Raah e Manfi

Ft. Sogand

04-Sep-2009 (8 comments)

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Nadid Badid

by kathmandu5 on

Akh Akh, Ageh Souri in video ro bebineh, mekoshatet Ghormeh. lol

American Dream

Interesting Iranian Rap music

by American Dream on

Interesting Iranian Rap Music lyrics.



More power to her!

by Peykan on

1- The images are apparently chosen haphazardly by an amateur enthusiast.

2- Irrespective of the lyric, the female singer has a superb voice.


This is a trashy commercial! sex sells!

by gol-dust on

no matter how ugly!


Too much .....

by yolanda on

Too much Chemistry to handle, so there is no room left to stretch your imagination! I stopped the video, when I saw the Marijuana plants. My slogan is:

Say "Yes" to kabob

but Say "No" to Marijuana

Enough is enough!


is this a commercial for vodka or wine?

by k1s1000 on

just wonder.


she's got a great voice!

by Q on

I don't know about the Vodka ads though.


What a bunch of sher o ver.

by پیام on

Sorry, but what a nonsense. Don't give up the day job.