Genuine Energy Concerns

Iran's requirement for nuclear energy is justified


Genuine Energy Concerns
by Meir Javedanfar

Tel Aviv - Due to its abundance of gas and oil resources, not many countries believe that Iran truly needs nuclear power for energy purposes. However, when one looks at the energy situation in Iran, it becomes evident that there is in fact a dire need.

Iran's total electricity production capacity stands at 33,000 megawatts (MW). 75% is from natural gas, 18 percent from oil, and 7 percent from hydroelectric power. Meanwhile, due to the fast rate of industrialization and population growth, demand for electricity is growing at 8% a year.

This year Iran has witnessed a severe drought. The citizens of the scenic city of Esfahan (described as the Florence of the East), were shocked to see that the Zayande rood river, which runs through the city centre, has completely dried up. Similar scenes were reported from other major sources of water.

According to some forecasts, Iran's water problems are only going to get worst in the future. This has meant that instead of producing 6,500 megawatts, Iran hydro electric infrastructure has only produced 1500, thus creating a significant shortage.

There have also been sever problems with other sources of energy such as oil and gas, due to decaying infrastructure, which has been caused by sanctions and bad management.

This has meant that Tehran, a city of 14 million inhabitants, has been plunged into darkness for at least two hours a day, over the last six months. This is why Iranian newspapers carry daily schedules about which neighborhood will have its electricity cut and at what time. Similar problems have been reported in other parts of the country.

The last time there were power cuts in Iran was during the war against Iraq, and for a limited time afterwards. This makes the hot summer days for many Iranians unbearable. It also causes significant damage to the economy.

Iran's requirement for nuclear energy is justified. Nuclear power would enable the Iranian government to make up the energy shortage, using an efficient technology. Also, it would enable it to export gas at higher price thus earning more income, instead of using it at home for domestic energy purposes.

The recent incentives package from the EU would have allowed Iran to have technical support from the West to use nuclear technology for the production of energy. However the doubts surrounding Iran's nuclear intentions have made this difficult, and so have president Ahmadinejad's constant threats.

For now it seems that Iran's genuine energy concerns are hostage to the balance of power struggle between the Iranian government and the West.

Meir Javedanfar is an Iranian - Israeli Political Analyst, and the coauthor of "The Nuclear Sphinx of Tehran: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the State of Iran". He runs Middle East Economic and Political Analysis (Meepas) and has recently established the Middle East Analyst Blog.


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Farhad Kashani

Shining head, I’m not

by Farhad Kashani on

Shining head, I’m not full of hate, your full of HATE and IDEOLOGY that has blinded you from seeing the truth.


There are some other Islamic leftists on this site that although are U.S and Iran haters, but they are really reluctant to support the regime, although some of them deep inside want to, because they know the level of disgust the Iranian people have for their regime. In your case, I really don’t know if Khamanei is posting the remarks you make here or is it you, cause I don’t see any difference between them. Just the fact that you put the U.S government in the same basket with the fascist regime in Iran shows how devilish your tactics are. There are million reasons why your argument to put them in the same basket, which is a deliberate attempt to twist reality and legitimize the Iranian regime, is wrong. Let me just give you one out of those millions reasons: not in a million years you can say what you say now and spread your hateful propaganda in the U.S, if you were in Iran, without any repercussions. I have never seen so much criticism or bashing of a government in any country as I’m seeing today in America, which shows the greatness of American democracy and shows the capacity it has to tolerate dissent and opposition. Its simply amazing. The same so called “neo cons”, who have made your beloved IRI shit in its pants, and who are in power for the last 7-8 years and are, in a civilized manner, giving power to a black liberal democrat (whom I support), have, domestically, shown adherence to democratic principles (although not perfect and I disagree with lot of their policies), a level that Iranians can only dream about the IRI getting to some day.


Go to Iran, make the slightest, unharmful criticism about Khameni and if you make it back safe, I will not say a word for the rest of my life.



Mr.Meir I must be dreaming

by Proud Iranian (not verified) on

I did not read your article all the way,but it looks like you are saying that Iran has the need for nuclear power.This coming from an Iranian Jew who lives in Israel really amazes me,since majority of Jews dislike Muslims and Iranians.You are either trying to say that you are an honest person or trying to say that you are looking at both sides of an issues or you had a change of heart.Anyway it was nice to hear an positive comment about Iran coming from Israel.Shalom

Shining Head

Re: Daryoush aziz, here are the (to: Farhad Khahani)

by Shining Head on


As usual you are full of HATE, and more importantly you are WRONG.

Regardless of one' government, if as HUMANS we stand by while atrocities of unbelievable magnitude is applied to a people, what sort of humans are we? This can equally apply to IRI, US, Hitler's government, or more importantly today  because of the savage nature of their atrocities, to the Zio-Nazi regime that YOU support. Lets not forget that YOU as their supporter is as complicit  as they are, doing those atrocirties and CRIMES..

Be HUMAN first !

Farhad Kashani

Daryoush aziz, here are the

by Farhad Kashani on

Daryoush aziz, here are the reasons why a tiny minority of Iranians hate Israel:


1-     They wanna victimize the Iranian regime.

2-     They are envious towards Israel’s domestic achievements.

3-     They bash anything and anyone who associates with the U.S.


The BS argument they make about hating Israel because of what it does in occupied land is that exactly, BS. They don’t open their mouth ever about the horrific violations of Iranian people’s rights, lifes and dignity in Iran, but they can’t stop talking and bashing Israel, which means “caring for Palestinian” is just a cover up for their true intentions mentioned above. Many peace loving, fair people around the world disagree with Israel’s occupation, but none of them, have taken that disagreement to the absurd level these Islamic leftists Iranian taken it.


The regime itself has one main reason : to gather support among younger Arabic population so they can act as regime’s International terrorism army i.e Islamic Fundamentalists. Which government do you think all these Islamic fundamentalists (including Sunni extremists like Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt), love and admire the most : The Islamic regime in Iran. To them, the Iranian regime is the mothership of the global Islamic fundamentalist movement. All these mini fascists like Bin Laden and Zarqawi and Nasrullah and Sheikh Yaseen and Mehdi Akef wanna be like one person only : Khomeini.

Shining Head

Re: Two sides (To: Daryush)

by Shining Head on

I agree with you completely. I had the same experience as yours when I visited there. However, if you recall from any tours you might gone on as I did, you probably noticed the really rediculus way Israelis treat palestinains. I felt so bad in an incident in Jurusalem (one of those allys that they claim Jesus was suppose to have walked in) towards a palestinaina young boy by an isealei with a Uzi on his side (not military uniform) that I bet any one of us with the coldest heart would not just stand by and in fact would interfeer except that the israeli had an uzi and we don't. The same goes with the poor condition under which the palestinains are forced to live in -- or while running  their shops, homes, etc. . If this was happening to us in Iran because say the russians or someone else had occupied our land, we would expect the world to come to our rescue, or at least voice out our cries for help. Iranians are doing what is expected of HUMANS for palestinains. If we don't we have the same cold heart that american gov has towards other human beings.




Two sides

by Daryush on

First those who just hate Israel:

Why? Who cares for that tiny little land? It's nothing

Second those who care for Israel:

Why? Who cares for that tiny little land? it's useless.

Why some Iranians waste their time defending, or attacking this little tiny land called a country. It's a joke. Don't get fooled by the media making a big deal of it and politicians use it to advance their own agenda. Have you been to Israel? I traveled there from my company twice, and I tell you, it's nothing. Tiny, and nothing special. I don't see the big fuss. Why would anyone want that land it's puzzeling to me.

I didn't enjoy it and the people are really frightened about their existence that makes you feel sorry for them.

Iran has every Right to do what's best for Iran. Who disagrees with this as we say in Iran "Beh tokhmam". End of story

Farhad Kashani

Soufi, based on what logic

by Farhad Kashani on

Soufi, based on what logic do you say that Israel has “starvation plans” for Islamic countries? What is this so called “starvation plan”? Israel is trying to make peace with Syria and is engaging in normalizing its relations with most Islamic nations, including Gulf nations. So how is it “trying to starve Muslims”? which Islamic leftist source did you get this conspiracy theory from? When did Khamenei say this?


That being said, I don’t agree with Israel’s occupation of Arab lands. I’ve said it numerously. And I agree that is a sign of bulliness. However, IRIs problem with Israel and, IRIs war mongering and bullying policies of its own people and the world, has nothing to do with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. They have a totally different agenda in mind. An agenda that they have expressed openly, which is, creation of an Islamic empire. That goal cannot be achieved by having a non-Muslim nation in the heart of the Middle East. That’s why your beloved fascist IRI regime never calls for peace between Israel and Palestine (After all, how can you call for peace between 2 nations when you don’t recognize one of them as a nation), rather, its calling for the elimination of one of them.


Soufi, who are you trying to fool?


Re: 1- Of course Iran has the (to: Farhad Kahashi)

by soufi on


I like your "bullying" comment. Tell me, so far in this 21st centurty (which is kind of brand new!), has it been the Zio-Nazi regime that you support bullying the world, or Iranians? Who blodozes homes of  poor and occupied people, starves them to death, and has bigger starvation plans for Iran and other Islamic countries? Who has destoryed olive tree farms, and routinely kills, mames, or imprisons children of poor Palestinians? Who flies F-16 jets to bombs an occupied and poor defenseless civilians practically every day? Who is the true bully?

Unless your head is in the sand (and your a*** out), get a life man.

Farhad Kashani

1- Of course Iran has the

by Farhad Kashani on

1- Of course Iran has the right to nuclear energy, but IRI doesn’t! If we have a free, democratic, peace loving government who doesn’t inspire and support terrorism, doesn’t interfere in other’s business, doesn’t want to kill democracy in its own nation and other nations, doesn’t inspire and support clash of civilization, doesn’t want to export its medival ideas and lifestyle to the world, I will be the first person who supports their right to that. 


2- Would’ve anyone supported Hitler or Stalin’s quest for suspicious nuclear program which could be used for either ,or both,  military and non military purposes?


3- No one is denying Iranian people’s right to anything, but a government which has denied every right of Iranian people, cannot be claiming that is wanting the right of “nuclear energy” (Wink, wink!), for its people. An illegal and illegitimate regime that has hijacked power and silenced the Iranian people’s voice, cannot talk on behalf of Iranian people and claim that this nuclear technology is for the “people”.


4- Whether it is out of “standing up to imperialism” (as misguided Islamist and leftist like to call it), whether its for the prosperity for Iran, whether it’s for oppressing its people and bullying the world, whether it is for giving it to the its mini terrorist groups which it inspires and supports, …whatever the reason is, it is naïve not to think Iran is not after a nuclear bomb. Everyway you look at it, this regime is actively seeking the most powerful weaponry, lot of nations who are in conflict with others, whether they’re right or wrong, seek that. So, the ultimate question, who are they trying to fool?



Natural Gas can't be used, nuclear energy is REQUIRED

by hass (not verified) on

Iran can't use the natural gas for energy. Most of it has to be reinjected into the ground to bring up oil. The Stanfored Research Institute told the Shah that Iran needs to develop nuclear power. If Iran had accepted the EU offer, Iran would still have no nuclear energy because there was no guarantee that the EU/US would sell Iran the nuclear fuel it needs. Iran has been consistently cheated by them. Why should Argentina and Brazil have nuclear enrichment but not IRan? Is Ahmadinejad more of a threat than Bush?


Truth be told: nonsense

by EDS_without loggin_in (not verified) on

Lets keep it truthful.

Iran has every right to pursue nuclear energy including enrichment. And yes it even has every right to develop nuclear technology for defense.

However, nuclear energy for Iran makes zero economic sense. The reason is quite simple. Iran has natural gas for well over a 100 years. Electricity production from natural gas is many, many times cheaper for Iran than electricity production using nuclear fuel.

It is as crystal clear as that.


why Iran does not explain the needs for energy in U.N.

by Mike (not verified) on

I wonder why no one from Iran riase the data on their needs to nuclear enrgy in U.N.
and present the facts as how the people are suffering as a result of lack of electricity.

At this time when it is very hot, most areas lose their electricity two hours a day. I dont know how they keep the food in the refrigerator safe during that time. Or how they can cool the small apartments in a big city, tehran.

I hope instead of talking about military strength and show down for war just explain why Iran needs nuclear energy.


Daily Blackouts..

by Anonymouzzz (not verified) on

My parents and sisters still live in Northern Tehran. (by choice....) For the past year or so, they've started experiencing DAILY blackouts now lasting as long as 3-4 hours per outage each day.

They have natural gas powered dim lighting system rigged in as backup for the total blackouts they'd endured during past enemy fighter jet attacks on Tehran.

At the same time, it's Ironic how when you visit a major US oil producers headquarters in Biship Ranch, the detailed tile and glasswork in the bathrooms is as costly as the price tag of some of your homes here in the west.

Does Iran need nuclear power? You bet it does.


Doesn't take a genius

by TJ (not verified) on

It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that Iran has energy problems. Just take a trip there and count the number of hours that the city that you’re in looses power. Tehran faces blackouts on daily basis and sometimes up to 4 hours. Think of the impact that has on people during summer months where the temperature reaches 40 degrees. What about the impact on individual businesses and factories? As suggested by JK, I too feel that “Iran has every right to make use of nuclear energy in any form and for any reason just like other countries: the big powers, India, Pakistan, and ISRAEL”, UK, France, Canada, and America.


Mr MJ ...

by soufi on

In the past your writings demonstrated that you are  an anti-iranian zio-nazsi. You used to write things that had no bearings with facts about Iran. I was happy because you were keeping Iran's enemies mis-lead and in the dark. What changed ?


I still don't read your writings -- thank you! I am just guessing from the title!


Is that a trial baloon in your pocket or you're happy to see me?

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

I am not sure whether Mr. Javedanfar's article and its conclusions, which I agree with, are the result of genuine analysis, or an effort to put Israel's failed belligerence and saber rattling in a better light as well as testing the Iranians' readiness for khar shodan. The author has made a career of pointing out Iran's alleged misdeeds and illuminating its "threats" against the blameless and peace loving Zionist Israel. I have a nagging suspicion that Amoo Bush's effort to muzzle the Zionist chiwawa that never stops barking has something to do with this sudden understanding of Iran's "energy concerns".
This may help explain Mr. Javedanfar's new feelings about his birthplace:



There You go!

by eroonman on

See! JK is an honest broker.

Suicidal, but honest nevertheless.

You Go Gurl!



by eroonman on

So according to you, Iran that is suffering from a lack of water, will somehow have enough water to convert Nuclear energy into steam and produce energy? If Iran doesn't have enough water for those romantic esfoonis to walk hand under the hejab in hand, across the zayandeh rood and look aimlessly into each other's sexually repressed eyes, where pray tell are they going to get the water to cool the nuke powerplants and boil water to make esteam from? (spoken with an esfooni accent)

Possibly you should review your data, and realize that Iran, has the world's largest reserves of Natural Gas, enough some experts say, to last Iran for 500 years. I think Nuclear Technology (even for weapons) will be far more advanced then, than now, don't you think? Wouldn't the smarter thing to do be to use Gas now, and wait until then to adopt nuclear technology. I mean if all you wanted it for was electricity.

No, if Iran wants electricity, Natural Gas is the way to go, not just for electricity for which it is one of the most safest and most efficient, ideally suited fuels (don't need any water, just cheap gas fed turbines), but also for cars which would actually solve Iran's traffic, smog, and gasoline shortage problems, well into this shittiest of all centuries. Actually, Iran has so much Natural Gas that it could be a free solution for the country's electricity needs, as well as for car fuel. Think of that! Free electricity and free gas for your car for 500 years!

Since the obvious solution, namely the use of Iran's most abundant fuel source, Natural Gas, is being ignored, nay hushed up, then it is also obvious, that the real intention of Iran is to get nuclear technology for a weapon. Because nuclear technology for electricity is actually stupid when you've got all that Gas. The weapon advocates think Iranians and the rest of the world are those donkeys that hang around the Zayandeh rood.

If you want to argue for Iran's right to have a nuclear weapon, why don't you just go ahead and say so, because that I could understand. After all, it's not as if Israel's and the US' nukes aren't pointed at Tehran this very minute. But if you think by justifying the nuke for electricity angle, you are fooling anyone, I have a bridge in Esfahan I'd like to sell you. It's a beautiful bridge and there is this deep green river that has lots and lots of water in it. No really!

You Can't Always Get What You Want


Iran has every right to make

by JK (not verified) on

Iran has every right to make use of nuclear energy in any form and for any reason just like other countries: the big powers, India, Pakistan, and ISRAEL.