UNICEF pop concert in Tehran

To promote HIV/AIDS prevention

Irans first-ever pop and rock concert series dedicated to raising awareness on HIV/AIDS ended yesterday in the heart of Tehran with cheers and loud applause by an excited audience that filled the concert hall at the Ministry of Interior Hall to the last seat. The concerts held in Tehran from 6 to 12 November included a number of famous Iranian stars, such as Alireza Assar, Mehran Modiri, Mani Rahnama and Reza Yazdani. Parts of the ticket sales were donated to UNICEFs HIV/AIDS programme in Iran.



Nice concert

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

but whats the point when the AIDS researchers, Alei brothers, are still in prison?


Again Iranians try to show to the west...

by پیام on

... that Iranians lack a national idendity and thus have no way of raising awareness for important issues in our own manner, it can only be achieved through western ways (like a pop concert) which we embrace and regard as superieur to our own. It seems that the planners of such pointless events, organize these rallies more for the sake of the rallies themselves than the purpose they serve. These people are out of touch with the reality of HIV problem in Iran. Firs of all, much of the irrisponsible behaviour of today's Iranian youth that has led to an incline of HIV infection in Iran is based on the lifestyle that goes with these kind of parties and rockconcerts and the alcohol, drugs and the unsafe sex that goes with it.

Second, sharing needles by heroine addicts is the single major cause of spread of HIV in Iran ( followed by unsafe sex and transfusion of contaminated blood). I don't think that any of those addicts attended this rock/pop concert.

Third, what is wrong with emphasising the importance of responsible sexual behaviour using our own set of standards and values? Instead of accepting loose sexual behaviour as inevitable and thus base a anti-HIV campagin on it, try to educate people about the risks they put theselves in by conducting such a behaviour.

And final, I like mr. Kadivar would like to suggest to our rulers to, instead of organizing these pointless events to show the world that you too have an ani AIDS agenda, release the people that really care about these issues. Instead of killing civil initiatives, support them and our country will florish ( but I know, this is "yasin be gooshe khar khandan").

Although it looks like fun, I would have prefered an awareness campaign in an Iranian manner ( non Islamic/Arabic and non westernized). Allready it is impossible to find the Iranian way of living and Iranian culture in everyday life thanks to IR-akhunds and the globalisation. We don't need more of this import.

Darius Kadivar

They forgot to invite the AIDS Researchers in Evin Prison

by Darius Kadivar on

They only forgot to invite the two World Experts on the Question:

Dr. Arash Alaei and Dr. Kamiar Alaei  arrested and in Prison :

Iran Asked to Free AIDS Doctors Held for Six Months on Illegitimate Charges

What a Hypocritical Regime and Society ... and it shocks nobody ?