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vaghean ajab kare bozorgi

by eyval (not verified) on

vaghean ajab kare bozorgi kardin dametoon garm...
darde dele mardome iran o be soorate ahang darovordino khondin
Have a good time abjeez
Thanks for joing us(the people of iran)
amir tehran


Nice job Girls et al/Saman

by Monda on

Thanks! I received it in forwarded emails 10 times, until I thought I should be posted it on IC. Good thing Saman is on top of it all!


Saman jan any new cartoons lately? or have I missed that here too?  


Hi everyone, when the

by zebel20 on

Hi everyone, when the British government decided to declare war on Iraq, the British prime minister strictly confirmed that people under the age of 18 should not participate in any kind of demonstration what so ever, now they are showing a poor 16 year old girl caught in a gun fire and died a while after. I really don’t care now if the election was rigged or not, I care about those under 18’s being used as a shield by the opposition to achieve their political goals. I have to say, if you have a child, you would unconditionally love and care and try to provide for your own. Now on the international level, I have to say, the English or the Americans don’t care a bit about us, they are just interested in their own affairs and interest over our great nation of Iran, as they are taking full advantage of the crises in progress.


very usefull information

by bikar (not verified) on

Please forward this site to anyone in Iran as soon as possible but is careful, not to put any one in danger.




by Saman on

some of the footag is original ;O)


Seriously bahal. Love, love

by desi on

Seriously bahal. Love, love these girls.  The best part of this is how they wrote, recorded and put together a video in the last few days.  Impressive.


Ey val

by jeff (not verified) on

bahal bood

hamsade ghadimi


hamsade ghadimi

خواهران آب جیز، دمتون جیز.


Thank you!

by Princess on

Thanks to ALL of you noble artists for what you are doing. Your work might touch those cold dead hearts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!