US diplomats in Tehran

US now ready to station diplomats in Iran for the first time in almost 30 years

The Guardian: The US plans to establish a diplomatic presence in Tehran for the first time in 30 years as part of a remarkable turnaround in policy by President George Bush. The Guardian has learned that an announcement will be made in the next month to establish a US interests section - a halfway house to setting up a full embassy. The move will see US diplomats stationed in the country. The news of the shift by Bush who has pursued a hawkish approach to Iran throughout his tenure comes at a critical time in US-Iranian relations. After weeks that have seen tensions rise with Israel conducting war games and Tehran carrying out long-range missile tests, a thaw appears to be under way.>>>


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I am glad people like you have left iran!

by tehran24 (not verified) on

With ideology like yours who need the MKO!


What's up with John

by skatermom (not verified) on

What's up with John Carpenter? He should stop predicting the future of Iran ruled by a theocratic draconian government and start making a sequel to Escape from New York. Oh wait there was that cinematic genious Escape from LA.


Removal of regime or removal of ideology

by Mehdi on

For those who have been trying to "remove the regime," such as the MEK and some factions of the Monarchists, this may seem like a loss as it seems to reduce the chances of a violent regime change that would then put "them" in charge of the much envied petro-dollars. But for those who are interested in removing backward ideology and repressive system, thos who are interested to see Iranians enjoy more freedom, more progress and gradually thier coming out of ignorance, this is a very positive step. If you can imagine what restoring Iran-US-Israel relations could do for the country and its people, you would not resist it, unless you were too consumed in your hatred and your burning desire for "revenge of the fallen comrades" to a point of being willing to sacrifice a whole nation just to see blood, which you are hoping would make you feel better (it won't).

Darius Kadivar

Dear Ambassador Urgent Request ;0(

by Darius Kadivar on

Dear American Ambassador if you can ask our Iranian Teachers to treat us more nicely.  For things have not progressed in this regard in Iran not even with the Revolution ...

Thank You


Very naive thinking, Mr. Carpenter

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

Reply to John Carpenter

It is very naive of you to think decades ago that Mullahs would ever make Iran a prosperous, peaceful country! IRI lives off Terror, insecurity and uncertainity. I can only recommend that people like you study the background/history of shia sect to understand who we are dealing with in Iran.

Moreover, USA is tired of the present stalemate and as they have heavily invested in Iraq, they are determined to stay in Irag so they'd like to have a more peaceful approach to IRI. However, this will be seen as a weakness by IRI and it will make the terror regime more agressive in his expansion plans.

One thing is fur sure, IRI will not ever be handled by USA as a partner.

Payandeh Iran


only true losers are the Rajavists

by Q on

looks like they whored themselves out for nothing. I can't think of any groups who has been on the wrong more often than these idiots.


maybe good maybe bad

by ali1 (not verified) on

this is only a positive step, IF, the goal is to help iranians overthrow the evil akhoonds- the mullahs have stayed alive by always instigating confrontation to keep the iranian people's minds on something else than revolution. Maybe this is a good way of allowing the people to finally throw these idiots into the persian gulf, like ataturk did!
It would be very sad, if this is meant to legitimize these murderers-
I really hope that this is a clever way of overthrowing these bloodsuckers
let's hope 2008 is the last year for reesh-o-pashme shepeshee!


Scotie McCormick said that

by somebody (not verified) on

Scotie McCormick said that America is setting up
an "interests" section in order to promote the
"interests" of the Iranian people so they could
get visas and so on...Yeah,that would be great,
70 million people would leave, then they could bomb
Iran to their heart's content. Weren't the Iranian
"people" in Iran for the past thirty years? what up
with the sudden "kindness"?



by Ayatoilet (not verified) on

Mark my words, this will happen very soon in Crawford, Texas ranch of Geogre W. Bush. And they will be cracking pistachios by the pond at sunset.


This was a move I predicted decades ago

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

Decades ago I wrote that Iran and the US will one day have normal relations. The Islamic Republic of Iran will remain intact as a government. Monarchy will be forever abolished in Iran. The Iranian economy will prosper. The Iranian people will live in peace. And there will be a mid east peace plan that will let all in the middle east live in peace.
In France both Israel and Syrian leaders attended the summit of Mediterranean countries. Israel and Lebanese Hezb'Allah have exchanged prisoners of war and war dead.
What is in store for Iranians is a true Islamic Republic of Iran which helps all Iranians.
And Americans will prosper with cheaper gasoline prices. Gasoline should cost no more than $1 per gallon all taxes included.
The Monarchists and the MKO/PMOI will have to cease to exist as an Iranian theory and shall go into the history books as the dinosaurs of Iranian history, extict and defunct. Thank God. And God bless America.


If you canot fight them join them!

by Ali reza (not verified) on

Since isloation,sanction,threat did not work,USA decided to join them,eventhough USA does not like them and approve of them.


Out of the closet....

by Antibullshit (not verified) on

1. Regime in Tehran was installed by Nato/U.S. in 1978 with the cooperation of Ayatollah BBC and the 5th wheel of U.S. Foreign policy in Europe, France.

2. The Regime in Tehran is decaying. This is a way of helping them few more years so the west can continue plundering the Iranian resources...Meantime they are looking for alternatives. The IR's rejects in the west have failed miserably..

3. The U.S. says that they are going to Tehran to open up direct contact with Iranians to maybe overthrow the regime. Which independent government would let that happen?

However having good relations with U.S. and the rest of the world is in the interests of Iranian people.


K Nassery

I think's dangerous.

by K Nassery on

Iran has that special interests section in the Pakistani Embassy in DC and their diplomats have been safe here, but we did not take their Iranian diplomats hostage despite their actions in our Tehran Embassy in 79.  I worry about Americans going to Tehran.  The American Embassy in Turkey does a fine job in helping Iranians get visas.  Why should we take the chance that they will violate international law and take our diplomats hostage again?  What have they done to show that they can be trusted?


The Sanctions worked...

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Fri, 18 Jul 2008 14:29:19
US economic sanctions against Iran designed to force Tehran to stop nuclear enrichment have failed to cripple the Iranian energy sector.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday

better not neglect the reality!



A sad day for Persians

by mahmoudg on

What is the purpose, so that the US ultimatley puts a seal of approval on the regime in Iran?  This is a sad day for those of us who fight for a non-conditional removal of the IRI.  Wether you believe in surgical attacks like me, or internal uprisings, there cannot be any negotiations with this regime.  We are fighting for the survival of the Persian way of life not for continuation of Islam in its current format.  This is indeed a sad day for Persians all over.


Could be good for both sides

by Monda on

At this point, I want to be hopeful that any positive change in the dynamic would benfit both sides, economically any way.  Socially? Yes Americans are very welcome in Iran as long as they don't only bring in their military. We'll see. 

Darius Kadivar

Song to Learn By Future American Ambassador ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I wonder what Song the Future Iranian Ambassador has to offer ? ...

Dinah Shore Sings An Iranian Love Song




by ProudToBeAnonymous (not verified) on

Does this mean that I don't have to pay $5 for a can of Coke in European airport anymore?


I like it

by Lucifercus (not verified) on

I like it too.Specially because the greate satan now knows or at least must know that the times up to 1978 are for ever over. by smallest satanic actions even by suspicious activities the will have to quit the job and see how they get home in halveway healthy general conditions. The islamic republic of Iran has allways said: Under equality conditions it is ready to cooperate with any country. A greate nummber of nations of the world have intense and for both sides profitable relations with Iran. Now it seems that the United States want also to participate on profits which it will enjoy of having peacefull relations with Iran. It seems also that it will leave its satanic thoughts at home. leaving the satanis plans totaly aside is sttrange to the nature of satan. From now on those plans will be performed in USA and Europe. just see how the prices fly up to the sevence sky in those areas.


LAX to THR direct flight

by shiazie (not verified) on

Book your flights.. next is direct flights to Iran

Two most unpopular countries in world now join up to make the Mega Axis of Evil

Funny - US popularity in Arab world is 14% in Iran 78%. I guess someone saw the numbers. US could use a new market


US diplomats in Tehran US now ready to station diplomats in Ira

by Faribors maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

US diplomats in Tehran

US now ready to station diplomats in Iran for the first time in almost 30 years

the devil is defeted. Talks without preconditions. This had been the condition which the Islamic republic of Iran hat put on the , now slowly but for sure, dying greate satan as it declared its wish for Talks. It was many years ago. The devils write and speak different in their own media. To impress their near relatives and their best friends. But mainly to impress the poepleof the western countries, to convince them they lived in a mighty couintry and they can disciplinate other nations. even the honorable Iranian nation. Now everything is over. Uran-Enrichment goes on. The Help for Palestine goes on. In fact a new aera has begann. In continuation of the change in the world history which begann 1978/79 with the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Greeting


I like it

by Abarmard on

Without the US, many Iranian plans can't get accomplished, and without Iran many US plans for the region won't happen. This makes sense.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

The CIA is setting up a new post.


We all ready have an office

by skatermom (not verified) on

We all ready have an office of US interests section in Tehran. It's called Halliburton.


Sign of time!

by Ali reza (not verified) on

The time when the strong could dictate their will on the weak has passed. We saw that in Lebeanon and we are seeing that in Iran too:o)Peace on Earth


Talk, Talking, talks, Talked (Laamesh khondeh nemeesheh)

by Abol Danesh, Sociologist (not verified) on

...Let them talk as much as they want as long as not a single cent is taken out from the tax payers pocket--

You wana spend money on the talking ? Then reach your pocket deep and generously --

Hotel expense: From your own pocket
Meals: from your own pocket?
Air fair: from your own pocket
Wine: From your own pocket-- no open bar please..
X: from your own pocket please
Y: The same
Z: the same as well


Good things happen to smart people.

by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

The answer is time.Time changes everything.And # 1 I don't thing Iranian leaders have Swiss bank account and if they do so do all other world leaders specially American and Europeans.Why is it that in US. just about every decision maker is a billioner but our leaders in Iran have to be homeless!!!!!!!!!
There is nothing wrong with having leaders who have money as long as they are qualified for their position in the government.This is and old communist mentality that many Iranians have we need to get rid of it .We need to have smart and sharp minded people in charge of our country not stupid honest people who eat bread and date(Khorma)
and I don't even care if they put so money aside for them selves.Have you seen the salaries Iranian leaders get???


The Sanctions worked...

by asdf (not verified) on

The Sanctions worked...


Welcome back

by toofan (not verified) on

Just leave regime change for the iranian people this time, thank you.


Excellent News

by Fair on

I am very glad that finally a ray of sanity is emerging. Having relations can only help stability and peace. Talking is always better than fighting, no matter how much hatred and frustration there is.