhosseini

شیخ صدوق در کمال الدین از ابی عمیر و او از ابن اذینه روایت کرده که گفت: حضرت صادق فرمود : پدرم فرمود: « پیش از ظهور منجی، مردی قدبلند و سیاه در غرب به حکومت می رسد که نشانه ای آشکار از جدم ابا عبدلله با اوست.لشگر او قویترین لشکر روی زمین است و این لشگر سرزمین کربلا را به تصرف در میاورد تا زمینه ظهور منجی را آماده سازد. او خون مدعیان دروغین جانشینی جدم امیرالمونین را در نجف و قم به زمین می ریزد و نائبان دروغین مهدی را رسوا می سازد. او پس از تسلط بر کربلا و نجف به سوی ری تاخته و فرمانروای یک دست را که خود را به دروغ به ما منتسب می کند نابود خواهد کرد. در آن زمان شیعیان ما نباید شک کنند که اوباماست .»

 (بحار الانوار - جلد سیزدهم - باب سی ام )


No comment is missing!

by Majid on

Don't play dumb please, IF you're playing, and that's a big IF.......LOL



by Zion on

lol. What has got the site's honeymoon couple going, after about 4 hours, is this part:

'Last time I was confronted with two women, well, let's just say that the outcome was a lot more pleasurable for all three.'

Got it now, Mr. genius?! ;-)


something IS missing

by ramblin man (not verified) on

I think there was a comment here that was deleted. It wasnt there long cause when I came back it was gone. I think someone have insulted or said something to the two ladies.

zion. what the hell are you saying. I think I'm pretty average in the smarts but I looked up those words and they dont make any sense the way you have them in a sentence.

who are you trying to impress???


Regarding the power of quantitative evidence

by Zion on

Let's see. It took the test subject approximately 4 hourse and 2 minutes (and an entirely irrelevant comment in between) to make the relevant synaptic connections. Not much passing through, quantitatively speaking, as hypothesized before based on secondary evidence.

Kaveh Nouraee

OK, I'm missing something here

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Was there another comment that was deleted?


As I said before

by Majid on

Some people, regardless of  how intelligent they may sound, are one track minded.

No matter what the discussion, instantly their lower and smarter brain takes over.

American Wife


by American Wife on

I think the threesome comment was inappropriate and I don't really appreciate it.  Nor does my husband.


Hell Yea:)

by kouroshS (not verified) on


Heck yeah. and they better not forget that.
All right, now i am getting ready for all the heavy artillery fire soon to come my way.

Kaveh. There will be a blood bath very soon in here. Brace yourself soldier... I am walking right alongside you:)

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Yeah, I've been on trial too. But unlike O.J., I really am NOT GUILTY. 

On that note:




Well-said My Brothaaaar

by KouroshS (not verified) on

K. N.

May all your double-ecounters have such happy and fulfilling outcomes. Elahi ammeen:)

I don't think they are as stern and stiff as they seem though. I have "experience" dealing with american wife, she has done that to me as well, although in a different section of this website. Boy, i tell ya, I felt like i was being put on trial as a hard-core criminal! But then there were times when she showed her softer side (between you and me , it didn't amount to much anyways) LOL
I salute you american wife... and Irandokht as AW's closest ally:)

American Wife

Forget the oath to the Democratic Party

by American Wife on

An oath to us will suffice.  :-)

Kaveh Nouraee

Wonder Woman and Super Woman

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Keep this in mind.

I'm short, and low to the ground. I can't be knocked down.  :)

And I will drink Jim Jones Kool-Aid before I ever swear an oath of loyalty to the Democrats.

Kaveh Nouraee

Kourosh S

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Last time I was confronted with two women, well, let's just say that the outcome was a lot more pleasurable for all three.

It's OK, though, because when I see that the same liberals who are claiming to be so open-minded are in fact more rigid in their beliefs than their self-made label suggests, then I know that I'm on the right track. Being open-minded and liberal by definition should allow for differences of opinion. Some people here do, some less so, and then there are those who simply don't allow any room for different points of view.

Oh well. C'est la vie.

I can live with the fact that there are opinions and beliefs that differ from my own. I can live with the fact that some of those people who have differing opinions are very vocal and very adamant. I respect the fact that they are firm in their beliefs.

What I don't respect is when someone is trying to shove their beliefs down my throat, telling me I'm bigoted or judgmental because I disagree.

American Wife

Well hello Kourosh

by American Wife on

Good to see you again.  Yes, you can just call us "Wonderwoman" and "Superwoman"...:-0

We are determined to wear Kaveh down... on his knees begging for mercy and waving a white flag.  Once he takes the Democratic oath (and of course the oath of loyalty to ourselves), we will release him back into the world, a happier person all together.

He's strong willed though...it's been a tough ordeal.

Next we're going to work on Majid.  He has some rather extreme notions as well....:-0

hmm... Obama-lovin ladies!  Has a nice ring to it.  Thanks, we might use that!


Kaveh... Like being double-teamed?:))

by kouroshS (not verified) on

K. nouraee

I have enjoyed reading your comments, and this point-counterpoint you've got going with american wife, and i noticed something and that is that everytime you make a point against american wife, you are covered by another "defender", almost immediately LOL .
Had this been a soccer match i guess the defender would have definitely were in for a nice, yellow card:)

Did you realize that too? I guess you are facing off with an offshoot of the democratic party, a team of American wife- Irandokht.

NO disrespect to you obama-loving ladies:)



by Majid on

۱۳-  احداث چندین فقره چاه جمکران در هر یک از ۵۰  ایالت ( با همکاری مقنی‌های اسلامی ما) .

۱۴- نصب صندوق‌های صدقات و خیرات در کلیهٔ مال‌ها و چار راه‌های کشور شیطان بزرگ سابق.

۱۵- استخدام مقادیر متنابهی آخوند ریز و درشت، باریک و کلفت، کوتاه و بلند، کچل و هیپی، کوسه و ریش پهن.... برای فاتحه خوانی، روضه قمبل مساکین، زیارت اهل قبور، اخذ خمس، زکات، سهم امام، رد المظلمه، سهم ال ایتام، نماز جعفر طیاره ، و قس علیهذا...

۱۶- صدور دکترای تقلبی برای هر یک از اعضای کابینه آینده، به فراخور نزدیکی‌ با بستگان  جناب عالی‌ .

۱۷- بر قراری مراسم "یا رو سری یا تو سری " هر شیش ماه یکبار.

۱۸- دشمنی کردن با قسمت ا عظم دنیا ، در عوض دوستی‌ با کشور‌هایی‌ مثل کوندالا کوچا و بون گوزیا 

۱۹- زور چپون کردن  " انرژی هسته یی حق مسلم ماست" به مردم آمریکا، و ملا خور کردن بقیه حق‌های "مسلم شون"..... مثل حق آزادی بیان، آزادی مطبوعات ،پوشش، مذهب،   عقیده، ریخت، قیافه ،........ ولله اعلم

در خاتمه ......هر گاه نیاز به چماق دار برای تفهیم این اصول به امت شیطان بزرگ سابق واجب شد  دریغ نفرمایید.

ال احقر، جمهوری اجباری


American Wife

Bijan Jaan

by American Wife on

I have enjoyed debating and/or discussing issues with "ehteraam e moteghaabel".  I hope this trend continues in other blogs and with other members.  I notice that you didn't venture a comment in Samsam's blog...:-0

I agree with your comments and concede that yes, passion does run strong.  We must all be aware of how we present ourselves and our opinions.

Peace out!



by Mammad on

Fantastic. I add:

13. Raah anadaazi-ye bonyaan-haaye goonaagoon baraaye khordan beytolmaal


Bijan A M

It appears that tempers

by Bijan A M on

It appears that tempers have cooled off a little. I’d like to take advantage and post a comment.

AW, reading through some of your posts on Samsam’s blog and here it seems you are (or I should say, have been) a little pissed-off.  I certainly appreciate the respectful tone of your comment in addressing me. May I respectfully attempt to clarify my point one more time?.


Once you undermine the integrity of the system, you have invalidated, or have raised doubt about the validity of any election including last week’s election. That is what I meant by believing in the system. That is the system of law and justice.


I realize Republicans are having hard times, and Bush’s Administrations have been less than ….. (I let you fill the blank)  but it wasn’t too long ago that a Republican won the election with almost the same landslide as Mr. Obama.  


Statement of obvious is not a disclaimer. OPINIONS are not FACTS, no matter how much passion you put behind them.


As always,


Best regards



by Majid on

Good one, specially  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12!

Oops! that's all of them...LOL

Got anymore?  


This is for you Kaveh :0)

by IRANdokht on

رئیس جمهور منتخب شیطان بزرگ
برادر گرامی جناب آقای اوباما
ایدک الله تعالی

ضمن تبریک پیروزی غرورآفرین و دشمن شکن حضور امت همیشه در صحنه امریکا
در پای صندوق‌های رای که بلاشک مشت محکمی بود بر دهان استکبار جهانی و
صهیونیسم بین الملل٬ لازم است برای بهتر شدن اوضاع جهانی و مشکلات مردم
امریکا توصیه‌های زیر را در برنامه‌ریزی‌های آتی خود بگنجانید:

۱- آوردن پول نفت بر سر سفره مردم
۲- راه‌اندازی سفرهای ایالتی و جمع آوری چند گونی نامه‌های مردمی
۳- تهیه و نصب یک عدد هاله نورانی
۴- انتقال کاخ سفید از واشنگتن به نیویورک (بخاطر نزدیکی به سازمان ملل تا
بتوانی روزی نیم ساعت بروی آنجا و پشت تریبون تمرین سخنرانی کنی)
۵- تغییر رنگ کاخ سفید به مشکی
۶- با حجاب کردن آن مجسمه خانمی که یک مشعل آزادی در دستش گرفته و نیمی از لباسش پایین افتاده و ممه‌هایش معلوم است.
۷- دستگیری خواننده‌های لوس‌آنجلسی و مجبور کردن آنها به خواندن شعرهای مذهبی و نوحه و دعای کمیل و از اینجور چیزها
۸- بمباران اتمی تلویزیون‌های ایرانی مستقر در لوس‌آنجلس که آبروی اپوزیسیون را بردند.
۹- برگزاری پرشکوه و دشمن شکن نماز جمعه در سراسر امریکا و ایالتهای دورافتاده
۱۰- راه‌اندازی گشت‌های امر به معروف و نهی از منکر و مبارزه با مفاسد اجتماعی و تهاجم فرهنگی و ایجاد حسینیه هالیود
۱۱- برگزاری جشن‌های ختنه سوران در مسابقات دهه فجر و دادن جایزه به قهرمانان این رشته
۱۲- ایجاد دانشگاه آکسفورد در کنار هر پمپ بنزین جهت تربیت نیروهای متعهد و کارآمد