7-year-old recites and interprets Hafez

Oh My God!

Here she reads a poem.

Here's how how her mother is teaching her the meaning of Hafez. It's absolutely amazing!

And here's another Hafez poem. Incredible!


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by Majid on

................"so this is nothing."................!!!!

OK!......you think you can do better huh? 

If that's the case, then...."Gar to behtar mizani bestaan bezan".

I hope you know the story behind it.


Magnificent Young Lady.....Definitely a future STAR

by Pishi Khan (not verified) on

Dorood to your parents for having done such a good job of raising you.

To Sahar2,
There are plenty of bilinguals around, pretty much most of the first and second generation Americans are bilingual.

I have seen clever and dumb bilingual kids!

When you look at them, just being bilingual is not a guarantee of anything!

What this young lady is doing though take some special effort, training and intelligence.


is she in iran?

by Sahar2 (not verified) on

is she in Iran? if then ofcourse she can do this, but our children who are growing in U.S
are more brilliant because they have to learn English as well. so this is nothing.


This little angel

by MT (not verified) on

Mashallah! Mashallah!

Affarin bar in Madar o Dokhtar bee nazeer.
This little angel brought tears of happiness to my eyes!
To Angel's Mom: You have done WONDERS!
Just thinking there are still Moms like you out there made my day!
God bless you and your little one.


That was awsome

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

I remembered when we were in school they beat us up to remember an Arabic phrase in Koran and if we couldn't pronounce it properly another smack in the face.

I wished they change the school curriculum and they make books such as Hafez, Saadi, Rumi and the rest of the great poets and my prophets the true holly book.

I hated Arabic and Arabs and anything about it.

She is the Iranian of the day and month.


هزار ماشاالله

دختر ایرونی (not verified)

هزار آفرین بر تو مادر با فهیم و باشعور! ای کاش ما هم از تو یاد بگیریم و اگه خر شدیم و یه روزی خدای نکرده بچه دار شدیم، بچه هامون رو مثل تو آگاه و فهمیده بار بیاریم!

آفرین برتو دختر ناز خوشکل که سزاوار این لباس قشنگ صورتی هستی!


Elahi , ghorboone to va oon

by Sheri (not verified) on

Elahi , ghorboone to va oon bolbolet ke chah chah mizaneh :-D che mohito shaeraneh ham kardeh ..



by Dana (not verified) on

Elahi , 100 sal zende bashi,,
ey kash , bazi ha ke tooti var ghoraan arabi ro be yade bache hashon midan, and brain wash them!!! yad begiran.....
bache haye ma bayad ashareh Hafez va Saadi ro az bar konan , na Ghoraan!!


She is a prodigy!

by Mahvash Shahegh on

She is incredible! What attracted me more than anything else was her correct reading and pronunciation. It seems that she knows every word; the mystical and romantic gist of all poems she recited. She is a prodigy.


She is so cute.

by پیام on

Khoda vaseye pedar madaresh negahesh dashteh bashe.



by oprbxk1 on

WOW.. I can't stop watching these... I don't know who is more brilliant the mooshie little one or her dedicated and wonderful mother. God bless them both.

This young lady is the is best Iranian of the Day ever!!



by Hajminator on


Mash'allah mooshi khanoom, you're so cute. Bravo to your parents who have given you the love of your language and Hafez.

ازان پس نميرم كه من زنده‌ام
كه تخم سخن من پراگنده‌ام

It's also true for everyone of our shah-mard vo zan


What a DOLL!

by Majid on

I just can't stop playing and replaying and................

I am ALL smile............:-)

"dard-o balaat bekhoreh too sar-e kheili haa" fingil khaanoom!!


Iranian of.........EVER ! not Iranian the day

by Majid on

وقتی‌ برای کودک وقت میگذاری در راه درست، نتیجه ش این میشه.

هزار آفرین به این مادر و این فرشته کوچولو.

خدای حافظ حفظت کنه عزیزم




by Iranian Reader (not verified) on

I'm speechless. Dam-e madar va dokhtar har do garm. Can't think of anything lovelier than this.


Khoda hefzet kone hafezeye

by Beebak (not verified) on

Khoda hefzet kone hafezeye Hafez!