Girls just wanna have fun

Secretary Rice thinks Iran is scary and boring. She’s wrong.


by Nazanin Ghasemian

What is right, that is my wish. I am not a friend to the man who follows the lie.
-- Darius I, Inscriptions on his rule at Naqshe-e Rostam

About this time last year, I was having tea with my teenage cousin Shirin in Tehran. We were celebrating the good news in the papers that day. Her name had been published among the list of admitted students to her “first choice” university. Her hard work had paid off and it was time to have fun. Iranian fun.

She invited me to take part in some of the leisure she’d sacrificed to a yearlong preparation that was devoted primarily to studying and thinking about her future. Her offer impressed me - neither she nor her friends were the slightest bit embarrassed by my hot pink scarf with sparkly gold embroidery. I wore the Britney Spears of hijab. We shopped, lunched and watched movies. I remember seeing Oceans’s 13, Café Setareh and the newest flick by Siamack Shayeghi.

At no point during our adventures in Tehran did the girls inquire about my university ( where a noose was found hanging on campus last month!), about singers like Sharam ‘Javad’ K, or President Bush. Why would they? They were too distracted by their lives as young women with great educational prospects in a big city.

Health remained a priority, though. Shirin offered to take us to the mountains early each morning to workout. The mountains surrounding Tehran reward the day’s earliest visitors with freshest air and dazzling scenery. Beware though, as they do not have mercy on lazy muscles and minds, though.

This daily routine gave us the opportunity to think and talk with each other. During one of our hikes I described my usual exercise routine for her. It was boring, but it got the job done, meaning it permitted me to enjoy the “evil” carbohydrates contained in my margaritas and 3 olive gin martinis.

I also described the lengths taken by people in DC to be in Olympic condition, despite being non-athletes. Full-time homemakers, doctors, bankers, lawyers and DJs pay specialists to track their monthly protein/carbohydrate/sodium ratios to enable them to do extra squats, lunges and karate-chops. She laughed at this and told me “Americans must be pretty bored” I admitted we do some weird things to “improve” ourselves.

In DC there is a woman who, like the other usual gym rats (I think our flamboyant President includes himself to be in this category as well), loves to exercise and keep fit. In fact, she’s a known brick house. She is also famous for traveling with her treadmill. I realize this may be security reasons, but I still find it a bit ridiculous. The woman I’m referring to is our Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

In addition to her passion for challenging exercise, she’s a fierce “freedom” advocate for Iranians on Capitol Hill. I don’t mind Secretary Rice’s demands for her treadmill. I do mind her ridiculous demands of the Iranian government, and the US Government, to a certain extent. I will explain why, because it relates to my story.

Dr. Rice, like the opposition groups in the Iranian expatriate community, assumes Iranians are suffering and that they’ve been awaiting jumbo jets delivering armies of clean shaven occupational “freedom” lovers like Reza Pahlavi and Amir Abbas Fakhravar to rescue them from the weight of their veils. **Special note to Reza Pahlavi: I advise you fly in during the hottest month (August), when the hijab causes the most perspiration/discomfort. Iranian women may have argued harder against mandatory hijab had they been aware of how hot it would get after the December revolution** Back to reality: It’s simply not so and although these groups are permitted to have their views, I object at a certain point.

On February 15, 2006, Secretary Rice “called for $75 million to be spent on advancing freedom and human rights within Iran”. This is a waste of money and a copy of President Reagan’s Project Democracy, which lead to expensive covert projects that result in undermining America’s credibility in advancing democracy in Iran and elsewhere. There are cheaper alternatives - in human currency and dollars. As an Iranian-American, wasting any of these worries me.

Dr. Rice’s argument for funding these projects is based on lies and exaggerations. Her recent concern for Iranians and the arts is more than suspicious. It is despicable that she asked for money to fund illegal American activities in the name of art. The failed covert aspects will not appear until much later, as was the case with Project Democracy and Michael “Liar” Ledeen.

Being the pianist, she lies and drags the master composers of classical music by stating in her testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee “it is forbidden to play Beethoven and Mozart in Tehran.” I hope Beethoven is deaf in the afterlife too. But Mozart must be so offended that Secretary Rice will be haunted by him for a long time, along with the many dead civilians in Iran’s shattered neighboring states.

Bear in mind, this is the same administration that answered back to concerned peoples around the world, “Stuff happens” when ancient artifacts were stolen and destroyed in the Iraqi National Museum during the American invasion. Suddenly art is valuable and must be of concern.

As for Beethoven and Mozart, they can rest easy knowing I visited them in the music sections of several Tehran bookshops. To completely honest, however, I admit I bought Shostakovich instead because Ali Rahbari was conducting. Shirin and her friends took me to these shops during our many outings. Restaurants and other places of business play classical music in their diverse play lists.

Secretary Rice’s statement was dishonest. She wilily mentioned two master composers who are unable to defend themselves against being tools in her case for why the US must “rescue” Iranians. She could have been honest by using as an example, Britney Spears or Sharam K, against whom I think bans in ANY nation is not such a terrible thing.

Secretary Rice thinks Iran is scary and boring. She’s wrong. It’s just that she’s not that kind of girl –not Iranian. She should use her capacity as US Secretary to advance an understanding of the real Iran, but she probably won’t because that would be a very courageous thing to do in the face of her superiors.

If Condi had the opportunity to experience the real Iran with Shirin and her friends, as I have, she would think twice next time she’s asked to testify about Iran, a country and people she has poor, biased sources to learn by. She should take the opportunities given by her position to learn for herself.

They say exercise greatly relieves stress and tension. This doesn’t seem to be the case in Secretary Rice’s case. Perhaps if she wasn’t as concerned with her treadmill and distorted images of Iran, she would naturally loosen up and enjoy the success yielded by a bit of good will and diplomacy. Because what I learned from Shirin is that even Iranian girls just want to have fun. But not Secretary Rice’s kind of “fun.” Secretary Rice could learn a lot from the Iranian youth.

Another thing that amazed me about Shirin is what she told me when I asked her if she’s considering a future move to the United States, or Germany, places where we have family and would be very lucky to have Shirin contribute to society. She answered that like her dad’s boss (a female doctor) “I have stay here and succeed. Other girls do too. That’s how Iran will get stronger.”

Shirin is a smart girl. Very smart. But that is what Secretary Rice and the expatriate opposition groups do not want the public to know. They deny that young, happy educated people exist in Iran. They want to exploit the large youth population by claiming they are restless but isn’t that the nature of youth everywhere in the world just as facebook and myspace have demonstrated in America? Most politicians won’t admit it, but they too were a bit restless too, as youth, and it didn’t point to a desire for regime change. Not in George W. Bush’s case, at least.

Wisdom is priceless. $75 million dollars may buy a lot of “freedom” from the Bush administration’s “democratic” carte du jour intended for the Middle East, but it will not buy the Iranian wisdom or patience that will make Iran a full-fledged democracy.


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to No War

by Tonya (not verified) on

First of all... my point wasnt in telling her to "go back".  To be perfectly honest, I'm not really even sure she has ever LIVED in Iran.  So "going back" is a moot point.  Correct?  Secondly, who are you to tell me to stay out of Iran's business?  I live in America, where I have the right to express my opinions about anything I want. Especially about a country with whom my country is in conflict. Just as you do.  And I'm again going to point out to you and anyone else who takes that attitude of it being none of "our" business.  You live here, in America, yourself, correct?  Do not EVER tell me to mind my own business when you are living in the very same country you want to blame for all of Iran's problems.  The West has NOTHING to do with the internal problems of Iran.  Protect Iranian's from the West?  What does the West relying on the middle East for oil have to do with the abuse suffered by your people at the hands of the Mullahs.  Don't for a minute think that I think that the US is without blame.  I'm as outspoken against the prejudices suffered by people here.  Nazanin is a pompous ass in my opinion... and you know what?  That is MY right. 


Hang every Akhoond on a tir e cheragh bargh

by Undertaker (not verified) on



Reply to NO WAR

by Batol (not verified) on

Dude take a few ESL classes before you start writing and then you could serve your Islamic thugs better


who is we? coward

by No War (not verified) on

hey warlover. i sugest you buy a plane ticket and go to iran and declare war on islam. and just for fun, take reza pahavi with you. oh but i bet it's easier to sit on a couch and watch iranian soldiers fight the israelis and americans you support to bomb iran. shame on you traitors. iranians will take revenge on you...



by Mamali (not verified) on



Better Answer for Tonya

by No War (not verified) on

Instead of telling her to "go back to Iran" why don't you get out of Iran's business? The point isn't fixing Iran, the point is iranians must protect themselves from the west trying to HURT iran for oil and NOT freedom/democracy nonsense.


Soldia boy

by Hong Luu Phang (not verified) on

Soldia boy coming to Iran? Me love soldia boy, me so hoooornyyyy


Rat's Ass

by Tonya (not verified) on

Forgive me my transgressions!  You know I have the utmost respect for Saint Siamak.  In my fevered state to defend Beethoven and Mozart I forgot the cardinal rule... never bullshit a bullshitter!

Bullshitters of the world... UNITE!


Saint Siamak a liar, and a hypocrite?!

by rats ass (not verified) on

Tonya! How could you be so cruel! How could you so
break our hearts by pointing out such an incovenient

You have shattered all our devout delusions about
the Great Saint Siamak!

You all too honestly and correctly point out that
the Good St. Siamak is himself NOT a registered user!
And the Good Saint was preaching all that stuff about Honor, Integrity, fear and shame!

Guess Saint Siamak is too superior and transcendent
to apply such standards to his own HOLINESS!

Yes, we too noted right away that St. Siamak himself
was definitely NOT a registered user. We preferred
not to point this out, as this point spoke most
eloquently and tellingly for itself! And no addi-
tional evidence is really necessary to prove the sham
doubletalk, lies and hypocrisy of St. Siamak.

Thanks again for pointing out the obvious: We guess
that St. Siamak just doesn't get it!

Anyways, you know just how addicted us Bullshiters
are to the opiate of the masses: So addicted to
such crap, in fact, that even right now we are actually
seeing St. Siamak's face shining on the moon!


Leela, the answer is simple

by Qumars (not verified) on

none of the "opposition" groups have any credibility because none of them CAN have any credibility. You can't sit in your air-conditioned mansion in Beverly Hills and London and pretend to understand what Iran needs or is going through.
Real opposition is and always has been INSIDE Iran. If anyone really feels strongly about this, join them INSIDE the country. Most Iranians living abroad go back to Iran all the time, so it's not impossible. And if you are really afraid of the Islamic Regime, well then you may begin to walk in the shoes of real Iranians.


Truth is Bitter

by Leela Pourhamidi (not verified) on

We all remember this proverb. That is the problem with opposition groups. I keep hoping to come across an intelligent one, one of these days but I have been waiting for last 28 years. please help me out I love to believe in all the horrible things you alleged is going on in Iran, but I can't get past your shallow, one dimension self serving point of view. You guys don't have a clue who the Iranians are, some of you pronounce Iran I-ran just to fit in. What is wrong with what Naznin is reporting other then it does not support your beliefs and Fox news' lies. I wish at least one of you could writ or speak as eloquently and, convince me otherwise.


Nobody gives a fuck what you think Nazanin...

by Omar Pahlevani (not verified) on

You are not an American or Iranian, you are just a cockroach of the Islamic Republic which have infested this site. Continue sucking your masters dick since their time is comming...


Thanks for reading - regardless of your opinion

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

I am aware of the issues you bring up, but they do not change how I see the US policy - partly because of US-Iran history, partly because of my family history, but mainly because of my values. As an American, I'm interested in what the Bush administration can do to avoid further disaster in the Middle East and another 9-11 attack. Thanks for reading!



by Tonya (not verified) on

Am I mistaken?  Are YOU a registered user.... it doesnt appear that you are.  I am.  I am using my real name.  I have nothing to hide.  I'm putting myself in front of the inevitable firing squad of vicious anti-Americans and anti-Iranians right now.  There are plenty of both.  I'm neither.  I'm an American who has had the greatest fortune to be related by marriage to the most incredible family of Persians.  We have our own "family" debates... although we're careful not to tread tooooo hard on each others toes.  We're defensive of our COUNTRIES... not the leaders who mislead the people.  We're defensive of our PEOPLE... the good ones and bad ones.  We desperately hope for some kind of resolution.  Peace?  I'm not sure it exists.  However... coexistence does. 

Nazanin....I agree with ALOT of what you're saying... no real intelligent person thinks that everyone in Iran is "suffering".  But don't for a minute try to shove down my throat your witty rhetoric about how misquided Rice is.  Did you LIVE in Iran?  Do you have family... other than your obviously fortunate cousin who is attending University?  Has anyone is your family suffered under the regime?  Or are you just a foolish young woman trying to prove how "politically correct" and worldly you are?  You mention Beethoven and Mozart.  Who gives a rat's ass!  How about Kiosk... a voice for today's young Iranians.  Can THEY publish their music?  I think not.  You can no more judge conditions in Iran by the achievements of your cousin than I would hope that anyone judge America by Britney Spears.  You criticize Rice for being condescending?  What does it matter the package that support is wrapped in? Lies???  Let's be a little careful with that word my dear... it usually comes back and bites one in the proverbial ass.  In short... I think your article is well written... intelligent... not very succinct or issue-specific but you're young.  Grow up a little and lose some of that attitude.  You have an incredible opportunity.  Don't lose yourself in the useless rhetoric of sanctimonism.  And this is where I get a little defensive myself and I apologize in advance for iti.  You think you can do better elsewhere... then by all means go back and join your cousin in HER pursuit for a better Iran.  You're not doing America any favors.  "Physician... heal thyself".  Join your brave cousin in the REAL movement for womens right.  We have them here... we don't need your help in "showing us the light". 

Continue your education.  When you grow up, you'll be EXACTLY what Iran needs.  But not yet. 


I'm no Saint ...

by Siamak Pourhamidi (not verified) on

I'm no Saint, and not in business of saving souls; Just the humble Angel of Truth ...

And my message is a simple one. Be proud of the free being you are, have no fear as you're created a free man; Speak your mind bravely and claim your freedom of expression by stamping it with your full name, no matter if it's result of compulsios to just plain "BULLSHIT" or not, that's who you are ...

Be a free named man, not an enslaved nameless fool ...


Let us all confess our sins and our fall from grace!

by rats ass (not verified) on

Let us all bow down, humble ourselves, confess our
sins, and beg for forgiveness from THE GREAT SAINT
HOLIER-THAN-THOU Siamak Pourhamidi!

Please have mercy on us, O GREAT SAINT SIAMAK and
be charitable towards our uncontrollable urges,
impulses, and compulsions to just plain BULLSHIT!
For you are surely among THE CHOSEN HOLIEST.

We just most humbly beg to note that Nazi-nin sounds just as frustrated and stuck-in-the-mud as Condi.
O SAINT SIAMAK please save both their souls!


Islamist are very good at digging their own grave

by Jesus (not verified) on

Sooner or later Mullahs would have to abdicate their throne; mean while they are digging their own graves. One of Shah's major mistakes was that he did not allow these fools to openly express their opinions. He restricted, and limited the debate. A healthy debate would have completely exposed what a charlattan khomeini was. Unfortunately, after the revolution had begun, it was too late. We all heard the aburd speeches, but we were overwhelmed by the euphoria of revolution. The logical, and rational mind had taken a back seat.
Nazanin, the newly reborn, and decorated islamist propagandist is 30 years too late to feed us the same kind of bullshit we have heard in the past 30 years.
She wants to write and become a journalist. I personally would not even want her cleaning my toilet. You can not be so blind, so unfair, so biased in your view of a country you claim to love.
What she describes is not the real Iran. It might be a very very small portion of northern tehran, but it does not represent a country plagued by drug/heroine addiction, poverty, lack of jobs, nepotism, extensive corruption, and prostitution. You have to be completely blind, or a fanatic supporter of a regime to describe the country as she has here.
Have you not seen 5, 6 year old girls selling gums and flowers in the streets of Tehran? one must ask why a country with such a rich heritage, and wealth of natural resources must have its children sell gums in the streets, instead of spending time in the classroom?
But here is the thing, she, even with all her biases, and mental problems knows all of this deep down. All the islamist thugs, and mullahs know this. They know, they see it, but they refuse to admit it, because of the power of money. You can not have a shred of decency, a bit of fairness in you, if you are willing to lie even to yourself.
So, we must not respond to her. We should allow her to write her garbage here. She is an absolute psycho, gone insane. This might actually be a good therapy for her.


Integrity and Honor

by Siamak Pourhamidi (not verified) on

It's most interesting to note that not even one of the people who have commented on this article have signed their full name !!! Is it fear, shame, lack of honor, or outright lack of integrity to one's own beliefs?

Whatever the source of such degrading behavior, as long as a people behave as such, even in America, land of the free - home of the brave, such people will not have and don't deserve to have a homeland anywhere, not in Iran, and most definitely not in America.

I may agree or disagree with Nazanin Ghasemian's points of view, but I respect her for her bravery, excersizing her right of free expression under her own name, living up to core values of our country and constitution.


Goozidam beh gisse Iranian in DC

by Goozidam beh rishet (not verified) on

You are not only a bitch but you are beesavad bitch:
PROBABILITY is ONLY BETWEEN ZERO and ONE. It can't be >1 you idiot. Go eat shit now.


Another garbage piece by Nazanin, the newest cunt of IRI

by Omar (not verified) on



if you guys have some issues

by iranian-not (not verified) on

if you guys have some issues with the USA, and its governing officials, what are you still doing here? nobody asked you to come, or to stay, go back to iran, where is so beautiful and everybody is so good and so much fun, please!!!!!!!!!



by Shahram (not verified) on

America never been and never will be friend of Iran without a cost to Iranians.
Policy of the US always has been to lie in order to win its own dark purposes around the globe. But, you know, the end of the Evil Empire is near.


chador-clad women

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

don't forget to mention about the chador-clad women. The western world thinks these women are in dire need of miniskirts.


Secretary Rice has not had sex for centuries

by Amoo_Jan (not verified) on

Who wants to have it with her? A donkey? May be. Not me, not an iranian.


Iranian girls

by Anonymous_ocd (not verified) on

The last time I visited Iran, most of Iranian girls I met, asked me about the latest fashion and latest dance moves and latest hit songs. Their main concern was their weight and the link between the shape of their nose and their chosen plastic surgeon, the type of car that their future husband should own, and how a man's job is to provide and the woman's job is to remain pretty, etc.But they were mostly the rich ones. And they had a fun stupid life.
Others told me about the difficulty of being an Iranian woman, dealing with unemployment, their obscure future and the lack of happiness and hope in their lives. They were mostly from ex-middle classes that now is turning into low income classes.

So if you only visit Iran for your vacation, depending on your family's type, you will get totally different pictures.


I haven't done it since I was in Iran-Iraq war...!?

by Hajiagha From Canada (not verified) on

At that time a bunch of us found a female donkey and we took turn to releave ourselves. I think the donkey was from Iraq.


You're all insane

by ...A (not verified) on

Look at yourselves and how crappy you write. I doubt any of you have the least bit of talent - in "revolutions" or writing. But if you think she's so bad, write your own stories instead of TRYING to be funny all the time.


To the Islamic Republican from DC!?

by Math Dude (not verified) on

I am sorry. I just turned the spell checker on.

America will start bombing the IR very soon? Are you worried that the bombing will interrupt your trips to Iran and it will hamper collecting your pay checks from your terrorist mullahs and pals?

We know that people like you love the status quo to continue so that you can enjoy the American freedom and comfort and yet collect your stipends from the mullahs. I am sorry but it is the end of the line for bastards like you.


sleep apnea

by somnolent (not verified) on

Hajiagha is crazy like a fox, and very funny with his
own unique style. He laughs at everyone and everything, and is entertaining.

Unfortunately, you don't have a single original idea
or thought that could be in the least bit interesting or stimulating: You are so predictable
and soooooooooo boooooooooooooooring. You put us
to sleep, and some in such deep sleep as to actually
have sleep apnea. Please go peddle you soporific,
hackneyed, trite cliches somewhere else.


Probability that you're a filthy animal =1

by An Iranian in DC (not verified) on

Probability that you will misspell nearly half the words in your lame commentary: >1

Probability that firing squads will start executing traitorous animals like you for supporting a U.S. attack against Iran: 1

Probability that White Trash scum U.S. invaders will continue dying in Iraq: >1

Probability that CIA-supported vermin will come to power in Iran: 0

Have a nice day, douche-bag.