Road to democracy

Iranians must focus on a permanent fix rather than a quick solution


Road to democracy
by Abarmard

I am under the impression that some people are in search of a democratic Iran without the consideration of the geopolitical and/or sociopolitical situation. Some Iranians are stuck in a mindset that the religion of Islam is the cause of all evil in the Iranian struggle to advance and that Iranians were “defeated” because of the introduction of Islam into their society. For many, the IRI represents a government that promotes the same religion that corresponds to the downfall of the great Persian Empire and its advance society.

To some, revolution is the simplest way to put all of our past behind and move forward. Possibly, the lack of chronological documentation about the Iranians in the past might be a direct result of historical confusion among Iranians. Pre- Islamic Iran for some is as unclear as the post Islamic. The question is whether Iranian conversion to Islam or the modification of Islam to fit the Iranian traditions is at all relevant? How far back should we go to find whether Iranians like or dislike their religion?

The more recent history of Iran and Iranians from the past one hundred years indicates the devotion of Iranians towards the Shia Islamic traditions. No one should defend the historical mistakes that were made, but instead focus on the dominant traditions that existed as norms in the society. Judging a society based on the standards that existed at a particular time in history is accurate and educating. Demonizing Shia Islam in the Iranian society is the simplest way out of finding correct answers. One does not need to agree with an ideology in order to fully understand it.

In the case of Shia Islam, one could argue that it has roots in the Iranian culture and traditions; if it didn’t before 1400 years, it certainly does today after 1400 years. Disregarding this kind of influence cannot be accurate. History is not comprised of disjointed instances; all parts are connected. When one part is still making history, we need to open it up and carefully investigate its contents. We need to realize all the attractive parts of Shia religion that has magnetized the Iranian society and combine it into our political ideology. Successful change is more possible based on the modification of already existing norms in a society.

The current debate among those who oppose Islam all together as an Arabic enforced culture into the Humane Iranian society is a dangerous one; certainly not dangerous for the current regime of Iran but for many young Iranians.  Those Iranians, who otherwise should understand the realities of our society, would fall into an empty mirage of useless nationalistic tricks not too different from what our ancestors wrongly perceived. We have witnessed through our past that history will repeat itself for those who don’t learn from it. This non democratic regime in Iran will continue as long as we are ignorant to the facts and search for a quick answer to very complicated and fragile socio-political realities.

Lack of understanding about our current and historical social component is the root of the Iranian paradox. If most Iranians agree about the role of religion in their lives, then we can move forward to resolve its shortcomings. Yet one can see that many still are not convinced that Iran is a semi traditional and religious society and try to resolve her issues based on the western formula. If we understand our social components then our contribution would accelerate the journey to modernization. If we continue to disregard our realities, then we are only part of the confusion that will slow down our cultural advancement. To learn history correctly, one must ask questions that begin with “why” and “how so”.

We should understand Iran better than we know her now. Iranians must become very careful and more patient about our country’s path and focus on a permanent fix rather than a quick or short term solution. Iranian society is going through dramatic changes that are transforming the traditional Iran in to a modern culture. IRI has shown many Iranians the realities of our traditional thinking and norms, this is a valuable lesson that we need to cherish rather than disregard. I am optimistic that ultimately we will pass this transformation victorious.


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by Seagull (not verified) on

Baha'is promote HIM! God and Allah same Divine Being.
One of the basic teachings of the Baha'i faith is "Oneness of God"!
Not believing in that is a limiting factor for us not God!
Perceptions, cultures, languages and the like are properties of people not God.
God is not bond by our understanding we are. That is why we need to increase our capacity to understand and overcome the limits to which our perception of God is confined.
HE is known by Allah, Izad, Rabb, Khoda, Lord, God, yet not limited to or by any of it. It is HE!

"Let me abide, O my Lord, within the habitation of Thy glory, and suffer me, O my God, to emerge from the darkness in which Thy divine obscurity is shrouded".


R:Mikhail Yahood (Achi)

by shalom (not verified) on

Mazel Tov
Yasher koach



R.Mikhail Yahood

by Shalom (not verified) on

Shalom aleichem
שלום עליכם



by Anonymous4now (not verified) on

You have sympathy for the IRI and have let yourself be boxed in by that ideology. That's why you find RM's remarks so insightful. That's also why you believe everyone else must have some affiliation. I have no interest in ISMs and no patience for the failed leftist ideology of the MKO, especially since it also embraces the nomadic and cultic culture of Islam. The word apartheid is not mine and is borrowed from Iranians leaving their homeland for good to share a life with people like you who are "also aware that there is a wide gap between the rich and the poor in Iran and it is getting worse, in fact even IRI is aware of it and knows that the situation has gone beyond bad". But don't give a damn about it. The IRI thugs are happy stashing away and plundering the wealth of the nation and people like you are happy that your ideology is being exercise, as an experiment on others and not you. People like you prefer to live a life of happiness elsewhere and let their experiment be carried out on the naa-khodies in Iran. By the way, you may have just come across this term, but Iranians have known this system of Khodi and naa-khodi since the IRI got established.

I am not looking for justification for a forceful change over of the regime. I don't believe there is any other way that this brutal regime can be removed. If you have a suggestion, name it. We are disusing the possibilities. Be logical and concise. Don't chant slogans.


A4now, read Peace is the only way forward again

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Anonymous4now says: "That leaves the other 85% of the population as naa-khodies who in their own country are treated worse than any second class citizen in any apartheid."

Anonymoous4now, many of us are aware of such problems in Iran. In fact I am the one who put the link for the khodie-nakhodi article in my post below (pasting it here again: // Many of us are also aware that there is a wide gap between the rich and the poor in Iran and it is getting worse, in fact even IRI is aware of it and knows that the situation has gone beyond bad, see: (//

Yes, the situation is bad, it is bad enough that you don't need to exaggerate and call IRI worse than an apartheid so that you can justify your desire for "aerial bombardment" of Iran.
Not so dear Anonymous4now you can continue in your extremist path and like your friend MKO's Mr. Alireza Jafarzadeh go to FOX news TV and proudly encourage the aerial bombardment of your homeland. In fact like Mr. Jafarzadeh you can go beyond that and expose the coordinates of all sensitive civil and military Iranian positions and feel good about it.
.... but don't expect Iranians (in Iran) to entertain those who think like you and Mr. Jafarzadeh with Persian music, and Ice cream-cake.
By the way, this guy RM posted one of the best written and brief posts, go read it again.


Bahaiis don't represent God

by mikhail yahood (not verified) on

Bahaiis don't represent God they represent Allah. The same Allah as Mohammed did. That is one thing they can not deny,.


Dear RM

by Anonymous4now (not verified) on

Your goal of wishing for a peaceful resolution is very noble but how is it to be achieved, given the animalistic nature of this regime? Should the Iranian population suffer the indignity of this regime as they have for the past 30 years, while we wait for a peaceful resolution to come about? The ruling class or Khodies are reported to be at 15% (seems a bit high) of the population. That leaves the other 85% of the population as naa-khodies who in their own country are treated worse than any second class citizen in any apartheid. Despite the regime’s effort to brainwash a whole generation of the young, the fact that their parents had lived under the previous regime and can contrast the two systems has buffered the situation and resulted in only a fraction being completely brain washed. In another generation, the living memory of the past will be gone and the children of Iran will not have any story to hear other than of the IRI's. The student uprisings in 1999 started out peaceful. The intellectuals and the journalists murdered in the serial killings as well as those imprisoned and tortured had peaceful intentions. All that women are asking for is to be left alone, like other human beings, so they can decide what to wear; instead they get beaten to pulp. All that kids want to do is to get together like other kids in other parts of the world and be kids; instead they get picked up and are lashed for their impropriety.

I am really curious to know how a peaceful movement is going to change things in Iran.


Who are these people?

by Taavoos (not verified) on

Who are these people that after 30 years of oppression and murder by the totally useless fascist pan-arab leaders of IRI still pretend that IRI is a good system? Are they blind or fanatic, or do they think that iranians do not deserve any better? IRI is in the ranks of Arabs, Mongols, and Tatars and not comparable to any iranian king, let alone the second pahlavi shah, no matter where he came from and who installed him.

I am really curious to know who these people are and what their motivation are. How can they be so blinded or deceived, or bought so easily? How can they be so cruel towards iranians slaved, raped, and murdered by IRI? Are they iranian at all or not? Who are these people?


REPLY : TEACH ME.................

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D (not verified) on

by Teach (not verified) on Sun Jan 06, 2008 02:26 PM PST. Your writting and Hier: How I see the things:
I just said that IRI is blindly brutal.
My Answer: let it be
They simply do not value any iranian lives.
No they dont
As Khomeini said: "even if one person remains alive that is enough for islam." In layman's term, they are willing to massacre all 60 million iranians on behalf of their murderous god and inhumane religion
WARRNING! WRONG MESSAGE! As Imam Khomeini may have said that there were only 30 million "fanatic Mullahs". So is the name which the honorable iranian nation - to those count to my opinion the ones who have founded thier ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN, are livi9ng there and are willing to protect what they have achieved during the last 30 years - has recieved from strangers. So Now After the imam is not alive any more stil can only - up to your statement - 30 mill. be massacred. On behalve of what so ever. Right? Or? because otherwise it would be a deviation of what that genious had said if he had said. As a matter of fact every religion and all true believers DO know that God does not mix in zhe humans affaires. In farsi they say: AS TO HAREKAT AS KHODA BAREKAT. Nearly in every language one can find likewise speeches. On the other hand I think there is a philosophy behind the statement: not verrified after the name of all blogger. It means to me: DONT DISCUSS THE PERSON; BUT THE MATTER. I like it this way. because up to my nature i do not want to be involved in personal based discussions. Now i am just unable, to continue because I am affraid my remark about 30 and 60 Mill. could be interpreted personaly. It is not so. Greeting


Several authors have

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on

Several authors have published books on radical Islam’s threat to the West since that shocking morning in September six years ago. With “The Suicide of Reason,” Lee Harris joins their ranks. But he distinguishes himself by going further than most of his counterparts: he considers the very worst possibility — the destruction of the West by radical Islam. There is a sense of urgency in his writing, a desire to shake awake the leaders of the West, to confront them with their failure to understand that they are engaged in a war with an adversary who fights by the law of the jungle. ...
Harris, the author of “Civilization and Its Enemies: The Next Stage of History,” devotes most of his book to identifying and distinguishing between two kinds of fanaticism. The first is Islamic fanaticism, a formidable enemy in the struggle for cultural survival. In Harris’s view, this fanaticism has acted as a “defense mechanism,” shielding Islam from the pressures of the changing world around it and allowing it to expand into territories and cultures where it had previously been unknown.

With few exceptions, Harris sees Islamic expansion as permanent. Although this point is arguable, he bravely attempts to make the case that the entry of Islam into another culture produces changes on every level, from political to personal: “Wherever Islam has spread, there has occurred a total and revolutionary transformation in the culture of those conquered or converted.”

In describing the imperialist nature of Islam, Harris suggests that it is distinct from the Roman, British and French empires. He views Islamic imperialism as a single-minded expansion of the religion itself; the empire that it envisions is governed by Allah. In this sense, the idea of jihad is less about the inner struggle for peace and justice and more about a grand mission of conversion. It should be said, however, that Harris’s argument is incomplete, since he does not address the spread of Christianity in the Roman, British and French empires.

The expansion of Islam is perhaps more potent than the expansion of the Christian empires (including Rome after Constantine) because the concept of separating the sacred from the profane has never been acceptable in Islam the way it has been in Christianity. The Romans, the British and the French went about annexing large parts of the world more for earthly or material gain than for spiritual dominance. Under these empires, the clergy was allowed to propagate its faith as long as it did not jeopardize imperial interests.

Harris goes on to argue that the Muslim world, since it is governed by the law of the jungle, makes group survival paramount. This explains in part the willingness of Muslims to become martyrs for the larger community, the umma — uniting peoples separated by geographical boundaries, with different cultures, heritages and languages. According to Harris, this sense of solidarity is sustainable only with the weapon of fanaticism, which obligates each member of the umma to convert infidels and to threaten those who attempt to leave with death. That is, the aim of Muslim culture, so different from that of the West, is both to preserve and to convert, and this is what enables it to spread across the globe



Peace is the only way forward.

by RM (not verified) on

Islam as an extension of cultural traditions and especially, as a unifying force has an important role to play in as far as dealing with external threat is concerned.

Like NATO, Islam plays a role of informal alliance between people of the region. And I believe, this alliance will be formalized in the future. It is precisely because of this role, Islam is under attack.

However, as the external threats vanish, the role Islam plays in this regard will diminish.

As far as I am concerned, Islam as a religion should be limited to Mosques and homes and should stay out of public life. I believe, in time, it will be so.

Islam and democracy are not mutually exclusive as some would like us to believe.

Peace, however, is a precondition for any progress and full democratic Iran.

"The kind of Middle East we all want to see", Condoleezza Rice

As long as US view Middle East as an asset to be possessed, there will be threat of war.
Unfortunately, as long as there is a threat of war (and continued sanctions),
Iran will have a difficult road ahead to establish a democratic government.


Psychopathic constructs are facades and not repres Islam

by Recession Monger (not verified) on

Psychopathic constructs and artifacts are facades and not a manifestation of Islamic values.

How grotesque? While US and Israel murdering Muslims… some are busy blaming Islam for it i.e. “Islam makes for bad Moslems”…

Look at the Iraq war.

Specifically, look at the Abu Ghraib incident and ask; what kind of a mind set (religion/culture) takes joy in inflecting pain to another human being. Or for that matter what kind of a mind set can allow for use of Depleted Uranium in a cold and calculated action that can bring total destruction of a race.

All this in the name of trying to halt the spread of WMD!
(For those of you who are unaware of this horrifying fact, I would suggest to Google: Depleted Uranium Iraq).

In the first Golf war more than 430 tones of Depleted Uranium was used. Professor Katsuma Yagasaki, a scientist at the Ryukyus University, Okinawa calculated that the 800 tons of DU used in Afghanistan is the radioactive equivalent of 83,000 Nagasaki bombs. The amount of DU used in Iraq is equivalent to 250,000 Nagasaki bombs.

Over 1000,000 Iraqi killed in search of a “Dental Plan” and you blame Islam …

Follow the MONY (Oil &Land) trail and you will know who has a vested interest!

The dictionary defines Psychopath as, "A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse."

A Psychopath is void of any conscience, feelings of guilt or remorse. Psychopath is indeed a social predator. In situations where a normal human being (one with conscience) may struggles or held back by feelings such as shame or guilt, the Psychopath feels absolutely nothing and is not held back by any of these feelings. In fact, a sociopath may enjoy inflecting pain and suffering.
"What distinguishes all of these people from the rest of us is an utterly empty hole in the psyche, where there should be the most evolved of all humanizing functions." Martha Stout, Ph.D., the Sociopath Next Door.
Of course there are varying degree and facets of Psychopaths.

For instance Narcism is a form of Psychopathy.
In a survival situation, some would sacrifice to save others or would choose to survive at any cost (including at the cost of love ones). Social constructs and culture would heavily influence this behavior.

With ever more job insecurity and requirements for success, the American way of life is optimized for the survival of the psychopaths If not a genetically real psychopath, than at lease those who are capable to adapt the psychopathic behavior.

So before we go blaming Islam, look who will benefit from despair, ignorance and war.

It is certainly not Iraqi children or the rest of Islamic world…

"Men see their dreams and aspiration-a
Crumble in front of their face,
And all of their wicked intention
To destroy the human race."
And who are these men who want to destroy the Human race?

Psychopaths : Greedy Psychopaths after
1) Oil
2) Palestinian Land
by any means but not limited to attacking Islam …

One thing is for sure, Psychopaths create their own demons and they have to live with them. Ultimately, It is what they create that comes back to haunt them.
US created Bin Laden
US busy creating the Iraqi Insurgents
US helped to create and sustain the Israeli and Palestinian conflict …

Meet your demons: Greed, War, Israel (with Megaton Nuclear bombs), billion in deficit and a national debut that is at 9.2 Trillion and growing. …

US is in recession while busy trying to rob the Middle East (Iraq).

Are there any suggestions on how to help with the hospitality and make there costly stay in Middle East a bit shorter?

Do you suppose, US will listen if ME asked nicely, “Please leave Iran, Iraq and the Middle East. Middle East does not want your help.”


Re: a13, a4now

by Anonym777 (not verified) on

anonymous13 says : "Any semblance of democracy within the ranks of Islam is obviously only a temporary arrangent, and a waste of time and treasure. Proof of this can be seen across the board, from Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, etc."

anonymous13, I am as secular as it gets and more, as I am an atheist. I like to see the day that religion is completely out of politics everywhere including the US where Pat Robertson (and rest of the ultra right Christians) have the mightiest war machine at their disposal.
..... I don't know when that day comes, but I am sure that it will not come through your arrogance and intolerance or through "aerial bombardment" of your friend below (Anonymous4now).
Are you guys looking for democracy or bushucracy?


Mikhail, The west is home to

by Seagull (not verified) on

The west is home to many Baha'is, both native and imigrants. How many Baha'i do you know who run for political offices, or are policy makers or belong to political groups?
Baha'is promote a much greater reality, God.
After all todays politics is about fear and control, whereas Baha'i teachings are to set one free from the bondage of this fleeting life.
If Baha'is dont accept your money that can buy a lot of political power why would they worry about politics itself.
Ofcourse they respectfully ask for their civil and God given rights as would anyone else.


watch out for Bahaiis and

by mikhail yahood (not verified) on

watch out for Bahaiis and heir idea of mixing religion with government in future Iran, They are taking their political lessons directly from Zionism. Be very carefull Iranians.


The centrality of Islam in

by Anonymous13 (not verified) on

The centrality of Islam in all the backwardness and vileness we see wherever islam has spread.
But there seems to be something about Islam and Muslims which makes it nearly impossible for them to realize or admit the centrality of Islam to all their woes.The heinousness of tribal and cruel society and islamic sharia have never been the West's fault, nor is it the West's responsibility to fix. It's becoming increasingly clear that Muslims and Islam show a congenital tendency to bellyache, point fingers, scape-goat, and rage -- they also show a congenital inability to take responsibility for their failures as a culture, or to confront the hemorrhaging font of evil fueling the nightmare

The fact that Islam today is more trenchant and menacing than ever before puts a lie to those Islam-cleansing obscurantists. Islam shows no signs whatsoever of moderating, yet many lobbyist for irI have spent great time de-linking Islam, and minimizing its menace to the West. Our predicament viz. Islam has been greatly brought on and complicated by their deceptions of these mozdoors and emotionally flawed input.

Further, those gullible and foolish advisers in the West who have consumed this garbage, and long fasioned horrible American policies towards the Muslim world should also be dismissed. Their catastrophic sand castles of "democratizing" Islam have been and will remain a disaster. Any semblance of democracy within the ranks of Islam is obviously only a temporary arrangent, and a waste of time and treasure. Proof of this can be seen across the board, from Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, etc.

"Democracy" boondoggles and secularism in these sewers of Islam are all regressing.



by Anonymous4now (not verified) on

I do not wish for war, on my home country, any more than any other compatriot, but my observation of the facts of the past 28 years have led me to the conclusion that this regime will not be shaken other than by force, the only language they understand. It is extremely hard to wish your own country to be bombarded by a foreign nation, and it is out of complete frustration and despair that any such conclusion can be reached. I am continuously looking for alternatives to shape my views but this regime keeps outdoing its own record on cruelty and the devastation it is bringing to Iran. As has been mentioned before in this dialog, they have not stopped at anything to crush various movements and dissent. It has been argued that the Shah had a mighty army that was perceived never to falter, but his regime collapsed in the end. Well, we weren't listening back then, but he was saying that he wanted to avoid bloodshed and that's why he left the country. He was a weak and vacillating person but not the blood thirsty creature khomeini made him out to be. That is why the revolution succeeded. I do not believe the same applies to the IRI. They will stop at nothing to preserve their survival and they have demonstrated it. I shudder every time I hear the opposition call for open protests, because the outcome is clear to me; More dead and more imprisoned in the torture chambers. Reza Pahlavi is calling for civil disobedience, in the face of complete and total brutality; Most government workers have mouths to feed and cannot risk losing their jobs or being imprisoned for disobedience. Dr. Ramin Kamran says that the regime's demise will only come as a result of a revolution. This all parallels Mary Antoinette's detachment from reality.

I, like you, think about what the reaction of the Iranian population might be as a result of such a military action. I think if the action is short and swift and targets the regime command centers then the population will be jubilant, but if it drags on and puts civilians in harm's way, then I agree the outcome may be completely different. Desperate times require desperate measures. In WWII the US invaded European countries and Japan to set them free, something they would not have been able to do on their own. They all recovered and went back to being independent countries.

I have my eyes and ears open for a solution such that it gives me hope for a peaceful resolution, but the juvenile mentality and behavior of the IRI leaves little room for hope.

Rosie T.

To Abarmard, Anon4 and the others...

by Rosie T. on

Abarmard, I asked Anon4 the same question and he wrote his solution: "The only way this regime can be de-clawed and disarmed is by aerial bombardment of its command structure so as to embolden the population to take matters into their own hands." He also said it's unlikely. I believe Iran is in a deadlock right now and as long as the neo-cons )or those similiar to them) are in power the deadlock will remain.IRI won't soften the hard line as long as Iran is flanked by US miliary, and people in Iran will be afraid to rebel too much as long as this situation exists. The other thing, Anon4, is that my understanding as a "khareji" who has engaged in numerous discussions about this topic with many IRanians, is that perhaps the ONLY thing that could incite many Iranians to FAVOR the current regime would be an outside military intervention. In a nutshell, the only thing the majority detests MORE than the attrocities of the IRI is foreign intervention, especially by the US. Of course none of us has a crystal ball. Nonetheless, that's what I've gleaned from many discussions. S

o what to do? Well, I think by having this civilized dialog you're all doing a lot. The war begins and ends in onesklf. The Buddhists say to end human suffering is like emptying the ocean with a teacup. Well this is your teapot, use your teacup wisely. We'are all part of the same ocean. This is why I want to point out that Anon4's replies to me, though pro-military intervention (which I don't agree with) were very carefully thought-out and written with a strong sense of humanity. He recognized the feelings and the ideas of the other side, and that he understood how sad it would indeed be if his idea, military intervention, were implemented. He just feels it's the only pragmatic solution. He's entitiled to his opinion and he wants a real dialog. A couple of the answers to him were more war-like than his own post, and far less compassionate. This should not be the case.

Remember, the future of Iran and the future of humanity hangs by a thread. And this thread you're on right now  is part of that larger thread. So do the best you can for Iran. Be patient, civilized, compassinate, and find common ground here. Set the example here in th virtual ex-pat dialogue. It will be doing a lot, just doing that. "Be the change you want to see in the world"--Gandhi.


RE: Anonymous4now

by Abarmard on

I am not sure which solution you are speaking of?


REPLY : HEY YOU.............

by Faribors Maleknasri (not verified) on

Mr. PRESIDENT! you have my vote. Congratulations.


Thank you

by Seagull (not verified) on

Thank you Anonymous4now,
Your point well taken.


do not trust dominant hegemony

by Behrouz (not verified) on

as you said nobody would promote democracy in Iran but Iranians, and comes with a catch:
1. the world consider Iran as a major energy reservoir, passageway and market
2. democracy or else if means independence, would not be tolerated by dominant hegemony(currently USA)as they overthrown our government in 1953
3. we need the majority of Iranians, from every belif to be reay to share their ideas, which take a long time
4. the IRI is among the countries who are trying to change the world system, which is a rough pathageway.
5. now more than any time in modern history, we need wise-persons to express themselves.
6. be brave and hopeful


Seagull: I think Teach is

by Anonymous4now (not verified) on


I think Teach is saying the same thing. Personal religion must be respected but Political religion must be rejected. In other words, we must strive for democracy and abhore dictatorship, be it divine or otherwise.


we must restrain our impulses to hate

by Seagull (not verified) on

On one hand i can appreciate people changing for good and on the other hand i am in awe at the same person making such vicious name calling and attacks. You dont like a comment make your reply personal. It is wrong to attack people for their beleif, religion, or way of life...
Until we get that, it will be next to impossible to accomplish anything good. everyone reads the words and can tell where they are coming from. Everyone needs to overcome their impulses to hate.
Desire for change for better does not entail marginalizing any group or religion who in their own wisdom contribute lawfully and peacefully to the society and culture, wherever they maybe, of whatever religion they maybe.
when hate comes out it needs to be addressed by all well intended people not only those who are being attacked.
That is a major problem, and is an open invitation for anything but progress!
As some of you have graciousley mentioned this, respecting others is respecting ones self, and respect simply means valueing ones self. To show espect is to show self worth. it is not only earned it is also practiced.
So please limit your comments to the individuals you reply to and RESPECT other peoples choice of religion or no religion.
This is everyones genuine wish.


is religion the problem?

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Those of you who think the prerequisite for the path to democracy is regime change read this or similar articles about the power structure of IRI:

You then ask yourself: when/if IRI is removed, will another version of 'khodihA_va_nAkhodiha' replace the current version?
If I am not mistaken in the old days (time of Shah) it was called 'hezAr_fAmil', and regime change did just a name change to it. Are we looking for another name change or real change? Unfortunately real change takes time and perhaps regime change will just delay it.


ranapanah: To have a desire

by Anonymous4now (not verified) on

ranapanah: To have a desire to end the demonic behavior of this regime is not demonic, it is angelic. We are discussing the ending of the suffering and bloodshed of the Iranian people. How can you characterize it as demonic? Not doing anything to stop the killing and torture in Iran would be demonic, wouldn't you say?

kurdish warrior: Unfortunately, it is very difficult under the circumstances the IRI has created, to have all the truth. Their censorship prevents the flow of information so at best it is scattered, but their propaganda reaches everyone. This can be a source of the misunderstanding and fractionalization that Abdollah is alluding to.

Abdollah: Iranians are fragmented and that can be a healthy thing if they can learn to respect each others' opinions and have tolerance for the opposing point of view. After all that is what Abarmard is advocating that we should do in the long run. But 30 years have gone by and look at this blog. No one dares opine under their real name for the fear of retaliation. This discussion has remained civil and with the exception of a few instances has been a forum for exchange of opinions. We don't necessarily need to agree, but must learn to respect each other in disagreement. Respect is earned and is mutual. If we disrespect others for holding a view then we must accept the same from them. To disrespect others implies no self respect. You don't have to give up your religion to accept the cruelty of this regime. Hopefully, in the future, we can have tolerance for all religions, which to my understanding, is what everyone has advocated under the umbrella of a future democratic society.



by Teach (not verified) on

There are two kinds of religions - any religion:

(a) Exercised at home and is not used as tool of oppression, deceit, and murder. Nobody attacks that religion, let it be islam or other religions. This is practiced by a vast majority of iranians. It is an individual choice that needs to be respected and is nobody's business as long as is practiced harmlessly.

(b) Religion, let it be islam or something else, that is used as a political tool to harm others, physically or otherwise. Attacking this kind of religion is a fair game. This religion brings no benefit to the collective humanity and should be opposed without any reservation. Believing in sacredness of a harmful religion is fanaticism and must be opposed if we wish to have a world based on humanity, justice, and respect for life. This is what most people around here attack, oppose, and insult deservedly.


Thank you Anonymous4now;

by kurdish warrior (not verified) on

No matter how much or many times you clarify what this regime stands for; it wouldn’t get through to some of these people’s mind whom still believe in reform from within. They are still living in a fairyland and not in touch with reality or perhaps living on IRI income. There won’t be a road to democracy while this regime still operates.



by Ranapanah on

It's interesting how many of you are critical of IRI and are still following in their footsteps!

They can be brutal to those who are not of their own religion or are not following its rules, how are you any different when you demonize the people who simply have a belief in Islam and are not associated with the government. I rather they stay in power than you who would probably masacre everyone who might be muslim.


try and learn that attacking peoples ideology does not solve our problems.


Iranians need to agree to

by Abdullah (not verified) on

Iranians need to agree to put religion and all the ideologies that exist now aside when it comes to the future of Iran. But this is more ideologistic than real when it comes to dealing with the people of Iran. We have not had any home made true nationalist and people oriented groups in the past (except for Mossadegh), we have learned to fall in the trap of foriegners with their agendas. I propose some of the young educated Iranians who have no religious, or idological boundings to any group to step up and form a group of Iranians for the future. These new comers whould adhere to all the basic civilized and human principles of west while using all the efforts to educate themselves on the literature, past politics, socioeconomical status of Iran in relationship to the rest of middle east and to the world in general. Academics and other Iranians can be used as the references and counsultants for this but if they don't meet the criteria set above they can not be a member.
Those of you who are interested let me know and I am willing to start this up. lets go for "Iranians for the future"