Happiness in slavery

Greed and faith


Happiness in slavery
by 24601

We live in (here in America) what has been referred to as a fast food culture. If president Bush ordered all eateries closed tomorrow the American people would have him impeached in an hour. We don’t seem to care about our own lives, not to mention the lives of Muslims. The American people are being oppressed in the worst possible way, pacification. The same can be said about the Islamists as they are also being pacified, in their case the pacifier is Islam. In our case its comfort.

What is my point? My point is this...


Greed is pacification at its disgusting pinnacle. It can be argued that there are only two actions at play at anyone time. It can be argued that those two powers are + and -. The truth and the lie. You pacify yourself with the lie, you enlighten yourself with the truth. You can lie to someone out of love or convenience just as you would lie to someone for other more sinister reasons. It has been said that the road to hell is paved with the intentions of the good. Why would one say this? Because the person who pacifies someone with a lie, with the intention of doing good, is causing the person that they are lying to extreme pain.

Deep down we all want one thing... meaning. We want the answer to that timeless question: Why are we here and what the hell is all of this anyway? We can avoid that question by pacifying our senses. But we will never be truly happy or enlightened. We will never reach "nirvana". We will never enter the "kingdom of heaven". The suicide bomber is the same as the glutton. They are both pacifying their senses. The glutton does so with food or meaningless sex or drugs or TV etc...., whereas the suicide bomber does so with faith. The inquisitors of Spain did so with the ideology of "we are bringing people salvation". What is salvation? Is it real? Or is it simply a pacification of the mind?

My opinion would be that it is another road being paved to hell, the hell that is pacification.

What are the 7 deadly sins? They are Luxuria (extravagance, later lust), Gula (gluttony), Avaritia (greed), Acedia (sloth), Ira (wrath), Invidia (envy), and Superbia (pride). What are their differences? Their differences are none. They are all forms of self pacification. Is the monk not a glutton? He is a glutton of faith. Monasticism is in itself a house of gluttony.

The definition of love is selflessness. You can only truly experience love when you abandon yourself. The only true way of experiencing happiness or enlightenment or nirvana or heaven is to experience love.

Why do we want love? Because we want happiness. How do we reach love? By abandoning hope of having happiness. By taking the proverbial "dive". By simply saying "fuck it".

What is the supposed nature of god? The (christian) bible tells us that god is love. The bible tells us that there is a father, a son and another entity, the holy spirit. An entity that lives within all of us. Are we channeling god when we love? Is that the very nature of the bible? Was jesus real or are we all meant to be this “Jesus”? "Walk in my footsteps" said jesus. Jesus died on a stick to show people that he loved them. Was this story created for us to accept this man as our salvation into heaven? Or was the story itself that very salvation. Is the understanding of total selflessness salvation? Is love salvation? People die in the name of Jesus and Mohammad for what reason? For love? I think not. They die so that they can give up. They blow themselves up so that they can be truly and completely pacified.

What awaits them? Heaven? The road to hell is paved with their very own good intentions.

The other question to be asked is "What is hell"? Is hell real? Or is hell a state of mind? I would argue that hell is a state of complete pacification. Hell is when you give up on that proverbial "dive" for the so called "pleasures of the flesh". Hell is when you give up on your soul and you only care about your body. Hell is when your senses are completely pacified. Hell is emotional and spiritual numbness. Hell is when you stop reading that book and you pick up that hamburger. Hell is when you stop asking questions and you start smoking weed. Hell is a state of gluttony. It could be argued that hell is a state of intense numbness that is being perpetuated by the lie, it could be argued that “Satan” is simply a character being used to represent the lie.

Does satan not have his own trinity? I would argue that he does. He has his own father, son and holy spirit. He has the father which is the lie, he has the son which is gluttony or pacification and he has the holy spirit which is hate.

In America we have let the - (negative), the lie, the pacifier win. We have succumb to the lie. Just as they, the Islamists have succumb to the lie.

In the "art of war" Sun Tzu states that "there are only three colors but the variations of them are endless". I would argue that there are only two forces at play in the universe and that their variations are also endless. I would also argue that is our duty to try and understand those endless variations because that understanding or possibly our attempt at understanding is the only way that we will ever reach “nirvana”, it is the only way that we will ever enter the "kingdom of heaven".

The bible of the Christians tells us that we have free will. I would argue in favor if this postulation and I would also argue that we have it for a reason. I would argue that understanding that reason is understanding the nature of the universe. I would argue that understanding the nature of the universe is "nirvana". I would argue that the state of understanding is the "kingdom of heaven".

The question is, “will any of us ever reach an understanding of the universe”?

I believe that the only way of knowing is to abandon our attempts at “happiness” for true and transcendental intelligence. Monasticism is the answer to nothing. It is a state of numbness and pacification. It is a sort of “happiness in slavery”, to quote Trent Reznor.

When a person succumbs to the lie that is monasticism they are doing nothing more than putting themselves in a mental prison. They might be attempting to explore and enlighten themselves, but they are only doing so for one reason, their so called “faith”. They close their minds and they pacify themselves with a smaller and easier to understand subject. They completely absorb all of the information that they have on that subject and they end up right where they started. I would argue that this is the very reason that towards the end of her life Mother Theresa began to question her faith. I could go on about that specific example for a long time, but that is a completely different entry.

My final point it this: We will never be able to answer that proverbial question until we start to have respect for ourselves and understand that it can be done. We are not dirty disgusting beings that need the blood of christ to save us from our wickedness just as we are not amusing play things that were created for Allah’s entertainment. We are human beings.

Unless we start living up to our true potential we will not have a world left to live in.



Hooshange why are you running from me?

by Tahirih (not verified) on

Nice to see you here,So you were a bahai ?for the people on this article please go to the other article by curious jOe"God and religious bessiness" see all the conversation there.
I am tired of responding to you but not tired of defending bahai faith!
Please for the fair minded Iranians and other friends go to www.bahai.org to get the truth about our faith.
And for you hooshang,may God deal with you soon,you ignorant weak man who runs from bahai lionesses and can only deal with us in the darkness of night kidnapping our teenagers and hanging them.
please ,you just iranians go to www.monasdream .com to hear how women are when they are equal to men.
God bless all
peace on earth


Dear readers go to Bahai

by Hooshang (not verified) on

Dear readers go to Bahai awareness.com for all your un answered questions from Bahaiis. I just like to see people are well educated about all the religions and do't fall in trap of any religious outlet specially the ones that act like a cult. I happened to believe in God and Islam eventhough I was born Bahaii.


self knowledge and mastery of self

by Tahirih (not verified) on

Spiritual growth is imposible without self knowledge.man should know his own self and recognize that which leadeth unto loftiness or lowliness,glory or abasement,wealth or poverty.
Because humanity was created by a loving God, and because the purpose of this physical life is to acuire spiritual qualities for the life beyond,our essential nature is, therefore,spiritual.But we also have another nature,a physical,"lower",or "animal" side .This aspect of our nature is responsible for baser desires and for the kinds of selfish impulses that destroy spirituality.Among these impulses are excessive attachment to the material things,carnal desires,and the like.It is impossible to allow such qualities to florish and to also have true love for God and for others.The challenge of life is to overcome our lesser nature and to reflect incresingly the attributes of the spirit.


Selfishness is the nature of

by littleman (not verified) on

Selfishness is the nature of man, to a reasonable degree it is well justified or we should all drop dead.
Also this article is written for the satisfaction of the Self-serving who is promoting his version of I am right.
Your understanding of nirvana and other spiritual states does not even come close. It is lack of true appreciation and understanding, (it is selfish by the way for a person to want to understand since it is for self!!), that is a major frustration not religion.


Interesting point of view

by Ms. Anonymous (not verified) on

The earlier 2 comments totally missed the point of the article and from their misspellings, I have no doubt they didn't understand half of what they read! 24601 makes it totally clear he/she is not affiliated with any religion but is a follower of love and interested to find his/her nirvana. According to one earlier comment greed is not bad... oh no? Is that the reason you get up and go to work to make a buck? Well, maybe that is the reason your drag your lazy ass to work each day but people who are "truly happy" do work and earn a living not for greed but for their contribution to their community/world. Greed may make a 'purposeful person' out of you but not out of the truly happy and those who care about why we are here on this planet.
This was an interesting article and an interesting point of view. I enjoyed reading it.


Plain CraP!

by Dariushagha (not verified) on

First of all, Greed is Not a bad thing, whoever though you that bull shit philosophy, did not want you be purposeful in life, even though you probably did.

As for the your mockery religions, who are you to make such a judgment whether one was son of God or was not. You know who is closed minded now? you.

please remove my missed spelled comment.thanks.


Plain CraP!

by Dariushagha (not verified) on

First of all, Greed is Not a bad thing, whoever though you that bull shit philosophy, did not want you be purposeful in life, even though you probably did.

As for the your mockery religions, who are you to make such a judgment whether one was son of God or was not. You know who is closed mined now? you.


back your bags and move out of the U.S!

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

You are suffering from compounds brain disorder - it is time for you to move to Saudi Arabia where you will enjoy your life to the fullist!

Don't drop the mohr!