Farghe Adamhaa

01-Mar-2009 (13 comments)

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They have managed to

by Amelia (not verified) on

They have managed to transform Iranian people from compassionate caring people to cold hearted self centered uncaring individuals


talking to the not successful people!

by jewel (not verified) on

At last someone from our society talks sensibly. You're a just puss!!

Anonymous Observer

Well Folks, the Revolution Worked!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

no more injustice, no more class based society, no more poor and "mostaazaf", no more "Ashraf Pahlavi" stealing our children's money and turning them into drug addicts, no more poverty, no more South Tehran, no more....

On the bright side, though, did you hear that IRI succeeded in firing a scud into space?  And that the nuclear plant wil be operational soon...or that a lot of people have plasma TV's in their homes in North Tehran?!!!!



talking to the not successful people!

by puss on

I don't come from a wealthy background and have to say my next generation wont be from a wealthy background either!

But why always successful people have to be blamed for all the troubled and poor people..?? why? have anyone ever noticed that they might have worked hard to achieve what they have? and they deserve to have a good life? Ofcourse not all of them. Why we should make a big family when we can NOT afford it? poor culture and lack of our intelligence are the reasons for not having easy life and a bright future in addition to the other facts.. stop blaming others and grow. I am talking to the ones who can't see their own mistakes...


به قول شاعر:


It's a hard knock life, get used to it.

کلاه خودتو بچسب باد نبره.


Dear MRX1

by Abarmard on

I know you mean well, it's many factors including time. Time is a huge factor in changes in society. The US during the 50's, 60's and so on was a very different country based on safety and neighborhoods...Things change by changes in time.


Great Hip-Hop Soul Track

by MiNeum71 on

Lyrics and tune remind me of the masterpiece "You Got Me" (The Roots feat. Erykah Badu)



bardegan allah - mavaly

by Iran Sarbaz (not verified) on

mavaly Iran is nat free yat of ocupacion of mosalman and there allah - on till we see it I to I ahreman islam in Iran - break free Irani


Got to love the mullah's

by MRX1 on

They have managed to transform Iranian people from compassionate caring people to cold hearted self centered uncaring individuals. once upon a time a video like this might have brought rage and sympathy but apparently those days are gone.....



by Anonymous (not verified) on

This was so cliche.

Hichkas did it fresh and well.

Party Girl

Dear Haghighate Talkh

by Party Girl on

Thank you so much for pointing out the oversight.  Artist name has been fixed.  I am grateful to you for your vigilance and for caring.  Too many times original artist names are omitted on YouTube.  Visit Emziper's music page on Iranian.com. 


Thanks again.


This is not Payman Aslani

by Haghighate Talkh (not verified) on

In rap ra Emziper khoonde



by Asghar the rich guy (not verified) on

what do you suggest?