Western fashion

TV reporter interviews people on the street

This is great! Iranian state television goes shows effects of westernized apparel and appearance on ordinary young Iranian, attempting to show "the forgotten Iranian and Islamic values."


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Just do not rust the Israeli PR machine

by Concernedcitizen (not verified) on

It is sad that we are discussing fashion in Iran in the 21st century and that speaks of regime's despotic nature. Having said that. we Iranians should raise our voices and object to the practices of Iranian theocracy and at the same time expose sites like MEMRI which are the arms of Israeli PR machine and "the lobby" in the USA. We can take care of our own issues and you go fix the mess you have created in the so called holly land please.


Feel sorry and sad!

by AnonymousJPN (not verified) on

Ya, everything else is O.K in Iran, all they need is that funny "fashion" as they called it!!!! I feel sorry for them and sad for all of us....


The Pope!

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

Excellent. Took the words right out of my fingers. Totally agree with you.


I would love for Iranians to

by sickofiri (not verified) on

I would love for Iranians to be able to wear their traditional colorful satin Shaliteh (the firstg miniskirt) and beautiful jewelery as their head band. Would the Islamic Republic allow it? I think not. The only culture allowed in Iran is the Arabic culture, period.


mahmood chakhan

by gold fish (not verified) on


you can find this interview

by mandella (not verified) on

you can find this interview with english subtitles in this link:


"Esport" and "Fashion" ( or feshang)

by پیام on

are the latest words added to Persian. Another reason to be proud of our herritage. This program may be targeting us to advocate Islamic value's, but in a sense I agree that we should not behave like a monkey and copy the west. The roots of this problem lies deeper and is related to our low self-esteem that our own Iranian way of living/dressing may be "dehati" or what not. And having a dictator government that even wants to dictate a non Iranian dress code (of Arabic) and set that as the standard, isn't helping either.


I do not like extremism

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

Extremism is doomed for failure in any form or type. I would not make monkey out of myself to oppose the social norms (even if the norms are extreme). It is not worth it!

I like the way Turkey is handling the issue.


Irani cant be a musalman

by AvestA (not verified) on

and a musalman cannot be a {Irani} weak up and smell the...


What The Hell?

by Dariushagha1 (not verified) on

Why and whom allows this TV to question people wishes on how they dress or look??? Is this Islam? then we clearly don't need it in Iran. Maybe good for those non-Iranian countries wheres place no value in human's life or thoughts , and have No respect for others beings.
Why people put up with this regime who has done nothing for people's comfort and welfare?Why??
At Shah's Time, we never had to put up with this nonsense.

Xerxes, Who the hell are you to even allow yourself to make comment in regards to others way of life? take a good look at yourself. Iran at this moment is not run by any government, those you see in TV are nothing but bunch of traitors and murderer.



by Aliraouf on

I did not object to any look or fashon that was thought or adopted from somwhere else by an Iranians ,till I saw the boy with sleevless shirt ,and the mother giving the boy to choose such a shirt..Regardless of cultural relevancy that shirt is inappropriate fora child to adopt .It is a fashon of less educated ,lower class westerners and popularized by money hungry merchants.Even in America my child would not wear that shirt.


evolution of farhange irani

by Anonymous1981 (not verified) on

fashion has always been evolving! does the idiot reporter thing "farhange iran" has always been chador and reesh? How come no one asked him what does he mean by "farhange irani?" And why do they always think it's iranians copying westerners? Do they not realize the influence of iranian thought, science, and fashion (yes even the cap and gown of graduation) on westerners?
the interviewer showed idiot on purpose, nont oe them could talk some sense.


آیت الله


آیت الله طالقانی اولین امام جمعه تهران: حتی برای زن های مسلمان هم در حجاب اجباری نیست چه برسد به اقلیت های مذهبی…ما نمی گوییم زنها به ادارات نروند و هیچ کس هم نمیگوید…زنان عضو فعال اجتماع ما هستند…اسلام و قرآن و مراجع دین میخواهند شخصیت زن حفظ شود.. هیچ اجباری هم در کار نیست. مگر در دهات ما از صدر اسلام تا کنون زنان ما چگونه زندگی می کردند؟ مگر چادر می پوشیدند؟…کی در این راهپیمایی ها زنان ما را مجبور کرده که با حجاب یا بی حجاب بیایند؟ این ها خودشان احساس مسئولیت کردند. اما حالا اینکه روسری سر کنند یا نکنند باز هم هیچکس در آن اجباری نکرده است. كیهان ۲۰ اسفند ۱۳۵۷

حجت الاسلام حسنی امام جمعه اورمیه: ... حسنی در نماز جمعه اورمیه زنان را به سه دسته تقسیم کرد. او گفت گروه اول زنانی بی حجاب هستند که مانند اتوبوسند یعنی هرکس می تواند سوار آنها بشود. دسته دوم زنانی که حجاب بدون چادر دارند و معمولا مانتو به تن می کنند و روسری دارند. آنها مثل تاکسی هستندکه فقط افراد مشخصی را سوار می کنند و بالاخره زن هایی مانند زن امثال بنده که مثل الاغند که فقط یک نفر می تواند از آنها سواری بگیرد.



What about ARAB INVASION...?

by Anoyed (not verified) on

How come this reporter in not saying anything about 1400 YEARS OF ARAB INVASION on Iranian culture...?



by Anonymouscat (not verified) on

By reading your comment I'm not sure you have ever lived in Iran. You think these guys love to see Iranian women in all folkloric colorful traditional clothes of Iran? No way, they just love to see women all covered up in those stinky chadors and if you put it in your mouth to do something with your hands it gets quite stinky.
This is 21st century and even those traditional clothing you are talking about so gleefully won't work.
I would love to know if you wear Lori or Kurdi clothes everyday of your life, if not, you should do so. As you say there is a market for it in the west. SO PLEASE ADVERTISE.


If they only left people

by mladera (not verified) on

If they only left people ALONE! Let them wear whatever the hell they want. And please don't force khorasani/kordish/arab/lor bla bla bla... clothes on people, like stupid Kashf-e Hejab. Athnic clothing is exotic here but it is not practical in a religious and non-practical country like Iran. Leave people alone for god-sakes! Both the reporter and the answers were outrageously shallow and they should not BE to begin with. Provide education so they can talk. By the way, you could see the fear on their face and hearing their heartbeat as they answer the questions. Poor Iranians. But az mast ke bar mast. Even we who talk about liberty tell them not to wear Arab clothes! Let them wear whatever they like damn it!


We Shall Forbid Any and All Forms of Delight

by Say_it_as_I_see_it (not verified) on

I completely agree with the comment left by Vashti.

IRI has always been anti-life. Basically against anything to enhances the enjoyment of your life.

Against laughter.

Against happiness.

Against color.

IRI is a death-seeking cult using religion as an excuse.

The death-worshiping IRI want to de-humanize Iranians, take away their heritage, and prevent them from any uplifting form of self expression. They also do not recognize other religions within Iran. Not all Iranians are Muslim but IRI does not care about that.

IRI wants our youth to express themselves in the following manner:
pray 5 times a day,
wear black mourning clothes that cover every inch of skin,
always cry and be miserable,
visiting graves,
beating the chest,
and wish to die in war (i.e. stop breathing)!

What’s next? They will forbid Iranians from using these letters by Iranians: P, Zh, Ch, G

Why? Because these letters do not appear in Quran, therefore, must be ungodly. Gotta love IRI logic. ;-)


screw the stupid interviewer.....

by ali148 (not verified) on

these idiots make me sick to my stomach!.....he's trying to grill our poor people about what they're wearing for god's sake! the mullahs are so corrupt and vile themselves, that if the iranin people saw videos of what they do behind closed doors they would have a heart attack!
this is what u get when you fall for an illiterate british dog like khomeini.....
may god free our homeland soon!


Wannabes and/or poseurs?!

by T.h.e.P.o.p.e (not verified) on

Some of the funny answers:
-"Fashen; yani yeh cheez-e baahaal"!!! :o)
-"Sport baasheh, khoob baasheh, NA YEH CHEEZEH GHADEEMEE"!!!
-"Mod shodeh DIGEH!!!"
-"Biroon mibinim, to yeh FASHEN mibinim"!!! lol
-"bayaad hamrangeh jama'at baasheem"
-"ch00r00kee"!!! lol ...and the mother saying: "Roo mod pish miran"!!!

Shallow; they're so "empty"... Tookhaalee baa cheghadr kambood.

At least one honest answer: "Aksaran zaher been shodan."
But if you ask me, "zaaher binee" has been Iran's bigest problem since it became 'modern'...


RE: Khouroush, Xerxes

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

Baradaram, fadaton besham, its quite obvious that he is running an agenda with this report.

He is not asking questions to stir debate, he asks them questions they cannot give a truthfull answer on a national TV that runs a biased pro government report after another, and later, bashes them in the cuts in between.

If he would ask me that question, I would ask him back, what is our clothing farhang?

I agree firmly in liberalism, to wear, eat, drink worship and do whatever you want.

Remember, many clothing companies from the west cant do business with Iran, and many of the clothes you see there are either made in Iran, or in South Asia brought in from the black marked. Ive seen styles in Iran I have never seen in Europe, the US, Russia or South-America.

Let the people decide.


Don't worry!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

I bet even the Reporter does not believe the things he is saying. You can tell from his words. This is his job and he sounds almost comical when he asks the lady about Mahvareh and says: Hmmm. Mahvareh?! as if he caught her red-handed or proved his point. For as long as I remember, Iranians have followed Fashion, during the time of the Shah as well as now. Even those Hezobollahi women (and men) have their own fashion behind the veil. I was very very impressed by the first lady's answers. She said: "People are different, and so are tastes." It is true that the West takes advantage of the trends and sells its clothes to everyone, both Eeasterners as Westerners. But there is no alternative now.This is where fashion comes from. If the Reporter thinks we should dress like Arabs, it is due to the fact that his ancesters were raped by Arab invaders and he has no identity of his own and wants to look and sound like his Arab fathers. Iranians should wear whatever they like to wear, as long as it is disreet, without imposing their will upon others.


میمون هرچی زشت تره بازیش هم بیشتره



میمون هرچی زشت تره بازیش هم بیشتره ما ملت ایران همیشه چهار تا ادم عجیب و قریب داریم که نون ندارند بخورند..حالم به هم خورد از این ویدئیو

I wes be out with my camcorder and asking canadian only 2 question from governemnt of canada , almost %99 of all people afried to show own face and speacks about governemnt , she told me I do not like to lose my job in governemnt and others asking me we can not change any things are governemnt do not care what we want?

 here is some report at you tode recordet 3 hours a go



Somebody should ask this idiot reporter

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

why don't you research, investigate and report the inflation, unemployment and individual freedom rather than stopping people for how they are dressed. Another islamic hezobollahi individual, reporter wanna be...


Get A LIFE you pitiful so called reporter

by jasmine (not verified) on

Isn't it so sad to see how far these manipulative so called pro Iranian...pro culture...pro Islam reporters or shall I rather refer to them as the CANCER of our society push our young population to a point of no return.
What is how you dress or what you do to your hair got to do with IRANIAN FARHANG????
There are so many socio-economic challenges that Iran faces today that these pitiful so called reporters are blind to and ignorant to a point where I just want to scream out of my lungs.
I see absolutely no intrinsic value to this type of reporting.
Just get yourself a life....or just change careers....there are so many other important issues to report and touch on that can be more beneficial to our culture, heritage and the young of our country.

David ET

Great Answers by Iranians

by David ET on

to the interviewers nonesense.


اي واي چه

Azar (not verified)

اي واي چه گزارشي ؛ تهاجم فرهنگي يعني اوردن صندوق راي گيري از غرب و نمايندگان را از زير فيلتر خبرگان رد كردن؛ يعني قانون داشتن اما متعلق به 1400 سال پيش بودن . فشن يعني راحتي اين چادر است كه تهاجم فرهنگي اعراب است . اين شريعه است كه تهاجم فرهنگي اعراب است . حتي ديگر نميشود كه ان شليته هاي دست و پا گير سنتي ايراني را تن كرد . من خانم نميتوانم با يك عالمه منگوله زنگوله سوار هواپيما شوم . ميخواهم امروزه راحت و درخور اجتماع باشم . اين تهاجم فرهنگي غرب اشكال دارد چون به صرفشان نيست اما اون چادر چاقچور و لچك عربي و زن را خوار و ذليل كردن و غيرراحت تهاجم فرهنگي نيست . اصلا كي به شما اجازه ميدهد كه بگوييد چي براي مردم خوب است؟ اصلا چرا اينقدر اطلاعات غلط و ناصحيح به مردم ميدهيد. بله بعضي علايم و سينبولها هستند كه ادم بايد اگاهانه انها را به تن كند مثلا علايمي مثل علايمي كه گي يا لزبين ها تن ميكند يا طرفداران تيمهاي ورزشي خاصي در غرب كه اينها را ايرانيها بايد بدانند بعد تنشان كنند . من چندين عكس ديدم كه ايرانيها تنشان ميكنند اما مثلا در غرب مفهوم خاصي دارد.


Look at khod kam bin e Irani

by XerXes (not verified) on

Look at those here who are upset about the valid point that the man was making. The people were not able to answer, the Fashion? answers were dumb. I would have loved for one of them to say why not allow Iranian style to take over rather than enforced Arabic one? Why not encourage Kurdish, Turkish and Khorasani style clothes to dominate the market and allow the economy of those regions to flourish? Why not wear the beautiful Iranian clothes?
I don't think the government would have any problem with that. If there were some innovative Iranians who would rather do some work and grow the business, as Chinese or Indian would, then we would be better off. There is a great market outside of Iran for such Iranian/Islamic/Easter fashion.
I liked this report, unlike junks you see in the CNN fashion, which is stupid.



by KouroshS (not verified) on

As a matter of fact i think the reporter was not abusive in a sense that he actually was engaging the young people he talked with in a exchange of opinion session and it was more like a discussion. Needless to say that our youth came out shining with the brilliant and intelligent answers.

I am so proud of this young folks.


Az man miporsid

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

Migoftam be to cheh

Farhang shod rishe 3 metri vah kolah?

Yah ye hejabe siya ke sorateto ham nemitonan bebinan?

Kesafat, self arrogant abusive reporters like him should have their microphones pushed up a certain anatomical no no spot.

I would gladly have helped in the name of my farhang.



by vashti (not verified) on

TAHJOM? hEFZE FARHANG? Iranian muslims??

Tahajom is by Islam and tazi into Iranian culture. If you want to keep Iranian culture alive, we need to purge the Islamic Culture.

Sickening propaganda. If these women looked like Arabic/bedouin women, would that make them Iranian??? What a pathetic series of useless propaganda, as if, Iran's biggest problem is to defend and support the foreign culture of Arabs. Islam in and of itself is not Iranian. To protect Iranian culture, we need to get rid of Islam.