Physical punishment in Iranian schools

Heart wrenching.


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بازم هوس کردم

بابای مدرسه (not verified)

کتک معلم گله
هر کی نخورده خله


Physical abuse is part of Iranian culture unfortunately!

by choghok on

 First of all I want to say it is really laughable to say this and that is from Arab or Turkish culture since it happens there too. In that case they could do the same with Iran. Is stealing, murdering, drug abuse, cheating, taking bribes and all other crimes part of their culture as well and not ours?

With that type of thinking we never advance since we always have a way of blaming others for our own faults. 

I remember they said that in old times parents specifically asked the teachers to be rough on their kids so they could become quiet and obedient. I also got beaten a couple of times. Most of the time the teacher was fed up with something else and used the student as a stress ball you could say. Other times the student had done something really stupid.

As I have heard the situation is different nowadays, parents will come to school and complain if their kids are beaten, even from the lower class more traditional families. 

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Brings back memories of one my teachers

by پیام on

Mr. Tabatabayi, I still wanna go back and get even with that s.o.b.


Physical and verbal abuse of

by thewayitis (not verified) on

Physical and verbal abuse of children and wives are the norm in parenting and disciplining in the Iranian culture and it will not change until we educate ourselves of the long term consequences of such behavior on the kids/wives and the larger society as a whole.


Once I was beat up by the

by Anonymous #2 (not verified) on

Once I was beat up by the NAZEM, because I was playing and joking with my friend, outside of school after school was over! Apparently she did not like that I was not paying attention to the traffic in the alley, after I left the school. I was in 3ed grade and I got a good beating for that. I guess they did not think that talking to the kids is something acceptable and they have to beat them so they can understand. This was HADAF primary school in Tehran, supposedly one of the best. If you treat people like animals, they will behave as animals.


نظر ِ شخص ِ بنده

ديپلمه بيسواد (not verified)

درس ِمعلم گربود زمزمه محبّتى ...جمعه به مكتب آورد طفل ِگريزپارا



by Hajminator on

I did a lot of bullshits at school .. yeah a lot, .. Once I've done such a studpidity that they wanted to kick me off the school, but I've never been physically punished.  Despite all these, I keep a lot of joy and good souvenirs from that time.


Our culture is abusive .... accept it!

by Saman on

With all due respect I got my first ass beating at age 3 in a "koodakestan" during Shah's period. Child abuse is part of our culture. Parents and teachers have been beating kids for much longer than the IRI.


Iranian culture is abusive...not the gov is part of it

by Saman on

With all due I got my first ass beating at the age of 3 in a "koodakestan" during Shah's period. Child abuse is part of our culture. Parents and teachers have been beating kids for a lot longer than the IRI.

Darius Kadivar

TODAY; UN Declaration of Human Rights Is 60

by Darius Kadivar on

Good Morning

 What are we going to do about it ? I wonder ...



Sham on us for putting up with this

by Arash who hates his childhood teachers (not verified) on

I did not even have the heart to watch the video.We all have been there.In Iran anybody who was left out of the entrance exam to the universities would become a teacher. These animals who proudly called themselves "Farhangi" would do anything they felt like doing in school.Beating us , kicking us , embarassing us and at times making us hate school and education all together. Unfortunately the adventure continues and we are still abusing our future generations.Creating a new generation that feels physicall violence is a form of communication.Iranian lawyers inside and outside of Iran need to get together with us.We need to form a society for the protection of children's rights in Iran.Enough is enough.We need to sue and apply the laws of islam to these savages.An eye for eye sounds great when you see or hear child abuse.
I would pay "Mojdegani" for the news of the death of any of my old teachers at Mashhad's Shahid Jabarian Highschool.Iranian often talk about their heritage and culture.We are proud of our past but this aspect of our educational system makes me ashamed of being an Iranian.
Shame on you Mr Principal.
Shame on us for allowing such behavior
Shahryar Ghanbari's poem comes to my mind :
Ahay..moalem e bad... !!!


Ay Irani Ta Kay

by Iran parast (not verified) on

You can only do that to the pepol ho have last their identity.[down with islam and islamic terror in Iran]


This one is old too

by Dr Abbassi (not verified) on

It was posted not to long ago. The teacher was condemned by the Dear Leader himself.



by NavidM (not verified) on

man boodam migereftam mizadam martikaro:D
We kindda had a same school adviser back in the days.. ye SAG:D
mardak ba hame eftezaa barkhord mikard. manam ziad bacheye saaketi naboodam, vali for some reason be man kamtar az 'aghaaye..' nemigoft:D.. maybe bcz I was the smart(shayadam mosbat) one lol, yaa inke mitarsid az man:D
vali kheili doos dashtam yebar behem migoft balaye cheshe to abro, behesh neshoon midadam cheshe abro chie, martike taase moghol:P


وقتى رفتار ِ

soopoor (not verified)

وقتى رفتار ِ معلم ها يه اينجا رو با پسر خودم مى بينم با خودم به اين نتيجه ميرسم كه مدرسه ها چقدر ميتوانند در ساخت ِ يك كشور و دولت مردان آن تاثير گذار باشن.و يك معلم چقدر ميتونه در حد يك فرشته دلسوز از طرف خدا فرستاده شده بالا بره يا يا در حد يك شكنجه گر پس و حقير باشه..شكنجه و آزار و زور رو همه ما از مدرسه ها آموخت ايم..بعد و قبل از انقلاب هم نداره هميشه همين جور بوده.همه ما يكى يك دور از اين صحنه ها يا به سر مون آمده يا جلو چشم ديده، و به ما هشدار داده كه بايد ماست ها مون رو كيسه كنيم...همين آقا هم با همين شيوه درس خونده...من يكى براى فرهنگيان ايران اصلا ارزشى قائل نيستم.هر چه ميكشيم از دست معلم ها يه زور گو و ديكتاتور و آموزش و پرورش ِ شكنجه گر پرور ميكشيم


This treatment matches the greater regime's ideology

by farrad02 on

You can't expect any better from an educational system that lives within the context of Khamenei's Islamic Republic! The whole system runs on and feeds off of fear, intimidation and crushing individuality!

Manoucher Avaznia

Abarmard Jaan;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

Punishing kids has always existed among nations.  The only people, whom I have heard, never punished their children were North American Natives.  I learned here that they said: "let's kids be kids".  I hope there is truth in it. Leave alone those who claim all goodies come from the pure Aryan Race of Iranians.  I do not understand what charactristics are carried in this blood (gowhar) that doesn't allow its people to do anything wrong.  This is a pure and naked racism.  I think those who shed a doubt upon this claim (that I am number one) are descended from other bloods and have contaminated this Nezhaad'e Paak. 


agha Manoucher Avaznia

by Abarmard on

School was a frightening place. Of course that made us more of the bad asses ;) 

I remember the "rofuzeyee" kids in the back of the class, some of them were so tough that the teachers were afraid of them. And when the teachers hit, they punched and kicked us, real fighting. Then we would get punished by the school master, then go home and get some at home too...

You are a good example to show that the system worked ;)

With all that I have to say that it was fun :)




To Abarmard

by Anonymous876 (not verified) on

I lived in Turkey and some Arab countries and have witnessed the same behaviours over there. If you want you can make a trip to those countries and convince yourself about what I wrote. Read the history and do some research and see who those guys are that ruling our country, Arabzadeh and Turkzadeh. That is the truth, not racist.

Manoucher Avaznia

Abarmard Jaan;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

I cannot count how many times I received this treatment.  That was the great time of the White Revolution with Pedar's Taajdaar and his Literary Corps and later at other schools!  I even witnessed two classmates to be beaten on the sole of their feet (falak) that according to our education was done to children when molla's ran maktabkhaanehs.  You see how civilized and literate I have become because of those slaps and twigs!  I do not wish you those days either.


Animals running the school system

by antiIRI (not verified) on

who is he beating the child like this?

Animals? truly animals? (IRI style education system) our 5000 year old culture



by Abarmard on

Why blame others for your problems, that's racist


Not only in schools

by Anonymous876 (not verified) on

That is Arab/Turk tradition to teach something to kids by Kotak. Our country is ruled by Arab-zadeha and Turk-zadeha and you should not be surprised seeing such a treatment.


Ol' school...

by Saman on

I remember those days!  I'd love to accidentally find one of my old teachers today! It'd be nice to pay them a quick visit.


مردم عقب افتاده ما

ایرانی بدبخت (not verified)

لطفا یکی این ناظم مادرسگ رو پیدا کنه و از قول من یک گوش مالی خوشگل بهش بده. خوشگل ها... از نوعی که خودش درمقابل این طفل معصوم ها داره استفاده می کنه،... لطف با شلنگ باشه ودر ملع عام


Reminds me

by Abarmard on

I used to chalk my hands when I  was cut chewing gum, skipped my HM, and for being a kid. We were treated like mules in school Although I have heard it is much better now. Is this recent?