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A Man Named Tehran

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

This clip was one of the best I have seen in a while. Very nice. You should also go see the A MAN NAMED TEHRAN video. Its about a half black half iranian guy very funny and very good.


dastet dard nakoneh

by shah rajab (not verified) on

Damet garm Party Girl.

Nice vid. Don't worry about the analists; some people would bite your beautiful fingers, even if you feed them honey.

Love and kisses,

Party Girl

Dear Nemah:

by Party Girl on

I did not change the title of the video clip.  The title on the clip was repeated here.  I had also included the title of the series in my recommendation, but it did not get included.  Thank you for correcting the shortcoming.  Here's where I found the clip:



Iran - Seven Faces of Civilization

by nemah (not verified) on

Iran - Seven Faces of Civilization is the correct title of this DVD/book combination. Google it and you should find it by Farzin Rezaeian who produced 90 minutes documentary. It's been cut to 30 minutes by the producer for the web viewing.
You can see it on many sites including


I just can’t figure out why "Part Girl" deliberately changed the title and heading, this has nothing to do with Islam and Zoroastrians, it’s about rich history of Persians throughout invasions and resilience of Iranian societies, not religious insights, you should know better not to change the original intent "partygal".

Hope you all enjoy it


kherad shad

by jaram (not verified) on

hame jahan tan iran dell chenin guft dana-durood. {ram iran}


Very interesting

by Hajminator on

What primarily misses in this video is the deliverance of Jews people by Cyrus the Great, the genius who had an advance of more than 3000 years over the rest of the humanity.
If you think 2 seconds you find that it’s impossible to squeeze 7000 years of civilization into a 30 min video though the best narrator in the world reads different sequences of the history. This video is part of 2 DVDs about the Persian civilization which take more than 4 hours to be seen.
Great post thank you again PG.



by Zion on

Interesting video. I just don't see how the title is relevant? I didn't see much about Zoroatsrianism-Islam relation (and the part about the muslim invasion of Iran seemed to be conveniently cut out. I wonder why?)


Nice one party girl!

by Jaleho on

So many Iranian giants with deep influence on civilization. I know theyt can't mention everyone, but I wish they'd also mentioned Nasiraldin Tusi. On par with fathers of Chemistry, Algebra, Medicne, astronomy... that they medntioned, Tusi is also a father to trigonometry and his Tusi-couple was the prelude to Copernicus ideas. Very direct influence. Of course they did put the name of some craters in the moon after him, (and I am not sure but maybe even one after Soufi, the first observer of Andromeda Nebula), but this video would be a nice one for a mention of him.

The narrative and music and selections were so well put together. Thanks.



by faryarm on


The film is a wonderful illustration of not just a common foundation of mankind's spiritual heritage but a progression of Divine influence that has according to the needs and exigencies of each age gave new impetus for renewal of civilization.

Iran has been blessed as being the recipient of such Divine Gift; not once , but three times. The first being Zoraoster, whose spiritual principles distinguished the ancient Persians; whose civilization for so long has influenced all cultures.  

The Bab and Baha'u'llah were the second and the third recipients of such Divine message, at a time (1844) when Iran had/has fallen to its lowest depth in history, a shadow of its glorious past. The world over , people are looking  and searching and looking for that same inspiration, force and energy in their lives.

It is once again that same "force" and  Spirit that will once again propel Iran and the world  from its current confusion and misfortunes. The names have changed from Buddha, Krishna, Zoraster, Moses, Jesus and Muhammd; but in essence it is that changeless face of the Creator that is has been the constant force in the universe.

The following is from "one common faith" that answers some of the most common questions about our recent history and the future…

"...Throughout history, the primary agents of spiritual development have been the great religions. For the majority of the earth’s people, the scriptures of each of these systems of belief have served, in Bahá’u’lláh’s words, as “the City of God”, 1 a source of a knowledge that totally embraces consciousness, one so compelling as to endow the sincere with “a new eye, a new ear, a new heart, and a new mind”. 2 A vast literature, to which all religious cultures have contributed, records the experience of transcendence reported by generations of seekers. Down the millennia, the lives of those who responded to intimations of the Divine have inspired breathtaking achievements in music, architecture, and the other arts, endlessly replicating the soul’s experience for millions of their fellow believers. No other force in existence has been able to elicit from people comparable qualities of heroism, self-sacrifice and self-discipline. At the social level, the resulting moral principles have repeatedly translated themselves into universal codes of law, regulating and elevating human relationships. Viewed in perspective, the major religions emerge as the primary driving forces of the civilizing process. To argue otherwise is surely to ignore the evidence of history."

Full text:






No worries my fellow

by mobin (not verified) on

No worries my fellow Iranians, we have had numerous good times and bad times. For our way is only the way up, just wait and see... Love you all!


What happend to us? Lost our identity! Western/Arabs/persians?

by gol-dust on

There are at least three books written on this subject that are all PHD papers written in UK written by iranians. Another word, don't try finding an answer in an email. It is much more complicated than you think. Islam? Oh no, don't just come to that conclusion with your own theory since Iran glorified islam. May be we became western in terms of becoming materialst, etc.? Oh no. 

Let's put it this way, there is not one answer, but we can all look at ourselves and see what we are not doing that we should! How about starting with caring for one another and putting value in our old culture? It is a first step!


A Great Civilization!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

Man az nezhaadeh Ardeshireh Baabakaanam
Aazaade'm choon zaadeyeh in khaandaanam!

A great video, Party Girl, I loved it.

Thanks a lot.


خندند بر آن دیده کین جا نشود گریان




عجب جواهری پیدا کردی در یو تیوب! پارتی گرل !

تا بحال چیزی به این گران مایگی اینجا پست نشده بود (عقیده من)

اوج کلام اونجا بود که (مثل درخت سرو که در برابر طوفان تا زمین خم میشود ولی‌ دوباره بر میخیزد)....یا به عبارت دیگه "که من از تکرارش خسته نمیشم"......

در زیر پای "بوته هرزی" شقایق له شده

اما برای ماندن "سرخش" تقلا می‌‌کند



What happened...

by Anonymous weeping (not verified) on

What happened to us? That we turned into a third rate disaster that is only a country by name and nothing more, that despite our rich history and richer resources we have so many poor and desperate, that anyone who can immigrate out of iran does so, that our girls run away to likes of dubai and sharajeh to sell themselves to make a living, that our youth are totured and raped in prisons, that with oil prices so high the country is robbed and depleted to the bone with no more than $7 billion in reserve...

We did it to ourselves when we abandoned our traditions and iranian identity and put our destiny into the hands of a bunch of imported anti-iranian mullas that viewed iran as simply a base and nothing more than how Mongols and Tamerlane viewed and treated iran...

What happened to us?

We did it to ourselves...



by kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Nice documentry..well edited and put together..



by Mokhlesse (not verified) on

You have made me feel more proud than I'm usually as being an Iranian. Thank you Sordokht khanoom!


Thank you so much Party Girl!

by IRANdokht on

What a beautifully made video! They showed how resilient Iranians are. How the love of beauty, arts, sciences and humanity always preveils in Iran. Our people have been accepting other cultures, tolerating differences and even aggressions and integrating the best parts of each new culture making our own richer and even more beautiful.

I loved spending the 32 minutes that I didn't even think I had today watching this wonderful clip.

Thanks so much PG jan  YOU ROCK!!!! 




by Midwesty on

A picture is worth a thousand words.