Where was God?

Cleric with some interesting things to say


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Majid jan

by IRANdokht on

You sound so much like JD!
naghola nakoneh khodeti?

You should write more often!!



A reminder

by Iva (not verified) on

How to tell a cleric lies?! His lips moves.

Take take this guy and rest of towel heads as Iran's progress number one enemies and disregard their speeches.

Iranian Reader

مجید خان...

Iranian Reader

چطور است شما درست حسابی برای ما چیز نمی نویسید؟ ما مشتاق خواندن اهل فن هستیم!

یا شاید به اسم دیگری می نویسید؟


He is not denying god

by arghavan (not verified) on

This person is not denying god, do not get him wrong!
He is attacking people who do not do anything and beleive whatever happens is their faith and is god's deceision. His point is a strong point.
There are many people who beleive your destiny will bring you everything, so why bother trying!


Yep a Khorasani

by choghok on

His accent is from Khorasan, but I am not sure he is Mashadi.

You must observe that these guys study many years in their "universities" . They study on how to bend on logic and on how to manipulate people. The logic bending technique he uses here is to deny gods existence as described in classic Islam (by natural disasurs and emdade elahi) just to prove his exist in another form so to impress us outside of his circle of clients.

Once inside that circle they will sell us the same bullshit that he denies here.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim



by Princess on

With all due respect, but I think you might have missed his point slightly.

Have you ever heard the expression "trust in god, but tie up your came"? That's what he is talking about. He is criticizing the resigned attitude some people have towards their lives in the name of faith, claiming God's responsible for whatever happens to them.



funny video

by funny guy (not verified) on


اینا سر و ته یه حریر اند (شما بخونید گونی)




این طفلک هم بنز ضد گلوله گیرش نیومده این حرفا رو از داغ دلش میزنه!

مادر بچه‌هاشون بهش گفت " خاک بر سرت، مگه تو چیت از اون سید علی‌ گدای یه دست کمتره؟ الهی اسمت خط بخوره از هر چی‌ آخونده  ؟ نکبت"؟

اونم گفته "حالا ببین، همچی تو یو تیوب آبروشون رو ببرم"


ebi amirhosseini

Dear killjoy

by ebi amirhosseini on

Yes,kind of reverse psychology !!

But have no fear,everything is under control !

Age Ali saareboone,midooneh shotoraasho kojaa bekhaboone!.




he's not a serious thinker!!

by Anonymous999999999 (not verified) on

yeah, he's a funny guy, but he is no philosopher or a serious thinker.

Quran's main premiss is Faith in God in all afairs.

he has problem with the heart of Islam. His job is to
teach faith and teach practical knowledge so that people by practing thier faith will become closer to God. Man is not self-sufficient. Man needs God in every thing and has to thank God, and love God, and Don't ever question God's wisdom. It is Faith. Faith is an acceptance of the all Wise God who is in charge of All affairs, including man's affaris. This is Islam, this is what the Prophert Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught his followers. Not every one is blessed with becoming the true flower of Islam. If someone is against faith, then they are not true muslims.

i will not force my religion on any one, but don't put that fake "ammameh" and suggest that God is not "karim". it is a shame. If people truely believe in All knowing, all wise God, then this planet wouldn't have become the hell that is. God is punishing man, because man is arrognat, Man lies to him/herself and to others. Islamic Republic is using religion as a tool, bunch of liers and lossers. God bless Shah's Sole, atleast he loved his country.


A Realistic Sheikh!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

This guy is fun! Deleh por khuni az jamaa'ateh shayyad daareh.

Ebi Jaan,

As the "Masouleh Haaj" this may prove damaging to the business. No God, No Haaji!

Is this reverse psychology?

Jamaaleh meliyunaamoon o eshghast!



by Princess on

Ebi jan, now I get it. Thank you!

ebi amirhosseini

Princess Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

Linguistically speaking,it is called " Standard accent" & normally refers to the accent spoken by News poeple on the Government or main TV/Radio station of a country,like BBC,VOA & hopefully IRIB.



Looks like it was staged

by yazdi on

This looks very staged to me. The accent is Khorosani.


Thanks, Ebi jan!

by Princess on

Apologies for my ignorance, what I meant to say was probably as you say Tehrani accent. Although I thought a Tehrani would say Tehroon rather than Tehran, which not the right accent either.

So, is there a term in Farsi that refers to the official language and pronunciation, as in Oxford English in the UK or Hochdeutsch in Germany, etc.?

Thank you!



I am confused,

by پیام on

hearing those words coming out of this guys mouth. The guy is schizo!

ebi amirhosseini

Princess Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

As far as I can say with my limited knowledge , he speaks with Khoraasaani(Mashhadi ?) accent,hope I'm right!.There is nothing called normal Farsi accent !!I believe you mean Tehrani accent.As for Tehrani accent,it was forced on public by one of Naseraldin Shah's wives, who happened to be from Tehran & the rest of the wives made fun of her (abnormal) accent !.


best wishes


very interesting

by IRANdokht on

a sheikh who's complaining about the sheikhs and the way they keep people ignorant.

I wonder if he had a specific agenda: az in domborideh ha harchi begi barmiyad!




by Abarmard on

I suggest listening to the rest from Youtube...Very funny, especially part 9


Is he affecting his accent?

by Princess on

Is it me or shortly before the end, he switches to a normal Farsi accent for a few seconds?


Wow...ye molla-e ba mazeh :)

by Princess on

There IS hope for Iran! I guess intelligent people are a rare species everywhere. What s his name?

Thanks for another interesting post.


Interesting guy

by Aboli (not verified) on

What's his accent, and where the source of this video?