Kodoom.com Feeds your Needs!

One of the best features is that you can instantly add an event right into your Google or Yahoo calendar


Kodoom.com Feeds your Needs!
by bahmani

Ever since the dot com boom and bust, I don't get too excited about new websites anymore, especially Iranian sites.

Iranian sites for the most part either suck, or they are template sites and the greedy developers seem to want to create the most busiest and complicated sites with the teeniest tiniest text that you can't read, almost as if they wanted to make it as hard to use as possible. God forbid they have those awful ads on them too. Farsi language sites are often bad, as the penchant for Iranians to blog like crazy, at times becomes too much to bear. Certainly painful on the eyes.  I think the number of Iranians blogging now, is more than the actual number of Iranians reading those blogs.

But recently I found a sweet little website that hopefully you will enjoy using. Kodoom.com

One of the most common problems we as Iranians have is managing our social calendar. We know what we like and don't like, but one of the hardest things to do is to make sure you are at (and more importantly seen at) the coolest events and don't waste your time (or get the hell out of quickly) at the not so cool events.

The other problem is finding a place to eat. Specifically, Persian food.

Which is how I actually found Kodoom to being with. Leave it to my Iranian Shekamoo tummy to drive my deepest internet desires!

Kodoom is not a search engine per se, but something kind of like a search engine for events. But it is not an events calendar either.

How many times have you been frustrated by those lousy calendars that are almost always empty when you visit them, but then you seem to miss out on a really cool event the week you were either too busy to, or decided not to go to the site.

One of the best features of Kodoom is that while browsing the events in your area, upon finding one you like, you can instantly add it to your Google or Yahoo calendar, a very powerful tool to make sure you don't forget or miss something important. Need a map to the venue of that concert or speech? Kodoom has that already waiting for you, along with all the usual share with a friend and print functionality.

Kodoom is on of those rare sites that appears simple, and is utterly simple to use, but as you use it, you realize the brilliance of the subtle complexity behind delivering answers to your questions.

Kodoom instantly knows where you are surfing from, based on your computer's connection, so it is smart in that, but you can easily change locations from any page and find what's happening in any town that you like. Yes even Tehran!

I will warn you that the Kodoom titles are primarily in Farsi, which took me a while to get used to, but there is plenty of English information once you are past the front page and well into your local area's events, so don't panic. Plus it's good for you to practice reading Farsi now and then!

You can check out Kodoom for yourself at //www.kodoom.com and give it a try.

If you have a cool website that you would like me to review, don't send me cash, just send me an email.


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Thank you Kodoom.com

by praoofi on

I would like to express my sincere gratitude toward this great website for supporting Child Foundation cause and it's events. The management of Kodom.com has generously advertised CF fundraising events and is willing to help this charity organization to move forward.

Special thanks to Iranian.com for featuring this well-organized and informative website.
Peyman Raoofi
Child Foundation Volunteer, Los Angeles



For The Record, From Kodoom.com

by Dr. Rahim from Kodoom.com (not verified) on

Dear Bruce and all,

As a member of Kodoom Team, I wanted to thank everyone for their supportive comments. We do respect 7rooz's contribution and I personally applaud them for their time and effort. But there are several differences between Kodoom and 7rooz:

1- Many of our events are Not "user-posted." We realized early on that relying on the goodwill, commercial interest or pro-activeness of users will leave out most events.

2- Kodoom.com 's database of "upcoming" events is by far the largest among all sites (perhaps currently 15-20 times that of 7 rooz).

3- We offer search by location, keyword and event theme,as well as exact geo-mapping of events, nearby restaurants, and many other features such as online ticketsales, to make the user experience a fast, convenient and productive one.

4- We have Farsi AND English titles and will soon be Bilingual.

5- In addition to finding events, our mission is to also find and showcase emerging and established artists and performers.

We have welcomed partnership opportunities with any Persian website, including 7rooz, because we do not consider Kodoom.com a direct competitive threat to any other website (Persian that is! Our on-line ticket sales will directly compete with TicketMaster and others).

Thanks to All again. Please DO visit us often, send comments, be a guest contributor, and send us links to ANY events or Persian restaurants we missed.

In Peace,
On Behalf of the Most Wonderful Team at Kodoom.com


Very Smart

by Ali Siavashi (not verified) on

I just tried it and it's awesome. It's really easy to use and its answers are smart. It detected my location and listed nearby events and restaurants. In the past, I had to search a lot for such information. Good job kodoomers!


Very Nice!

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

Tried it. Very cool. I agree with Hamshahri. The city drop down list is brilliant.


wow! i tried adding the

by hamshahrii (not verified) on

wow! i tried adding the event to my yahoo cal and it actually worked :)
love the city drop down list.

keep it coming, we love it!


To 7Rooz Fan

by bahmani on

Nothing against 7rooz (or your loyalty!), but since you bring up 7rooz, Kodoom is what 7rooz should have become. Actually Kodoom is 7rooz on steroids! For the review, I tested several regions on both (and several other sites similar to 7rooz) and simply found a lot more listings and activities on Kodoom. 7rooz for example has 0 events showing for September and October in the Bay Area (as of this writing). Which is way off. In addition the layout and way Kodoom delivers the information is much more fun and magazine-like and intuitive and useful than the typical calendar approach used by 7rooz and the other calendar sites. So I liked reading Kodoom a lot better, it worked faster too, I found far more information and more events on Kodoom than 7rooz, and could add the information to both of my Yahoo and Google calendars as well as forward it to a friend quickly. This is key to not missing the event. With 7rooz and others you have to copy and paste into your calendar. I really liked Kodoom's listing of past events, it was good to know what I have missed. Also I could not easily tell a paid ad from a listing. Very clever! 7rooz's "email it to a friend", and email sign up are broken and gives you a "url not found" error message (as of this writing).


Great Job

by Arash M (not verified) on

This is the first time I see this number of cool features in a Persian website. Thanks for the review.


Very cool!

by Monda on




by Kamran Davoudi (not verified) on

Kodoom has the potential of becoming the Persian Yahoo or Google if they add more features to it.
Great job.


Search in Kodoom Seems Great!

by Hamidej (not verified) on

I used to look at 7rooz.com to find events, but it seems that Kodoom.com has much more events and also support search around locations as well as the name of Persian restaurants around it. Thanks for telling us about Kodoom.


Greet website

by Ali Haghighat (not verified) on

Thanks for the intro. It seems that finally someone has created a professional Persian website. As you mentioned, almost all of the Persian websites are based on the boring templates which are always the same. I really like kodoom.



by blah (not verified) on

Why all the excitement?
www.7rooz.com has been offering the same info for years now.


You Have a Great Taste

by Ramin A. (not verified) on

Dear Bruce,

I occasionally contribute to Kodoom, like you do for Iranian.com, and I find the two websites among the few refreshing Persian sites around. I know the founders of Kodoom are adding a bilingual English/Farsi layout very soon (in August), and also selling tickets on line for some of the events which will make it a one-stop shop so we don't have to travel 40 miles to the Persian grocery store and buy tickets when we buy "Noon-e Panir-o Gerdoo."
Keep up the good work Bruce and Iranian.com.



by Maryam Gity (not verified) on

Thanks for introducing such a great website.
It's professionally designed, well organized and has amazing database for Iranian events and restaurants



by Sohrab Javadi (not verified) on

Thanks for the introduction. This is a great website. I really didn't know this number of Persian events are happening around me.

ebi amirhosseini


by ebi amirhosseini on

tnx for info.


Thanks a lot

by Souri on

There are so many things happening in Montreal and I wasn't aware of.

Thanks a lot for the info.


How awesome!!!!!!!!

by Nadias on

Sepaas! I checked out the website. I finally found a place in my area to learn Farsi

You just made my day


solh va doosti/paz a vosotros/paix et amitié