Saving Theater Shahr

Artists unite to try to save Tehran's historic theater from gradual destruction

A year after this gathering, despite promises by the authorities, the southern wing of the theater is in danger of collapse because of nearby construction.



Pink Floyd

by 007 (not verified) on

I always thought that would be great if Pink Floyd could put a concert in Masjed Shah at Meydoon Shah, Esfahan the echo would of been great (Dark side of the moon). But sorry the mosques all ready been used as weapon depot. I know that building it is a nice, functional and now historic for what it is and it would be shame if they take it down.

David ET

God Bless them all

by David ET on

Hopefully one day Iranians turn every mosque to theater, school, library, clinic, child care, ....

Darius Kadivar

Very Sad ... Some Things Are Sacred ! ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Hope they will able to save this place of theatrical history. Truly the Minister of Culture needs to take into account the voice of those first concerned by this demolishon the Actors/directors but also the Audience.

I am sure they will find a solution.

Some Things Are Sacred ! ...