The rest is history

Video on Iran-U.S. ties and the need for real diplomacy


The rest is history
by Lalé Shahparaki Welsh

It is now a matter of public record (Library of Congress 2003) that in 1953, the United States violently intervened in Iran by ousting the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mossadegh and installing the shah's military regime. This backfired spectacularly in 1979 when religious militants gained power through the revolution and 52 U.S. diplomats were taken hostage.

That's when many Iranian Americans, started getting hot under the collar, many Iranians (not all--some were just trying to get an education) had already left to get away from the increasingly oppressive conditions of the Shah's regime, but were now held in contempt for the behavior of these new hostage takers. The rest is history. Fascinating, ongoing, seemingly endless history. has released a new Web video on Iran that shows the dangers of an armed U.S. intervention and the need for real diplomacy. Veteran New York Times correspondent Stephen Kinzer, retired General Robert Gard, Iranian-American scholar Trita Parsi, and USA Today reporter Barbara Slavin explain the need for the United States today to use real diplomacy instead of military force in its relationship with Iran.

This video complements the national Folly of Attacking Iran Tour – which, by all accounts, is already receiving an enthusiastic response on the West Coast. The 22 city book signing tour which started in LA Feb. 7th features Stephen Kinzer, former New York Times foreign correspondent and award-winning author of "All The Shah's Men" and his latest book "Overthrow". The tour coincides with a new publication of his book with a new foreword, the "Folly of Attacking Iran."

Kinzer is accompanied on this tour by an impressive coterie of fellow speakers ranging from Pulitzer prize winner Christopher Hedges, retired Brig. General John Johns, Senior diplomatic reporter for USA TODAY, Barbara Slavin to NIAC president, Trita Parsi to name just a few.

The San Francisco book signing will take place today (Monday Feb. 11th) 7:00 pm at Grace Cathedral in the Nave, 1100 California St. at Taylor St. The San Francisco panel discussion will feature Stephen Kinzer, Barbara Slavin, and Reese Erlich.

See their site for other city tour dates.

Regardless of your opinion of religious clerics or the Shah's regime, you must agree that war rarely solves problems and benefits only an infinitesimal few. Word of mouth is the best way to mobilize more Americans against war with Iran. By watching and sharing the video, you help it gain momentum on Web sites like YouTube. The people at Just Foreign Policy ask that you visit their site and take action by signing a letter to ask your Representative and your Senators to oppose military threats, promote diplomacy. Take Action now.



To: parham: Please read this

by ,,,, (not verified) on

To: parham: Please read this article. It's not directly related to Iran but it gives you an insight into what kind of prequisites are needed to have an enduring democracy. I hope it helps:

Bush Fails History...Jefferson Predicted Iraq
by Thom Hartmann


To Ladan

by Miz-abdol-azim khaneh Ghareeb (not verified) on

my child, why are you trying to be a "Mullah-Loghatee"? You are rejecting a historical fact I am sharing with you and then turn around and call me a bad speller? No lady, I did not spell his name wrong: Kermit Roosevelt was indeed called Kim Roosevelt and this is not such a big shit for you to get excited about anyway. I watched Kim Roosevelt's interview about this historical event. You think you read Stephen Kinzer's book, well good for you. And I am also impressed that you can spell that little boy's name what ever his name is Treaty or whatever!

The point I am trying to make is why do you people have to be goat-like following whatever the west feeds you? This very same behavior caused your nation to go and vote for Khomeini. Those days you all followed the slogan of Human Rights and today you are following the British imbeded idea in your mind that it is all American that we are suffering from. You want everything easy and solved.

Past is irreversible, the question is how much are we willing to learn going forward? The person who posted this video is clearly and Anglophil.


I say let's cut the bull and start the bombing of the

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

Islamic republic. Enough of this nonsense! The mullahs backed-up by their Russian friends are sucking the blood of Iranians.
Bomb, bomb, bomb the Islamic Republic!


So, when is America going to start the bombing

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on



To ,,,, re: pre-requisite

by Parham on

So are you saying 1906 was kashk (for the lack of a better expression)?


Listen, men

by General Charkhe Tayyareh (not verified) on

A military strike, surgical or otherwise, is stupid. We should find a rebel leader like Shaboon Beemokh to strike from within.


great book

by donthaveacow (not verified) on

All the Shah's men is a great read. Good for all.


that there was democracy in

by ,,,, (not verified) on

that there was democracy in Iran and that the Americans crushed it.

Iran lacks pre-requisite of establishing a democracy both in institutions, culture, and in spirit, let alone in 1953. But yes, you're right, he can go on and talk about coup of 1953 as much as he wants to.



by Parham on

I don't think there's a big chance that the US attacks Iran either, but I like the fact that there are people like Kinzer who go around and spread the word, for whatever reason they wish, that there was democracy in Iran and that the Americans crushed it.


Shahid Imam Mossadegh....

by Antibullshit (not verified) on

One of the best books written on the subject is
"Karnameh Syasi Dr. Mossadegh" by Dr. Jalal Matini. The book is available from Sherkate Ketab in Los Angeles.

1. Mossadegh was not democratically elected. He was appointed by shah.
2. He was used by Americans and British in Nationalization of Oil and played a role much like Hogo Chavez is playing in Venezuela now.
3. He acted on more than one occassion against the Iranian constitution at time which was illegal.
4.He reached a dead end towards the end of his career and instead of resigning he went out as a hero and this has given many a chance to create a new myth for the Iranian people.

5. We need to burry Mosadegh,the Shah , Imam Khomeni and get on with our lives.



The Islamic Republic of Iran

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

The only way to overthrow the Islamic Republic is by a US invasion.

That being said, I believe that would lead to a much bigger problem of world terrorism, even bigger than the Sunni insurgency in Iraq.

It would be wrong to invade Iran.

Hizbollahis are more dangerous than Usama bin Laden.

Hizbollah of Lebanon has not attacked the US since 1983 in Beirut.

If you leave the Shias alone they will not attack you.

Best thing to do is, arm the Shias in Iraq and train them well. Leave Iraq when our "US" oil is secure.

And never invade another Shia country.

Sunni Countries on the other hand you can destroy.

Sunnis live in tents and caves anyway, there is not much to destroy.


Zionists out of USA

by mama (not verified) on

When did I ever say IRI was cradle of anything? I just want to stop the Jewish lobby in the US to suck our blood and tax dollars.
You must be the Lucifer Jew. Your tribe put the Christ on the cross.


Thanks for posting this

by Ladan K (not verified) on

Miz-abdol-azim khaneh Ghareeb
No Where in his book or in this video does anyone deny the serious involvement of the British in the overthrow of Mossadegh. In fact, if anything they belabor it. If you had actually read his book, you'd see that (and you'd also know it's not Kim Roosevelt, It's Kermit). And, by the way it's not Trity Parsi

For *Goodness*. Please explain how Kinzer et al are "fear mongering"? Yes, they have written book and are trying to sell them. I see no problem with that, as being a writer is a tough and thankless job to begin with. If money was his goal, I'm sure he could have written any number of romance novels and made far better money.

How is it that people who step up and try to promote peace, and get the word out about what is essentially our own Iranian story (when it should be US doing it in the first place) are treated so cynically? In fact, we should ask why our political candidates are not asking these very same questions?


Miz-abolee, Don't be

by Stop more wars & murders (not verified) on

Miz-abolee, Don't be bashful, try to change the topic by your cheap accusations. Yes the British masterminded it. "all of the commentators and including the person"

aaj sar, "We hear this mouthfull jargons of "negotiation with Iran". Aren't they do it last 30 years? or more specifically last 3-5 years?"
You're out of touch, there haven't been any negotiations or any meaningful efforts for it, catch up (remember Iran's government repeatedly conveying the message for the opening of direct dialog since the 90's?). The very powerful Rastafarian-Swedish lobby in the U.S. has consistently prevented it from happening.

Oh by the way and for what' it's worth, I'm no fan of any government in power anywhere. And I would think that my position is similar to most of those who oppose fabricated wars and people getting killed and lives and countries ruined, as a matter of principle. It doesn't have anything to do with politics.

p.s. A lot of people in this world believe in a returning messiah/savior in their belief system (the first and oldest one being from the religion of Zoroastrianism), are you prescribing no talks with them also? Then stop talking with most of your neighbors in your neighborhood.


What a great video! It so

by Anonymous5929 (not verified) on

What a great video! It so concisely describes such a complex and important event in a lucid and easy to understand manner.


Excellent Video and Article

by Haj Seyd Ali Mammad Mojtabazadeh Shabestari (not verified) on

Very Informative

Ben Madadi

Good video! Especially parts about Mosaddegh

by Ben Madadi on

Very interesting video!


Negotiate with Iran about what? Nuclear? Human Rights?...

by aaj Sr (not verified) on

We hear this mouthfull jargons of "negotiation with Iran". Aren't they do it last 30 years? or more specifically last 3-5 years?
Negotiate with WHO? Ahmadi Nejad, Khameneei, or Basij, Sepah or whoever?
Negotiate with people/government who believes on MEHDI, the hidden Imam somewhere in a WELL?
Ok, assume that they agreed on nuclear issues, what about human rights, what about equality for women, what about freedom of speech , what about transparency of oil money? how about political prisoners and suffocation of students? the list goes on and on ..
Who looks after these issues? are they going to negotiate them for the benefit and on behalf of Iranian people?.

Remember: Freedom is not free!


There is absolutely no

by goodness (not verified) on

There is absolutely no chance of bombing Iran. Kinser et al are just making money by fearmongering, how else is he going to sell his books? They have made the anti-war momvement into a racket...

If the United States decides to live with a nuclear-armed Iran, Israel may not accede. For the United States, Iranian nuclear capability is a big problem but by no means an existential threat. By contrast, Israel has to worry that Iran will supplement the hundreds of millions of dollars it spends each year to arm those fighting to wipe Israel off the map (Hamas and Hezbollah) with nuclear threats aimed at the same purpose.

If Israel decides to use force on its own, that would have many disadvantages for U.S. interests. An Israeli strike would convert a global issue about Iran's failure to comply with its obligations under international treaties into an Iranian-Israeli dispute, where many around the world would automatically take sides against Israel.

An Israeli strike could engender such international criticism that Iran would be confident it can rebuild without fearing international disapproval, much less a second round of strikes. Many around the world would assume that Washington gave Israel permission, if not assistance, so the United States would face much the same reaction as if it had carried out a raid itself. That could mean vicious Iranian responses against U.S. interests.

If Israel acts against the wishes of the United States, the worst of all situations would be created if it does the job poorly. In such a case, the threat from Iran's nuclear program would be magnified, and the U.S.-Israel alliance would be damaged. Unfortunately, this case is distinctly possible. This makes it all the more urgent that we reinforce diplomacy with tough sanctions and close international coordination at the highest levels to maximize the chances, admittedly fading, that Iran agrees to a compromise.

Patrick Clawson, the deputy director for research of The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, is the author of several books on Iran.



You are dead wrong, it was British Spymaster "Monty"

by Miz-abdol-azim khaneh Ghareeb (not verified) on

all of the commentators and including the person who posted this video are an obvious Anglo-phils that have to come out from their nests, from time to time and remind Iranians that it was the Americans (e.g. Kim Roosvelt) that dismantled Mossadeg, what a joke.

Anyone, with six-grade education in political science and Iranian history knows that indeed it was the British Spymaster "Monty" Woodhouse who masterminded the demise of Mossadegh and not the American CIA.

Forget about the confessions by Albright and all the other theatrical set ups by other Anglophils to blame this on USA, the truth was and is that the British conducted the operation and Kim Roosevelt took the credit.

Stephen Kinzer only scratched the surpface. Trity Parsi should go back to school and this time study hard.

Only an Anglophil posts a video like this. Go and fool your mama!

Boro Abgooshteto Bepaz!


Bombing Iran would be a war crime

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

Let's get serious, and pressure our government to behave. Somehow Sweden and Norway manage to get through the day without bombing and invading other people's countries or trying to overthrow their governments. Why don't we give it a try? Support the Lee bill. Let's work towards normal diplomatic relations.


Surgical Strikes

by mama (not verified) on

I’m an American and I support surgical strikes on Jewish lobbies in my country so we can stop the strangle hold they have on the US. I support smart bombing AIPAC, so they stop buying our politicians and forcing our sons and daughters to go and die in the deserts of Mideast for no reason but the best interest of Israel. I support surgically removing the Zionist parasite from our society so we can keep our tax dollars in America instead of sending it to Israel.


Symbollically speaking

by Stop more wars and murders (not verified) on

I suggest "surgical strikes" on so-called "Mahmoud Ghaffari's" head, for the sake of "democracy" and of course goodness. I say this only and only because of his verrrry verrry high humanistic "values", and of course for his quest for "freedom".

You're very transparent, despite your efforts against it.


Mr Ghaffari

by Olagh Catcher (not verified) on

I'm not going to "catch" you just yet, but you are dangerously close. Are you kidding with "surgical strikes"? Like only the *bad* Mothers, Fathers, sons and Daughters will be lanced like warts off Iran's ass?
No sir, It will be bloody, innocent people will be brutally murdered, there will be more pain, more suffering, and more hatred all around. You are naive if you belive these BS battle ground euphamisms of war mongers; "Smart bombs" "friendly Fire" "surgical strikes" are all prettied up words to replace "Massacre".

The only civilized thing to do is to help Iran become a true democray. Yes, separate Mosque and State, and lead by example.

There must be no more War in Iran or anywhere else. They've had enough rape and pillage for a lifetime.


Who cares if we were a democracy or not.

by Anonymous987 (not verified) on

Nobody really cares whether we were a democracy or not and what Mosadegh did. If he was to do this again today, he probably would have been killed immediately. His action was to nationalize oil for the people of Iran and to get it out of the hands of the British. If that was today, US would accuse him of something else just to keep the oil to themselves. It is all about oil. It will always be about oil. I know many Mosadegh supporters in Jebheh Meli in Iran. You can check out their website, - they are a bunch of old people now left with ideologies and don't let the younger generation to carry on Dr. Mosadegh's following. They are caught up in their own trap and have not done anything for the sake of democracy. He will soon be forgotten. We should stop living in 30 years ago and start living now and create a new leader to carry on! In the name of freedom and democracy the country of Iran has had the worst winter in the last 30 years. People are poor and suffering and the country has an inflation of 30%. Whatever we call this stupidity, even the arabs have gotten ahead of Iranians. I also disagree with Trita's comments about Iran being an independent country. There is no independent country in this world. Every country requires trade, open dialogue and import and export for economic growth. With the way this regime is continuing, the poor people in the name of democracy and self right will die of hunger and cold weather.

Sadly, we look back in history and criticize those that tried to do something, but failed, but when it comes to today, we do nothing. Iran is unfortunately a closed economy with closed doors and the country will take advantage of all these poor people's prides... and at the end we know what will happen.


Diplomacy with the new power

by Not Anonymous (not verified) on

Diplomacy with the new power structure emergin in Iran is highly unlikely. Ahmadinejad and IRGC welcome a war on Iran and the US should not fall in their trap.

New generation replacing clerics who had sought better ties with West


Diplomacy talks is/are meaningless

by Mahmoud Ghaffari (not verified) on

Look. I don't want to sound like a war monger when I say the only way to save Iran and ultimatley US from self destructing is a precise military intervention in Iran. I hear all this talk about diplomacy with no substance to it. Talks on what? On the fact that US will put a mark of approval on the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic, so long as it stops Uranimum enrichment? We are willing to allow this regime to continue pillaging Iran and massacring its people just for the sake of not going to war with it? If we do this then America has yet once again turned its back on its values as a free nation. I believe diplomacy and war ARE both a failed endeavor with Iran. I would vote for the path of least resistance for both Iran and the US. I'd rather take the path of surgical strikes to get rid of this regime, so that the same people who for a hundred years have been lusting for democracy and had it for a brief period to decide for themselves.


Great video

by Democracy my foot! (not verified) on

Why is it taking so long for the rest of the world to understand that we were once a democracy, and that the bogus wars are for any reason BUT to spread democracy?

Good post though! Thanks.


Wow, I didn't know Shah was

by wow (not verified) on

Wow, I didn't know Shah was still alive and he actually has a regime...good to know!