Khabare Dagh

29-Apr-2009 (12 comments)

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WOW...Hot..Lavand and Sexy

by Happy Boy (not verified) on

Boy she is cute and classy...what a change from the usual corny dahaty Iranian singers from CA.

Who is she? Is she single...?


Now this really makes us proud to be Iranians,not that boy PARSA

by gol-dust on

Now we can see how Iranian women would be like if it wasn't for the mollahs! Good for us enjoying this here! But, let's do the Iranian youths a favor and keep this non sense, women exploiting tool over here! There is enough VD, Herpies, AIDS, Orphans, and of course pleasure and lust because of this type of sex video!

I know a lot of you are now going to jump on me and accusing me of supporting the IRI, which is so stupid. Don't bother since I won't bother coming back to this article anymore! Enjoy the video, especially those h.... singles! I am off to my marshal arts classes to wip some of those bad ass blak belt girls (&boys!) Bye! What a beautiful country!


To all bache akhounds..

by delldaar on

and baaradarane bassiji.. cheshme shoma and rahbar roushan!!


Zoroastrian logo on the bike?

by Kashk e Bademjoon (not verified) on

What does the Zoroastrian logo on the motorcycle has to do with her "hot and heavy" news?

Any how, I like it...


Another nonsense LA style

by P. Parvaz (not verified) on

Another nonsense LA style music video.


Vah vah chi dehati

by Zuleykha (not verified) on

een dokhtareh cheghadr sar o sheklesh dehatiyeh


Just imagine being married

by bihal (not verified) on

Just imagine being married to her for a while and you will lose all interest!


Nice legs

by hashary (not verified) on

she sings like googoosh but I wonder who does her?


How can I put this...

by zereshk polo (not verified) on

I mean, OK, I try to be open-minded and definitely not a snob, but, please, enough of this crap on this site. This is not just braindead but monotonous and of the you've-seen-one'you've-seen-it-all category. OK, OK, we've seen this, gorgeous eyes and all. Basseh digeh... Too much LA in too many music selections on this site. Baba, exercise some discernment for God's sake.


عجب چشمایی


عجب چشمایی داره، چشم هم فقط چشم دختر ایرانی‌.


what lyrics!

by verytass on

These masterfully written lyrics puts molana, sadi, and hafez to shame!



by Anonymous-Bah bah (not verified) on

She is so pretty!