Saeed & Naghib, father and son, Bushehri musicians

Saeed Shanbehzadeh is an amazing musician who performs Boushehri music and dance with his son, Naghib, 10. He lives in Paris. He is a remarkable and acclaimed stage performer. [photos]

At festival Les Suds à Arles in France (watch to the end):

Here in a concert in New Zealand (October 2007) Naghib does a solo on jonoobi drums. Fantastic!:

In this clip they perform together, also in New Zealand:


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Duo Saeid Saeid et Naghib Shanbehzadeh in Antwerp, Belgium!

by Barbara (not verified) on

The Center for World Cultures Zuiderpershuis presents an in residence project and festival about the phenomenon of trance in voodoo, zen, sufi, gnawa and contemporary trance.

The sufi day, friday 03/04/2009, is very interesting. Check out the Duo Saeid Saeid and Naghib Shanbehzadeh!!

Sufi (€ 15 presale - € 18 doors)

19h Film: 'Sufi Soul: The Mystical Music of Islam' - Great-Brittain

20h Lecture: Wieland Eggermont - The Netherlands

20h30 Music & dance: Tevazu - Turkey

21h15 Music: Duo Saeid et Naghib Shanbehzadeh - Iran

22h15 Music: Qawal Najmuddin Saifuddin & Brothers - Pakistan

More information at: //

Hope to see you there!



by bikar (not verified) on

i agree with payam, how ever why can't he preform in iran among his own people?


Where other in the world...

by پیام on

... could one find suche a diversity and richness in culture than in our beloved Iran? I think nowhere else has this unique characteristic than Iran.


the son

by Negin (not verified) on

I like the son even better than the father. very talented