Bekhab Ey Mehraban Yar

09-Jan-2010 (15 comments)

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by Fair on

You can compare things that are not alike, there is nothing wrong with that. Yes, Shah was way different and way better than the rapists ruling Iran today. Which is what I said.

Now, you want fair? Here it is:

Shah was a dictator. Like every other head of state in Iran's history. If you think this is unfair, then prove that he wasn't. Show me where there was a free press, multiple parties with an opposition able to campaign freely and peacefully, etc. You will have a very hard time doing so.

But he was a better dictator than most others, as actually did something for the country. Which is all I was saying.




The Phantom Of The Opera

Is it my eyesight or, green's going blue again?

by The Phantom Of The Opera on

There was no secular-nationalistic system before IRI. Shah, in his sick mind, tried to replace one foreign-based religiosity with his own royal worshiping sect. The whole nation was forced to hear and see "Shah this, Shah that" day in and day out. Even His futile attempt to change the calendar could have been more popular had He permitted to be called "national" instead of royal.  

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.

Farah Rusta

Mr (un)Fair

by Farah Rusta on

Why your anti-Pahlavi prejudices should always get in the way of your 'fair' comments? Your references to Shaban Jafari as well as your punchline: "Your crimes make the Shah look like an angel." make your commentary fundamentally biased. No one disputes that wrong doings and breaches of human rights did occur during the reign of the Pahlavi kings. But you are not comparing like with like.The Islamic Republic's cirminal doings are deeply rooted in a religious belief system which is fundamentally different from the secular-nationalistic system that existed before the IRI. I hope you understand the motivations behind the criminal acitivities of the present regime and what caused the wrong doings of the former system. Please, I know it is not easy but, try to be unbaised and "fair".



Zan Amrikai


by Zan Amrikai on

Powerful and sobering video.  Such courage and strength!


Please help on this site.

by vildemose on

Please help on this site. There are few people on Huffington post who are trying to dishonor Neda's memory. Please respond to their charges if you have time.

 It's very easy to register:



The most moving video on this site ever! Death to IRI!

by obama on

If you don't cry by watching this, you are not ......


is this what we had a revolution for 30 years ago? Shame on them. No wonder most people in charge are not coming from shahra. True Tehrani would never beat his brother like this! Where do they import these idiots from? This is not us!! 



by yolanda on

Thank you, Adib Masumian, for posting the English lyrics, it is very sad! Hopefully the victory is near and justice can be served!

Mola Nasredeen

very moving

by Mola Nasredeen on

Thanks for the post Ghormeh Sabzi.


Take a good look Waffen SS Major

by Fair on

And all other Sha'ban bimokhs of this regime. Take a good look and see the blood on your hands. See the criminals and rapists that you support, and get ready for the justice that our people will bring to your regime.



It is written all over the faces of the people who you cannot even stand to look at.

Shame on you for betraying the innocent people of Iran. Your crimes make the Shah look like an angel.


Adib Masumian

A note about this song

by Adib Masumian on

If I'm not mistaken, Faje'eh was actually originally sung during the Iran-Iraq war (we have a very old VCR tape of it at home); but nonetheless the words are immortal and fit PERFECTLY with the events transpiring in Iran right now. Kudos to Dariush.

Jahanshah Javid

Dariush on fire

by Jahanshah Javid on

Very powerful, touching stuff from Dariush. He's been on fire lately...


Stop Killing Iranians.

by pedro on

You can't kill everybody in Iran, EY KHAMENIEE KHON KHAR. You obviously don't care for Iranians.

We don't want you, is it hard to undrestand? Maybe we should say it in Arabic, you mother fucker.

آهنگای میهنی‌ داریوش

از آهنگای میهنی‌ داریوش خوشم میاد. مثلا دوباره میسازمت وتن از جمله آهنگای فاوریت همیشگی‌ من هست.
راستی‌ جلد صفحه گرام دستای تو پیدا شده. در این لینک بینید




Adib Masumian

Thank you for this masterpiece

by Adib Masumian on

What a perfect song choice for this masterfully crafted video. Thank you so much for sharing this.

By the way, the actual name of the song is Faje'eh, from Dariush's "Nadim" album:


The English lyrics of this song are as follows, translation courtesy of Bijan Masumian:

Sleep, my gentle friend

Sleep, O resurrected martyr

Sleep, O ye in rosy slumber

Sleep, immersed in your blood

The red silence of your grave

Foreshadows the greatness of Nineveh (for Iran)

In this humid cemetery

There is a hailstorm of death

In this slaughter-house,

No reason for sobbing and weeping

Silence of despair at home

Attack of death in the alleys

All breasts bare

All faces bloodied

All hands empty

All eyes sad

They are being slaughtered

In this bloody desert

Brothers separated

Fathers without sons

O ye nameless martyr

Sleep, for many will sing

Lullabies for you

Sleep, for you are awake

In this ravaged land of yours

That has turned into a desert

In your memory, your future brothers

Will build rose gardens here

In your mourning, in this slaughter-house

No reason for sobbing and weeping

Silence of rage at home

Attack of death in the alleys 



by yolanda on

God bless their souls. Hopefully no more bloodshed!