Dar Rah e Maykhaneh

31-Aug-2011 (7 comments)


traditional music

by iamfine on

Tradition music like this one take me back to Iran and brings all those good memories of my younger days. It gives my spirit special feeling that has sad flavor in it.

Manoucher Avaznia

"جانانه" در مصرع

Manoucher Avaznia

"جانانه" در مصرع دوم باید "پیمانه" شود که هماهنگی مفهومی داشته باشد. شاید در بیشترین منابع نیز واژۀ "پیمانه" آمده است. 



by fozolie on

I  respect  a lot of Kasravi's writings but how could he consider Hafez - especially poems like that - pernicous. 

Mr. Fozolie

Jahanshah Javid

ما درس سحر در ره میخانه نهادیم

Jahanshah Javid

ما درس سحر در ره میخانه نهادیم
محصول دعا در ره جانانه نهادیم

در خرمن صد زاهد عاقل زند آتش
این داغ که ما بر دل دیوانه نهادیم

سلطان ازل گنج غم عشق به ما داد
تا روی در این منزل ویرانه نهادیم

در دل ندهم ره پس از این مهر بتان را
مهر لب او بر در این خانه نهادیم

در خرقه از این بیش منافق نتوان بود
بنیاد از این شیوه رندانه نهادیم

چون می‌رود این کشتی سرگشته که آخر
جان در سر آن گوهر یک دانه نهادیم

المنه لله که چو ما بی‌دل و دین بود
آن را که لقب عاقل و فرزانه نهادیم

قانع به خیالی ز تو بودیم چو حافظ
یا رب چه گداهمت و بیگانه نهادیم


As it strange as it may sound….

by Bavafa on

In my heyday kayaking days, I would listen to some of his songs (link below) on the way to the river to psych myself for the big runs.


His music would really lift up my spirit and had was effective.

I love all his music and would yearn to see his performance live again.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Traditional music is an acquired taste

by fozolie on


I don't like a lot of his work save for two other pieces which also make you fly: Motreb e Mahtab Rou and one track off a little known album in homage to Shams:


 Mr. Fozolie

Jahanshah Javid

The One

by Jahanshah Javid on

This track is from "She'r o Erfan" album released in the early 1980s. Of all the styles, traditional music is my least favorite. But there are gems that make my spirit soar and this collection still ranks as the most exquisite I've ever heard. Get hold of it and listen... you will fly. Guaranteed!

Nothing is perfect. But there's always an exception, and this is The One!