Please don’t nuke us!

Hey Americans! We Iranian-Americans digest our food the same way you do!


Please don’t nuke us!
by Pedestrian

By now I’m sure you’ve all seen Voices for Peace: Fifty Iranian-Americans Promoting Peace with Iran. Perhaps the idea behind it was decent enough. And maybe, at the end of the day, having it is better than not.

And yet, as a fellow Iranian (ixnay the American), there were many things that made me uncomfortable.

I do not think it is prudent at the moment to promote the idea of: “don’t attack Iran”. While many of us are extremely worried, publicly, we should promote the idea of direct, unconditional requests for talk with Iran. Lest we forget, she too remains a sovereign nation and has the right to decide when and if she wants to open her doors.

Many of us are deeply frightened, but when you truly think about it, the mere idea, the mere threat is purely satanic. And we should not give in to it by debating it publicly. The moment you start arguing an insane proposition you’ve given in to it entirely.

Instead of:

“We – the Iranian/American community - are of many religions and many beliefs but we believe America should not attack Iran.”

It should have been:

“We Iranians are of many religions, ethnicities and cultures and we all believe the two countries should talk.”

The idea behind this announcement should have been to promote the path of peace with Iran. I’m not sure where that was squeezed in because I must have missed it.

The announcement begins with:

Fifty people share a face of Iran that’s missing in the headlines, promoting peace.

Some of us were born here; some of us came from Iran.


Was this actually planned or did people just blurt out anything they wanted? Is that really a point you need to stress? Aren’t all human beings born somewhere? Or were Iranians born in some sort of radioactive Klingon terror ship?

Maybe it is that the way Americans look at Iranians is so incredibly horrendous. But do we really need to spend the greatest proportion of the clip telling the world that Iranians are actually working and studying? That they are mothers and grandmothers? Why don’t we just show that they also pee and eat like the “rest of humanity”?

Hey Americans! We Iranian-Americans digest our food the same way you do! Please don’t nuke us!

We are not radical, fundamentalist, or extremists.

(Note: There’s no talk of Iranians as a whole, we only grasp that Iran-Americans are not any of those things. But moving on …)

Of course we are not! Who said we were? These words are far too apologetic and frankly, even offensive.

This was more a video to promote the status of Iranian-Americans than to promote peace; to better their hurt ego - not to raise questions about Iran. To reassure America that they are not fundamentalists and have achieved a great deal on her soil.

But so have the Indian, the Chinese and the Arab communities. So what? What does that have to do with promoting peace? So what that Iranian Americans are doctors and engineers? That has absolutely no link to current animosity between the two countries.

And at the end of the day, here’s the greatest fundamental flaw I see in the expat community:

They don’t want America to nuke Iran and its ruling establishment.

But they’d be quite happy to nuke it themselves.

I am certainly no supporter of the Iranian ruling system. But I am behind them 100% in the event of outside intervention of any kind.

Of course, that can be viewed as the same argument provided by the ruling establishment within Iran: do no criticize us because you are “helping the enemy”.

But it is not the same. For two reasons:

  • Logical criticism and debating issues in their own context is far different than bad mouthing (of course, the government of the IRI does not see the difference – neither do Iranian satellite channels.)
  • The way you criticize inside the country (when paradoxically, you are not allowed) should be different than what you say outside of it. And that is fundamental I think: if you believe that reform must come from inside Iran, you do not destabilize the government from outside.

But as a whole, the Iranian communities outside Iran spend a great deal of resources trying to oust or at least demonize the government within Iran. While those who threaten Iran with war also always conclude that they are only attempting to hurt the system - and not the people. These arguments share many similarities.

You do not have to be in agreement with the system - but to believe no one has the right to do her harm. That in itself implies that you are throwing your support behind them in some way. And that is completely at odds with barbarizing them out of humanity.

The route to civil society is a long, excruciating path that requires deep, thoughtful political/social criticism, reflection; bitter rivalry and struggle. But that is not the same as demonizing Iran’s leaders and declaring them dead.

Those “bearded rulers” are as “Iranian” as we are. We may hate, despise and ridicule them everyday, but it is our combined cultural, religious, historical, political and sociological calculations that brought us to this result. We often want to “separate” ourselves from their image, because we are at odds with their beliefs, with their actions and with their very humanity.

But looking back at our history as far as at least the last 200 years - this outcome was inevitable. And in this “our” we can not separate the bearded from the unbearded, the hot shot Iranian lawyer living with her boyfriend in L.A. and the mother of 10 living with her clergy husband in Qom. We can ridicule as much as we want, but this was a manifestation of our combined Iranian-ness. And today, we can separate ourselves and mock but the problem lies in that we seem to be more preoccupied with doing that than looking and finding real solutions. Those who live outside seem to believe that because they are not within the borders, they are somehow better or more separated.

We are constantly divided. As if the Iranian diaspora has difficulty believing, after 29 years, who is in charge. These are the rulers today and if we can at all, it is with them that we shall negotiate. Cyrus who wrote the first declaration of human rights is not going to rise from the grave and rule us - and even if he did, could you guarantee that he’d do any better?

Better the devil you know then the devil you don’t.

We Iranians however, seem to love experimenting.




by eimanz on

In fact, the final cut of the video (which can be seen here:  // ) DOES have a woman with Hejab.


didn't read all the comments

by anonimus (not verified) on

didn't read all the comments as they are usually just a waste of recycled garbage. I see the point of the author and I raise him/her one: As an iranian woman who is religious and observes hijab, I had no space and semblance in that video, as I never do anywhere in the iranian diaspora "community". I don't deign to call myself that anyway.
But it just surprises me that of all those people, not one would happen to know a woman who wears hijab? That's why I feel needs a serious overhaul, or is in
danger of becoming obsolete. Just call it Mellateh Ghayooreh Iran National Enquirer with occasional pictures of attractive eyeranians.


free thinker

by Anonymously (not verified) on

So free thinker, how many of these people who are such liers do you know. For the love of god, you get in under a pseudo name, make a bunch of BS claims and try to tell us you are a free thinker. If you are doing such great service, why don't you expose yourself so we can all bow to your supremecy. Puh-leez, you are some lonely guy, here in the US (yep you like us to think you are in Iran...Bullshit), a bit disenchanted with the world and with a nasty agenda. You are promoting war and whoever talks about not attacking Iran, becomes an IRI supporter. This video is about promoting talks between Iran and US, before bombing Iran. If you don't get it, well, you are not very smart. Since when has the cowboy mentality has worked? grow up


emotional and political immaturity

by Mensa (not verified) on

All those who support the continuation of this regime (by the way... a NO vote to intervnetion from outside is a vote of support for this regime) are themselves guilty of the sins committed by this regime.

Do not tell me about peaceful reform from within....there is no possibility of that in an undemocratic society. If you do not like can wait a few more month and vote for another can vote for senators and congressmen and in Europe for your party and members of parliment of your choice...therefor you can bring about reform in democratic societies. But in a society run by MAFIA MULLAHS who will never give an ounce of their power away...there is no way for internal reform. Do you think Hitler, Mousolinni, Ghengis Khan...would step aside or allow the freedom of expression and reform within their societies.....NO!!!

I hate to say this....I really hate to say this...but there is NO PEACEFUL WAY of dealing with this regime or bringing meaningful change to this country...There are only two mean either a revolution from within or an influence for change from outside...those are our only hope. I hope the day comes that the Iranian people will take it in their own hand to overthrow this regime...however the prior several attempts (do you remember 18 tir student revolts) have all been crushed...sometimes help is needed from outside and there is nothing wrong with that. Do not be so politically naive and you think the Americans would have been successful with their continuation for independence from England without the outside support and influence of the French (who by the way were thinking of their own interest). Do you think Poland and Romania and many of those eastern european countries would have gained their freedom from the evil grip of communism if not for the secret support of NATO countries specifically the US. Why are so many people so ashamed to admit that maybe a bit of help from the outside is what is needed to ignite a chnage from within. This regime is a cancer and I will take whatever chemotherapy or radiation (although somewhat harmful) to get rid of this cancer...otherwise we will just DIE SLOWLY. This is an issue of benefit to risk ratio...intervnetion (through sanctions or strategic attacks of government facilities, or covert operations) can ignite a change that forever free us of this regime. I have many family and friends in Iran and pray for their safety every day, but intervention does not equal thousands of innocent civilain death... those who proclaim peace are using fear as a weapon to deter any change in the regime. There have been bloodless coup previously and there has been strategic attacks that were limited to destroying media outlets...without human casualty. I can not stand by and notice either naive individuals or worse, pro- IRI supporters, making any intervention to overthrow this regime a taboo subject by tugging at peoples emotion rather than rationality. If you indulge this regime by sitting at a table with them...all you do is legitimize their existence...their philosophy. I am so suprised how many of these so called patriots are suddenly so worried about the safety of their fellow iranians back home...while they sat idely for the past 28 years and watched this regime kill and torture and imprison millions. So it is ok if we are killed by our own regime but not by a foreign invasion???? I am tired of talking to irrational and emotional delusioned individuals...I am not even adressing NAIC and CASMII supporters because they have already exposed their hidden alliance.
Thank you


"Maybe it is that the way

by American Wife (not verified) on

"Maybe it is that the way Americans look at Iranians is so incredibly horrendous."

"We are not radical, fundamentalist, or extremists."

Of course we are not! Who said we were?...."

I'm confused.  Which is it? 

But to get to my long-time GRIPE about MORE generalization... why do you think you can speak for Americans?  How do you know what Americans feel or want?  Let me be more specific since I know exactly what kind of responses these questions are going to get.

FORGET what the media says.  If you think the media reports an unbiased opinion of what "Americans" want, you're either ignoring what common sense tells you, or you simply don't want to be fair and acknowledge the truth.  It's much easier to GENERALIZE.

TALK to Americans if you want to know how they feel.  Do you work with... or live with... an American?  Do not repeat the baseless rhetoric of this current government back to me.  DO NOT because it does not speak for the majority of Americans.  Do not repeat what a small handful of Bush's staff says. 

Another thing.  Iran, through Cyrus the Great, produced the first Human Rights proclamations.  Ok, well, that's all very nice.  But a little irrelevant.  So because many many MANY years ago Cyrus thought of human rights, current Iran is off the hook?  Doesn't matter what the current regime is doing because a long time ago Iran supported human rights.  So... what happened? 

A long time ago American had integrity and honor.  Does that mean that we get a free pass with today's current policies.  NO.  It means that we once were a great nation.  Now we're just a bunch of misguided bullies.  Does it mean we have potential for being honorable again?  Sure.  But sitting on our laurels of past achievements is a total waste of time.  It don't mean shit!

"Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture
a little of the glory of, well time slips away
and leaves you with nothing mister but
boring stories of glory days"

Ok... next.  Oft repeated words of US starting wars.  I am NO expert... not a historical buff... but just thinking back over the past history of America... which to remind all of you is a few hundred years old... not 5000 or even 2500, first there was our Revolution.  Ok, you're right.  We started that one.  A relatively small handful of brave men decided they wanted to be free of the tyranny of England.  So we said "enough is enough".  Then there was the Civil War... a truly horrendous scar in America's history and one from which we have yet to recover.  Contrary to what you "hear" was the reason for the Civil War, it was the rebellion of the South against the economic stranglehold of the North.  Southerners don't like being told what they can or can't do.   Then we've got WWI and WWII.  Did WE start either one of them?  Come on... be fair.  Where would most of the world be if we hadn't joined?  Be fair now...

Can I skip over Vietnam?  No?  Ok, well... gotta admit.  That was a fuck up.  We had no business being there.  And it seems like it's been a downhill spiral since  My point in this little history lesson is simply that there is much said about Iran having never started a war or been the aggressor and how the big bad wolf (America) has been sticking their nose in other people's business forever and ever and how baaaaaaaaaaad we are.  Let me remind you again that forever and ever is really only the last 80 years. 

So what is my point in all this.  Just more frustration I guess.  Some of you will think (and say) that this is an Iranian website FOR Iranians... that it doesn't matter what I think.  If you continue to think that, then you're right, I AM wasting my time. 

You know... you want everyone in the world to know that the people of Iran are not represented by the current regime... or the media reports.  But you don't want to give that same consideration to us.  You want us to believe that the typical Iranian isn't a flag-burning "death to Satan" individual but rather a regular father, mother, brother or sister.  But you don't want to believe that we are too.  You'd much rather think we are all anti-Iranian capitalists who don't care about Iran or her people (as has been said before here on IC).  And that's not true. 

The current government no more speaks for the average American than the mullahs do for the average Iranian. 

We don't want war.  Period.  We don't want to lose OUR sons and daughters either.  Do you think you have the market on love of life and family? 

I'm not criticizing ... I'm not telling you what to think... I'm not telling you what you should do.  I respect that this is an Iranian format for Iranian's to vent or to share.  I don't have all the answers.  I don't have ANY answers. 

I am an American Wife.  I love my country and I love my husband.  I love his family and I love his country.



The Mrs

by eimanz on

You are completly wrong about the video being misguided. Without efforts like this, those in Washington and around the world will think that we Iranian-Americans are either apathetic or perhaps look forward to an attack on Iran.

I've already had dozens of my American friends thank me for sending this to them. 

Everything stated on this video is plain fact.

Here's what I would point out as potential exceptions:

* You could say that the 'God Bless' portions were not, but if you assume there is a God, would you not want Him to bless the entire world? As an atheist, i can understand you would perhaps be against such a thing. But if you believe in God at all, then this statement should not be an "embarassment" as you say.

* We are not 'fundamentalist, extremist, etc'. Sure, you could say a handful of Iranian-Americans have fundamentalist and extremist viewpoints, but so does every other community. And they would not be considered to be a part of our community, IMHO. 

* 'Attacking Iran is not the answer'. Sure not every single Iranian American agrees with this, but an overwhelming majority do. The minority has every right to argue against this, but they better come up with good reasoning or else they'll have a difficult time convincing anyone. So far, most of those who are for an attack on Iran think that way because of an emtional response, mostly their hatred of the IRI. They haven't stepped back from that emotional, viseral reaction to thoroughly analyse the long-term consequences of such action. 

So tell me, do facts embarass you? 



She is now an arts/politics/peace analyst

by Not a Mrs. Fan (not verified) on

I think The Mrs. is jealous she wasn't featured in the video. Imagine...the spotlight was not on her in the video like she manipulates on all the time...if she had been invited to participate, it would have been the greatest thing ever...she is so transparent to all of us...sigh...


Interesting article. I

by TheMrs on

Interesting article. I didn’t like the video either.

Eimanz ” It takes tremendous effort, energy and time to make a video like this, and we should be spending our time commending those who work so hard in promoting peace.”

So what? It takes a lot of energy and work to do many things. Since when should we commend things just because they took a lot of effort to do? I was embarrassed by the video. It made me feel like I was in a new school begging for friends, “come play with me, I swear I won’t bite, see, I’m just like you”. It was culturally apologetic and politically superficial/uninformed. And “we’re” not extremists? Then why “God Bless America”? That's an extremist thing to say! Unless you want to beg for friends of course.

It seems to me that the target audience is Americans. We should’ve approached them with confidence and ease. Not with “accept me, please, pretty please, and don’t nuke me” Noside: “I see the "Pedestrian" spewing analysis of the video when in fact all he/she has done is NOTHING AT ALL. I respect people who actually use their talents to build something.”

Who said he HAS to do anything at all? If he's a regular average Joe, he can't criticize unless he produces a video and joins a jungle guerilla army? Your position is so illogical…most human beings don’t do much. So now they are bedehkaar to those who do? Why so much mennat? Give me a break. No one is obligated to join a resistance movement just because they want to criticize the message of those who create videos or do volunteer work. And by all standards, this article was longer than your comment, so he DID do something about his point of view. Why stifle a discussion with guilt about who has done what kind of work for whom.


What was bad about this video was its unintended (I hope) sneakiness. The Iranian crowd recognizes the faces and falls into the celebrity endorsement trap. The kind “Iranian Americans” are used to watching on “American” TV. After all, if Jessica Simpson likes Pizza, so should I, right? So if a bunch of intellectual or famous Iranians lend their name to an effort for peace, ki jora’at dareh harfi bezaneh? Would Maz Jobrani say anything bad? No, look at him baba he’s too funny for that. That goatie and all.

 But the American crowd, who won’t even really care, will see a bunch of unrecognizable faces mumbling something about we’re all the same.  

I think we are taking the add (it’s all it is), out of context. It’s meant to show off some faces to Iranians and get some Americans to pay attention. It’s black and white, artsy…At the end of the day, it’s inconsequential, politically irrelevant, culturally backward and didn’t even feature one person who is in actual danger of war. But hey, it was cute. It took hard work. But IMHO it was misguided.

K Nassery

No one is going to nuke Iran.

by K Nassery on

The Washington, DC, rumors are that Israel wants to bomb Iranian nuclear sites like they did in Iraq and more recently in Syria.  They want to stop/delay Iran's ability to get the bomb.

 If you are speaking of a US attack on Iran...possible war,  aren't we at war with Iran?  Iran, according to CNN's reporters turns on and off the faucet of attacks in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  Iran supplies the training and the weapons to Hezbolla and Hamaz.  So it seems it is more that the US is fighting a war with Iran through Iran's proxies. 

Iran can fight these battles on the soil of other nations, but it seems that all chickens come home to roost...for example 9/11. 

The premis of this specific article is false.  It doesn't help solve anything.  You have to look at all of the facts and try to convince Americans that you are a reasonable people.  right now, many Americans think Iran is a terrorist country.  That is the problem to solve.


Cool Down Iranian-American!

by Free Thinker (not verified) on

I answer your points in the same order as made:
A- There is nothing unusual about the same comment being re-posted on other threads. JJ often does it. So if it is OK for JJ it should be OK for us. And it must have made you curious enough to read it twice before and three times including this one now. As for being silly or jealous, it is a matter of opinion. You may tink I am silly or jealous but I think you are quintessentially an Iranian-self-absorbed-naturalized-American (note naturalized and not American-borne!) who has reached the shores of safety and thinks that he has intellectual or influential superiority over those, like us, who have chosen to stay in their homeland of Iran.

B- I live in Iran and not in America but I don't hate America or genuine American people. I believe that the likes of you, who are many, misrepresent both Iran and America. In the words of Eward Said in Oreintalism, you are the same complicit orientals who have craaled in before their American masters to make themselves accepted in their society and in doing so they have drawn a completely distorted picture of where they came from.

C- How ironic that I agree with you that you guys cannot topple the regime from your comfortablle resinces in California, but you by misrepresenting your land of origin, you can and you do delay the fall of this regime. Why can't we topple the regime from inside? Because there are still unworthy element like you Sir and your friend Trita Parsi, who willingly or inadvetently insist on keeping the regime i place and encourage the American on sitting around negotiation tables with these criminals.

C- (again!!) My stance is, as it has been before, that I live in Iran and believe that the likes of you are frauds who give a false view of their former homeland to their present hosts. I am a Free Thinker because I don't let the IRI or their allies in the US or abroad shut me up. But for those who are unaware of the tyranny under which we are living,and yet are against the regime change, my message is simple: SHUT UP!

D- Are suggesting JJ, Maz Jobrani, Anoushe Ansari, etc., are ordinary people?!! I leave it to JJ to answer this :)

E- Like you, I hate are as much, if not more than you do, but unlike you and your friend Trita, I love "regime change."

F- Stop being so selfish, stop copying my words, stop denying the truth and stop loving the reformist mullahs and lobbying for them.


Please don’t nuke us good mullahs

by Salar (not verified) on

Hey neocons! We Iranian-mullahs digest our food the same way you do! if you give us security guarantees (we can milk iran forever unconditionally) we can all eat together the Iranian oil, much like we have been doing it with Euro friends. come join the party , why argue when we can all eat together in peace? Screw Iran and Iranians, we can all be good friends ;)


Excellent response, I have been saying the same for long time. Your response deserves to be published as an article of its own. If you can, please polish it and publish it as an article on this site and others. Was worth reading much much more than this ... piece published here. Great job!!


Analysis with out Action : Inaction

by Noside (not verified) on

I see the "Pedestrian" spewing analysis of the video when in fact all he/she has done is NOTHING AT ALL. I respect people who actually use their talents to build something. Challenege to you : Come up with a project, get volunteers together, produce something worth while to communicate the "lets talk" scenario and see what the reaction is. Do I hear silence? I thought so..


IRI apologist?

by eimanz on

IRI apologists would NEVER mention that there are Bahai's in our community.

IRI apologists would not dare say 'God Bless America.' 

IRI apologists are those who excuse the IRI's horrendous human rights record and economic record. Was that anywhere in the video?

Did anywhere on this video we say that some places should be bombed, others not? No, this video is categorically against the use of violence as a means to change the government. Thats what we call 'peace'. 

Has the US exhausted all other options? No it has not. 

Has it even attempted to bring Iran to the table, in an unconditional format? No.  Perhaps in the 80s this made sense. But almost 30 years has passed, and US Foreign policy has NOTHING significant to show for its actions in changing this deplorable regime. 

As I said before, there is a single message, and every Iranian-American I know agrees with: A military attack on Iran is not the answer at this time. 



Farhad Kashani

programmer craig, great

by Farhad Kashani on

programmer craig, great logic. these misguided leftist and IRI aplogist Iranians have presented themselves as "peace loving" Iranians, while at the same time, they apologize and victimize the IRI, the most war mongerer, fascist, clash of civilization promoting, medival in nature, regime on the face of the planet.


Prisoner of Hate and Prejudice

by Iranian-American (not verified) on

Yes, I am talking to you who call yourself Free Thinker!

A. I have read your jealous and silly comments at least two other times, copied almost word-for-word as a brand new comment here again. I see you have nothing new to add and we have already read your rantings and hate before. Here's a sample: "YOU IRANIAN_AMERICAN GUYS SHOULD SHUT UP BECASUE WE ARE IN IRAN AND YOU ARE NOT! Comprehende?...You guys have reached your dreams - we, on the contrary, have been living through a nightmare while you folks were realizing your dreams."

B. Let's talk about being 'disingenuous.' You live in America, yet not only do you lie about living here, you also sound like you hate America. And of course you hate the people in the video because they are telling America not to attack Iran, and you want America to attack Iran, right?! Oh, I forgot, you also hate those in the video because you think they have made it big in America!

C. You try to tell us that you love Iran more than we do, yet your rhetoric doesn't support it: "If you guys had a care in the world for your homeland, if that is what you still call it, you would have helped toppling the regime of mullahs and NOT encouraging other countries to sit around the negotiation tables with them and have trade and investment with the regime."

Ha Ha Ha! You say you live inside Iran. Can you topple the regime? We can't topple it from here, either! What to do? Oh, yeah, let's encourage the US and Israel to bomb it! That would solve the problem! You are truly pathetic! And you dare to question whether we can Iran our "homeland?"

C. Your new stance is only marginally better than your initial 'address' where you lied and said you lived in Iran, representing the people of Iran, and as such the only one who is qualified to talk about what people of Iran want! Here's what you said: "...So basically what we true Iranians who live and work and suffer inside Iran are asking you and very politely so can be summed up in two words: SHUT UP!"

Ha Ha Ha, kheili por-roo-ee pesar jan! Some free thinker you are when this is the best you can come up with to argue a point!!!

D. The 50+ people on the tape are not all people 'who have made it to the big time in the US.' For heaven's sakes, there are children and a bunch of college students and a whole lot more ordinary people in the lineup. What is your job? You must not hold a high degree of self worth to feel so inferior in social status to the people in this video! They seem like pretty ordinary people if you ask me!

E. Stop telling us that 'no war on Iran' means 'we love the mullah's,' because it doesn't.

F. Stop being such jealous sour grapes and stop being so disingeuous! Stop calling people names. Stop the hate.



by Free Thinker (not verified) on

Excuse me guys but what’s this video got do with IRAN? You people have clearly lost the whole plot. All it shows is fifty faces of Iranians who made it to the big time. though some no so big, in America – thanks to the opportunities given to them by America. Their messages are also disingenuous. For instance a heavily bearded guy suggests he is not an extremist!! Really? Is it because he looks so non-extremist in appearance or are the viewers supposed to take his words at face value? As a matter of fact the message given by these faces is entirely disingenuous. Why? Because these guys are not the true representatives of the Iranian public. They are the ones who decided that they were better off living in a country like America, where the value system is entirely opposite to the one back home. Listen to their words:

• “Some of us came from Iran, to study, to work or to be FREE!” – are these not precisely the same privileges that are being denied of the Iranians back in Iran?
• “The culture of a 5000-year history which gave roots to the first declaration of human rights!” – So what happened to that deeply rooted culture of observing human rights? Is the stoning, public hanging, systematic torture and incarceration of dissenters, manifestations of that great culture? Let’s move on …
• “Set ancient Jewish people free and produced great architecture, literature and art!!” – Is this real or are we delirious? So how it that the voices heard from Iran these days, and there are many voices not one or two, say ‘Death to Israel’ and suggest to have it wiped off the map? How come the present Iranian state is about to submerge one of the greatest architectural relics of the ancient Iran, Pasargade, under the waters of Sivand dam? And how about literature and art? How freely the artists and scholars can produce their masterpieces? Is this not why some of the artists, poets, writers and journalists, among these faces, including our own JJ, decided to leave that ancient land for the shores of safety and opportunity provided to them in America?
• “Today, we are … artists, educators, students, …” – aren’t these people from of the sectors of the society who have been at the receiving end of the most brutal attacks, censorship, jail and torture?
• “Some of us Jewish, others are Christian, Bahai, Zoroastrians, agnostic or have different faith” – Good for you guys but your former countrymen and women in Iran cannot practice the faiths and belief systems as freely as you can do in America. So are you still seriously suggesting that you are truly representing the people of Iran?
• “We are not radical, fundamentalists or extremists … “ - LOL! Is this one part of Maz Jobranis’s new stand up comedy gig? You Iranian-American guys may well be what you claim to be (though it needs some convincing in the case of the bearded fellow) but how do you propose the average American viewer to accept that your folks back home are the same as you liberated people?
• “And our values center around …., education, hospitality and celebration” – Oh I am sure you Californian residents have plenty to celebrate, throw parties and send your kids to good schools but how about the fold back home? What have they got to celebrate?
• “Attacking Iran is not the solution”. I agree with 110% but WHAT IS the solution?
• “Martin Luther King Jr.: … it is necessary to love peace.” Sorry did I hear you say: Peace? Which Peace? The peaceful living of the successful and liberated Iranian-Americans or the life-full of misery and misfortune of those who are trapped in the claws of the tyrannical regime back home?
• Finally, I agree entirely with the last three slogans: God bless America, God Bless Iran and God Bless the World” – but excuse me Whose God? Yours or theirs?

Next, I look forward to watching the Iranian version of this video made by 50 American-Iranians living in Iran who made it to the big time.


I hate this article

by Mazloom on

I love this article.

For someone who I don’t know, you sure tell me how a lot of things should be.  Maybe if I knew who you were I’d consider your opinion more seriously, someone like Jahanshah Rashidian, or Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich.  That is not to say you don’t have the right to express your opinion anonymously.  It’s just that it doesn’t feel right coming from someone who I don’t know NOTHING about.

Anyway, about the video clip I’m with you in some of the issues you raise, but at the end some people put a lot effort to get their message out there, so for their effort two thumbs up.  Was it a perfect message, a message satisfactory to all?  I don’t think so.

But anyway, if you want to create your own video clip and are looking for some people to be in it, please consider me also.  I urinate kidney stones, I cough phlegm, I become sexually excited in a dentist chair, and things like that, like all Americans do, or all the people in the world.  And, I don’t have a PhD.    


Don't Hate

by Iranian-American (not verified) on

A. Did you watch the same video as I did??!! This video is great as is, with whatever flaws it may have. It conveys a powerful message of peace. In this video I did not see any signs supporting your sweeping statement of "the Iranian communities outside Iran spend a great deal of resources trying to oust or at least demonize the government within Iran." Furthermore, it does not appear to me that the people in the video think they are better than anyone else, especially other Iranians inside Iran, as you suggest. Except for 4 or 5 known names, the rest are pretty ordinary people and their appearances do not suggest anything extraordinary.

B. There should be many more outreach projects to avoid a possible war on Iran. If you have better ideas, go for it! It is so easy to critique other people's work. It is infinitely harder to be the one who does and produces and creates.

C. Participating in the video appears to have been a voluntary thing for the people in it. At one point there was a second call for volunteers on this site to help finish the project. Watching the video, though, it appears that this was not a "brainstorming session on how to help Iran!" It appears that the participants are following a script. My question to you is: If you were asked to participate in this project would you have accepted or not? I think you would have accepted.

Love Iran. Love Iranians. Help. Build. Fix. Repair. Rennovate. Don't destroy. Don't hate.

programmer craig


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I am certainly no supporter of the Iranian ruling system. But I am
behind them 100% in the event of outside intervention of any kind.

So, if an Iranian exile who had been living in a foreign country got the backing of several global powers, including the country he had adopted as his new home, and tried to foment the overthrow of the government of Iran you would oppose that?

Is that what you did in 1978? You opposed the foreign intervention? If you had, you wouldn't be living in Iran now. You'd be one of those people on the video that you are currently criticizing, right? Or you'd be one one of the people who was executed way back then, and nobody would even remember your name.

So what is the truth? What are your real opinions? I'm not buying the claims you make in this post at all. Foreign intervention is bad (now), right? And I assume that you wouldoppose a popular uprising (now), right? So how exactly do you expect anything to ever change in iran? Via "reform"? Good luck with that, but please don't get your hopes up that the rest of the world will wait. And don't accuse us of being "insane" for not wanting to.


A fantastic video

by eimanz on

It takes tremendous effort, energy and time to make a video like this, and we should be spending our time commending those who work so hard in promoting peace. You may not agree with their tactics or strategy, but you cannot deny the effort and the intentions.


All of us Iranian-American are different, and have differences of opinion, but we all agree that attacking Iran is not the answer. THAT is the fundamental point of this video and why those on the video agreed to be on it. Nothing more, nothing less. Just one simple message to show that we CAN unify on something, amongst all our differences. 


Hopefully this video will inspire more and more people to use their talents and apply it to promoting peace and justice, in their own ways. Wasting your time complaining is going back again to the old Iranian culture of tearing each other down instead of building each other up.